APRIL 2011

GPS activity was good fun! New for me atleast.
-Aditya Seth, Amerop

Motivational Facilitator makes the event more fun and highly regarded.
-Ho Li Shan, Angliss

The fun, environment and subtle messages slipped in between the messages.
-Sammy Chen, Angliss

Yes, I do agree that some of the activities can be applied in our normal day at work and also within the family. Thanks FOCUS!
-Toomy Ng, Angliss

Getting to know each other better from other department.
-William, Angliss

Very well-structured Team Building programme.
-Caleb Ling, Barclays

Creative ideas arose out of training – I am pleasantly surprised.
-Edith Cheong, Barclays

Good combi for Classroom and outdoor. The Value add on Certs / Photos / CD.
-Tay, Barclays

The Facilitator – Andy made the whole Team Building not only a learning experience, but a fun and enjoyable moment for all of us.
-Zenzi, Barclays

It was fun and the progam was nicely tied to our LIFE values.
-Mi Son, Bayer

The programe is awesome! After each session, the debrief and reflection time is very effective to relate the session to real life situtation! It’s fun and educating.
-Chew Hock Chye, CapitaMall Asia

The way the Facilitators conducted the programme. They made it fun and always kept the energy level up. Interesting how they can make the crowd lively even though the atmosphere is getting bored towards the end when it started raining.
-Masngut Bin Margimin, CapitaMall Asia

Teamwork is the main key point. I Love it and I have also spread around that my company sent me for The Team Building Challenge! by FOCUS Adventure.
-Simon, CapitaMall Asia

Enjoying all the activities!
-Surawankarlen, CapitaMall Asia

Awaiting and craving to come back again!

Building roller coaster with balloon sticks straws. Although my Team’s roller coaster didnt work but it was fun and interesting.
-Joyce, CPF

Feels so good. At least The Team Building Challenge made me loosen out abit!
-Noor Azza, CPF

Andy and Team were very patient and were able to take our nonsense. They had a great sense of humour and made the Team Building programme a pleasant and enjoyable time which met my expectation of having a good time. Thank you Andy and Team. Well Done!
-Harold Desker, DBS

It is my first time attending outdoor training organised by the bank and it is also strongly applicable to my current job-scope.
-Irene Tay, DBS

Facilitator was GREAT! Tremendously enjoyed it.
-Karen, DBS

Really enjoy this Team Building Chellenge. Very thoughful to tailor the games to suit the senior citizens.
-Poh Khoon Juay, DBS

Informal and engaging.

Getting to know more colleagues.

Coordinate and communicated with colleagues to achieve results!

Enjoyed the session, good work out and learning. Good interaction between employees outside the working environment.
-Abdul Kareem, Invista

First of all is to have great Team members who really wanted to enjoy have fun. Great Teamwork and cohesiveness. Good and positive experiences where work and designations were put aside just to have enjoyable and memorable event.
-Irshad Bin Abdul Shakor, Invista

Fun and rewarding.
-Khin Mar Win, Invista

Great Team interaction with the GPS navigation and lots of fun on the rafting event.
-Low Han Woon, Invista

Good planning of games…=)
-Sharlene Wong, Invista

The activities were real fun and enjoyable.
-Thanga, Invista

It is a full day of joy filled with my colleagues. We experienced and learned that sometimes words are not giving the right meaning! This will fall in that sort-criteria..! Thanks FOCUS

All are very interesting.

The Energizers are s good and fun and brought lots of laughter.
-Jenny Chung, Louis Dreyfus

Clear instructions with freedom for Team-members to interact with each other throughout the race :)
-Lay Peng, MAS

It was a fun event, and everyone got into the swing of things.
-Toh Hooi Min, MAS

Good programme.

1) The slides show of our managers on funny frames. 2) Passing ball which test our open mind. That show there is a way when there is a will.
-Noorhaizad Bin Mohd Amin, NEA

The activities were creative in providing a thought-provoking lesson.
-Pearly Son, NUS

It was really fun; moreover we could learn sharing own rules and doing together is very good things to see a same goal as one Team. Plan-Do-see!!
-Micho, P&G

The activities promote Teamwork, understanding and it was filled with lots of fun and excitement.
-Tan How Koon Jeffrey, P&G

Friendly and communicative Facilitators!
-Jade, SDC

We learned to be more understanding, caring, to be communicative,closer to each other and most importantly we all had fun and high team spirit. We really enjoy it so much.
-Samsiah Kasmis, SGH

USS experience was great and The Rollercoaster Challenge! was really good for Team Building.
-Melvin Tan, Soitec

I enjoy a lot on such SSCSS family day hope we will have a Sony Family too.
-Khim, Sony

MARCH 2011

Alot of emphasise on Teamwork and sharing trust and confidence on your Team-mates. Requires FOCUS on target and dismiss other distractions to complete each task.A good mix of fear, courage, motivation and fun.
-Gladys Poh, Abbott

Good Location, Good Facilitator, Apt props and equipment.
-Guru, Abbott

Nothing but only TEAM oriented activities and making everyone feel as Team more than individual.
-Sandeep, Abbott

This was a good opportunity for me to know my colleagues working in other area offices better.

Interesting indoor Team Building made the indoor activities fun!
-Boon Song, EDB

(1) The Lead Facilitator Shan was pleasant and helpful. He was able to Facilitate the activities well, adjusting to the Teams’ dynamics. (2) We had plenty of space and the entire place to ourselves at the FOCUS site. (3)Bintan Lagoon Resort was very nice, big and clean rooms and had plenty of facilities.
-Moo An Wee, EDB

Good Pace. Relaxed environment.

A good Facilitator during the program, exciting Team Building activities as well as the opportunity to bond with all my colleagues are areas that have made this a pleasant experience for me
-Annie Ho, Global Blue

The fun activities and the bondng with the Teammembers.
-Jas, Global Blue

The programme itself doesn’t challenge too much on the tired body and mind but allow us to relax in interesting Team-play that destress and at the same time allow us to exercise (by moving and running around).
-Charlotte, iDA

All the fun and laughter will stay with us – longer than the intended message to learn :)
-Christina Te, iDA

The bonding from the team activities.
-Hafsah Jasman Jili, iDA

I had fun that day. Keep up the good work!
-Hui Fang, iDA

The Facilitator who started the session kick-started the cheer. The music that went with the games, the momentum, the food… and the activities itself. The activities were not too mind boggling but emphasised on Teamwork such that I could enjoy the company of my colleagues and not wreck my brains too much. Thank you! 
-Lim Hui Pin, iDA

The outdoor activities and challenges are such great fun. And witnessing the less serious side of our fellow colleagues and team mates when we played and had fun together.

The Facilitators are patient and knowledgeable in their resective areas. Active and cheeful participants are key for the pleasant experience.
-Ong Bee Chong, iDA

The fun that I have with my fellow colleagues.
-Quek Cheng Hong, iDA

It was a well organised. Most of us were exhausted after that but enjoyed the fun.
-Stephen Lau, iDA

I had fun participating in the activities. This is one of the more interesting Team Building activity I have had. Good job to the FOCUS Adventure Team! I feel more time could be given to the teams to strategise for the Laser Combat. 1 minute is just too rush to get the Team members to contribute ideas and to agree on a plan. Without this time to plan, the Team Building element is lacking. Then it is just another shooting game.

The games that promotes team bonding among people
-Vira, GIC

We wanted a session to loosen up before our official meetings, to know each other better in an out-of-office setting and to have fun – and we got all that 
-Stene Forsund, Kongsberg

Have Team-members FOCUS on the objectives to accomplish, and learn effective communication.
-Albert Sin, LTA

Had lots fun and made new friends.
-Angeline Ho, LTA

The Bananaboat experience!
-Lim Ai Peng, LTA

The Energizer was good as it made everyone loosen up before the outdoor game. The Incredible Race! also allowed good Team-bonding and encouraged Teamwork. Everyone had fun and worked well as a Team.
-Ravin, LTA

Really enjoyed The Bananaboat Challenge!

The Geocaching Challenge! is fun and each Team has shared their experiences gained through this activity. The debrief was too short. My Team was not of good mix of diff dept maybe due to 2 members were absent.
-Ann Jew, Maersk Tankers

I guess the beach setting gave me a feeling that it is going to be fun
-Tyrene Teo, Maersk Tankers

The activities that made us think, co-ordinate and work together as a Team in order to achieve a goal.
-Hairulsham Bin Aman, MPA

The Lead Facilitator Joey was fun to work with, full of energy and witty too! And Dian did a great job with the videos and shots, wonderful moments captured!
-Muhammad Nursyam, MPA

A good Facilitator and enthusiastic participants! =)

The video clip taken during the day.
-Alicia, NEA

Looking forward for more fun activities. Not those boring presentations early in the morning. The Facilitators were very friendly and well organised..kudos to your Team!
-Hafiz, NEA

Friendly approach.

Thank you and well done
-Ho Poh Geck, NUHS NCIS

The song that is being choose was very meaningful. Really touched by the lyrics. Maybe I just went through tough times at work, that’s why the songs really touches my heart. Well done. Thank you.
-Lee Yen Ein, NUHS

First time. Nice venue with great food. Participants were casual, relaxed and sporting. Facilitator was friendly and comfortable.

Everyone were feeling relaxed and comfortable with each other. Makes this experience worthwhile.
-Tanliha Abdul Majid, NUS

Team building – all the Team members were generating ideas and sharing knowledge to solve the given challenges.
-Ong Wen Nee, OCBC

The tools and methods used were thoughtfully designed to bring out the most of the intended purpose and the best part was that the challenges were real serious and yet immensly enjoyable blended with humor.
-C.S.Dwarakanath, PM Asia

Would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to the Lead Facilitator Sau Bing, Emeris, Li Jia and all your Team for the fruitful and insightful experiential Team Building Programme at Bintan on 18 19 March 2011. Really enjoyed myself with all the fun filled activities that carry significant learning values, specially centered towards leadership and working effectively as a Team. 3 cheers to FOCUS Adventures! Hip Hip Hurray!
-Adam Sultan, Raffles

The activities that I had participated in were very interesting and thought-provoking for me. The afterthoughts had brought fresh ideas and insightful lessons into my personal and work life that I can apply right after that weekend. Though the Team Challenge Pyramid was particularly emotionally challenging for me, I was very glad to go through it with my colleagues, as it truly unlike those obstacles that I had gone through in my previous Team Building outings.
-Bernard Lee, Raffles

Sau Bing and his Team were very helpful and encouraging, especially during the pyramid climb.
-Soo Miew Ching, Raffles

The fun and the friendship plus trust in one another.
-Chia Chong Meng, RSAF

The Facilitator did a fantastic job to keep the crowd lively.
-Wang Shujie, RSAF

Facilitators were clear in their explanaton of the activities.
-South-East CDC

The Geocaching Challenge! had brought together the staffs in building closer bonds with each other. There were staff who had problems with each other and were not on talking terms but after being put together in the same Team, they had learnt to understand and work together as a Team to accomplish the challenge. This is truly a great achievment.
-Nanayakara Selina James, SGH

We all learned to be more understanding, taking care, good communication, closer to each other and most importantly we all have fun and have high Team spirit. We really enjoy it so much. Thank you for making our course intersting and lively!
-Samsiah Bte Kasmis, SGH

-Roger Lim, Sony

Everybody were enjoying and kept a smiling face. I’m very happy and enjoyed very much.

