“ The most impressive aspect was the amazing coordination between the facilitators. Despite being spread all over Singapore, everyone remained on the same page. Moreover, I am truly grateful that the project management team kept on adjusting to our ever changing requirements (dates, number of participants etc.). The flexibility and professional attitude at all times was remarkable. ”
– Muhammad Safwan Naqi, Analyst, Barclays Capital Services Limited

“ Brought the team spirit out of everyone, the team stayed: (1) In Unity (2) Remain Humble (3) Respect each other to achieve the objectives with their best ability as a team, no individuality was displaced. I learnt that in order for a team to succeed on the tasks given, all must abandon their ego, maintain a clear mind and be child like (to look at things in a simple manner) it does make a great difference than looking at the task with too many minds of different intellectual. ”
– WenD Chow, Secretary, Eastman Chemical Singapore

“The environment was very pleasant, and always great to be at the Zoo.”
– Goh Kay Lin, Manager, A*STAR Industry Development Group

“Provision of photos were a surprise experience for us.”
– Carol, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

“Everyone participated and had fun.”
– Albert Kwok, Chevron International Pte Ltd

“Nice to see colleagues from different teams get together to have some funs, really enjoy it !”
– Kenneth Cheng, Project Manager, Schroder Investment Management Ltd

“Overall it is fun.”
– Bhanu, Schroder Investment Management Ltd

“FOCUS did a great job in facilitating the entire team building activity for ICS. We are very pleased with Terence’s facilitation. All our colleagues are very impressed with what FOCUS have planned out for us.”

“We really appreciate what FOCUS have offered to us (photos, video, CD, etc.). I definitely look forward to have more team building activity with FOCUS Adventure.”
– Guan Xue, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

“The challenge to deicpher the puzzle, completed The Amazing Race and the 4 challenges within timeframe.”
– Annie Chua, Office Manager, Schroder Investment Management Ltd

“The activities were fun.”
– Lee Kian Teck, Apps Manager, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

“Faciitator (Terence) covers the event well and is able to hold the audience. Prompt response and assistance from Yumi as well on the pre-setup  ”
– Russ, Manager, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

“Teamwork – Time Management”
– Jacqueline Lau, HR Business Partner, Schroder Investment Management Ltd

“The challenges were more useful in getting the team to work together than looking for answers to the questions.”
– Nelly Wang, Portfolio Services, Schroder Investment Management Ltd

“Thanks a lot for your support and arrangements!! We really appreciate your programme and we enjoyed the fullest.”
– Ajay Mathew, Machinery Engineer , ExxonMobil Manufacturing Engineering Singapore

“Having fun and doing exercise (activities) during team building in the amazing place is great!”
– Sakri Widyo Saroyo, Nike Indonesia

“The communication between the team mates during the various activities”
– Candice, Training officer, Comfort transportation Pte Ltd

“I would like to thank you again for making our team building such a big success! Everyone had much fun and enjoyed the time a lot. Thanks for your professional support, good organizing!”
– Jessica Liu, Eaton (China) Investments Corporation Limited

“The outdoor activities and the interaction between my group mates.”
– Anna, Training Executive, Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd

“The Rafting Challenge! was simple but fun. Activities allowed us to interact with one another and get to know each another.”
– Tan Chin Hwa, Senior Trade Officer, Singapore Customs

“This is the first time we are having outdoor activities and it is really fun that we run a lot to locate the correct answer to complete the team challenge. Overall it is fun.”
– Serene Lee, SPX Flow Technology Singapore

“We would like to say a Big Thank You to you and your team for the well-organised activity for our Company. We look forward to working with you again next year.”

“Thumbs up to the facilitator (John) who has done a great job! Being very supportive and encouraging towards all the participants during the programme.”
– Angelina Tsien, Finance Manager, Gardner Denver Nash

“Energy of facilitator.”
– Celeste, Senior Manager, Infineon Technologies Asia

“Right place and right environment for team building activities.”
– FH Heng, Director, AAC Technologies

“Well done again!”
– Clarice, Manager, Infineon Technologies Asia

“Fun, Teamwork!”
– May Su Mon, Secretary cum Administrator, Eastman Chemical Singapore

“Natural environment.”
– Kenny Ng, Advanced Store Specialist, Eastman Chemical Singapore

“I have learnt the importance of working as a team.”
– Shu Yun, Systems Specialist, NCS Pte Ltd

