“ No negative feedback. The sessions were very entertaining and fun. The Facilitator was just superb. Very good – calm, patient, and knowledgeable. ”
– Haslinda Shamsudin, Project Manager, Singapore Management University

The catering is great!

– Audrey, Land Transport Authority

The Lego Challenge! is fun and I got the opportunity to explore my own creativity.
– Emily, Land Transport Authority

It was a great experience
– Muhamad Fauzi Ibn Mat Isa, Land Transport Authority

Well first and foremost TEAMWORK. Each member their cooperation in meeting the group objectives and checking on each other’s safety as we worked together under the heat of the sun. We enjoyed it a lot and the bonding amongst the group members, which ae from different departments has made us closer to be one family (Wahloon family). Team effort has been so effective!
– Ella Parma Wah Loon

It was a good team spirit. Location was good.
– Ludwig Krieger Schneider

Distribution of attitudes or values and fun
-Rexer, Service Officer, Iggy’s

Get together with colleagues from different deptments.
-Wati Safari, Land Transport Authority

The Cooking Challenge! was fun and the facilitators were able to link up real-life work example to the activities
-Edmund Hoh, National Security Co-ordination Secretariat

The activities focused not just on teamwork (which many of us already know the importance of), but also other underlying traits such as being clear on the overall objectives of the task or mission.
– Jingyi, National Security Co-ordination Secretariat

Good that the retreat was being planned in a way that encourage team bonding, at the same time, promote Orange Revolution. It has indeed enabled me to establish rapport with both my staff from BS and counterpart at BC. Certainly agree that the objective has been achieved.
-Karen Teo, NTUC

It’s beneficial as I got to interact with my colleagues out of office hours. Even during lunch breaks it’s hard to interact with one another due to busy schedules.
– Siti Rafizah, NTUC

Getting to know better our colleagues.
-Andrew Teo, Land Transport Authority