The fun and laughter in the programme. The opportunity to network with others
-Choo Pui Ying (Janet), South-East CDC

Fun good interaction!
-Matthew Lim, South-East CDC

Outdoor challenges! I was actually hoping for more rope activities like the Mohawk Walk, etc which I have tried when I was in another organization.. Nevertheless, had a great time. FOCUS Adventure is the best of all provider that I have attended. Kudos to all!
-Kamaliah Mohamed, SingHealth

Able to interact with colleagues in a fun and relaxing environment.
-Chiok Ching Gek, Singtel

I enjoy the interactions during the program. I’m glad to see the cheerful and fun side of my serious co-workers.
-Faustina, Sony

Everything is well-organized and executed in time.
-Grace Tan, Sony

Venue was ideal and the food menu was good.
-Kkoo Leng Leng, Sony

Team Building activities is acceptable. A fun work out day. Quite enjoyable. Look forward to the next one.
-Tan Choo Lam, Sony

Very fun, interactive engaging activities which enhanced Team-spirit and made our bond with each other stronger.
-Mariati Rahim, Towers Watson

The Team Building Challenge! was very fun and didn’t feel like a chore. The Facilitator, Andre, always gives us the lesson to learn after each activity
-Yee Sian Chen, Towers Watson

Well organised and informal setting. Fast paced.
-Amitabh Agrawal, Wilhelmsen

Almost everything. 
-Eunice Lim, Wilhelmsen

Good interaction. Facilitator was able to control. More action and less talk.
-Jitendra, Wilhelmsen


Great Job, guys!
-Cindy Ong, American Express

The photo video-taking. As participants, we will not have the time to capture every moment, so it’s great that you have this service to capture the moments. Thanks once again for everything! It has been an enjoyable day for my team!
-Serene Wan, American Express

Fun and good Team Building. Met expectations.
-American Express

The outdoor activities emphasized the need for Teamwork. My personal takeback is that even though the leader is strong, he or she will usually not be able to get far ahead if the Team is still lagging behind. We must progress as a unit, as a Team. The activities helped very much to emphazie this point.
-Allan Francis Jesu Dass, Atlas

Engaging in The Team Building Challenge! with my colleagues certainly had given me the opportunity to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses better. Furthermore, I had managed to overcome what I thought was an impossible course to complete.
-Bobby, Atlas

Good Trainers
-Chee Chi Yee, Atlas

Good rapport between Facilitator and participants. Activities met the objectives of warming up the participants, as well as allowing the Teams to strategise among themselves to make sure they passed the challenge successfully.
-Jesline Lum, Atlas

There was great rapport between the Facilitator and the Team. I’ll do it all over again, even though I was shaken a little it was great fun.
-Parthiben, Atlas

Facilitators were vibrant and that made the program exciting.
-Faizul Haque, BW Offshore

People are kind and loving without the existence of competition and the rewards will be endless fun and laughter, and Teamwork really works!!!
-Edward, EMA

All good. Just continue.
-Sven Mario Jadzinski, GEA

Think out of the box. Creative thinking. Teamwork spirit.
-Payoongsak, GEA

A lot of interaction amongst people.
-Andy Phua, HP

The energy and enthusiasm of the Facilitators as well as the participants energised everyone involved to bring out their best efforts.
-Ho Yoke Meng, HP

Good interactive activities.
-RaShidi, HP

Experienced the importance of Teamwork and opportunities to know each other (meet new people).
-Stanley Adiwena Oentaryo, HP

The friendly, knowledgeable and experienced Facilitators.
-Toh Hong Chuan, HTA

The friendly Facilitators and fun activities made it an engaging and fun experience for all of us.
-Alvin, MAS

It is something new for us; it is a good experience and now I can tell others what it is like to have done an Incredible Race!
-Choy Mee Keun, MAS

The well-organised program and the energetic Facilitator made it a fun day for all of us.
-Eunice Ng, MAS

Being able to interact with my colleagues in a non-work setting
-Yinshan Loh, MAS

Faciliators are able to relate the various activities to daily work situations. Effective Teamwork is emphasized throughout the event. Lead Facilitator Terence is humourous too.
-Dorothy, Micron

Teamwork, meet new finance Teams, more self-confidence, challenger enjoy!
-Haris, Micron

Fun, encouraging and interactive
-Jaeger Goh, Micron

The activities were not too hectic, the best part was in the air-con room for after lunch session. Although The Roller Coaster Challenge! was a bit boring -, asking accountants to construct roller coaster – it turned out to be quite amazing when the roller coaster that we constructed was working! Overall, it was a fun day…
-Judy Ooi, Micron

Teamwork is important to an organisation!
-Linda Yong, Micron

Meeting the finance family in person, in a fun, friendly and informal way.
-Ong Peck Choo, Micron

When we connect all the activities to our daily work activities, they are all connected and making sense. We can apply it to enhance our wroking environment
-Dave Tan, Mount Faber Leisure Group

Facilitator Shan was confident and took good control of the class. He made relevant and useful references when giving examples. He is a good trainer.
-Raj, Mount Faber Leisure Group

Knowing more friends/co-workers and working as a Team.
-Jessica, NUHS

Using the GPS to guide your Team makes it memorabloe especially when you and your Team are not too familiar with the places to find. Great Camaraderie among members helped to pull us through.
-Mona Soh, NUHS

Activities that brings people together with a common objective.
-Sim chay Poh, HP

Able to have a good lunch with good colleagues by the beach!
-Nurhafieza Zainal, NEA

Good transport, facilitator able to relates it well.
-Sharon, NEA

Thank you for all the hardwork… we really enjoyed ourselves very much.
-Joreen Lim, NUHS

Enabled us to have closer working relationships with each other.
-Kuan Siew Suan, NUHS

The Facilitator is easy-going and fun. He was able to link the concepts back to work. Also, the finale where there is video and photos flashed really made the trip a memorable one.
-Lee Jia Hui, NUHS

The interesting and well thought activities that had lessons that were applicable to the working world.
-Abdul Wahid Bin Wahinudin, NUS

I find the mouse trap activity is very good. I have never handled a mouse trap before and this is really an eye-opening experience for me.
-Angela, NUS

The enthusiasm of the Facilitators. Very infectious. Also, the Lead Facilitator (James, I think?) was careful with his choice of words – polite yet humorous.
-Daniel, NUS

The activities allowed for interactions between staff.
-Soong Beng Ching, NUS

Very glad to have Focus Adventure running the Team Building. Cheers
-Samir, PA

Lunch is good. Team Building activities are fun and not too invasive. Service is good.
-Steve Ng, PA

Friendly atmosphere
-Chu Wah Cheung Michael, Presai

Overall, a good session for staff to bond across other divisions.
-Foo Siang Huat, ROCP

Good pace for me Useful bonding session
-Ng Yoke Foong Margarita, ROCP

No forfeit. Facilitator does not embarass or pressure any participants.Very polite and friendly.
-Matthew Cheah, ROCP

Effective and enjoyable day.
-David Ramsay, Salesforce

Overall, well-organized Team Building session. Great job, guys!
-Julian Lee, Salesforce

Overcoming personal mental fear in certain challenges.
-Andrew Neo, Urs Chel

Tough but well done.
-Mike, Urs Cheal

We had good communication and were very co-operative.
-Hafiz, Viking

Facilitator knows how to bring up the moods of our staff. The Team Building activities helps us explore around the resort. Energizers are fun!
-Peggy Ng, Viking

The Team Building Challenge s Excellent! We learn and had fun at the same time!
-Charlene Phuang, Wizlogix


Teamwork not only shown on the participant but also on the Facilitator. Facilitator was able to inject fun. He got us involved from the beginning. Good Job!
-Suhail, 3M

Getting to know newcomers better
-Albert Sim, Abbott

The activities were well-organised and tightly packed so there was no time gap inbetween that participants will feel bored.
-Lynn Chia, Abbott

The awesome people!
-Syazwana Aisyah Ridwan, Abbott

Overall, the Faclitator – Fabian and his buddy Roy had presented a fantastic detailed programes for our group. All of us were really impressed with the professionalisim and they have really done a good job. Well done guys, keep the spirit going. Cheers
-Jeffrey Wong Ching Hwee, AD Inc

I like the indoor group activities. It made us interact with each other even with the Directors in a fun way. I also like the singing part at the end of the program. It was very meaningful. The whole day activity was truly first class! Thank you.
-Joyette Marie Matugas, At Sun-rice

Great fun and good test of Teamwork.

The adventure aims to educate Teamwork and cooperation. It satisfies Teambonding and elevates the understanding of your team mates’ strengths weaknesses. It is s Great!
-Vincent Tan, Bausch & Lomb

Dean was a good Facilitator and he was able to energize the group to successfully complete the program with positive results. Overall it was a good experience for the Team and effective outcomes.
-Gan Yen Nee Annie, Bridge Mobile

Your Team is very enthusiatic throughout the activity. I am very pleased with the outcome. The additional touches of the photo with the frame is indeed a pleasant surprise for us! Thank you for the good work!
-June Ong, Bridge Mobile

The Facilitator was good and was able to keep the participants interested. The programme designed was very innovative as well.
-Kris Ong, Bridge Mobile

After completing The Rollercoaster Challenge!, my confidence level increased. What you understand, you do absolutely correct.
-Luckman S Davood, Bridge Mobile

The hand- on projects of building the rollercoaster in The Rollercoaster Challenge!
-Rick Ho, Bridge Mobile

The Facilitator was good and that made it a pleasant experience!!!!
-T. Mallika, Bridge Mobile

Being high in demand during “Loose Change”, the 5cents/10cents Energizer.

The Energizers!
-Rajinder Singh, CIMB

We had a memorable day for the Team Building! It was FUN and full of surprises!
-Cherry Y Ong, Citi Private Bank

The race and The Cooking Challenge! were fun.
-Eunice , Citi Private Bank

It was a very unique experience for a Team Building event. ‘Ive participated in a lot of Team Building programs before, but this is way different from all of them.
-GCA, Citi Private Bank

Cooking Challenge. Shopping for ingredients.
-Katherine Soh, Citi Private Bank

Facilitator is professional and the venue is very good.
-Bates, Clarins

The fun element and shared experiences.
-Lippi Lal, Clarins

The Teamwork and the cheerful attitude.
-Venugopal, Clarins

All can cook!
-Lee Lai Ping,CPF

Dean was interesting and engaging
-Jocelyn, Deutsche Bank

-Deutsche Bank

Teamwork and have fun
-Donson Wang, H.B. Fuller

Teamwork and understanding each other.
-Kanatcha, H.B Fuller

Got to know my colleagues better via The Roller Coaster Challenge!
-Cary Lat, HP

Team Interaction
-Felix, IHIS

Overall good…
-Alex Chong, Infineon

Experienced Facilitators!
-Chelsia Ng, Infineon

Fun and had a great time!
-Fanne Lum, Infineon

The company we went to contributes greatly to this pleasant experience FOCUS’ friendly Faciliators really make this whole experience even more fun and interesting.
-Goh Liang Chei, Infineon

Both mental and physical challenges tested to the limits.
-HT, Infineon

Yes, The Team Building Challenge! is good.
-Jeffrey Ho, Infineon

Green environment. Cheerful and courteous Facilitators and Instructors. Clear commitment to safety. Need to clean up the rest rooms though.
-Nelson Dharmaraj, Infineon

The Facilitator Shan was funny and was able to hype the whole team before the high elements.
-Simon Soh, Infineon

Your experienced staffs at every level to help us since some of us have fear of heights.

