MARCH 2022

“I was extremely impressed by FOCUS Adventure, the FAcilitators’ enthusiasm, empathy in allowing everyone a safe space to speak, actively listening, the professionalism in running the course efficiently with the best in class tech tools. Happy that I got to know my EMA colleagues as well through this activity, 11/10 experience for sure. OH and i loved the music during breaks, such a subtle but meaningful detail, song choices were 11/10″
Preya R
Senior Analyst,EMA
“Well done Berwin and team! It was a blast!”
Kelvin Seah
“Thank you very much and looking forward to our future activities ”
Team Lead – Biomonitoring PH, Merck, Inc.
“Great job, Focus team! You make my day!”
“Fun and engaging for an online team bonding session”
Oh Ai Ye
Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic
“We have fun. Thank you!”
Chin Ling Ong
Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic


“Quite fun and interactive with the escape room and other activities”
Senior Analyst, EMA
“My 1st time doing a virtual teambuilding session and the FAcilitators put us at ease and guided us through. Awesome..”
Jason Pok
Senior Manager, EMA
“Program was very engaging even though it’s done virtually. Virtual escape room was fun. Impress by the end video that was put up end of the course, given such short notice. Enjoyed the program.”
Senior Manager, EMA
“Very energetic and lively. Made the session very easygoing yet professional”
Samuel Ng
Management Associate, Certis
“Had alot of fun and didnt know a Zoom orientation could be this fun! Kudos to the team for coming up with the video at the end too. Only gripe would be that it was too short ! Would have loved a chance to get to know/chat with everyone. ”
“While many of us are still struggling with tech issues during webinars, it’s amazing that this event went on smoothly without any glitches. I can honestly say this was the most fun and engaging programme I’ve ever attended. The video design was brilliant, and FAcilitation by Bryan was A+. I’m interested to work on my amateur facilitation skills as well, if FA can advise me on courses to take etc., I would be most appreciative! Thank you for the fun programme!”
Ng Hui Ling
Manager (SDT/OD), NCSS
“Great session, enjoyed it thoroughly and programme is relevant. Special mention to the FAcilitator Bryan, you did a great job! The programme moved on very smoothly from breakout rooms to main room to the app for the activity. Thank you to the team!”
Joyce Chng
Manager , NCSS
“Thank you for the engaging workshop! It is refreshing to have a virtual bonding session that provides insights on how we can better collaborate on work and beyond The facil is really friendly and natural in his lead so all is good from me!”
Peh Jia Ying
Assistant Manager, Relations and Engagement 4, NCSS
“Enjoyable session. first time having a virtual teambuilding”
Tan Li Min Krystle
Senior Engineer, LTA
“Keep up the good work. Very innovative activities”
SPM, Fare System – LTA


“Engaging and a full heart-thumping 45 min session, Would love it to be in a physical form!”
Eileen Long
Asst Director, Licensing,IMDA
“Great programme that enables participants to have fun while learning about team members and new subjects. ”
Danny Han
Asisstant Director, IMDA
“Very interesting despite a virtual one.”
Pamela Lee
Project Manager,CTS
“It is never easy to organise such event using Zoom. I have to say the activity provided was really good. Automatically broke the ice and every participated. Thumbs up”
Alvin Chiam
Hd Events,Certis
“Great program. Thank you for putting it on.”
Matthew Lewsam
Australia,Certis Security
“Great Activity despite having it online!”
Chan Chee Chong
 “Great Job in organising the event!”
Peter Ong
Head AvSTC,Certis University
“Excellent programme that spaced out nicely for everyone to complete within the time frame. ”
Wong Pang Wai
“Good program very enjoyable”
Badrul Hisham Mohammad Nor
“Enjoyed the activities arranged. thank you”
Magdalene Soh
“The activities were fun and interactive. The facilitators were animated and witty. Had an awesome time. Looking forward to future engagements with programmes organised by Focus Adventure! Thanks FOCUS Adventure team!”
Lyla Azizan
Senior Investigation Officer,IMDA
“I have so much fun today, thank you!”
Woon Moon Eng
Asst Manager,IMDA
“I had fun and a relaxing time, amidst of work!”
Aisyah Mazlan
Assistant Manager,MCCY


