“ Despite the heat and humidity, I did enjoy The Laser Challenge the most, seeing the hilarious and competitive sides of some colleagues. The experience on the Whale Watch was also great because my Team (Group 1) was able to overcome the situation with much discussion and finally managed to maintain our balance on the final attempt. The Facilitators also played a part in boosting the morale of the participants. Overall, a great experience. ”
-Ying Huey Ling Mabel (Jamaine), Asst. Manager, NUS (CFA)

Fun and engaging.
-Doris Yang, Senior Officer, A*STAR

Interesting activities, especially The Rollercoaster Challenge! setup, have given me a very pleasant experience.
-Tay Yoong Hin, Assistant Head, ISTD, A*STAR

Enthusiasm of the Facilitator, the creativity of the activities.
-Yun Shan Chew, Research Associate, A*STAR

The outdoor activities are fantastic!
-Jasmine Tay, Competitive Intelligence Specialist, ABB

The energy of group and the presentation skills of the Facilitator was great!
-Tajinder, Tech Support Engineer, ABB

Very good experience.
-Ea Chee Hwee, Director, BOS

It was an enjoyable experience and it was fun to be bonded and get to know our colleagues and friends. I feel proud to state that we were able to participate and complete the challenges given.

Facilitators were friendly and attentive to older teachers needs. They got chairs for the older teachers during some of the activities.
-Carmen Fernando, Teachet, CHJI

I have never heard such loads of laughter from all segments of staff – all were treated as equals and there were no disctinctions among groups of staff. That was a huge step in building better Teams.
-Christina Michael, VP, CHIJ

The various activities.
-Davina, Senior Teacher, CHIJ

Self discovery!
-Joanne, Teacher, CHIJ

Good photography and Facilitation by providing water and venue. We like the outdoor experience.
-Alvin Lim, Business Devt Manager, Chin Yuan Metal

The energizer activities definitely help to break the ice, and the activities were very relevant. Overall, the coordination, venue, people and activities were great and everyone had a lot of fun. Great job to Fabian, Leon and Christine, and the rest of the Team!
-Dolly Lim, GM, Chin Yuan Metal

Active assistance from Christine and Fabian throughout the event, which made organizing the event a lot more easier!
-Jeremy Lim, Management Executive, Chin Yuan Metal

Enjoy and fun!
-Iry Wong, Staff, Chin Yuan Metal

Emphasis on fun learning is definitely a great way to go!
-Zack Lim, Senior Training Executive, CK

Both session : DISC Team Building
-Nori, Senior Operations Support, Club Med

Activities on the 1st day really made us interact and get acquainted with other employees.
-Marie, Document Controller, COSL

Great Facilitation and well-managed pace of programme (:
-Lee Yan Ye, Assistant Manager/Reearch, CSC

Great humurous Facilitator. -Lovely location
-Parwinder, Course Manager, CSC

Opportunity to work with non-teaching staff as well.
-Khariaty Jaafar, Teacher, Damai Primary School

The fact that we had fun while meeting the objectives we set at the beginning of the session.
-Shariffa Faizah, Teacher, Damai Primary School

Friendly Staff, well coordinated activities.
-Sweeny Chhabra, Regional Manager, GoGreen, Asia Pacific, DHL

-Chee Yuen Yee, Senior Supervisor, Gemalto

The whole Team was very well-organised and they know their roles. Thanks for organising the race.
-Jer Wei, HR T&D Exec, Gemalto

Good facilities.
-Lee Ching Yee, Product Solutions Engineer, GLOBAL BLUE

-Suvianes Thian, Application Support Specialist, GLOBAL BLUE

Teamwork -Communication -Good mixture of both senior and junior colleagues -Building good rapport.
-Cecilia Ling, Lab Officer, HSA

Activities are simple but works perfectly well to meet the objective – Team building.
-Shilen, Scientist, HSA