Fun and learning.
-Arbind, LTA

Stress free!
-Bock Yin Har, LTA

The key areas were locations and fresh feel to the activities.
-Ng Liam Teck, LTA

The outdoor activity was an experience in the sense that it brought us together to achieve a common goal that was to find the riddles to The Geocaching Challenge! Our objectives are met.
-Ravee, LTA

I had lots of fun participating in this programme, especially the part we had to look for answers based on the clues given in the GPS challenge. At first, I felt lost as it was my first time using a gps equipment. But thanks to the encouraging words from my Team-members, I managed to get the hang of using it, and managed to reach almost all the destinations.
-Sean, LTA

Teams’ ability to co-operate and in unity even though we known each other on that day, its fun and exciting.
-Tan Ah Muay, LTA

Fun and group activities!
-Tan Suan Wee, LTA

The construction of the rollercoaster in The Rollercoaster Challenge was fun.

Relaxing time to have some fun.

The Energizer session was really fun. And the Facilitator was a funny guy. Would recommended this to others!
-Jimme Woudstra, Lyon & Dianzi

The Team Challenge Pyramid is a very good experience for us as it really shows Teamwork among colleagues. We also got to know each other better.
-Rosemary Yap, Lyon & Dianzi

Personality profiling is very useful to me knowing how to handle certain people with different, unique personalities.
-James Sin, MAS

The Facilitators are so friendly..
-Hafidz, Mindef

The guys with me have agreed together and positive feedbacks were given although there was setbacks in the noon when the rain came and part of the Team could not enjoy the High Elements. Overall, the guys wouldn’t hesitate to come again if a chance was given. Thank you so much, FOCUS Adventure!
-Lee Tuck Wai, Mindef

Involvement from each and everyone of us.
-Ryan Goh, Mindef

Learned somthing for Teamwork, proper communications, improved in knowledge. Thanks!
-Somaskandan Muthukumaran, Mitsu

Got to know my colleagues better
-Jackson Woo, Mizuho

Met the objective of Team Building and bonding through the various games
-Lee Siew Kit, NIIT

The programme was very effective and our objectives of Team Building and bonding were met.
-Sunil Aman, NIIT

Activities planned for us is suitable and help to create bonding among each others. Thank you.
-Eve Yong, Novartis

It was relaxing and fun.
-Leong, Novartis

I think it was very well organized and we had a lot of fun going through the various tasks and places. Thank you!
-Sharon Khaw, Novartis

Fun + Effectiveness = Awesome
-Andrea Tan Zuyi, NUHS

To stay positive all the time. Thinking out of the box. Learn to work smart though not compromising to wrong principle. Adapt to changes all the time thus moving forward.
-Chong Chay Mei, NUHS

I got to know my seniors’ quirky behaviours.. 
-Fatima, NUHS

Outdoor games
-Grace Koh, NUHS

Enjoyable and a lot of fun and happy experience for the day.
-Jorah Binte Abdullah, NUHS

Bonding between colleagues and management.
-Md Yatim bin Zakaria, NUHS

Think out of box of finding solution. There are many ways that can solve 1 problem.
-Siti Raha, NUHS

The experiential activities that makes learning fun and exciting!
-Tan Boon Hwee Bernard, NUHS

I really enjoyed myself and had a good laugh after watching the video on the activities we participate. It was a fun day with fond memories..and good Teamwork. Facilitator Fabian is very focused and you have a good photographer(forgot his name). Hope to come again for the next TEAM BUILDING. CHEERS to FOCUS!
-Theresa Lean, NUHS

Thank you.
-Zulkifli A Ghazali, NUHS

A change of environment and working out at a relax pace. Friendly Facilitators.

The whole programme was a fun and learning experience.

The activities planned were able to facilitate teamwork and teambonding. They were also fun, except for the long waiting time in queues at the Universal Studio.
-Verene Ng, NUS

I’m very happy with the activities provided
-Jasni, Pacific Refreshments

Over comin the fear of heights and having great fun…
-Aaron Choo Ihong, Police Coast Guard

The training method was good. The ideas were also very good. The place also good, as it is away from town area. Nice place. The way the Faciliator conduct the training was professional.
-Abdul Latif, Police Coast Guard

The Facilitaors are really friendly and approachable. I have lots of fun for the two days’ course. I get to learn more leadership skills and it will benefit me in becoming a better leader.
-Chew Choon Sin Ben, Police Coast Guard

The Facilitators who are friendly, easy going and approachable. And of course they do it with a smile.
-Hairunizat, Police Coast Guard

Excellent Hospitality, experienced Facilitators made the camp a happening and adrenaline pumping experience for all of us. Ill definitely recommend FOCUS again for my next internal Team Building courses.
-Mafiz Mohd, Police Coast Guard

Self reflection is one of the good examples as sometimes we had neglected where we stand or are too used to the status. Using Teamwork and communication to emphasize leadership had made us understand the importance of every little thing around us. Overall experience is very good. Once again thanks every staffs in FOCUS Advanture for making this event a sucess.
-Mike Tan, Police Coast Guard

The element of surprise in each of the programmes is great. I was kept anticipating on what to comes next. The programmes also caters to our training needs and in line with our objectives.
-Mohamad Hafiz Fazakir, Police Coast Guard

The food was good. The timing and duration for individual games was just nice.
-MOHD FADLY, Police Coast Guard

Always on hand with warm and friendly smile.
-NARVINDER SINGH, Police Coast Guard

Very Good technique and people engaging skills!
-RAYZAN B MOHD SALIM, Police Coast Guard

Bonding and interacting with each other. Fun-fun-fun, no stress at all, unlike other typical courses that I’ve had attended. And the food!!! Yummy!!!!
-Safura Suyatti, Police Coast Guard

Making friends and learning how to work as a Team
-Sim Chia Way Telly, Police Coast Guard

Insightful and well organised 2 days and 1 night programme.
-Tan Wei Liang, Police Guard Guard

The Obstacle that we had to go through. The Energy game were great, got everybody together much quickly. We were able to move on from there. The Facilitator were fantastic.
-Terence Premasiri, Police Coast Guard

Thanks to the Facilitator… very nice
-Amit Choudhary, Quintiles

The Team Building Challenge! was simply fun and full of lessons learned.
-Lizbeth Lu, Quintiles

The challenages stations at the Beach in Bintan were very good. The Facilitator was good in explaining the details of the challenges to us. – Joey was really good in presenting the Team Building activity to us.

1) Facilitator was very engaging throughout the session. 2) Activities were fun. 3) Participants came with an open mind thus making the event a lot more fun and engaging for everyone. 4) Administrative and logistical support have been great.
-Jessica, Singapore Coast Guards

-ANG LEE GEK, Singapore Customs

Proactive and helpful Facilitators who ensured the success of this Team Building session.
-Chua Yunjia, Singapore Customs

The Energizer “Loose Change” made us understand that everyone play an important role through work. We need Team spirit and Teamwork to make things a success.
-David Yuen, Singapore Customs

Participation from all colleagues makes the experience a very memorable one. I learn that we may not have everything but it does not mean that we cannot achieve our goals. Working together is the way to go!
-Emilia Amir, Singapore Customs

Activities cater for both older and younger participants. Every participant is able to get themselves involved with all the activites. Is enjoyable and fun!
-Fun Lai Ming, Singapore Customs

Having outdoor activities makes it much more fun to interact with other participants rather than having indoor activities most of the time.
-Hasanah, Singapore Customs

Fun games, good food, nice people around.
-Joesph, Singapore Customs

-Lim Wee Chin, Singapore Customs

Able to cook and enjoy the meal together!!
-Lum Foong Sim, Singapore Customs

Giving us a photo to bring back home.
-Nazirah, Singapore Customs

Participation level and interaction between Facilitator and participants!
-Nicholas, Singapore Customs

Having Fun!
-Nuratika Bte Aziz, Singapore Customs

The Cooking Challenge! was unexpected. However,it was made possible with fun, creative minds and great Team Building members to produce great results. Afternoon tea-breaks should have provided hot beverages instead of the 2 different cold drinks. Instructors were fun too, which made the entire session realistic and easily absorbed.
-Sithra, Singapore Customs

The activities are enjoyable and helps to built a rapport among the Teammates who had never work together before.
-Roslina Binte Idris, Singapore Customs

Cooking time.
-Rusmawati, Singapore Customs

The Incredible Race and The Cooking Challenge!
-Zamira, Singapore Customs

All of the activities
-Singapore Customs

The power of mindset aligned and FOCUS.
-Edmund, STELOP

Everyone is participative; building a Team requires a strong effort. Once we have the determination, no matter how tough the challenges, we are able to overcome it.
-Jackson Sin, STELOP

The planning of the programmes were smooth.

Thank You… Cannot comment except that the photos are good.
-Sharyl Lee, STELOP

1. The venues are right places and nice! 2. The weather is good! 3. The Lead Facilitator is well communicated, providing fun activities’ comments. 4. The group members keep the spirit high amongst each other.
-Asmara Edy Darwanto, Vaisala


I learned: strategies plan ahead before the activties start is important for success.
-Carmen Chin, DBS

I enjoy the activities.
-Michael, Dell

Getting to know our colleagues better.
-TK Wong, Dell

Interacting with my work colleagues outside the working environment.
-John Philip Loring, FICO

The course helps us to experience the ideas we have firsthand. The Facilitator is humorous and movtivated us well.
-Richard, Fico

The high elements challenges were awesome! If only there is more time to try the rest of the challenges.
-Fazlin, First Campus

The team bonding activity is good.
-Hee Onn Nah, First Campus

First time experiencing such outdoor activities. Fear in my mind is something can be overcome with Team support; happy that I was able to complete the given task.
-Jennifer Tan, First Campus

The content was relevant and practical in our jobscope.
-Masliah Bte Abdul Rahman, First Campus

All the Facilitators made sure we had fun. 
-Tengku Fadhlina, First Campus

The facilitators kept the participants engaged in the activities
-Zahidah, First Campus

Key areas – The warm welcome by the Facilitators. The clear explanation of the steps. The location of Team Building.
-First Campus

Preparation for the event or warm up was absolutely awesome! It got us pumped up. The Key learnings session were equally brilliant
-Paul Abraham, HP

Very good program. Would certainly recommend it.

I had so much fun. Full of surprises and excitement. Great job FOCUS! Thank you so much!

It’s really a fanstatic experience. It is too enjoyable and meaningful in targeting Teamwork most successully. Thank you!
-Sharon Tan Chay Huang, IMH

A good generally Facilitating exercise that promotes interaction. Well done.
-Andy Hor, IMRE

The Rollercoaster Challenge was a well thought out theme!!
-Chua Chee Tee, IMRE

I like the mousetrap activity as it made everyone trust in their partners.
-Koh Chii Boon, IMRE

Fun and effective activities.
-Maureen, IMRE

The course was enjoyable, as the Facilitiator was not lecturing the subjects to us, but showing them to us via the activities and actual examples, which were fun and long lasting in memories.
-May Tan, IMRE

Facilitators did a great job in ensuring the activities were run smoothly.
-Moh Chuan Hui Lionel, IMRE

Outdoor activities ares interesting and adventurous.
-Ang Siew Mui, LTA

At the end of the day, FOCUS Adventure was able to cap the points via interesting video recorded throughout the entire trip.
-Ang Wan Theng, LTA

James was an excellent Facilitator. He was able to engage the group largely and made the entire Team Building experience an unforgettable and memorable one.
-Angeline Lee, LTA

The giant feet activtity let us experience how important for us to co-ordinate Teamwork.
-Ang Soon Lee, LTA

Bonding and fun activities.
-Audrey Chay, LTA

It was a good day. Enjoyable.
-Fauzi, LTA

Able to work in Team Building and make more friend from another division
-Florence Soh, LTA

The Washing Machine was a good activity because it really taught us that we must have the Trust in our colleagues and we just relax our body by falling off and allowing them to pass one to another when we close our eyes.
-Gena Tan, LTA

Activities were not too strenuous, and the objectives were clear.
-Geneve Tan, LTA

It was really fun and I enjoyed playing all the activities. I’m really looking forward for the next Team Building session however, I prefer it to be an outdoor activity the whole day.
-Hairani Bte Sidek, LTA

Fun, Teamwork and spirit!
-Irene Cheah, LTA

The programmes were refreshing and unpredictable, e.g. in The Rollercoaster Challenge! we had not expected to combine with other Teams for the final presentation.
-Lee Heng Lin, LTA

The outdoor activities were quite fun.
-Lim Poh Siew, LTA

The Cooking Challenge! and The Rollercoaster Challenge! were good. The lunch and tea breaks were nice too.
-Loh Kok Fah, LTA

FUN, CO-OPERATION, Work as a Team, discussion, Care and concern, confidence, sharing and caring.
-Lok Bee Lai, LTA

To perform as an effective team is emphasized here. But debrief of the activities are not so clear.
-Marcus, LTA

Teamwork and trust.
-Rini, LTA

Good Facilitators. Interative atmosphere. Interesting group activities.
-Tang Jeck Ling, LTA

The games organised for us is very fun and really effective in involving everyone to join in the games. Our facilitators are very kind when leading us throughout the games.
-Teo Bee Hoon, LTA

Interactions with other Tteammembers and colleagues.
-Yvonne, LTA

Great job. We have enjoyed ourselves!
-William, LTA

Effective Facilitator.

