"Good team building activity. Thank you". 
Han Swee Peng, KPMG, Senior Manager
                            "Extremely enjoyable event! Thumbs up! "                    
Eunice See, Mastercard 
                                                                               "Enjoyed the programme"                                                                       
Jess Poh, Occupational Therapist
                                      "Thank you for the hard work!"                            
Kor Xin Yeh ,Rehab
                                      "Well organised and team work"                          
Peter Ng, JBSO, DL
"Appreciate and Thank you FOCUS staffs!😊" 
Lily Han, AIC JBSO, Assistant Manager
                                               "Great facilitators, Sasi, Toto n Mif"                                        
Racheal, NFOM
"Sasi, Toto and mif are great facilitators and professional . Enjoyed myself truly " 
Lena ,Nustle


"Well done. Enjoyed myself very much and had a better understanding of the area and bonded happily with my team mates"
Ryan Foo
Qihua Pri, VP
 "Very well thought through programme that complemented the learning points well. Interactive, never a dull moment. Experienced and friendly facilitators."
Felicia Everard
Senior Occup Therapist, NUH
 "I completely enjoyed myself through the team building activities and it brought back good memories from my younger days when I used to go for camps that contained activities like these. Hope I could go for more in time to come."
Care Coordinator, NUH
"I learned a lot from today's activities. It was very fun and productive. Keep it up. Thanks a lot! "
Mae Zarsona
Respiratory Therapist, NUH
"Very energetic facilitator team! Our team had fun and definitely bonded the team on the first day of our offsite event!"
Standard Charter Bank
"Good job always . Thanks so much for making this event successful, interacting and beautiful . Ok"
Merlessa Toh
Human Resource Manager,
"Activities are well thought through for team building and collaboration.The speed of photo and video production is mind blowing. Good job!"
Kong Weichao
Manager, IMDA
"Had a great time! I've heard about using Lego for team building and was very glad to be able to experience it today. Focus is super efficient with the photo and video too, instant production. WOW!"
"Sasi kept the programme interesting and engaging. He was also able to insights and external inputs which was beneficial to the overall team"
Raymon Neo
Assistant Hr Manager
"Very lively and fun session with team. Thumbs up for Focus Adventure "
Diana Tan
Deputy Manager Share
"Facilitator is very engaging. Managed the activities superbly. Clear communication."
Jackson Lim
Assistant Director


“It’s really enjoy and have fun.”
Yen Lim,Manager, Stone forest Accountserve Pte Ltd

“Excellent team building session which brings out the cooperation of everyone.”
-Gary, RSM

“Really liked the gold mining game and activites! Keep up the good work!”
-Ying Li Tan, Deputy Director, Sembcorp

“Great team building. Got to create genuine relationships. Fun times. Explored Singapore!”
-James, Klook




“The facilitators were friendly, funny and engaging, made the event more lively.”
-Tan Wee Kiat, NUHS, Senior Manager

“Facilitators are entertaining and able to bring up tue whole session.”
-Boey Choong, Sartorius, HR

“Extremely good effort by focus adventure team to make this team building event an eventful and enjoyable one!”
Chong Yen Ping, Sartoruis Stedim Singapore Pte Ltd

“We are very happy with the result and hitting our objective of TEAMWORK. Thank you.”
-Manager of Finace, SEA + Taiwan

“The food catering is delicious!”
-Christina Teh, Mandai Wildlife Group, Assistant Vice President Horticulrure

“It was a superb time working with Focus Adventure from start to end! Yumi and Sasi were so patient and informative throughout, and the facilitators Ali and Farisa, Heng Zhi were superb!! Thanks so much today!”
-Choo Amelene Isabel, Mandai Wildlife Group, Senior Manager HR

“Sassi was a great coordinator! Always uplifting and clear throughout”
-Damien, MHA

“Excellent facilitators and activities. Activities were very fun, well-designed and definitely imparted many important learning points.”
-E Ho, MHA

“The facilitators, particularly Bryan and Sasi, were very knowledgeable and injected fun into learning. They were able to share, elaborate on learning pts / comments by participants.”
-Raymond, MHA

“Very good momentum of the activities that keep the participants going.”
-Selena, KSL, HRBP

“Berwin and Bryan are exceptional at leading the program with high energy and clear instruction. Overall positive experience “
-Bryan Leong, Kuok Singapore Limited, Mr

“Excellent programme and hit the right note. Program facilitator able to keep the beat up ! And have fun and learn! Fantastic!”
-Thai Kum Foon , Kuok Singapore, CTO/CHRO

“Superb facilitation and program for team building. Lots of fun and laughters, and most importantly, there are some takeaways from some games that are so valuable towards working together and on innovation.”
-Kam Fong, Kuok Singapore Limited