“It was my team’s first time attending a virtual bonding session and we had a great time! Sasi and the team from FOCUS were very well-prepared and organised to take us through the activities in an engaging manner. Two thumbs up! ”
Director, NParks
“Fun and interactive. FAcilitators were great and engaging! Thanks~”
Peck Geok Xin
“Thank you for entertaining us and keeping a good cheer!”
Siti Rafe’ah Omer
“The FAcilitators were all professional and kept the energy of the programme well. Thank you all!”
Hanim Yahman
Parks Officer,National Parks Board
“Great virtual experience and would love to have the team bonding session to be held in person one day”
Sze Yue
National Parks Board
“Awesome! Thank you FOCUS Adventure! It was an awesome experience. Perfect experience to get to bond with coworkers and all ”
Alvin Ong
Assistant e Key Account Manager,L’oreal Active Cosmetics Division
“Very good facilitation and key learning points were addressed well. ”
“Was so FUN! thank you”
Kylie Pratt
“Thanks for the great time!”
Nicholas Leong
“Very fun activities and great facilitations!”
“We had so much fun and got to know each other better. Thanks for organizing the virtual escape room! ”
Senior CRM Manager,Nestle Singapore
“I had fun and really enjoyed this virtual team building”
Zhang Yunyan
“Very FUN! thanks for hosting my first virtual escape room!!”
Medical Sales,Loreal
“I love escape rooms, so this was great for me!”
Brian Slattery
Slattery, Google
“I had so much fun and i think the facilitator were all very helpful and interactive
Eleen NG
PD Manager ,Loreal operations
“Should advise to bring a spare phone or battery charger. ”
“Nicely done guys – very entertaining. The team engaged & the facilitators were great”
ANZ SX S&OP Manager ,Alcon
“Interesting Activity – Online Escape Room”
Rachel Yip
National Field Operations Manager,Nestle (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Fun, enjoy this engagement with team. well desgined.”
Natasha Lin
Kyowa Kirin Asia Pacific


“It was a great event and I had fun. The context of the game, local and customised to our organisation, made it feel more familiar and relatable.”
Nurul Asyiqin
Dyslexia Association of Singapore,Senior HR Officer
“Love this and I had a great time! Good job guys!”
Andrea Koh
Dyslexia Association of Singapore
“It was always a blast working with the FOCUSAdventure team. Thank you very much”
Dyslexia Association of Singapore
“Had a fun time solving the clues which could be quite tricky and challenging. Thank you for the great time!”
DAS,Educational Therapist
“It was a fun morning with activities that were very relevant to our area of work. Thank you!”
“Enjoyed the programme. Tasks were just right, not too easy not too difficult. Keep up the good work guys!”
Siti Nur Amirah Muhamad
“I had a lot of fun and before this, never thought that a virtual staff event would be quite as exciting and engaging. The Virtual Escape Room was fun and memorable. Kudos FOCUS Adventure team!”
Nurul Junaidi
DAS, Academic Services Officer
“It was fun, exciting and there was support throughout the activities.”
DAS,Lead Educational Therapist
“Thank you for your hard work, Focus team! Well done!”
Stephanie Ong
Dyslexia Association of Singapore,Senior Educational Therapist
“Everything went smoothly. Ice breaker activities were effective!”
“I enjoyed myself today! It was really fun! The facilitators were also very engaging (especially Berwin). Thank you! ”
DAS,Senior Educational Therapist
“Berwin Tan was very engaging. I was in Team 10 with Shah as the facilitator. She also seemed very friendly and engaging too. Both were very quick to offer help when our team was stuck.”
DAS,Snr customer Service/ Facility Management assistant
“Personally i had a good time. the programme content was great, entertaining and challenging enough. Bryan was very energetic and able to bring out the crowd. overall a great time.”
"Good mix of activities. Perhaps each group’s puzzle should be examined, followed by a discussion on where the group think it fits the bigger picture. There will be more time for every group to share rather than spending time trying to piece the big picture cluelessly."
Li Cong
Yangzheng Primary School,
"Very engaging and fun-filling activity organized by FOCUS group"
Oscar Ho
Linde Gas Singapore Pte Ltd,IT Engineer
“Everyone in the team had a great time even though some of the challenges were brain-wrecking but we did it! AWESOME!!!”
Steven Sim
“Thanks for organising this event! The activities were a little difficult at times but overall quite fun”
Pei Yi
“FOCUS builds in time for team members to share and get to know one another. Thank you!”
Lydia Lum
Dyslexia Association of Singapore,Educational Therapist
“KUDOS to you guys. Delivery was excellent. Staff enjoyed themselves. We had your service in 2019 and you did not dissapoint us then and you did not dissapoint us now…”
Yati Kamsani
Dyslexia Association of Singapore
“Fantastic job by the Focus team. Special thanks to Yumi and Bryan for being so accommodating towards our requests. We enjoyed the activity very much and will definitely consider FOCUS again for future teambuilding events ”
Regina Lim
Shell,Pension Fund Manager
“Love the team building games/activities that is provided even though its virtual and through Zoom but still we had fun and bonded in solving the codes together! Hope to have these kind of activities again in future!”
Luqman Hakiim
"Lovely bonding and learning course. Bryan the facilitator was excellent."
Usha Subrahmanyam