The activities are fun.

Teamwork, enjoyable and was able to get to know colleagues residing in different office.


Overall, the team building programme were enjoyable and fun.
-Ee Siew Fong, LTA (SAI)

I didn’t know rafting can actually be so fun. Enjoyed myself. Thank you FOCUS.
-Goh Sok Eng, LTA (SAI)

Trust, teamwork, listen and clear communication
-Roger Lim Buk Guan, LTA (SAI)

We had Fun, Thank you!
-Boone, Merck

Great job, FOCUS! Most special thanks to our facilitators for making our team building activities a success. Cheers!
-Tricia Tambong, Merck Serono

I liked the Energizer in which we massage our colleagues as it served as the ice-breaker before the Team Building activities started. The activities really helped us to improve our communication with fellow colleagues, and I felt we have made stronger bonds with each other.
-Analyn Elpedes Hernandez, NUHS

Able to do Teamwork as there is no designation i.e. everybody is on the same level on that day and that makes it fun and enjoyable.
-Ma Lourdes, NUHS

I enjoy the activities in The Team Building Challenge!
-Munesy, NUHS

The Team Building Challenge! was fun and interesting
-Nurjan, NUHS

Good Teamwork and Facilitator.
-Redzuan, NUHS

Everything is just FANTASTIC!!! What can I say????
-Salmiah, NUHS

Fun and great Teamwork!
-Soh Ai Lin Alina, NUHS

With this experience, I got to know my colleagues much better than just working with them throughout these years. Thanks to the FOCUS Team who made this a meaningful experience

Encouragement, Teamwork
-Aishwarya .S, NUS

The Facilitator is able to react fast to situations
-Christine Hu, NUS

Exciting and fun.
-Hou Yanyan, NUS

The Team Building Challenge! is very inspiring and encouraging.
-Liang Junxin, NUS

Very nice outdoor experience.
-Margaret Oh Soh Hoon, NUS

The Team Building events were interesting!
-Natascha, NUS

Fun and challenging!
-Veen Senn, NUS

The sat nav was good, but it puts alot of pressure on one person. Should teach a couple in each group, so can share it around.
-Chad Evans, RGS

Fun and interesting.
-Helen Tee, RGS

The Incredible Race! activity was not too strenous and was manageable for everyone.
-Hui Jing Hua, RGS

Friendliness and enthusiasm of the Facilitators
-Shaun De Souza, RGS

Great opportunities to work with staff from other departments. Activities allowed for good Teamwork

Nice variety of activities, puzzles, and challenges

Engaging and well planned

Vidoe sharing session was something new!
-Ammaiappan, Roche

Bonding and Teamwork.
-Charles Richard Sng, Roche

Teamwork and understand who you are and how we can work in a team.
-Hamli, Roche

After a long day of business briefings and brainstorming sessions, team was tired, however, facilitator successfully managed to engage everyones attention and revitalized the team for the event through ice-breakers and humor.
-KPP Prasad, Roche

The activity to show Teamwork!

Building teamwork
-Vinson Lee, Roche

The activities are engaging and interactive. Debriefing is relevant and allows sufficient self reflection
-Carol Ng, Starhub

The activities made the learning more impactful.
-Cho Poh Pheng, Starhub

The Facilitators are very engaging throughout the activities; they are professional and effective in conducting the whole session. Very fun too!
-Alice Yang, UOB

As for myself, Im rather a anti-social person, I hardly approach to talk to anyone unless he/she takes the first step. But somehow, I tried to be opened up and be the first to do so this time round, so yay!
-Dawn, UOB

Fun and enjoyable group activities. We were able to interact more with fellow colleagues and achiveing Team Building as a team
-Doreen Zhuo, UOB

The program was enjoyable and we feel totally relaxed.
-Elaine Lim, UOB

The entire event was extremely fun 
-Fernandez Florence Francine, UOB

We were forced to really interact with one another.
-Gerhardine Foo, UOB

The Team Building Challenge! was a wonderful experience!
-Hariet, UOB

I think the time allocation was quite tight or insufficent but the over-all concept was great!
-Hermy, UOB

The activities played were all a pleasant experience for me
-Jasper Sanidad, UOB

Luge ride and interesting Teambonding games.
-Leow Lay Sing, UOB

Entertaining and challenging..
-Mark Anthony A. Uy, UOB

The emphasis on objective of the course, having fun and good learning experience.
-Radyatunisah Abdul Rahman, UOB

They made us like celebrities all day hehe
-Sienna Honorio, UOB

The closing presentation!
-Teng Kuan Siong, UOB

Teamwork, ideas and suggestion
-Teo Poh Chuan, UOB

The Facilitators are friendly, everyone was participating.
-Wang Chen Chung, UOB

We all had fun!

Shan and his Team did awesomely in facilitating the Team Building. We experienced an incredible level of trust, energy, bonding, tears, connecting and commitment. I remember my honest conversation during our first meeting and the issues we face as a Team and what our GMO wanted to achieve. FOCUS came through with it and delivered so much more. Shan was so buckmanized – we felt he was one of us. We were 100% fully engaged. FOCUS rocks!
-Ariane, Buckman

Knowledge sharing, knowing each other better and demonstrating trust level among peers. Everything is possible if we have the CAN DO attitude in us.
-Jenny Choo, Buckman

Facilitators and FOCUS Team were supportive in helping put the programme together.
-Suzanna Teh, DW

Activities encouraged RD, or rather small detours to discover more creative methods to achieve objectives.
-Cher Yi Song, EMA

The activities were organized.
-Jacintha, EMA

I was impressed that the Facilitator did some background research on our organization before the course, and was able to relate it to our core values.
-Siu Hang, EMA

We had really great fun bonding and the Facilitator were considerate to bring a bottle of sun block spray for us. =)
-Vivien Ho, Equinix

Activities planned were well suited to the group
-Grace, Exxonmobil

The singing together and simple activities which are adequate to create the togetherness.
-Lin, Exxonmobil

The activity to form square using rope was fun.
-Premkumar, Exxonmobil

Facilities were well maintained.
-Andy Chanco, Fiserv

It was a good fun day out of work and the activities are good pointers to working together.
-Catherine Lim, Fiserv

Good Job!
-Raji, Fiserv

At first the group was shy and exhibiting low energy but the Facilitator was able to get everyone going in a short span of time, as we only had about 3 hours for the activity. For me, this was key to making it successful.
-Ginger So, Fonterra

Job well done.
-Benny Lim, Halcon Primo Logistic

The field activities where I experience balancing myself with the aid of the harness moving across one single trunk from one end to the other.
-Christina Tham, Halcon Primo Logistic

Climbing up the pole!
-Jong Yem Chun, Halcon Primo Logistic

Everybody has to play a role in each program.
-khaing myo yin, Halcon Primo Logistic

I like video right after we have done the activity
-Rizal Andytama, Halcon Primo Logistic

We got to know our colleagues better!
-Vincent Lee Chan Chun, Halcon Primo Logistic

The Facilitators are very friendly, and willingly to give some advice certain area that I am not sure.
-Halcon Primo Logistic

Good Teambonding.
-Mark Lim, Markem-Imaje

I know it is the hotel’s decision to have a half day Team Building with FOCUS but I just feel that a Full day event will be more fulfilling! My second Team Building with you and I simply enjoy the whole process with learning and having fun at the same time!
-Gooi Chia Yee, Marriott

Overall interaction with the participants and energy level of Facilitators were great. Thank You.
-Naresh Kapoor, Marriott

Energizing and Fun along the way!
-Rachel Chung, Marriott

The video show, the environment (getting away from the city), a time to bond with fellow associates.
-Wendy Teo, Marriott

The warm-up Activities were very interactive and refreshing!
-Audrey, Mettler

The activities…Yeah man…
-Siew Chin Koon, Mettler

We learned yet it was fun. I really enjoyed myself!

The way the Faciltor conduct the course.
-Calvin Lee, MPA

Although it is just a one day programme (which I think its too short), the programme was fun and memorable. We, the participant start off as a stranger to one another but end up being close to each other.
-Hairul Hafis Bin Mohamed, MPA

Everything is important and pleasant.. Keep it up!!
-Muhammad Taufiq, MPA

I like The Team Building Challenge! so much. We had so much fun .It should have camping there for Team Building. Alot sweet memories I bring back and always make me smile when i recall back.
-Sani, MPA

Determination,commitment and satisfaction.
-Tng Poh Chye, REC

The Facilitators are very much appreciated for their dedication to what they do.
-Joel Galang, Sanofi Aventis

The Facilitator is experienced and fun!
-Sanofi Aventis

Have the chance to know each other better no matter what position,gender,race and age.
-Affandy, Smartag

The Enegizer activities are fun. Video and photos are great!!
-Lee Be Yong, Smartag

The ice breaking Energizerss to kick off the event and video presentation to end the whole day event was great! Thank you FOCUS team for the wonderful time. You guys are indeed professional!! :)
-Marie Ong, Smartag

All the challenges are very creative and in fact giving us a very good experience to let us apply thinking and change of mindset, as well as understanding the importance of Teamwork.
-Ng Boon Seng, Smartag

Sharing and trusting.
-Niza, Smartag

Good pace, Facilitator was able to keep the energy of participant up
-Wong Chee Howe, ST Aerospace

Teamwork, communication!
-Anne Seet, Wingtai

Getting to know more people and have fun together.
-Lee Wan Ting, Wingtai

(1) Met some new colleagues, enable easier relationship building in future (2) Giving encouragement to one another during low periods -eg when our dominos collapsed (3) Having fun while working on mini projects
-Chua Sau Ling, Wingtai


It was a great experience and fun.
-Winnie Cheng, ARIBA

Flexibility! There was less rules and regulation on the race. So it is not confusing and we all enjoyed the time together as a team.
-Michelle, Ciba Vision

Simply awesome!! I was quite skeptical before the programme actually started but was rather impressed overall!!
-Prem, Ciba Vision

The programme was recorded by video and can share the fun immediately together.
-Michael Yeung, Gemalto 

The Lead Facilitator was friendly and approachable which made the programme fun and interesting
-Sandra, HSA

The activities are indeed bond-building!