Thank you so much for the wonderful organization of Ichor systems Team Challenge event. My colleagues were happy and impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the session.
-Agnes, Staff, Ichor Systems

Cooperation, Team leader, common goal and stratergy
-James Wang, Senior Engineer, Ichor Systems

When I climb to the pole and walk to the small string , I overcome my fear.
-Roselyn Abelar, Engineer, Ichor Systems

Its really a great experience.
-Vijay, Engineering Assistant, Ichor Systems

It was a very good experience in doing the cooking outdoor I had good Team players even though the men do not know how to cook, they are very helpful in the cutting arranging the food display with a smile. This really helps in our Cooking Challenge finished within the time frame.
-Teresa Ng, HR Executive, IMERYS

The FOCUS Adventure Team is excellent. Thank you to the energetic Facilitator James, ever smiling Instructor Iman and our nice Renee handling all the logistics involved. Thanks and a great time,
-Palayil Sunil Janardhanan, TAC Manager, IDIRECT

Enough breaks in between, good tea breaks, air con room. Activities were inclusive and able to excite everyone.
-Wong So San, Manager, IE Singapore

Play and work together.

1. Fun is learning through activities. 2. Facilitators are helpful.
-Michael Long, Manager, IHIS

1. Cooking with my colleagues with limited ingredients. 2. Fun friendly Facilitators. 3. The memories I have from this exprience.
-Koh Chai Hwee, Executive Assistant ,IMERYS

Treasure hunt was adventurous and challenging. The location was good and Facilitators were friendly.
-GRL, Keat Hong

The venue has a lot of mosquitoes.
-Eileen, Senior Officer, MIZUHO

Enjoy the programme.
-Lee Sun Hup, Snr HRE/SMPU, MOE

On behalf of the TPM Team from Novartis, I would like to thank you and your Facilitators for the wonderful Team Building session we had yesterday. The dedication and commitment shown by your Team is nothing short of fantastic. The activities were well thought out and the Facilitators played their part in hyping up the atmosphere. Our primary objectives for fostering Teamwork and to have fun were fully met and we all felt the Team Building costs were fully justified. Overall, a great experience!
-Daren Tan, Intern, Novartis

The Mexican wave, Whale watch and LoW wall are very fun ,interesting and relevent to work and can be applied to my work place also.
-Loganathan Rathinavel, Technician, Novartis

We work together as a Team and i really enjoy the activities and fun that we have shared.
-Loh Chew Hua, SMeds Intern, Novartis

The events they provided are really useful and related to our work. All fun and exciting!
-Mark Nicoli N. juliano, Process Technician, Novartis

The activities were very interactive, thus, making everyone to participate and never get bored. We had lots of fun and at the same time had a lot of learning while doing it with friends and peers.We get to know each and everyone better as we go along every challenges.
-Ryan Macatangay, Process Technician, Novartis

The activities!
-Willy Susanto, Automation Engineer, Novartis

Environment is nice and FUN FUN FUN that made a wonderful memorable experience.
-Lim Gim Hong, Executive, NTU

So much fun and positive relationship fostered for better working environment.
-Mary Lim, Executive, NTU

Activties are refreshing and beneficial.
-Tan Min Lin, Lab Eexecutive, NTU

Despite the heat and humidity, I did enjoy The Laser Challenge the most, seeing the hilarious and competitive sides of some colleagues. The experience on the Whale Watch was also great because my Team (Group 1) was able to overcome the situation with much discussion and finally managed to maintain our balance on the final attempt. The Facilitators also played a part in boosting the morale of the participants. Overall, a great experience.
-Ying Huey Ling Mabel (Jamaine), Asst. Manager, NUS (CFA)

The Facilitators.
-Ankit Gupta, Senior Consultant, ORACLE

The cohesiveness makes the Team building activities a fun session.
-Felicia Yong, HR Manager, PCS

