“The FAcilitator were friendly and explained in specific details for the all activities that we involved and they know each of the participants behavior well with very short time frame. We really had a good time together and really enjoyed also learn through the activities. Great job to your team effort” Looking forward to work with you again in our next team building programme.”
Susan Tok
Fette Compacting Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
“Activities were fun and engaging. FAcilitators were excellent in guiding and knowledgeable in the subjects. ”
Ong Kok Chuan
Radiation Therapist, NUH
“Very meaningful and enjoyable event.”
Associate, Bank of Singapore (Operations)
“It was fun overall!”
Port Inspector, MPA
“Thank you for the fun and well planned activities for the day! Facilitators were very energetic and clear in their instructions as well~ Really enjoyed the programme!”
Jess Tan
Management Trainee, International SOS Pte Ltd

JUNE 2019

“Time management was very good Flexibility in achieving session goals Encourage teamwork and fun”
Wong Woon Kwong
Director, Singapore University of Technology and Design
“Good job!”
Sandy Zhao Qun
HR manager, Commodities Intelligence Centre Pte Ltd
“Teamwork during the climb Good interaction during the training for understanding DISC behaviour.”
Marco Ng
Customer Care Manager, CenturyLink Technology Solutions
“The host were all friendly and humorous. Really enjoyed the event!! Keep it up!”
Lythia Tan
Finance Executive, Commodities Intelligence Centre Pte Ltd
“The hands-on experience was fun, and it is also a good platform to bond with colleagues from other departments.”
Tan Ee Ping
Manager, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp
“The lead FAcilitator was very flexible and offered us many options on the actual raining day and was very supportive. Sauyan was accommodating and prompt too.”
Jasmine Sim
Senior Executive, SIM
“That the games were challenging which made them fun to play.”
Manager, Supreme Court of Singapore
“Logistics for the programme was well co-ordinated and the activities were appropriate to the demographics of the participants.”
Foo Siang Chi
Director, OCIF, Singapore University of Technology and Design
“We all have fun during the adventure programme.”
CenturyLink Technology Solutions
HR manager, Commodities Intelligence Centre Pte Ltd
“The Team Challenge Pyramid was to most memorable. It instills team work and allow individuals to challenge and overcome our own fear factor.”
Jess Ng
Admin Assistant, CenturyLink Technology Solutions
“A nice pleasant change from the boring classroom learning. Keep up the good work!”
Leong Wai Kit Vicky
Assistant Manager, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp
“The hands-on experience was fun, and it is also a good platform to bond with colleagues from other departments.”
Tan Ee Ping
Manager, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp
“I had fun! the FAcilitators also did a wonderful job at encouraging us.”
Executive, SIM
“FAcilitator was clear and connected well with the participants”
Education Officer, Ministry of Education
“Fun to have an engaging instructor and the logistics was also well prepared by his teammates and also the HR team from MOE. Instructor/FAcilitator was clear, and paced himself and the activities well. It was good that the icebreakers were rather fun and allowed to mlve around and interact with a no. Of people. The video and photos at the end are also a nice touch to end the day:)”
Lek Yan Ru
Manager, Ministry of Education