The Facilitators were friendly and helpful!
-Lindee, HSBC

I enjoyed the High Elements. FOCUS Team’s friendliness. Great job!
-Wang Guojiu, HSBC

The activities were good bonding exercises. Well done.
-Linda Chan, IHUB

The Facilitators were very engaging and funny.
-Michelle Chia, IHU

Really thought our Team Building event was highly effective and well managed. Thoroughly enjoyed the day with plenty of laughs with work colleagues, even with those I had little association with before. Great job to the Facilitators and I highly recommend FOCUS Adventure!
-Wolf Midenberg Karcher, Karcher

Integration of fun in USS with Team Building was effective.
-Tan Yanbin, Loreal

Teamwork was achieved with all EM team and we had Fun!
-Ang Lay Keng, LTA

Getting to know and mix with the young new colleagues whom we sometime don’t even know!
-Anthony, LTA

Teamwork and co-operation amongst the Team members was great. Everyone in the team was able to accommodate one anther.
-Cecilia Lee Pheck Gek, LTA

Most activities require a team effort, so they help in bonding our division in some way.
-Heiryati Kordi, LTA

The Rafting Challenge! is a good experience of how familiar strangers for colleages can group together to co-ordinate co-operate to form a perfect team.
-Jennifer Lim, LTA

Well Organised. Details of each session and instructions were given clearly by the Lead Facilitator Joey. Thank you.
-Kelly Tan, LTA

The Team Building Challenge! was fun and well organised.
-Lee Chor Teck, LTA

The water-based and indoor activities were fun!
-Loo Kim Chwee, LTA

Some of the key areas that made The Team Building Challenge! a pleasant experience for me are Teamwork, fun and enjoyment.
-Lee Teow Hee, LTA

The objectives of the activities – show the teamworks, bonding of the Architecture Division.
-Lim Geok San, LTA

The fun and knowledgable activities!
-Mariana Hussain, LTA

1. All the Facilitators are helpful and good motivators. 2. Greatly appreciate your kind understanding to provide prayer room.
-Mirza Abdul Malik, LTA

The indoor and outdoor activities promote Teamwork!
-Ng Ngin Khwang, LTA

The overall prgramme was ran in a fun, interesting manner and yet stress free.
-Phua Kia Kwang, LTA

Clear instructions to all activities were given.
-Sherlyn Seah, LTA

I really enjoyed the water-based and also the fun indoor activities!
-Steven Loo, LTA

The Rafting Challenge! was indeed a pleasant experience!
-Tang K L, LTA

It was a pleasant experience doing The Rafting Challenge!
-Tang Kar Loke, LTA

The environment of the training venue was relaxing and soothing
-Tay LH, LTA

Sufficient teabreaks that kept us happy well-fed, beside the fun activities.. ^_^
-Winston Khong, LTA

I had lots of fun; i learn Teamwork, had bonding and garnered friendship.
-Yong Poh Lin, LTA

I appreciate the understanding and support given by FOCUS Adventure to the Muslim participants by providing a place for us to perform our prayers. Thank you.
-Zailani Mohd Idria, LTA

I enjoyed the whole activity and presentation very much.
-Cecilia Chua Sheau Yun, Nissan

The morning trasure hunt was a good outdoor exercise for all.
-Lim Kee Wah, NUS

The Cooking Challenge! was interesting and fun.
-Tan Liang Juin, NUS

The Team Building Challenge! was fantastic!
-Wong Wai Fong, NUS

The Facilitators gave lots of encouragement to the participatns!

-Khoo Ke Zin, OCBC

Interesting activities.
-Steve Tan, OCBC

The Facilitator was really friendly and made us feel comfortable.
-Lor Jin Feng, SE CDC

The Team Building Challenge! was held in a unique environment which was conducive for group participation.
-Chua Eng Chun, Singtel

We had a wonderful time. My Team felt charged up and cannot wait for the nextTTeam Building. The Lead Facilitator Shan did a fantastic job bringing across the objectives and messages. Some Team-members had already started their self-reflection during the session. Well done to all – Shan, Jay, Ketut and another gentleman (didnt catch his name) and of course Pauline.
-Eileen Tan, Singtel

This program has given me a chance to bond with my team mates.
-Germaine Lee, Singtel

The activities were fun and interesting. But it was also quite tiring.
-Joleen, Singtel

The challenge was on overcoming fear!
-Kevin Wibowo, Singtel

I was able to experience the High Element activities and overcoming the fear as i know i am doing it under the safe hands and guidance from the Facilitators.
-Lim Beng Lee, Singtel

Getting together as a group on The Geocaching Challenge!
-Mohd Sukhairi, Singtel

There are too many activities and make each too short for the group. But in all, I do enjoy the time spending there.

I enjoyed the whole event. Good job!

Activities were useful for building up Teamwork and critical thinking. Pace of activities was just right, with sufficient rest in-between.
-Lester, ST Aerospace

The fun and laughter is memorable, and I get to see the other side of my colleagues.
-Pei Teng, Tyco


The last seesion on the video show and the karoke time when everybody sing together as a team.
-Sunny Png, Bayer

The Facilitators were responsible and caring. They constantly reminded us to take care of our own safety as well as the safety of other fellow colleagues.
-Alice, IMRE

Activities that promote bonding and Teamwork.
-Alicia, IMRE

The Facilitators kept the tone light, and there were opportunities to interact with different people through the day. Sometimes the take-home message of an activity was a bit of a stretch, or not well articulated, but for the most part the games were engaging and it was fun to work with others and to see how other Teams approached the problem.
-Bill Burkholder, IMRE

The Roller Coaster Challenge! was a well thought out theme!!
-Chua Chee Tee, IMRE

Not too stressful. Good mix of activities.
-Johnson Goh, IMRE

Interaction with other colleagues.
-Low Ying Xiu, IMRE

1.funny; 2. relaxing; 3. knowing each other.
-Peng Xiao Yu, IMRE

The friendliness of the Facilitors from FOCUS, who are alway with smiles.
-Tan Sze Yu, IMRE

Interesting and fun activities.
-Teng Choon Peng, IMRE

The activities are interesting and enjoyable.

Lots of humour. Not too hectic.

Fun and do need to use braincells to create team names, model, etc.

The Facilitators have done a good job, Congrats to the Team! Activity was well-organised and we had a great time with you..once again thank you!
-Hafizah Mohd Salleh, JLand

The Team Building Challenge! makes me feel younger.
-Kelsom, JLand

The relaxed manner in which The Team Building Challenge! was conducted.
-Sharifah Nurulhuda Syed Ibrahim, JLand

Commitment from the group participants. We had new experiencess to grow effectively in our organisation.
-Siti Rokiah Mohamed, JLand

I came to understand that Team Building is very important in the organisation.
-Syima, Jland

The enthusiastic participation of the participants.
-Cai Kiang Liang, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

The energetic FOCUS Team!
-Ruchi Sharma, MAS

This Team Building experience was Unique!
-Tze Wan, MAS

Great learning experience in The Team Building Challenge!
-Xu Weijie, MAS

The Team Building Challenge! was an informal setting with a good mix of indoor and outdoor activities.
-Eng Chew, MOM

It was like sec 3 camp for me, and I truly enjoyed myself after so many years! Many thanks to the FOCUS Team!
-Humaira, MOM

Traniners were enthusiastic. Enjoyable!
-Kelvin, MOM

The Incredible Race! was challenging. It taught me the importance of Teamwork. A good co-operation between Team-players makes a strong Team that is able to achieve better results!
-Suzana Bte Sairi, NTUC

We were able to participate as one united HR team!
-Jessica, NUHS

Good job, FOCUS!
-Patrick, NUHS

Have fun with our fellow friends!
-Tan Joo Eng, NUHS

Encouragement from the Team to achieve the objectives!
-Chong CS, Plant

All the Facilitators have brought all of us a fun, memorable and good bonding with all colleagues to the exciting activity.
-Jessica Tung, Plant

The activities proposed and planned had been useful for team-bonding, thinking out strategies as a team as well as including some fear factor challenges into the games as well (a la-Mousetrap Tower). In many real office situations, fear of failing ad-hoc projects/tasks is always present, like our fear of the mousetrap snapping and hurting someone. But the successful building of a tower using just mousetraps is akin to have successfully complete a project. Excellent faciliatation by FOCUS! 
-Phua Chen Chen, Pfizer

This programme was fun and humorous! At the same time it taught me teamwork, team spirit, trust and there was interaction amongst colleagues.
-Carine Tay, Plant

I particularly enjoyed the listed: Timing (start and end), method of presentations, High Elements, Group challenges, Timed breaks and Encouragement!
-George Vargees Vathakan, Plant

Every Facilitator were very helpful and they led the event in a timely and perfect manner. The Facilitators motivated all the participants; which also make the participants in return become very active. The Facilitators are also humorous, which made the event very lively and fun.
-Jason Lee, Plant

The attitude of the Facilitators were good!
-Regina Koh, Plant

Good activities that energized the atmosphere, the objective behind every activity served good purpose.
-Ronnie Seah, Plant

The whale watch was fun and we could see a good Teamwork presented by the Team-members to stablize the plaform.
-Sekahar Subramaniam

Well done and keep it up.
-Sze Ling, Plant

The Facilitators were able to engage all the participants to immerse in the activities and end as a fun-filled day.

The Team Building Challenge! improved relationships amongst everyone.

There was professionalism in which the programme was handled. The customer-oriented and friendly FOCUS Team who were on hand to help us, the clearly engineered programs to fit our set goals and objectives.
-Sharon Neo, PMI

The small groups we had enhanced interaction amongst colleagues!
-Sharon Ng, PMI

The Energizers were effective ice breakers and our humourous Facilitator maintained good energy level!

The Facilitator enhanced our participation and learning by being able to assist us to get to the end result ourselves instead of spoo- feeding it to us. The learning then became ours.
-Anita, Shatec

The Team Building Challenge! was enjoyable and fun!
-Koh Boon Gek Jason, Shatec

Team Building!
-Beth, Watsons

The Team Building Challenge! was a good time of gathering everyone togethe.
-Carmela Castro, Watsons

Customer Satisfaction!
-Evelyn, Watsons

Team- bonding activities!
-Loh Yew Meng, Watsons

It was good having fun with each other while doing the task. At the same time we also learned!
-Merc Cocain Genova, Watsons

The venue is so relexing.
-Shafinge, Watsons

Every one was more relaxed and grew closer to each other!
-Ronnayot L, Windcor

We could recognise each others likes and dislikes.
-Stan Singh, Windcor

I really had fun and it was a good Team Building in which we got to know each other well!
-Xiao Ying Lisa, Windcor



The Team Building Challenge! was a good time of fostering team dynamics and camaraderie. It also built trust amongst colleagues and had us working towards a common objective.
-Chua Kim Choo, A*Star

I learned that we need to work together in order to get things done regardless of the final result.
-Chua Shi Hui Cindy, A*Star

There was interaction in the practical lesson. It was a fun and enjoyable lesson to learn in this outdoor activity. It is simple but meaningful in thought to foster Team spirit!
-Dan Png, A*Star

I got to know some other colleagues that I seldom get the chance to interact with. Glad to have know them better.
-Jacklyn Kim, A*Star

Overall The Team Building Challenge! was a fun experience!
-Jasmine, A*Star

Basically all of the activities were excellent in building Team spirit and fun! I’m very glad to feel the difference amongst our colleagues’ relationships after the training exercise (we are closer now). Continue to bring a difference to people! Lastly, I want to thank Adam and James for their continuous efforts in getting all of us involved and maintaining calm, cool and cheerful attitude towards us. Without their enthusiasiam, all of us might not be able to enjoy ourselves that much.
-Katherine, A*Star

I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the mentality of particpants to have fun and relax for this event.
-Leong Ya Ping, A*Star

Thank you to the Facilitators, James, Adam and FOCUS Team with special thanks to Ketut who took great pictures for us all. Thank you so much! The venue is a bit worn off though, it can be better hopefully. Thank you all!!
-Li Wei Ni, A*Star

Everyone was sporty on that day and played along as requested by the Facilitator. This is what brought all of us together and we really had such great joy engaging in The Team Building Challenge!
-Lim Chee Keong, A*Star

The venue, the mix of people the activities. The slide show of pictures video clip at the end was an effective way of recalling the events’ significance, reinforcing the key take-aways and reminiscing about the fun bonds forged. Together, these have a positive spill-over effect at the workplace.
-Nair, A*Star

Good location, training materials and Facilitator!
-Ng Lena, A*Star

It’s away from my office!
-Ng Vincent, A*Star

The activity level was not too intense for desk bound staff.
-Nui Lea Ling, A*Star

All the activities planned for!
-Priscilla, A*Star

The review and discusssion that was highlighted to us during the debrief was good.
-Quah Beng Choo, A*Star

The Facilitator and FOCUS Team can comunicate well. They were really friendly and approached us even to help beyond their scope.
-Siti Zulaiha, A*Star

The outdoor activities were a good opportunity to exercise, breathe fresh air, have fun and interact with our colleagues.
-Seet Chay Huang, A*Star

The outdoor activities were interesting and fun.