“Thank you FAcilitators!! Appreciate your hard work!”
Daphne Oh
Associate- Engagement (Human Resource), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
“The event lead/FAcilitator is creative and able to interact with the GSK team.”
TK Low
Regional EHS Lead, Sodexo Services Asia Pte Ltd
“Thank you to all FAcilitators, Sasi, Berwin, Benjamin and team. Special mention goes to Sasi for his excellent hosting and engaging everyone. I would also like to thank Hwee Li for taking into consideration our requirements (e.g. added the transcript to help overseas participants read and understand at their own pace) and following up closely on our event’s plan and execution. Thank you, FOCUS Adventure, for making our first virtual Team Building experience a highly interactive and enjoyable one!”
Claire Ang
Evoqua Water Technologies Pte Ltd
“Overall the games were fun and engaging but i felt the instructions could have been more simplified. FAcilitators were very prompt and good. Well done Focus Adventure!”
Geraldine Thng
Assistant Manager, KPMG Singapore
“Great overall, just the system that was used were hang and had some technical issues. Propose to check on system before starting the session”
Norman Iskandar
Phillip Morris Malaysia
“Clearer instruction when entering the game and opportunity area on technical glitch for future activation”
Sook Han
Manager Consumer Experience – Acquisition, PMM
“Overall love the virtual adventure in different country. Will definitely want to have different adventure activities and team building with you all again.”
Peh Sun Chia
“Very good mix of activities both digital and physical, allowing for interactions”
“The session is beyond my expectation for a virtual team building! Great Job!”
Wong Jun Liang
“Quite nice to see all the team members after WFH for almost 2 years.”The activities are challenging and fun.”
Assistant Manager, KPMG Singapore
“Quite nice to see all the team members after WFH for almost 2 years.”The activities are challenging and fun.”
Hwee Li
Assistant Manager, KPMG Singapore
“Incorporating CSR into the team bonding game is no easy feat. Have enjoy myself. Thanks!”
Loy Joon Wei
Assistant Manager, KPMG Singapore
“The session was definitely fun and engaging with an exception there were some technical glitches along the way.”
Cassandra Kesamy
Philip Morris Malaysia
“Overall was good, it would be great if the technical issue can be solved.”
Cui Yin
Consumer Insights Manager, PMI
Lawrence Chew
Assistant Manager, MPA
“The programme was well organised. I had a great time. Thank you!”
Madeline Choong
Senior Legal Counsel, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
“Thank you for everyone’s effort to make it a enjoyable one.”
Chynna Loy
Clinical Project Assistant, AbbVie Pte Ltd
“I wish we have more time for the escape game. Overall, I really enjoyed it especially when I did it with my teams, I get to know them closely.:)”
CRA1, Abbvie