MAY 2019

“Programs are not dull even though it is carried out in an enclosed function room. Lots of fun and excited activities during the half day. Thank you for the effort.”
Marilyn Ang
Assistant Director of Sales, Amara Sanctuary Resort (Sales Team)
“FAcilitators were professional experienced and funny.”
Kevin Ng
Family Justice Courts
“The programme was different from those that I have participated before. Truly enjoy it.”
Mohd Fadzil
Senior Associate, SGX (Operations)
“The activities were fun and effectively promote bonding between us”
Chang Kiat Wei Iris
Executive , NUS (School of Computing Non Acad)
“The instructions were clear and the participants were involved very much.”
Maria Sau
Mizuho Bank Limited
“Good Facilities, simple take-home messages, nice tea break. ”
“All of the FAcilitators are young and refreshing. They talked very well that we wanted to listen more and catch our attention. They were willing to share their knowledge in human behaviour with us so that we understand on human reactions. A good FAcilitator that loves to share.”
Admin & Accounts asst, Evonik (SEA) Pte Ltd
“Engaging trainer who was able to connect with all parties.”
Tham Kong Chiu
Executive Director, Mizuho Bank Limited
“The FAcilitators are experienced and has good energy. We had a good time.”
Ho May Yen
Regional HR Director, Karcher South East Asia Pte Ltd
“Team bonding and getting to know others in other units.”
NUS (School of Computing Non Acad)
“FAcilitator was engaging and funny, boat FAcilitator was knowledgeable and nice to talk to ”
Alyssa Chee
Financial analyst , Schindler Lifts Singapore Pte Ltd
“1) the strong teamwork by team members. 2) sharing of FActs by the skipper”
Annie Leow
Senior Executive, Schindler Lifts Singapore Pte Ltd
“Good design of games with close linkage towards to organization value”
Zhou Xiang
Mizuho Bank Limited
“Activities that enhances, colleagues, get together and know each other better through these fun activities. Thanks for efforts from the FAcilitators”
Doris Yu
Chinese Community Liaison Officer, CIS
“Trainer was awesome Activities were customised very well Well presented by Sasi and it’s was really good”
Thameem Ul Ansary
Manager, CenturyLink Technology Solutions
“Sasi, the FAcilitator was very effective. He was articulate, friendly and extremely helpful. So were the other FAcilitators. The arrangements for the activities, support and instructions were clear concise, making it very thoughtful and enjoyable.”
Ravi Anantha Ramaiah
Head of Security Consulting – APAC, CenturyLink Technology Solutions

APRIL 2019

“I like the idea initiative that Focus Adventure recorded the highlights and funny moments during the Group activities and played it back during the end of the session. This to me was really the best way to end the programme.”
Nurhanis Hassan
HR Executive, Perdaus
“Creative games that allow staff to bond and communicate towards a common goal.”
Tricia Lai
Sales admin, Disco Hi-Tec (Singapore) Pte Ltd
“I love the cooking session and tasting session.”
“Good mix of outdoor and indoor activities. Teams were mixed for different activities was very helpful as well.”
System Analyst, Phillip Securities Pte Ltd
“New skill of working and understanding team strength and weakness and tolerance”
Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
“Teamwork spirit – due to different job scope and we hardly chance to work together. Additionally, this shopping event is fun for us and at the same time we are able to contribute to the society. Thank you for introducing and organizing the event.”
Sub Leader, Disco Hi-Tec (Singapore) Pte Ltd
“The activities are fun and interesting especially the morning activities. Thank you very much FOCUS team. Keep up the great work”
Nur Shahida Aishah Supian
Educator, Perdaus
“- A wonderful welcome to a nice breakfast! - Its a great idea to have the groupings (mixture of different centres and departments) and having the coloured bandana as a group identity for us to wear. - There is a balance of physical (The Incredible Race) and not-so physical activities (Activity Stations and Cook Off) to accommodate to different needs of employees, such as the young, not-so-young and pregnant ladies. Thank you Team FOCUS!”
Nurhayati Binte Sudi
Learning Support Educator, Perdaus
“Get to know my colleagues better which will allow us to work together as a team more efficient.”
Krystal Heng
Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Dentsply Sirona Singapore
“The enthusiasm of participants and the retreat activities were engaging and delivered efficiently.”
Vivian Tan
Management Assistant Officer, NUS (School of Computing Non Acad)
“Games are interesting and we all have a good time to bond together especially the games play indoor.”
Cynthia Chai
Operations Manager,Gold Lite Pte Ltd
“Team Bonding with staff from all departments. The care and concern showed to the senior staff in the group. Had fun cooking together. The best part; at the end of the day, we get to see the photos and videos.:)Kudos to Ernest and Team for the Superb Program.”
Masturah Khatoon
Senior Executive HR, Perdaus
“Working together with my colleagues and apprecitating each other strength and weakness.”
Educarer, Perdaus
“Balance of both world – for both the active youths and ageing elders.”
Centre Principal, Perdaus
“Activities are well prepared and exciting.”
Genivieve Bendijo
Preschool Teacher, Perdaus
“Cooking Challenge, it was a wonderful experienced because it could make you feel motivated to finish until the end .Not for youself alone but for the whole group.”
Lestly Mae Castillo
Teacher , Perdaus
“Instead of having an indoor engagement session, this is something new and interesting. At the same time, we can keep ourselves healthy.”
Yusrawati Mohamad
Admin Executive, Perdaus
“Effective time management and good wet-weather plan.”
SPF (Police Security Command)
“The activities provided opportunities for all my team members, regardless of their age, to put their strengths to good use. The ice-breaker kallang wave activity was an effective opening to the team building programme and the video was a great closure to it. The facilitators were great motivators throughout the entire programme.”
“FAcilitator has good understanding of behavioral phsych. and was able to advice us well on the personality traits and working with one another.”
Mohamed Kader
Accountant, Evonik (SEA) Pte Ltd
“FAcilitator were engaging and humorous. Safety briefings were conducted before each outdoor/physical activity. They were also cautious when it comes to activities that carry potential injury-risk.”
Kenny Toh
Phillip Securities Pte Ltd
“The FAcilitator is very fun and motivating, the programme planned was awesome!”
Jasmine Zeng
PSO, SPF (Police Security Command)
“Something different from others that we have attended, especially the outdoor segment”
Admin Officer, Perdaus