Programme was light and fun. I was able to know my colleagues from another section better.

It was a good time to get to know our colleagues whom we usually don’t in our day to day work.

These were good – location: Sentosa, the on-site facilities, having fun as an objective and certainly the pictures and video. There were also precious insights gained from spending the day together.

Team-building activities were good!
-Vicky, BD (Engineering)

Generally The Team Building Challenge! was a nice experience; definitely very useful and successful especially for the Team Building goals. Thanks for everything.

The indoor activities for The Team Building Challenge! are interesting and members are able to enjoy and have fun.

We were challenged to view things differently.
-Jonathan Ooi, CapitaMall

The Lead Facilitator Joey set the right tone for The Team Building Challenge right from the start!

Practically everything was beyond expectations!
-Zuriana Bte Zainal, CapitaMall

Generally, all activities were are pleasant experiences. I enjoyed very much on that day.
-Shandy, DBS

The activities are interesting and the Facilitators are fun.

Enjoyable and relaxing. The Team Building Challenge! Is a good programme. Hope to have more fun in next Team Building!
-Weng Seng, Emerson

The Facilitator voiced out his opinion and gave advice on the course, which provided us insights from a different view.

The Lead Facilitator Shan did a great job to break the ice for the group. It was not the usual ice-breakers we all know. The rest of the Facilitators were very friendly and accommodating. The activitiywas catered to our request and tailormaded.
-Marisa Ng, Fairmont Raffles Hotel International

I loved the luge! It was great fun and I would like to do it again! Great way to see all the different areas of the hotel
-Sue Gaddes, Fairmont Raffles Hotel International

Tower of Hanoi – it was an acknowledgement of the importance of communication, consideration, coordination and consolidation to achieve the target.
-Twiggy Lai, Hoya

The Lead Facilitator Andrew Leong was able to engage the audience effectively.

The Team Building Challenge! activities were interesting, fun and engaging!

Good support from Yumi and we have good Facilitator – Joey and Instructor Roy. We enjoyed our offsite. Thank you.
-Lew Choon Fah, IDA

The activities were very team-oriented, and that allowed us to visualise how we could overcome the challenges as a team.
-Chen Junren, Kuehne+Nagel

I learned that we should not always take instruction blindly. We can analyse ourselves in attempts to figure out what we should do to make it better.
-Jeslyn, Kuehne+Nagel

Positivity. Action. Motivation. These are the three traits I learned through The Team Building Challenge!
– Kuehne+Nagel

I learned to respect others and Improve constantly
– Kuehne+Nagel

The place was great!
-Amul, LTA

The Facilitators were Interesting, the photographer excellent, and everyone exhibited great Teamwork.
-Han Jing, LTA

Two take-aways: Teamwork and Fun.
-Kang Hai Nguan, LTA

Activities were refreshing and fun! That’s what make this programme interesting.
-Karen Eio, LTA

Even though we arrived late, there was sufficient time to complete all the activities.
-Mohammad Fauzi, LTA

I gtt to know other colleagues from other branches, and saw how DTL2 work as a big team. Since i just joined DTL not long ago, I’m very satisfied 
-NurHidayah Halid, LTA

The Team Building Challenge! organised was dynamic and enriching. It was about having fun and laughter together as a Team.
-Ryan, LTA

We had fun in a relaxed environment, and there was team bonding among staff!
-Yeo Han Leng, LTA

It was pure enjoyment.

The rural setting of the premise was interesting. And a nice lady FOCUS staff called LJ proactively came to assist me with some minor first-aid when she saw me having blisters on my foot. Thank you to her!

The Team Building Challenge! was a fun and relaxed environment and the energy level was great!

I particualrly enjoyed the Energizers which helped to loosen everyone up!

Variety of ice breakers, different groupings for different activities to help us mingle with more people. A good combination of indoor and outdoor activities. The group photo given and video shown at the end of the program was a nice conclusion. Joey is a very confident facilitator and ran the program very well.
-Jennifer, Lundbeck

The Lead Facilitator Joey and the FOCUS Team made The Team Building Challenge! FUN. The Energizers we did prior to the exercise were a highlight.
-Peter, Monsanto

We encountered challenges during the activities, and it pushed us to be more of everything.

Most of us enjoyed the time spent in bonding and getting to know each other better.
-Deborah Chan, NCS

It was a good out of office experience in a relaxed environment getting to know your colleagues better.

It was good to complete all the challenges!

The Energizers were a great ice-breaking tool for all.

I learned more about teamwork during The Teambuiding Challenge!
-Lim Soh Keow, NUS

It was a great time of Teamwork and fun!
-Siti Azizah Sulaiman

The activities organised by FOCUS, especially the Giant Ropes, were really interesting.
-Tay Mei Siah, NUS

Activities engaged in suits young and old people.
-Wong Eng Nam, NUS

Fun filled activities done in The Team Building Challenge! We learned to look at things from different angles.

Please invite us to do it again!

Overall, The Team Building Challenge! was well done and am looking forward to the next retreat! In the future, FOCUS should include some other adventurous activities! A pity the retreat was a bit too short.

Great time during The Team Building Challenge! as it was fun and relaxing. Truly enjoyed the activities as they were meaningful.

The active participation of all Team-members was good!
-Gladys Lau, OCBC

The Challenge all activities was very effective, achieved the target: Team Building and more important till we know each other The Facilitator, Mr Shan, was very very good, able to present clearly with full of energy and was able to make all of us very active.
-Sarah Bt Abd Razak, OCBC

The activity is good in bringing all participants to work towards achieving goals. Examples include the Energizer in which we engaged in “Loose Change”. We all had to group according to the value specified. Also like the bidding for ingredients time, its fun. Overall, the event was excellen andt fun. Thank you and well done, FOCUS Team!
-Thung Choy Ling, OCBC

The bidding for the material/food is new to me as I thought the food will given to every group. In this way, every team must discuss what they want to do and they will bid for their item carefully.

Interesting and fun.
-Tan Siew Eng, OCBC

Keep up the good job!!!
-Shinjini, Quintiles

There was a mix of participants from all positions. Peers’ cooperation and support were demanded to go through The Team Building Challenge!
-Cesar, Remy

Great activities!

The Team Building Challenge! was great!

The Facilitator was engaging and spoke clearly. He made the learning process interesting and fun. I had a great time bonding with my team!

The weather – it was so hot! Nonetheless it was a very fun different experience.. enjoyed myself thoroughly!
-Lilian Kong, Standard Chartered

We would like to compliment the FOCUS Team, namely Shan, Joesph and Dian for making the event a great successful one. All enjoyed the programme and even the GM loved it so much that he sent a email to compliment the committee for the good job. I would like to especially thank Dian for going the extra miles during the night while my staff really enjoyed the music and danced! A big thanks to all of you!
-Kelly Woon, Sud-Chemie

Overall we had good fun. Everyone had a great time, include all the ground level staffs. We would hope to try something new the next time. Looking forward to the next Team Building Challenge!
-Kalvin Tan, Teckwah

The Team Building Challenge! was so nice ,but hope can try again..
-Wong Hoi Loon, Teckwah

The Team Building Challenge! was very good.

Activities were not difficult so everyone could participate and have fun learning.
-Fong Whye Choo, UOB

Warm, friendly Facilitators who are looked out for us – those who got abit lost at times. Surroundings were laid back and relaxed. Big cool, aircon room. Photos, videos to capture the experience.
-Yvonne, UOB

I had a fun time at The Team Building Challenge!

It was a good session to get to know other staff other than my Team-mates. Also, I enjoyed the the morale and debriefing after each activity. A good break from work.

Activities were fun and interesting.

I liked The Team Building Challenge, thanks!
-Bertrand, Johnson

The Team Building Challenge! was well conducted and brought our Team together. When we finished the day we felt more connected. Having seen real examples of how together we can achieve more, I hope it will have good impact in the future. It also brought people together with some great shared memories.
-Fredrik Johansson, Johnson

The Lead Facilitator Andrew was able to relate the experiences in the activities to be applicable back in the corporate world.

The Facilitators did a really good job!

The videographic playback of the day’s were memorable and fun-filled!

The Team Building Challenge! was fun!
-NTUC Club

The games played were fun and participant safety was never compromised at any time.
-Vincent Fong, NTUC Club

All the activities were fun and also required lots of effort and energy.
-Rachel, NTUC Club

Our participants were open- minded and geared up for challenges and activities!

I had a very fun and memorable day.
-Azimah, SK ll

It was a pleasant experience as the level of excitement that was shown yesterday was very high, where everyone was higly involved and motivated to participate. The synergy that was felt yesterday was great! And evryone enjoyed themselves, including my boss, so thank you to the FOCUS Team who gave us a wonderful and memorable event yesterday 
-Maria, SK ll

Interesting. Fun. Full of laughter. Committed.
-Nita Yuza, SK ll

I really appreciate the activities.Specially thank you for all the Focus adventure staff.
-Stephie, SK ll

Highly engaging and energizing.
-Calvin, Sony

Ice was broken amongst Team-members as the Facilitators engaged us in Energizers!
-Jasmine Chan, Sony

Excellent Facilitators and intructors and interesting / work-relevant missions
-Mani, Sony

The outdoor activities each taught teamwork!
-Satawari, Sony

I particularly enjoyed the extraction of values brought out and connected by each activity.
-Xan, Sony

The activities were enriching.

The Teamwork collaboration was fantastic!

The Facilitators are able to make each of us fully participate in the activities with enthusiasm.


I learned that Teamwork was crucial for success!
-EK Ong, APC

Key safety areas were addressed through-out and welfare was well-thought of (eg. water shower facilities).

The Facilitator was able to inject the right amount of energy to the group.

The environment (Bintan) was good, and we learned how to use a GPS.
-Lisa Seow, Diageo

The activities were really fun.

It was a great time meeting and talking with colleagues whom I don’t usually interact with in the work setting.
-Merrill Lynch

I got to know more colleagues in an informal setting. This helped to get us a bit closer.
-Merrill Lynch

The ambience made for a very conducive environment for our Team Building session.
-Archie Santos-Tankia Jr, Monsanto

I found it a wonderful experience for the morning session (Was out for a meeting later in the day). It was really interesting to note the use of concepts from the field of psychology being employed within the program!
-Timothy Liew, MPA

The Facilitators were friendly and warm.