“Good job team!! I enjoy very much and I run programs too so I know how hard and how much effort every team members put to make this happen!! All of you are being appreciated ❤️”
-Jacinta Lim, Kuok Singapore Limited Executive, HR Services


“Kudos to focus adventure for organising the fantastic team bonding event and making it fun and enjoyable for people of all age groups. “
-Hoo Cheong Siong, Manager, SDC PDD

“Very good and effective programme. Highly recommended for team bonding. “
-Lam Yue Kwai, Sentosa Development Corporation , Project Development

“Thanks SDC’s HR team and FOCUS Adventure team for this great team building event. .”
-Tuem Heng Seng, Sentosa Development Corporation, Deputy Director 

“The icebreaker was very innovative!
-Nanda Wang, IMDA, Assistant Manager

“Berwin is quite talented and charismatic. Keeps pace and energy levels high. “
-Paul Lee, IMDA, Principal Consultant

JULY 2022

“Love the Fun! Thanks “
-Agnes, Product Manager, Ez-link

“Enjoyable Session”
-Jasdeep, Ezlink

“Great time, achieved goals set together as a team.”
-Vaynii, MINDEF

“Program was awesome and helpful for bonding amongst the team.”
-Viknesuvaran, MINDEF

“FAcilitators were very efficient in conveying the objectives of the course”

“Thank you very much for the experience! :)”
-Chiew Kai Yin Iris, MINDEF

“Very good programme!!”
-Kenneth Lim, Executive, NUH

“It was Great Fun!”
-Felix Tan Chin Kuang, Medical Technologist, NUH

“FAcilitators were very engagin :)”

“Thank you Sasi , Bryan and Heng zhi, it has been a great session and everything was great”
-Angie Oi Poh Kim , Senior Manager , NUHS

“Thank you for the effort put into this! I have learnt useful applications that I can apply to even outside of work(: appreciate it really!”
-Sarah Foo, Medical Technologist, NUH

“The activities were fun and inspiration! The FAcilitators are professional and deserve 6 stars!”
-Su jie, Case Management Officer, NUH

“Awesome FAcilitator!! Never bored. Good session, maybe discussions can be shorter. Other than that, all amazing! “
-Nurul Shazirah, Medical Social Worker, NUH

“Overall fun, objective clearly met and message well instilled through each activity.”
-Ng Shi Han, Senior Assistant Manager, ERM & Internal Control, NUH

“Overall Excellent!”
-Michael Gow, Country Manager – Malaysia, Habasit Far East

“Great just nice where am session was intensive, walking and sweating. Then afternoon indoor session.”
-Victor, Regional Sales Manager, Habasit Far East Pte Ltd

“Bryan is a superb facilitator. He was able to build on our points and add on his insights.”
-Amanda Moey, MCCY

“Sasi, Yumi and team contributed greatly towards the success of our teambuilding programme. Thank you for all your support from start to end. We had a lot of fun and have also taken back some learnings that we can all apply back in the workplace. “
-Sauyan, Trustana

“Very Enjoyable Time”
-Han Kei Teng, Chemist, LINDE GAS SINGAPORE

“Great Job to FOCUS and Team! Thanks”
-Frankie Tan, SHEQ Manager, Linde Gas Singapore Pte Ltd

“I enjoyed the team building activities.
Comment is make the outdoor activities in the morning, very hot in the afternoon.”
-Judith Danlog, Product Manager, Linde Gas Singapore

“Enjoy the outdoor activities. Good selection of activities. Will be good to have more time ( additional 1 hour) for the outdoor activities “
-Chow Kok Ming, Deputy Managing Director , Linde Gas Singapore Pte Ltd

“It was a wonderful session! It pushed us to bond better and go beyond our boundaries!”
-Vignesh Ayyappan , MBA student, NTU

“It was too hot but the tower activity was amazing! Now I think that the level of the scariness and the difficulty was perfect in order to strengthen bond.”
-Yoshiko, NBS

“Long Tiring Day but Fun”
-Amos Toh, VP, City Energy

“Activity was fun and very inclusive.”
-Nabeela Ibrahim, Sales Development Rep – Humio, CrowdStrike

“Enjoyed the day and the activities were fun and interactive”
-Mark, SCB

“Berwin was down to earth, personable and able to lead effectively”
-Miriam Gondowidjojo, Business Planning Manager, Standard Chartered

“Excellent presentation and enjoyed a lot. Thanks to FOCUS team”
-Solaiappan, Sr. Rotating Engineer, Linde Gas

“Programmes are carefully planned, nicely executed. All participants were having fun, enjoyed the process and learn something from the activities.”
-Jason Lim, Branch Manager, Gebruder Weiss Pte. Ltd