MARCH 2019

“The location and the connected activity was well planned!”
Director – Tax, Volvo Group Singapore (Pte) Ltd
“The FAcilitator knows how to get the crowd going. very interactive”
Masnizan Bin Mohamed Salleh
Logistics Executive, Zoll Medical
“The FAcilitator is able to link the activities back to our work.”
SAD, MOE (Academy of Singapore Teachers)
“Ability to get to know in person the different project team members for more effective teamwork”
Fung Siong
COO MS, Dimension Data Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
“FAcilitator Berwin Tan took care of me really well as I just returned to work from foot surgery. He assured me that it was safe for me to take part in the activities and guaranteed that no one would step on my bad foot even when blind-folded! With peace of mind , I really enjoyed the activities planned for the day! This is the first time we mingled so closely with our colleagues from AST after the centralization in Jan 2019. I attribute this to the games we played together.”
Pauline Baeg
MOE (Academy of Singapore Teachers), Dimension Data Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
“As always FOCUS never fail to disappoint with their program. The experiential learning provide great learning and bonding opportunities out of office. Great job.”
Shawn Chan
Marketing and operations manager, ROCKWOOL Building Materials (Singapore) Pte Ltd
“The activities were fun and not hard for everyone to play. There are a lot of opportunities for the participants to interact with one another”
Leon Tan
Procurement Executive , Pfizer Singapore
“The FAcilitators were giving off positive vibes and the interactions between us has been awesome. Keep it up for the next bacth!”
Logistics Specialist, Procter & Gamble
“Everything was well organized. From the morning tea break to the beach games to the indoor activities up till the BBQ Dinner. The facilitators ensured we were engaged all the time. There were no hiccups and everything went smoothly.”
Brenda Leong
Admin/HR Manager, Mun Hean Singapore Pte Ltd
“I really enjoyed spending time with my colleagues in a non-traditional setting.”
Glenn Foster
Zoll Medical
“Activities are interesting and fun. Learnt more about thinking out of the box and to communicate better with colleagues. As I have not used the mousetrap before, it was quite an experience and overcame my fear and not being caught by the trap.”
Joanne Tan
“It was challenging. You get to know more of yourself”
Jonathan Teo
Country Manager, Zoll Medical
“The FAcilitators are experience, patient and quick-witted in handling situation. Great job!”
Jerico Baliza
Executive, SONY
“The navigation part which tested my navigation skills”
Cho Ling Tan
DM, LTA (Admin Services)
“The navigation part which tested my navigation skills”
Cho Ling Tan
DM, LTA (Admin Services)
“This year team bonding was definitely a pleasant one. It definitely bond our colleagues.As some of us was not good at certain areas but we helped one another.”
Angie Toh An Qi
Coordinator, Sumitomo Pte Ltd
“Working together with colleagues from other departments to achieve the objective of the activities.”
Naviin Suthevan
Production Specialist, Procter & Gamble
“Interesting activities and good seaside view. Didnt get bored through the day.”
Calvin Teo
Assistant Manager Bus Operations, LTA (Bus Licensing and Bus Operations)