The location was very nice, and the training is new. Everything was good.
-Angela Wong, NUS

The venue was great! The room was spacious and there were lots of greenery.

The obstacle challenges made everyone forgo their individual mindset and allowed us to discuss, listen and follow a common direction to achieve the goals. Most of the times everyone has their individualistic mindset but FOCUS activities changed our perspective: to work in a team by putting our individual achievements aside. From my viewpoint, The Team Building Challenge! has certainly enabled the team to bond!
-Ab Latiff Sahat, Puteri Pacific

I learned about self motivation through The Team Building Challenge!
-Kathy Norshalina Husrin, Puteri Pacific

The outdoor activities were enjoyable and a good learning experience.
-Mohamed Yazid Abdullah, Puteri Pacific

The Facilitator was professional and lead the whole program, which was fun and useful. He was able to provide clear instructions and the objectives highlighted. I enjoyed the program very much!!!!
-Owen Tan Kia Hwee, Puteri Pacific

Learned about teamwork, cooperation, communication and trust.
-Sarah, Puteri Pacific

The Team Building Challenge! was an educational and enriching journey for all of us as to what a team really is and how team dynamics moves from forming to a performing team.
-Germaine Lee, SCE

The session was filled with fun and joy.
-Ang Soo Lee, South East CDC

The Team Building Challenge! was an eye-opener. It introduced alot of fun, joy, knowledge, experience to the team. We learned new things.
-Eileen Ling Siew Hua, South East CDC

The program was fun and an eye-opener. We had new ideas in which we had to think of the box. The Energizers were effective. The outdoor activities good. The joyful Facilitators and Instructors made for a happy environment of participants.
-Margaret Yeo, South East CDC

The Team Building Challenge was very fun! Thank you so much!
-Patricia Yeo, South East CDC

The session was wonderful, enjoyable, fun and fulfilling! It sure was a memorable experience for us, be it young or old ladies playing same games together to achieve and complete one goal with a good time. I can see that some are meant to be leaders and some are followers to ensure that we hit the target with the best time. You all have also helped to better our lives and to age gracefully. Keep up with the good work and would like to come back again in the near future. Thanks for the lovely slides which was very well taken by Ketut and also thanks to Facilitators James and Fabian for being so patient and helpful to us. We shall meet again.
-Priscilla Low Kwee Eng, South East CDC

I enjoyed the activities. Also, I learned to pay more attention to the subtle cues and the unsaid instead of only what was said.
-South East CDC

A good learning experience.
-South East CDC

I particularly enjoyed the Energizers, especially 3 types of handshakes, balancing, earthquake game. The certificate presentation was well done as well.
-South East CDC

We were happy people engaging in The Team Building Challenge!
-South East CDC

There was good interaction amongst everyone. The Lead Facillitator, Andrew Leong was supportive and friendly.
-Karishma, Standard Chartered

The activities were thought-provoking and practical.
-Standard Chartered

The Team Building Challenge! helped us to make friends amongst ourselves.
-Standard Chartered

The Energizers were a blast. I did not feel as corny or silly as I normally do with such games. Well done!

Activities were well organized.

The message that everyone in the organisation has equal value came across very strongly and we need to cast down the way we attached a perceived value to people in our team. It stuck in me real deep and has to a certain extent been life-transforming. I am referring to Loose Change – an Energizer in which the ladies and guys were given a dollar and cent value.

The Facilitators were effective and humorous!

The Facilitators were friendly and chirpy and this really made the whole session more lively. Keep it up!!!

Through The Team Building Challenge! I understood that fun and excitement is a crucial element and the most important is teamwork.
-Sulzer Chemtech

Our Facilitators were humourous and fun.
-Sulzer Chemtech

The Team Building Challenge was all fun and excitement. The most important aspect we learned was teamwork.
-Sulzer Chemtech

The Team Building Challenge was good!
-Jimmy Yong Khong Haw, Teckwah

Everyone was helping and caring!
-Lim Keck Loo, Teckwah

I really learned about communication in a team. We must try to understand each and everyone’s view. Teamwork and setting goals are the way to go!
-Veronica Chow, Teckwah

We enjoy the times spend together to complete all the tasks with fun and lots of laughter!! Well done, thanks a lot : )

The FOCUS Team is very friendly, helpful and pleasant!

We are able to gel as a team even though we just knew each other.
– Jonas, UOB

It was a great experience to work hand in hand with unfamiliar people. Some of the games were really funny and I am sure many participants enjoyed it.

The activities were entertaining and taught us how to work better in team.
-BNP Paribas

Everything was fabulous – scenery, companions and tons of fun!
-Chubb Singapore

The Team Building Challenge! was fun and team oriented.

The Team Building Challenge! was really cool!
-Gabriel, Hanita

Prior to coming to FOCUS Adventure, I had never attended a Team Building session before. This was my first experience, and I can’t wait for another challenge like this!
-Then Eka Lianawati, Hanita

The great Facilitators made The Team Building Challenge! fun right from the beginning.
– J Walter Thompson

It has been great working with the FOCUS Team. Thanks Emeris from Projects for taking in all our suggestions which we know can be quite hard to achieve. I am glad all ended well and fun and my colleagues love The Team Building Challenge! Thanks again!
-Shirley, NOL

Universal Studios Singapore was an awesome add-on to The Team Building Challenge!

We had some free times at Universal Studio, which was appreciated.

All activities were great!

Fun learning during The Team Building Challenge!

The Lead Facilitator Andrew and the FOCUS Team were absolutely wonderful. The overall experience and day went far better than I could have expected. Geocaching at 2pm in the afternoon got a bit hot, but it was fun and plenty of water was always available for the team. Breaks were well placed in the curriculum. All expectations were met.
-Allen Napetian, Roche

The analysis and explanation of the meaning behind each Team Building activity was good as it made everyone realise the importance of working together and having fun at the same time.
-Delphine, Roche

The activities organised successfully engaged everyones participation.
-Po Kai Yin, Roche

Everyone was very spontaneous!

The food was good and the facilitators were professional and experienced.
-Singapore Prisions Service

What made me happy was to see my team being able to apply the concept of teamwork learnt from last year’s experience in this year’s activity. We performed better this year and I am sure this will extend to the work in office. Thank you for the excellent experience!
-Tan Ai Ling, Sony

I really enjoyed The Team Building Challenge! in which we all got together and share the joys of accomplishments.
-Junichi Yoshikawa, Sony

Team spirit!


JULY 2010

The friendly Facilitators used every opportunity to bring across the message of teamwork and the programmes were challenging enough to tip the excitement factor.
-Bank of Tokyo

The FOCUS Facilitators knew their job very well.
–Bank of Tokyo

We got to know each other more during The Team Building Challenge!
–Bank of Tokyo

The Lead Facilitator and his team were friendly and helpful. The Team Building Challenge! was also invigorating.
–Bank of Tokyo

It was entertaining bonding with fellow colleagues outside of work.
–Bank of Tokyo

The opportunities for teamwork through the challenges were a good learning experience.

The Team Building Challenge! was physically demanding, and needed us to brainstorm on plausible solutions as a team.
-Li Pei Pei, BSH Home Appliance

Thank you FOCUS Team for making our day! It was nice working with your Team and we would like to have more opportunity to work again. Once again, thank you for the patience.
-Sock Hwa, Canon

I would like to thank the FOCUS Team for the fine cooperative effort to make our meeting and Team Building activity in Sentosa a great success! We had a fantastict time at Sentosa.
-Grace, Canon

The Team Building Challenge! was excellent! I really enjoyed every moment of it.
-Bianca, Cartus

The event organized by your company for Cartus was a great success! Everything went well and I received a lot of positive feedback towards the end. My thanks to the Lead Facilitator Leon and his team. They did a fantastic job and everything ended on time – which is a big bonus for us. Thank you once again and I definitely look forward to working with FOCUS Adventure in the future.
-Jo-Lynn Wee, Cartus

There is no specific key areas. Everything went equally well.
-Thomas Ng, Cartus

Team activities done during The Team Building Challenge were good!

The Facilitators’ smiling assistance made me enjoy the session even more.
-Vivan Ng, Cartus

I have attended other Team Building activities but The Team Building Challenge! this time round was totally different from all other previous activities! This is great!

It was good to network with new colleagues from different departments.

The activities done during The Team Building Challenge! were very different from the other team buildings I’ve attendend before.

The facilitator was able to engage the participants.

The Lead Facilitator was extremely jovial and he knew his job well.
-Reena Saggar, Diageo

The full participation from everyone motivated all of us to join in the adventure = SUCCESS
– Hoo Sze Yuen, DBS Credit Operations

Sharing of information is important in making Teamwork more efficient.
-Jade, DBS Credit Operations

The FOCUS Facilitators were able to bring in the crowd and held the programme in a lively and interesting manner.
– Josephine Law, DBS Credit Operations

The activities were interesting and enjoyable.
– Kah Gek, DBS Credit Operations

The Team Building Challenge! was enjoyable.
– Latrice Lim, DBS Credit Operations

We were in stitches the whole day.
-Mei Ling, DBS Credit Operations

We were able to know and learn about each other through interaction and team bonding. The activities contained a friendly and competitive spirit and the facilitators were pleasant and helpful.
-Melcia, DBS Credit Operations

The Facilitators have done a great job. Keep it up! 
-Stella, DBS Credit Operations

It was fun and relaxing. The duration was just nice.
– DBS Credit Operations

It was a fun learning work life experience. The Team Building activities were excellent as they were able to sustain the participants interests throughout the day. We had lots of fun while engaging in the Team Building session while learning about its relevancy to our worklife at the same time.
– DBS Credit Operations

I particularly like the short debrief session after each activity. We learned about ourselves and the people we work with. Also, the video was really heartwarming.
-Vivan Wang, Eaton

The Lead Facilitator, Shan and team did a fantastic job! It was tough managing our group but they did great! We are very impressed with the personalized service by FOCUS Adventure! Overall we are very happy with the FOCUS team as well as the driver. He was excellent in providing value-added service such as guiding the participants along with the umbrellas. He was also an experienced driver. The participants were very impressed by his driving skills (he did a fantastic 3-pt turn) to send us to the dinner venue.
-Carolynn Ang, ECI Telecom

The Lead Facilitator, Shan was amazing! The FOCUS Team was great. I would do this again!
-Laura Howard, ECI Telecom

We are waiting for the next time we get to engage in The Team Building Challenge at FOCUS Adventure again!
-Truong, ECI Telecom

Hi Joey & team, thanks for bringing the fun-filled games last Friday for Fisher. My colleagues certainly enjoyed themselves very much!
-Yin Mei, Fisher

We were all working as a Team!
-Lee Teik Wen, Goodman Fielder

The activities prior to the main energizers were all very interesting! They brought much excitement to the team.
-Goodman Fielder

We enjoyed all the activities =)
–Goodman Fielder

The Cooking Challenge! was a great Teamwork effort!
–Goodman Fielder

The Team Building Challenge! enabled us to learn more about Team Building.
-Kyaw Zin Haike, JSPL

We were able to succeed by working as a team with good co-operation, well-planned strategies and also a positive attitude.

We emerged friends after the session.

The Team Building Challenge! allowed me to learn about having fun while being in a team and doing work!

It was a creative process learning about teamwork.