“Amazing race could have been longer as it is very much enjoyable. Probably award teams which spend less on the budget. Include a scoring system of 10x amount left from budget to encourage team to be more prudent and to add another dimension to the race.”
– Alex, Barclays Capital Services Limited

“Plenty of interaction between participants. Tasks were well explained and age-appropriate.”
– Noras, Yu Neng Primary School

“Being fully involved in the activities and no time for distractions eg attending to emails etc”
– Chong Pei Li, Program Specialist, Roche Singapore Technical Operations Pte Ltd

“Very friendly staff.”
– Franco Reyes, UBS AG

“When the facilitator brought light to subjects which seemed like team bonding activities, and drew them to real life situations, made the whole activity a very refreshing experience.”
– Denise Wee, Admin Assistant, Starhub

“The chilled soft drink.”
– Manman Yu, Procter & Gamble Asia

“Overall Very Well done.”
– Ravi, Engineering Manager, Procter & Gamble Asia

“Fun activities.”
– Juliani Budiman, Categroy Supply Planner, Procter & Gamble Asia

“Facilitators were very professional, and made all the difference.”
– Eugene, Senior Executive, Ministry of Law

“Team bonding and fun filled activities, memorable!”
– Indrawati Torpi, Procter & Gamble Asia

“The duration of the activities were just right and there was a good mix of activities.”
– Jia Tian, Senior Executive, Ministry of Law

“Enthusiatic facilitators.”
– Lim Melissa, Accounts Executive, Starhub

“Good team bonding with the team.”
– Yan Fang, Officer, People’s Association

“Warm friendly facilitators, understanding approachable.”
– Grace, Consultant, Starhub

“The way where making use of the activities, and inffering out of it to real life examples, helps make it very meaningful.”
– Wesley Wong, Admin Assistant, Starhub

“The good bonding activity and the self discovery process.”
– Ed, Team Officer, Home Team Academy

“Dean is professional and he has brought lots of enjoyments to my employees. Although we did not meet all our objectives, but the team building activities are effective as a whole. We look forward to another one soon.”
– Danny, HR Manager, Ethone Chemistry

“The always jovial and smiling facilitators.”
– Farhana, Home Team Academy

– Loh Pooi Fong, Senior HR/Admin Executive, Ethone Chemistry

“Being able to play and have fun with other colleagues. It’s been wonderful having the opportunity bond closer ties with all.”
– Helen, Finance Manager, Ethone Chemistry

“The activities were very interesting, and I really have a lot of fun in both indoor and outdoor activities.”
– Jenny Loh, Senior Business Consultant, Starhub

“Rustic environment.”
– Liew Joon Vui, Specialist, Eastman Chemical Singapore

“It was a total fun filled, more than the usual Team Building activity.”
– Allen Quiachon, Sales Operations Executive, Starhub

“Learnt key objective of teamwork, communication great bonding through this excellent activity.”
– Jimmy Choo, Provisioning Consultant, Starhub

“Fun and good bonding time with colleagues.”
– Tay Bee Sin, Director, ACRA Singapore

“Keep up the good work guys!”
– Ariel, Senior IT Engineer, Sony

– Gilbert Handoco Tjung, Analytical Chemist, Novartis Singapore

“The facilitator was fantastic.”
– Shirin, Chief of Staff, Microsoft Singapore

“There were many opportunities to interact with other participants and the activities facilitated familiarization and bonding. There were too much food provided though.”
– Lim Kai Lynn, Senior Company Compliance Officer, Singapore customs

“Fun, Food, Great Bonding..”
– Celso Virtucio, IT Engineer, Sony

“The facilitator did a great job incorporating the core values into the days activities!”
– Keith, Senior Officer, Singapore Customs

“Lively facilitators Engaging.”
– Arthur Tay, Vice President, Natsteel Holdings Pte Ltd

“It was a fun activity.”
– Hu Yu Ting, Document and Record Management Executive, Novartis Singapore

“Good communication and facilitation.”
– Jaime, Manager, Singapore Workforce Development Agency

“Fun and interacting!”
– Fion, Chemist, Novartis Singapore

“All activities are fun and interesting. Thanks a lot!”
– Jean, Senior Engineer, Global Foundries Singapore

“Very fun and enjoy the activity !!”
– Raymond Tan Siong Kian, Senior IT Engineer, Sony

“Fresh new ideas.”
– Razlinda, Deployment Coordinater, Shell

“Everything was good!”
– Amdocs Singapore Pte Ltd