“The FAcilitators were really effective in communicating with participants and are able to adapt quickly to the environment and the energy levels of the participants, modifying the program accordingly. Facilitators were really understanding and approachable.”
Chong Si Ying
Safety Executive, SIA Engineering Company Limited
“The trainer is vibrant and has the positive energy to lead the team to different activities”
“The trainer is vibrant and has the positive energy to lead the team to different activities”
“(1.) Relax, Fun and non-stressful (2.) Delivered the key point and purpose of teambuilding (3.) Meaningful as the bikes were donated to Fei Yue and for good caused.”
Jeanna Tang
Senior Accounts Executive, Allianz SE Reinsurance Branch Asia Pacific
“We had a very fun-loving facilitator who made our time more enjoyable!”
Chong Si Ying
Contract HR & Admin Officer, Volvo East Asia (Shared Service Dept)
“A lot of team challenges that requires us to work as a team and provides us an opportunity to reflect on ourselves and our behaviors.”
Fong Shu Juan
Fleet Management Executive – Accounts Payable, SIA Engineering Company Limited
“Activities are interesting , the programs are motivating and it can help everyone back at their work place.”
Ho Wai Tuck
Assist. Manager, Tionale Pte Ltd
“The activities helped to bond the team together facilitators were very approachable and knowledgeable”
Jeaneve Chen
Line Maintenance Executive, SIA Engineering Company Limited
“Getting to know other colleagues whom you don't typically work with every day.”
Marketing, Pfizer (Bio Pharmaceutical)
“Ernest was very professional and friendly. Kept the entire session lively and great. I am pleased that Cheryl accommodate to our last minute request to purchase Bubble tea. Anto was a great photographer too!. Thank you to Focus! I will definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues.”
Joy Tan
Area Administrator, Abbott Laboratories (S) Pte Ltd


“FAcilitators were friendly and humourous and were able to engage the participants very well. They were also very good at picking up behaviour exhibited by various participants or actions done by a participant during the activities and using these as examples to extend to to scenarios in the workplace. We have a number of young and new hires among the participants and I am sure the teambuilding event helped them learn more about their fellow colleagues and how to work together with them”
Chan Siang Choo
Salesforce.com Singapore Pte Ltd, Senior Director, APAC Revenue Ops
“Overall, all showed good energy levels throughout the event.”
Lau Xin An
“Exciting and innovating ways to interact with the class..”
Rohan Kumar
“The team activities helped me know my peers better.”
Anubhav Agarwal
“It gave us a chance to collaborate and work as a team for one common goal.”
Manimaran Rajoo
Production Manager, Amcor Specialty Carton
“Nothing beats doing and applying something everyone agrees i.e. building teamwork.”
Finance Manager, LTA (Finance & Internal Audit)
“The FAcilitator is able to relate the course with with my work.”
Rina Ang
Senior Manager, Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd
“Would like to send my compliments to Deep – he was very motivating and engaging. The team really had a good time and thanks to him, we really made the orientation, activities and closing part well-executed. Great job!”
Nadia Bautista
Education Manager
“Everything was good and we enjoyed alot.”
Chua chiew peng
“Very efficient FAcilitators. Very observant and was able to point out the good and the bad points.”
Ivy Lai
Salesforce.com Singapore Pte Ltd, Controller
“The activities are very relevant and the FAcilitators makes it fun and engaging as well.”
Salesforce.com Singapore Pte Ltd
“Friendly FAcilitators with good sense of humour.”
Sheila Marie Lucernas
“I’m having so much fun.”
Sheila Marie Lucernas
Compass Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd


“The venue is great and the program is just great for team work and building relationship with colleagues ”
Ben Li
Associate Director, Control Risks (Singapore)
“The hosts are the most important in these types of teambuilding and for this situation they were great! There was great energy, jokes, etc.. which is the most important ”
Eugene Foo
Connected Services Product Manager, Volvo
“The engagement of the lead FAcilitator to the participants was very engaging!”
Celese Ang
Executive Secretary, KFC Restaurants Asia Pte Ltd
“Making new acquaintances, respecting each others differences and trust. ”
Fahadah Jais
Educarer, PAP Community Foundation
“Interactive games that are both meaningful and fun. ”
Management Trainee, NUS (Global Relations Office)
“I learnt that this is a team effort and we will not be able to complete based on individual effort. Trust is the key word and we got to trust our team members to achieve the ultimate goal. ”
Ten Cai Ting
QA Administrator, Takeda Development Center Asia Pte Ltd
“The FAcilitator Sasi has great sense of humour and can boost the crowd (especially after a heavy lunch) Well done! ”
Ten Cai Ting
PAP Community Foundation
“All the staff has enjoyed the activities very much.  The activities were fun  everyone is very involved in all the activities. ”
Sharon Tong
Daimler South East Asia Pte Ltd
“Great FAcilitators that could elicit discussion among GRO ”
Linda Cheng
Assistant Manager, NUS (Global Relations Office)
“Great FAcilitators that could elicit discussion among GRO ”
Linda Cheng
Assistant Manager, NUS (Global Relations Office)
“FAcilitators were so nice and at the same time challenging us to come out of the comfort zone”
Thilak Baluchamy
Senior Manager, Volvo
“Team bonding brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Fun activities that help people see each other in a different light allow them us to connect in a different setting. After completing team building activities together, participants (including me) better understand each others strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This understanding help us work even better together on future progress vital to each of everyone company.”
Alijandro Chua Prado
QA Officer, KFC Restaurants Asia Pte Ltd
“Another key area is perseverance and never give up. The instruction was to go for three rounds and all teams achieved that even though there was already winner team. ”
“The FAcilitator Sasi was able to add in the rafting segment at the last minute when requested. This made the program even more memorable for the participants. Good job! ”
Deborah Wong
TM Specialist, Borouge Pte Ltd
“The true of spirit of team work came out during the activities. ”
Shalini Pal
Sr Account Strategist, Google (G Tech)


“Thank you! My team and I enjoyed and learnt a lot thru the programme.”
Kimi Oh
Group Director, Prudential
“This is the first time i worked with Legos so it was really a challenging experience for me which at the end gave me such satisfaction when i fulffilled my designated role in The Lego Robotic Challenge!”
Vaness Dela Cruz
HR Head, MUFG Bank
“Interesting and funny facilitator Jeff made the course right. thank you”
Lim Zhi Yuan
“It was a nice long duration experience with great time spent together bonding with the team members and good competition”
Aditya Dang
Senior Manager, Verint Systems, Singapore
“The design of the challenge stations and facilitation of the whole team building session.”
How Pui Seng
Vice Principal, Spectra Secondary School
“Great team bonding activity , enjoyed both the food and team activities”
Audrey Ong
Senior Manager, Seagate Singapore International Headquarter
“Energizer games are good to bring up the energy level of the group.”
Manager, UOB (Credit Management)
“Varied activities, energetic facilitator with combination of indoor and outdoor activities”
Teo Siew Kim
Head of Finance Singapore, Maersk Tankers Singapore Pte Ltd
“Get to know my colleagues on a different level It was fun!”
Irma Wilden
Senior Finance Manager, Sivantos Pte Ltd
“Such nice training special to better develop our teamwork/leadership. Its also nice make in a different environment because you have completely immersion; from Mind and also body”
Elysio Neto
Carl Zeiss Pte Ltd
“Tim did such a fantastic job in both facilitating and entertaining us. It certainly was an enjoyable experience that allowed for stress-free learning.”
Intern, SembCorp Industries Ltd
“Discovered a totally different side of my colleagues during the challenges. They showed good sportsmanship, they encouraged and supported me during my weakest moment. Teamwork and trust doesn't suffice. Its beyond that. And a big thanks to Hani for encouraging me during my high elements breakdown. You guys are awesome!”
Hidayah Salim
Grhic Designer & Marketing Assistant , Fitness First Ltd
“It was a scary yet fun experience. I strongly recommend people to try it for a thrilling and effective teambuilding activity”
Angela Phua
Senior Executive, SIM (Organisation Development)
“All challenges are fun. I just wish we have are given more time to complete them. Perhaps 2 additional hours will be great.”
Siti Zulaiha
Exec Officer, SingTel (Billing)
“I like that you guys link back to our work environment after we have played the activity.”
Cheryl Lim
Training Executive, Fitness First Ltd
“The whole experience was challenging but really good fun.”
Cheryl Lim
Training Executive, Fitness First Ltd
“Awesome FAcilitators! Detailed and helpful cheerful and lovely Keep it up! most importantly – Break the Fear for mist of us while doing the high elements”
Elizabeth Chen
Personal Assistant to Country Manager, Fitness First Ltd
“Team work is always good. Helping each other in tough situation brings you closer to your colleague, know them better and we dont meet or see every colleague everyday as people represent different countries/regions”
Sameer Bhatia
Director : Inddia & SAARC, Seagate Singapore International Headquarters
“Overall, the activities were enjoyable and a unique experience for me. I think the race as well as high elements were instrumental. We may have missed some instructions so having some trial runs for the games would help. For example the game which involved touching/picking up numbers.”
Alyssa Tan
Manager, Singapore Tourism Board (HR)
“We had a lot of fun! thanks so much Tze Hao, Berwin, Bryan Mae!”
Kristyn Teo
International SOS
“We had a lot of fun! thanks so much Tze Hao, Berwin, Bryan Mae!”
Kristyn Teo
International SOS
“The level of interaction makes it a very engaging experience for everyone!”
Shirin Ibrahim
SMW Event Executive, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
“All the FAcilitators are very helpful and always ready to assist when need required.”
Jocleyn Wong
Asst. Tech Supt., Maersk Tankers Singapore Pte Ltd
“Physical challenge, good weather, food and beverage provided.”
Chiam Kin Honn
SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Dyson Operations Pte Ltd “Energizer g
“well organized, and able to try out different roles eg steering, putting up/dowm the sails”
Shao Wei
Risk Manager, Oversea-Chinese Banking
“The random selection of groupings allowed interaction with colleagues from other divisions and this helps to build up a better understanding about their personality outside of work.”
Ken Ong
Engineer, LTA (Rail Assrt Operation and Maintenance Group)
“Flexibility to earn points from a variety of activities and options to choose how we are to earn the points and to set the pace for our own team.”
Ken Ong
Engineer, LTA (Rail Assrt Operation and Maintenance Group)
“The mixing of staff from different division to work together.”
SE, LTA (Rail Assistant Operation and Maintenance Group)
“Thank you for the amazing experience. Having a team that’s passionate about what they do is important. Good job and keep it up!”
Area Business Manager, Fitness First Ltd
“Thank you for the amazing experience. Having a team that’s passionate about what they do is important. Good job and keep it up!”
Area Business Manager, Fitness First Ltd
“The professionalism and passion demonstrated by the facilitators were 100%! Special mention to Sasi, the lead FAcilitator, Fendhy and Tzi Hao our Other facilitators. It was a great experience altogether. Thank you!”
Elizabeth Chen
Corporate Account Manager , Fitness First Ltd
“The assurance given by the facilitators helped us get through our obstacles. Being only one of the only three who completed the entire course, I feel that the challenges and course have boosted my confidence and self-esteem. Thank you very much to the team for facilitating! It is definitely an experience that will remain etched in my mind for a very very long time.”
Teacher, Jurong Primary School


