“ The most important aspect from my perspective is the Facilitator to participant ratio was just right. I really enjoyed the activities, which were perfect to address issues within our TEAM. I would like more activities on how to take back to apply learning in practical application. ”
– Jay Finch, Micron Technology Inc

“My colleagues had very good feedback on the programme, and mentioned that this was very well-organised and well run overall. Most importantly, they had great fun. Thanks once again, FOCUS Adventure never disappoints  ”
– Ashley Ng, Manager, SSG

“There were fair chances of outdoor and indoor activities. Activities were engaging and interactive.”
– Chermin, Assistant Manager, Singapore Management University

“Alpha Link is a good activity to get everyone to coordinate and work as a TEAM in order to achieve the goal. The Domino Challenge! brings out members creativity, patience and endurance. Overall, I have enjoyed the FUN with colleagues.”
– Jancy Poon, Senior Manager, Singapore Management University

“The Facilitators were very enthusiastic and made the programme lively.”
– Ng Junrong, Senior Manager, SPRING Singapore

“Good teambuilding and got to know new people from other departments.”
– Samuel Tan, Procurement Engineer, Hewlett-Packard Singapore Pte Ltd

“Great Facilitators who were very eloquent and enthusiastic! I have worked at FOCUS Adventure before and the standards and quality of Facilitators are still tip top. Thank u! ”
– Jeanette Mok, Junior Keeper, Wildlife Reserves Singapore Pte Ltd

“Everything was outstanding. I really enjoyed a lot and hope to be part of it again.”
– Siemens Pte Ltd

“Pradeep was a Facilitator who is natural and kept the topic relevant for everyone(who was from various part of Asia Pacific). He managed to keep the energy level high. There were also other Facilitator in his TEAM who checks on us making sure we are going in the right track. It was unfortunate that we were not able to complete The Rafting Challenge! due to the rain. Nevertheless, the TEAM had a good time.”
– Chan Siew Hoon, Senior Manager, Novartis Asia Pacific Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd

“I like how the energy was constantly high and flowing smoothly from minute to minute between programmes. Thank you!”
– Jayden

“The Team Challenge Hourglass! was a very interesting experience to me. Never thought I could go through all…”
– Josephine, Senior Radiographer, NUHS

“The Dragon Boat Challenge! was a nice activity that got everybody unite to complete the challenges and while having fun as well.”
– Solomon, Maintenance Supervisor, Pacific Refreshments Pte Ltd

“Engaging Facilitators made it easy and fun experience.”
– May Lynn, NUHS

“It made us work with each other as a TEAM regardless of rank and job description. Keep up the good work. Cheers…”
– Dariel Caratao, Senior Radiographer, NUHS

“It was a great team experience and fun!”
– Chris, Group Executive, Visa Worldwide Pte Ltd

“We enjoyed ourselves during the teambuilding and please convey our thanks to Tze Hao and his TEAM for their great work in facilitating the programme.”
– Ray Wang, Senior Manager, SPRING Singapore  

“Being in Sentosa is great – It brings us out of the city jungle.”
– Nicholas Tan, Strategic Sourcing, Hewlett-Packard Singapore Pte Ltd

“Even though it was raining, wet weather programme was well-planned and Facilitator kept the energy levels up.”
– Ng Shu Ying, Manager, SPRING Singapore

“When we do kayaking, the boat will not move if one person only do the paddle but must together so that can finish as one.”
– Irene, Pacific Refreshments Pte Ltd

“Being able to canoe which I had not done a long time.”
– Eunice Choa, Manager, Pacific Refreshments Pte Ltd

“Had a great afternoon! All Facilitators were first class.”
– Robin Surtees, Siemens Pte Ltd

“I have enjoyed the whole programme. We show TEAM spirit during the programme even though we are from different departments or country.”
– Cindy Tan, Procurement Operation Manager, Hewlett-Packard Singapore Pte Ltd

“Facilitator had great sense of humour. Most of my staffs enjoyed that.”
– Kok Marn Yaw, Senior Operations Manager, Hewlett-Packard Singapore Pte Ltd