“Hi Yumi Received the photos and videos! Thank you for the invoice – I have submitted it for our finance team to process. Thank you very much, Yumi, for coordinating the entire virtual programme in such a short notice! We are really grateful that the FOCUS team was able to accommodate all our requests and customisations for the programme. FAcilitator Berwin, Bryan, Totok and PV Toro were such a great team with high energy to engage everyone. Our team has enjoyed it very much and we look forward to our next opportunity to work together again! Have a great week ahead! Best regards”
Sauyan Kwang
Admin Specialist
“Enjoy the Programme. Thank you”
Assistant Engineer, PUB
“Thank you FOCUS Adventure and Bryan our facilitator for being so pleasant, helpful, fun and wacky. Love your unique dance at the beginning, certainly broke the ice ”
Cathy Cummins
Admin, Privasec
“Had such an enjoyable time thank you!”
Koh Hui Ying
“Fun!! Interesting to include the Reality element of rapping & dancing.”
“Beautifully done, lot of learnings…”
Ramesh Shivaram
Manager, Soft Services, GSK
“Thanks to the FAcilitators for organising and running the session.”
“Love some challenge ie. kahoot.”
Engineer, PUB
“Enjoy the Programme. Thank you”
Assistant Engineer, PUB
“Highly engaging course. Filled with lots of fun team building activities.”
Muhammad Haziq
“It was so much fun!”
Frida Tan
Manila, Philippines, Privasec
“It was fun and we really enjoy the Virtual Escape Room Game”
Karris Cortaga
Senior Accountant, Privasec Pty
“Fun!! Interesting to include the Reality element of rapping & dancing.”
Suzana Binte Mohd Saad
Division Lead, MYT-SGO
“Thoroughly enjoyed the session!”
Jean Eng
Division Lead, SGD