“Overcoming my fears thanks to the encouragement of my teammates ”
Site Head, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals
“The venue and the facilities were great and staff are well-trained as well. Cheryl and Deep are really good at what they do. ”
Alvin Rodrigues
Head, Customer Technical Support, Mandarin Opto-Medic Co Pte Ltd
“The FAcilitator is fluent in his languages and able to explain the details to the participants adequately. ”
Pamela Tan
Operations Manager, Purely Herbal Hair Treatment Pte Ltd
“Enjoyed the activities, Blindfold Shapes and Building Blocks. Both highlighted the importance middle management having a clear goal and the occasional disconnect between higher command and the grunts the need to speak the same language. in silos, we develop our individual lingo which makes it harder for us to work with other divisions in the same organization ”
Medical Officer, MOH Holdings Pte Ltd
“My peers were sporting / encouraging and the facilitator was able to engage us. ”
Zi Ning
AVP, Frasers Property Ltd
“All the team members enjoy the activities! it was a fun teambuilding session. ”
Executive Assistant, Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd
“Getting to work together as a team to achieve the same goal in mind (to complete the race, reaching the end point). Motivating each other and Strong determination to complete the race. ”
Lynette Sia
Sales & Application Specialist, Mandarin Opto-Medic Co Pte Ltd
“Sasi and team understood our key objectives and have done an excellent job in making the event a huge success. Thank you! ”
Kek Xin Yan
“FAcilitator was engaging and clear in instructions. Games were fun. ”
Celeste Ng
Senior Executive, Corporate Communications, Automobile Association of Singapore