The programme is very enriching.
-Loh Yuin Hay, System Engineer, PCS

A good mix of different activities requiring different skill sets.
-John Werner, COO, Richemont

The activities were fun and paced nicely.
-Aidan Yu, Snr Proc Exec, Schenker

Good and encouraging Facilitators and achieving the objectives
-Hozaidah, Physiotherapist, SGH

Adventurous and fun activities accomplished with good Teamwork, eg: Whale watch.
-Ng Khim Siong, Physiotherapist, SGH

Just able to feel light and get more friends.
-Vinodh Antony, Physiotherapist, SGH

Facilitators who were proficient and engaging.
-Vimala, Programme Manager, SPS

The Incredible Race
-Teacher, TKPS

Having fun while learning. The Facilitators were scaffolding throughout the course and we were able to derive the answers on our own. This made the course more meaningful as we were given the space and reflective time to think through instead of them feeding us the information.
-Agnes Lin, Teacher, TKPS

Facilitators were very humourous which allows participants to be very at ease throughout all activities.
-Cindy Wong, Teacher, TKPS

The activities were fun and it brings the message across.
-Deborah, Teacher, TKPS

The activities were fun and I love the Incredible Race.
-Eliza Lokadjaja, HOD Science, TKPS

The Facilitators were good. They know their stuff, and they link the activities to the overall objectives well.
-Nizan, Teacher,TKPS

Definitely a fun experience with colleagues.
-Nur Ashikin Osman, Teacher, TKPS

The synergy between the Participants and the Facilitators. Very exciting and engaging activities.
-Nurhanin bte Abdul Hamid, Teacher, TKPS

Fun engaging.
-Wong Wan Chin, HOD MT, TKPS

The appropriate enegeriser activities at the start of each day and The Incredible Race! that incorporates the element of Team Building challenge that bond us together and allowing us to get to know each other better.
-Eileen Lim, AED (T&L), TKPS

The Facilitator provides us with good fun activities.
-Karen Ong, Teacher, TKPS

The Team Building activities.
-Goh Siew Lin, Teacher , TKPS

Very interactive activities.
-Mohamed Faizal, Teacher, TKPS

Keeping the whole programme light-hearted and enjoyable for the staff, yet able to link back effectively to what needed to be communicated by the school.
-Mohamed Imran, VP, TKPS

Team Building activities
-Parvati, Teacher, TKPS

Being involved in relaxing fun activities instead if a brain-wrecking oned.
-Roslinah, Teacher, TKPS

A lot of hands-on activities, many of us, I believe, are kinestatic learners so with hands-on activities, we actually absorb better
-Sherry Yang, Teacher, TKPS

I felt prompted to write to you. 

I would like to appreciate Fabian and Team for their effort and hard work at the TKP retreat.
The Incredible Race was very fun, well- designed and fantastic for bonding. All the station masters were dedicated and professional.

Please applaud the Team. 
-Tan Lay Leng, Senior Teacher, TKPS

The activities were meaningful and engaging. They also related to our objectives and got us to reflect.
-Winnie, SH SEED, TKPS

Just want say a big THANK YOU to the well-run Staff Retreat you have planned for us!

We are pleasantly surprised by the individual folder/photo print out that you have prepared for us and also the photo mugs! Looking forward to the edited video and photos.

Thank U FOCUS Adventure!:)
-Wong Wan Lin, Staff, TKPS

Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful event. The Team Building was very well organized. We had a lot of fun and at the same time the positive message of Teamwork, communications and trust were well received by our Team.

We look forward to organizing future events with you.
-Chanel Lim, Staff, Towers Watson Singapore

Faciliators were engaging and provided sufficient administrative help as required such as providing directions. There was constant movement and flow of activities, not having too much waiting around. Facilitators were adaptive to situation to ensure completing all activities on time.
-Amanda Lee, Physiotherapist, SGH

The group activities encouraged lots of communication within Team members.
-Mah Shi Min, Physiotherapist, SGH