“The virtual team building is very well-planned. Thank you very much ”
Jason Yeo Xiao Quan
Engineer, SP Group
“It was a very fruitful and enjoyable session. In fact, probably the first time everyone experience virtual team building. It was a successful run!”
James Tor
Engineer, SP Group
“Love the inspiring quotes at the start and at the end!”
Loh Wan Yun
Associate, EDB
“Games were fun esp the escape room and those that require some creativity. Overall the amount of questions were just nice and time passed faster than I expected. Enjoyed myself thoroughly! ”
“Loved the session! Got to know a lot of people. Thank you! ”
Rutvi Mehta
Student, Singapore Management University
“The FAcilitators did a great job of conducting the entire session. All of them were very helpful and were able to guide the participants well. ”
Amrita Parab
Singapore Management University
“This was just the best workshop I have ever attended. Thanks.”
Purvi Jagnani
MIM student, Singapore Management University
“Kudos to the team for such a wonderful and engaging experience. ”
Assistant Vessel Traffic Officer, MPA Singapore
“Enjoyed the session today, learnt alot especially during the team games:)”
Koh Shaoqi
Senior Engineer, MPA
“Fantastic, you guys just have the right blend of organisational flows and time management, with a sense of humour to warm up the atmosphere. ”
“Overall course was good. Facilitator was engaging throughout the course. Thank You ”
Mohammad Salihin Bin Shaion
“The programme was very well planned. While virtual tools are pretty new to me, instructions were easy to follow. Impressed with the way a virtual amazing race was conducted pairing with a zoom breakout room to engage within fellow teammates. Overall, it’s a very fun session! ”
Pearl Chua
Manager, MCCY
“Innovative and fun activities (e.g. the Virtual Escape Room and Amazing Race)! ”
Rachael Quah
Senior Manager, MCCY
“Bryan was a great FAcilitator. He definitely helped to gel and bond the team together ”
Venetia Kok
PhD student, Duke-NUS
“Thanks for organizing this. My first experience and it is so worth it.. so fun!”
Vivi Oktavia
Partner Success Manager, AWS
“Excellent facilitation and game content. Thank you! FUN FACTOR HIGH!”
Tan Ying Hui
Head of People Development & Learning, Loreal Singapore
“Amazing effort! Truly commendable during COVID times ”
Atishay JAIN
Student, SMU
“The experience was great! It really makes good on what Team Building is supposed to be”
Jeremy Agustinus Joewono
Master in Quantitative Finance 2021, SMU – LKCSB
“Bryan was very friendly and enthusiastic which helped to make the session more lively and fun. Great team coordination from their end as well. Thank you for the session! ”
Hoe Qian Yu
Student Intern, NCSS
“I had so much fun solving the puzzles and am really thankful for the opportunity to forge new friendships ”
Su Myat Naing
MAF student , SMU
“Virtual escape room was really fun! I enjoyed myself very much ”
Su Myat Naing
MAF student , SMU
“Very engaging and informative. Incredible effort from the FOCUS Adventure team to conduct their programme online! ”
Cornelius Kang
Engineer, SP
“Thank you to Sasi, Berwin and Gavin for the awesome programme! Enjoyed it!”
Muhammad Hadi Bin Mohammad
SP Group
“It is really awesome and fun session. Thank you so much for having us:)”
SP Group
“Thank you everyone for facilitating such a memorable virtual orientation. It went as well as it possibly could have. Cheers!”
Shankkar Magandran
Master’s Candidate, Singapore Management University
“Very interesting and adaptive with current COVID situation. initially I never thought virtual team building will be effective. but you nailed it.”
Asda Jupentus Pandiangan
“It was a very well organised event. Presenters were very friendly and helpful. Very lively and interactive session. Kudos to the facilitators for putting together a great virtual event. ”
Shruti Maindola
Singapore Management University
“Thanks Sasi, Berwin and Gavin for the great FAcilitation, and for always trying to keep energy levels of everyone up. Enjoyed my first virtual team-building experience. Wishing the team all the best for the future.”
Kenneth Tan
Senior Manager, MPA
“Good job to the team at FOCUS Adventure for making the virtual session as fun and lively as a physical one!”
Alicia Wong
“Our very first online teambuilding event and we really had a great time! Thank you FOCUS Adventure Team! To many more adventures! ”
Admin, Duke-NUS
“The virtual team building programme was alot more interesting and fun than I expected. Kudos to the facilitors Berwin, Gavin and Sasi. =))”
Angel Xu
Senior Engineer, PUB
“The virtual team building programme was alot more interesting and fun than I expected. Kudos to the facilitors Berwin, Gavin and Sasi. =))”
Angel Xu
Senior Engineer, PUB
“FAcilitator was good (thanks for trying your best to engage with us!) but I think the teambuilding aspect was limited by the online nature of the activity”
“It was really fun, exceeded my expectations of a virtual ice breaking/team building event. Hope to engage you guys again when we can have physical events!”
Randy Loke
student, Duke NUS
“Awesome experience, well organised and almost as much fun as it would have been in person”
Remi d’Souza
“Really engaging activity and sporting facils! thank you guys and keep it up!”
Justin Chua
“Such warm and friendly facilitators definitely helped to ease any nervousness I was feeling before the start of the activity. Thank you! ”
Girisha Hiranandani
Singapore Management University
“The FAciliators were great and engaging! Wish we spent more time playing games though!!”
Annabelle Ng
“It was one of the best times I had recently. Thank you”
Rishika Agarwal
Student, Singapore Management University
“Absolutely love it. Never knew virtual escape room and team building can be so fun. Great appreciation and thanks to the organizers for an excellent session. ”
Soon Tze Ling
MAF Part Time, SMU