“We received very positive feedback, it was clear that Tuesday afternoon programme was indeed a fun and enjoyable moment for everyone to remember fondly. This programme showed that we played as hard as we work! Thank you for the great arrangement in getting this programme together for us – good job! ”
– Constance, Hewlett-Packard Singapore Pte Ltd

“The activities engages all TEAM members and at the same time provided a lot of fun.”
– Chng CHee Boon, Procurement Engineer, Hewlett-Packard Singapore Pte Ltd

“My TEAM and I would like to thank Jeff and the TEAM for the programme. He was able to lead his TEAM well and has put in effort to make everything possible for us. Kudos to him.”
– Wai Yee, Ministry Of Education

“Mugan was an excellent Facilitator, his TEAM did an excellent job.”
– Micron Technology Inc

“I enjoyed the teambuilding activities. Good pace and good message. The Rafting Challenge! the second day was really fun.”
– Gianpaolo, Senior Director, Micron Technology Inc

“The Facilitators, Mugan, Bryan, Ernest and our Indonesian friends were excellent! Kudos to their professionalism and humour. Very well managed and enjoyable programme. Three Cheers!”
– Foo Kuo Yang, Global HR Business Partner Manager, Micron Technology Inc

“This is a brand new experience for me and joining this whole new TEAM.”
– Angie Toh An Qi, Sumitomo Corporation

“It is very interesting and enable us to interact more with our colleagues.”
– Teo Kai Hui, Shipping Executive, Sumitomo Corporation

“Warm up activity was very effective and fun. All up, a great teambuilding programme that was not so hard that it was confrontational, but created a sense of shared purpose.”
– Zoe Hibbert, Head of Corporate Communication, Visa Worldwide Pte Ltd

“Activities were good for ice-breaking and bonding, a reminder that when we embrace differences (be it personalities, working style etc) and learn to capitalize on strengths, we can build a strong TEAM.”
– Grace Lam Ching, Finance, National Library Board

“Good overall experience and great staff bonding time.”
– Abdul Latiff, Senior Manager, National Library Board

“The humour brought by the Facilitators and the opportunities to work with different people for the activities.”
– Grace Teo, Assistant Manager, Wildlife Reserves Singapore

“Activities were creative and encouraged teambuilding and communication. Appreciate that the activities were designed so that every one in the group were able to contribute in their own way.”
– Tan Hui Lin, Executive, NTU

“The programme activities that we played are relevant and useful in helping me to reflect on the values.”
– Charles Ng, Senior Manager, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

“Great work effort put in from the Facilitator in making this programme a successful one.”
– Adeline Swee, Executive Assistant, GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd

“The whole TEAM in all relevant activities was with passion and energy. Hope the time duration can be longer so tha tthere is sufficient time to enjoy it.”
– Helen Sun, Johnson & Johnson

“Location at Sentosa is like kampong style where nature is. Facilitator and support TEAM is good and able to pace out the timing correctly.”
– Cheong Kok Wai, Buyer, DuPont Singapore

“The Lead Facilitator was observant of participants behaviour and reactions, and elicited a sharing of their reflections.”
– Stephen Lee, Assoc Prof, NTU

“Good service from Yueting. The video clip at the end of the programme was really good, including giving all participants the group photo on the spot.”
– Merlin, NTU

“The time available to bond with colleagues from other departments/office.”
– Kenneth Liang, Senior Executive Officer, The Law Society of Singapore

“The Roller Coaster Challenge! making was super fun with some twists”
– Angelyn, Coordinator, NUH 

“TEAM activity and the venue which was just needed to provide overall experience of thrill, unity and bonding.”
– Vaishali Gurjer, Executive, Johnson & Johnson

“Team Challenge Hourglass with the flying fox to the beach was very exciting.”
– Celine Teo, HR Manager, OSIM

“The activities were quite challenging and great teamwork was required to complete them.”
– Bharat Jain, Director, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

“One of my best teambuilding experiences.”
– Amit J Samuel, Associate Director, Carlson Wagonlit Travel