The Team Building sessions were different from those I have been through so far (e.g.The Geocaching Challenge!)
-IDA Singapore

The Facilitators were excellent. To add on, the environment was pleasant to do the activities that were planned out for us.
–IDA Singapore

Fun was the main element!
–IDA Singapore

The entire experiences was really good, the staffs were helpful. At the end of the day, it met our objectives.
-Intercontinental Singapore

The Team Building Challenge Evaluation was pleasant.
-Intercontinental Singapore

It was a nice meeting!
-Intercontinental Singapore

The program was very good! We all had a fun time as it was truly well spent!
-Marsh Asia

The setting was condusive and quiet. The Faciliators were all very professional and well-experienced in guiding us through the different activities and took excellcent care of our safety.
– Carmen Ntan, MOM

The Team Building Challenge! was lively and entertaining.

We were able to get to know and interact with the new colleagues.

The Team Building session! and activities indeed did help us to bond even closer!
-Amanda, MAS Singapore

Overall, the Facilitators were effective and the venue was appropriate for the activties.
-MAS Singapore

The Facilitators were experienced and they games and activities were fun, exciting and enjoyable.
-MAS Singapore

The Lead Facilitator Shan, and the FOCUS Team were friendly and passionate. They also had an even mix of physical and mental activities.
-Nanyang Business School

The buffets were fantastic. The scenic spots we went to were inspiring and the trekking was a learning journey for me!
-Chancy, NPS

Participation of everyone present in a non-threatening environment/situation for Team Building and Bonding and a day out for this training was good. The Activities were interesting. I wished that we could ride on the boat too:) Lessons were learnt in sharing, time keeping, flexibility, Teamwork, thinking out of the box through the different activties which were beneficial.
-Joan Choo Beng Goon, NUS

There was lot of fun and laughter as well as Team Bonding between myself and the other staff. The FOCUS Team are whom we do not know and they have left an impression. The Lead Facilitator James was so great in relating the Team Building challenges to our daily work life. Overall the video session was the most enjoyable moment for us.
-Rachel Kho, NUS

The Incredible Race was interesting but unfortunately, the time allocated was too short. Thanks for the organizing the programme.
-Soong Beng Ching, NUS

The Facilitator made everyone participanted and enjoyed all the sessions

I was glad that I managed to complete the program! Indeed, at the end of the day, there was a sense of satisfaction!

The activities enabled much interaction amongst the team members.
-Heidi, NEA

The activities and venue made for a pleasant time spent with the FOCUS Team engaging in The Team Building Challenge!
– Pun Wui-Mei, NEA

The surprise video that was recorded during our participation in the activities was the best. After quite a tiring day in the hot sun, we all had a good laugh during the video presentation. Good job, Focus!!

We were able to interact with one another during Team Building session.

The Team Building Challenge! was a fantastic combination of quality ambience, presentations, buffet lunches, and refreshing activities.

The Geocaching Challenge! and Team Building session were good record by everyone and we had an enjoyable day.

The FOCUS Team were nice, friendly and efficient. The photos and video that were taken were very hilarious!

Thank you for an enjoyable time during The Team Building Challenge!
-Helen Lin, NETS

The Geocaching Challenge! was the first time I used a GPS. It was interesting!

I had a wonderful time in Bintan with FOCUS Adventure and must say this is one of the Team Building I enjoyed most for the past few years.
-Ivy Oo, Philips

I love the activities we played. It was nice and bring alot of laughter and joy to the groups. Even The Team Building Challenge! was light but we get to mingle around at our leisure.

The Team Building Challenge! was a fun and relatively non-threatening environment that allowed management and peers to mingle freely.
-Derek Maggs, SAP

The activties were great, fun and enjoyable!
-Chua Soo Ping, SIM

The activity, Helium Hula was so difficult to manipulate. It is indeed that looks can be deceiving. Overall, I had a great time! The program was well executed and the Facilitators really worked hard to achieve the objectives.
-Kristin, SIM

Every team member is very important. We may have been grouped in 4 teams, but we work as 1 group.
-Nasirudin, SMRT

We learned how to overcome the challenges in a pleasant way.
-Seriram a/l Appanah, SMRT

We learned about the importance of teamwork, coordination and lastly, being prepared for the unexpected changes in our enviroment.
-Wong Kok Ming, SMRT

We learned that teamwork, communication, mutualrespect and help each other were essential for us to achieve a common goal.
-Yeo Siok Eng, SMRT

The Team Building Challenge! was fun and enjoyable.

The activities were interesting and pleasant.

The Facilitators were very approachable and were able to convey values learnt from every single activities involved.

The Team Building Challenge! provided a unique way of demonstrating teamwork
-Leo Li, Standard Chartered

I enjoyed fellowshipping with my teammates!
-Mary Phua, Standard Chartered

I applaud the FOCUS Team’s patience and enduring liveliness throughout the entire session.
-Standard Chartered

The Team Building Challenge! was a good experience.
-Standard Chartered

It was great having the chance to interact with inter-department colleagues whom we don’t meet regularly at work.
-Helene, Tektronix

It was an excellent experience engaging in The Team Building Challenge!

JUNE 2010

The FOCUS Facilitators were friendly and helpful which made my maiden trip to Bintan an enjoyable one.
-Ang Mo Kio Primary

The Facilitators made the activities fun and enjoyable. It definitely made us a better ARINC!
-Jonathan, ARINC

The activities were challenging as they all involved teamwork. I also enjoyed the singalong at the end.


The activities were fun and well organised on a whole.

FOCUS Team Building activities really increase our bonding.
-Liyana, Boon Lay Garden Primary School

There was no pressure in doing the activities.
-Boon Lay Garden Primary School

It was fun and the activities were all very safe.
-Fadylla, Boon Lay Garden Primary School

The objectives were delivered in a fun manner but nevertheless, meaningful and impactful.
-Boon Lay Garden Primary School

FOCUS should arrange more of such Team Building activities.

The Team Building activities allow us to know each other better.

This program helped us to understand the strengths of our team.

This program helped us to understand the strengths of our team.

The process was interesting and fun.

The activities create required awarness among candidates within the time frame which made it more exciting.
-Anjan Puttu Rao, CATERPILLAR

The Team Building games were interesting as I have never encountered them before.
-Cendra, Citibank

The course was carried out at a comfortable pace and the FOCUS Facilitators were effective in engaging our attention.

The Geocaching Challenge! was very fun and unique as it required a GPS to move around.

-Rasheed Ahmad, CommScope Solutions

It was fun going around Sentosa, enjoying the scenary while looking for clues all at the same time.
-CommScope Solutions

Having good Teamwork is what makes the Team successful!
-CommScope Solutions

It was an unique experience overall.

The Facilitators all had funny and interesting personalities which made the whole programme interesting.

Great rapport between Facilitator and participants. The Facilitator was able to get the mood up without trying too hard.

The Lead Facilitator did very well in bringing up the mood and spirit of the group.

It was fun and it allowed us to bond more with each other!

The duration was not too long and we did not have to travel round the island which would be too tiring.

I would like to thank the FOCUS Team for organizing the activities for us. Our participants definitely enjoyed themselves very much! Thanks very much for making the afternoon a very memorable one for all of us, and special thanks to the Facilitators and all involved that day for their hard work and dedication. I’ll have no hesitation to recommend your services to all I know.
-Patricia, International SOS

Teamwork was required when building up a model (ie in this case, from a smaller boat to a bigger boat)
-Anang Prayudi, International SOS

There was good organization and interesting activites that were being carried out.
-Fanie Jute, International SOS

The FOCUS Team were nice people.
-International SOS

There was a good mix of easy and tough activities. The FOCUS Facilitators were friendly, confident despite their youth and the mature crowd of mixed nationalities (mostly foreigners). Kudos to the Facilitators for doing a great job!
-George Khoo, International SOS

The mood was light and friendly. The personality profiling was of great interest to every individual.
-Keppel Land

Rafting was fun and challenging
-National University of Singapore

I really enjoyed and like the rafting experience.
-National University of Singapore

It was Fun!
-Lalitha, National University of Singapore

Heya FOCUS TEAM! NUS Department of Chemistry had recently held our Team Challenge on 27 May 2010. Through this occasion, we had built bonds with each other and of course, all the fun and laughter as well. We had learn the importance of effective communication and helping each other in order to achieve our objectives. The Lead Facilitator was very effective in engaging the group with his humourous jokes at the same time injecting the important parts of the whole challenge. Not to mention the rest of the Facilitators and of course the two important cameramen who did a splendid job! It is such a welcoming and entertaining experience for a new staff like myself!
On the behalf of friends from NUS Dept. of Chemistry, here’s a token of our appreciation and thank you to all you guys at FOCUS:
“three cheers and three cheers and three cheers to FOCUS! Hip! Hip! Hurray!
three cheers and three cheers and three cheers to FOCUS! Hip! Hip! Hurray!
three cheers and three cheers and three cheers to FOCUS! Hip! Hip! Hurray!”
-Soffiyan Hamzah, National University of Singapore

Teamwork and sharing of skills and knowledge with one another is very important in order to succeed.
-National University of Singapore

The use of tech gadgets made Geocaching more fun!
-Debojyoti, Procter and Gamble

The programme enabled us to enjoy it as well as learn. Kudos to the FOCUS Team.
-Himanshu, Procter and Gamble

The location was great and ideal for doing those activities 
-Procter and Gamble

I learnt that Teamwork is very important. Having good leadership in a team is also an essential factor in order to lead the team in acheiving their goals. Collaborating with each other also helps to increase efficiency and result!
-Kshitij, Procter and Gamble

We should spend more time on such Team Building excercises as it helps improve one’s relationship with each other!
-Surendran, Procter and Gamble

Everybody working together and having fun.
-Noor, PPIS

Tonnes of fun!

I could feel that everyone worked together as a Team.

I have learned some experience which can be use in my daily work.
-Rahmatunisa Binte Mohamed Shariff, PPIS

It was thrilling through out.
-Muhammd Nauman Khan, Sanofi Aventis

The FOCUS Team conducted the Team Building activites very professionally.
-Sanofi Aventis

We would like to thank the FOCUS Team for making the event happen. We would also like to thank the Lead Facilitator for his lead and expert guidance in making our team building a success and a very fun one, not forgetting the team in Bintan too. We all had great fun despite the rain and it has been one amazing experience for all of us and we take back with us very memorable memories.
-Anny, SAP

The sense of achievement that we derived at the end of it all was very satisfying. This also proved how Teamwork can take us to greater heights
-Shankar, SAP

The environment, the Facilitator who lead the Team Building activities and the bonding experience with other members during the few hours spent was truly eye-opening, exciting and fun. The encouragement, trust and patience from the team members and motivation from other teams shows how powerful teamwork can be, to be able to stay focus and reach for their goal. It was a truly an awesome experience.

The Facilitators are professional actors. I am sure they have gone through this many times and are bored to tears, but they acted like they were as excited as us first-timers. The props were simple but creatively used. The food is good and adequate.

The Facilitators were good.

On behalf of the Training team and the hotel, I would like to say a big thank you to the Focus Team for all your hard work towards each session’s preparation and execution. Our colleagues have greatly enjoyed themselves and have gained alot from it

I will be sure to contact you in the near future about continuing our partnership!
-Chloe Chan, Shangri-la

Everyone’s spirit were very high throughout the day.
-Eddie Phang, Tiong Seng Construction

The activties helps me to build up my self-confidence.
-Tiong Seng Construction

It was really an excellant experience!

The Lead Facilitator was able to excite the participants and bring fun to Team.
-United Overseas Bank

We have learnt about Team Development which are Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. We were enjoyed the activities.
-United Overseas Bank

One of the Facilitators was patient with us all the way!
– Workforce Development Agency

We were able to make friends with other divisions. Through the activities, we realised the importances of work life effectiveness, passion, care, teamwork, care and growth.
– Workforce Development Agency