JULY 2021

“The virtual race was very interesting. A very different approach to online ice breaking.”
Joann Heng
Senior Executive, MCCY
“The virtual race was very interesting. A very different approach to online ice breaking.”
Joann Heng
Senior Executive, MCCY
“FAcilitators were confident and professional. Overall a very well run programme.”
Leonard Wee
“Very interactive programs, kudos to the team who make this happen!!!!!”
Derek Low
Retail Ops Manager, PMI
“I had an enjoyable time! To relax and also get to know each other better given that the team has extended. Would be lovely if the session can be longer with more short games ”
Poh Jia Lin
Business Planning Analyst, Philip Morris Malaysia Sdn Bhd
“All good, thanks for organising the session, appreciate it. I sort of think the singing session should be longer due to get together session with the team during lock down.”
Head of Sales, Philip Morris Malaysia
“Interesting training. Able to keep it light and fun as we are learning”
Ng Ca Ho
“Thanks for bringing us together.”
Thaniarasu Sannasi
Watch Manager, MPA
“Shoutout to the team! thank you all.”
“Kudos to Berwin for making this a fun learning experience.”
Jia jun
“Kinda sad that i missed the first day but the second day was super fun! thank you FAci ”
Elizabeth Ngiam
Scholar, LTA
“Is a fun session where everyone collaborate together to make some funny tasks. Awesome!!”
Tan Chin Heng
Zonal Operation Manager, Philip Morris (M) Sdn. Bhd.
“At least a stress free fun moment”
Ng Kok Thiam
Zonal Business Manager, Philip Morris Malaysia
“Really fun bonding activities! Never attended anything like this before ”
Participant, South East CDC
“The activities made everyone to participate and enjoyed the fun!”
Andrew Heng Kuang Joo
Zon Business Supervisor, Philip Morris Malaysia
“Very fun and engaging, better than what I expected from a virtual programme!”
Lim Li Rong
Maritime and Port Authority
“Good pace, engaging, fun and good team building”
Julian Tan
Manager, Knowledge Management, Philip Morris Malaysia
“Fun, can have more vitual things to meeting, like online games”
“Good way to keep in touch with other during this pandemic. we also can learn something on it.”
Mohd Nazem
Zonal Business Supervisor, PMI
“It was a really fun session and engaging one.Looking forward for more of these type of events especially during this work from home”
Assoc. Manager Customer Care Operation, Customer Care
“FAci Sasi, Berwin, Toro, Totok are amazing. The whole set up is perfect. The music, background, no time lag between switching of breakout rooms. The experience has been seamless and well thought out. I am impressed.
Anastasia Rosaline Yap Hui Lin
“Great effort from FOCUS Adventures. One of the better run virtual ones i’ve attended. A good FAcilitator really makes a difference!”
Aaron Martin
student, SMU
“I believe that the facilitators were very friendly and engaging throughout the session. The activities allowed us to understand each other better. Would definitely attend this again! Thank you!”
NG Yongcheng
Student, SMU

JUNE 2021

“Great event, highly recommend it! ”
June Cheung
Oracle Advertising
“It’s very creative and fresh idea to so an amazing race virtually.”
June Cheung
Oracle Advertising
“Appreciate the video at the end. Thank you!”
Senior Manager, MCCY
“Great work team! Totally engaging and enjoyable … brings to the forefront teamwork with joy and fun ”
“Great FAcilitation by the facilitators. We are definitely very engaged throughout the whole session! Thank you!!”
“We enjoyed ourselves! It was so fun bonding with our colleagues!”
“Programme was fun and interactive. Well-planned and coordinated with organiser. The session was carefully adapted to include discussion segment requests. ”
Kubaren Algasamy
Industrial Relations Officer, Union of Security Employees
“Awesome job by FOCUS Adventure”
Gwen Ng
“Awesome and a lot of fun! Great team spirit”
Manager Digital Data Analytics, Philip Morris Malaysia
“I had fun bonding with my team over the fun and creative activities! Great experience!”
Siti Kamirah
Teacher, Yuhua Primary School
“Thank you for organising the enjoyable team bonding session via Zoom! Special thanks to Bryan, our friendly FAcilitator! ”
EL HOD, Yuhua Primary School
“It was really fun and intense ! Enjoyed it ! Thank you! ”