“One of the more creative team buildings I’ve experienced.”
-Zhilei, Senior Strategic Manager, NLB

“Easy going trainers & we all had fun. Thank You :)”
-Yasmin, Executive , National Library Board

“High engagement. Well done!”
-Felicia, Career Coach , Ingeus

“Very energising session and very impressive video turnaround. “

-Sharon Ang, Coaching & Development Specialist, Ingeus

“Was a great afternoon ! very fun and effective…”
-Jan Cheang, Career Coach, Ingeus

“Thank you for the great work! The Facilitation is really excellent and FAcilitators are all very warm and friendly. I am very impressed that there is video at the end and certificate and photo are printed and given. Keep up the good work :)”
-Felicia Gwee, Team Manager, Ingeus

“It was fun and not too stressful!”
-Karen Ng, MBA Student, SMU

“Would definitely recommend. FAcilitators were excellent.”
-Amrit Raj Singh, Student , SMU MBA

“For a short programme, objectives were met in an enjoyable manner. It’s not easy to warm up a big crowd in a short time. Enjoyable surely!”
-Sufyan, Student, SMU

JUNE 2022

“Excellent Program”
-LEOW YEE JING, QAQC Engineer, Geonamic

“Thanks Well Organised Programme”
-Gilbert Chuah, GM, Geonamics

“Sasi was Very Engaging!”
-Tan Keong Choon Joash, MND

“Sasi and the team done a good job.”
-Han Dee, Cost manager, Yondr Singapore

“Sasi was an awesome FAcilitator”
-Laramie Dorris, Yondr Group

“Another brilliant team building event executed. Thank you Yumi and Sasi! Well done! “
-Janice Teo, People manager ,Yondr Singapore Pte Ltd

“The Race was Fun and Enjoyable.”
-Dzafirah, AED T&L, TKPS

“Exciting and Well Organised.”
-Mrs Raj, Teacger, Telok Kurau Pri

“The activities are suited for all ages. Simple yet meaningful and brought out the essence of teamwork and engagement! Kudos to the team!”
-Wan Nurin Zahian, SH EL, MOE

“Thank you for the fun and meaningful activities.”
-Elisha Jaafar, Teacher, Eunos Primary school

“I enjoyed the team bonding activities so much. Thank you.”
-Aznizah Aris, Teacher, MOE

“The FAcilitators were able to engage us in the activities.”
-Belinda Hoe, Telok kurau primary school

APRIL 2022

“Interesting program. Allows for creativity in Lego Serious play. Combined with issues that Managers address, good team and all feedback.”

-Joseph TanOps Manager, Applied Materials SEA Pte Ltd

“It was very enjoyable and memorable thank you for your hard work to organise this for us. “
-KaisahHuman Resource Department , National University Health System

“FAcilitators are clear with instructions, very engaging!”
-Or Jun LiSenior Executive Assistant, NUHS

“All FAcilitators were great! I love the energy they bring to us! Are you guys hiring? Please hit me up hahahah! Great team and had a super fun day!! ^^”
-JaslineExecutive Assistant, NUHS GSS

“Very excellent FAcilitators and emcees. Everything went so smoothly, the games are very fun, intuitive and build bonding among the colleagues. I really enjoyed myself alot.
Thank you to all the organisers and FAcilitators for organising this. You guys are amazing!!”
-Candyce LimExecutive Assistant, NUHS”

MARCH 2022

“I was extremely impressed by FOCUS Adventure, the FAcilitators’ enthusiasm, empathy in allowing everyone a safe space to speak, actively listening, the professionalism in running the course efficiently with the best in class tech tools. Happy that I got to know my EMA colleagues as well through this activity, 11/10 experience for sure. OH and i loved the music during breaks, such a subtle but meaningful detail, song choices were 11/10″
-Preya R, Senior Analyst, EMA

“Well done Berwin and team! It was a blast!”
-Kelvin Seah, EMA

“Thank you very much and looking forward to our future activities ”
-BELYNDA ASIO DIMAALA, Team Lead – Biomonitoring PH, Merck, Inc.

“Great job, Focus team! You make my day!”

“Fun and engaging for an online team bonding session”
-Oh Ai Ye, Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic

“Really enjoyed the escape room game and activities. MCs led the program really well”
-Noel Kristian, Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic

“We have fun. Thank you!”
-Chin Ling Ong, Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic


“Quite fun and interactive with the escape room and other activities”
-Hayden, Senior Analyst, EMA

“My 1st time doing a virtual teambuilding session and the FAcilitators put us at ease and guided us through. Awesome..”
-Jason Pok, Senior Manager, EMA

“Program was very engaging even though it’s done virtually. Virtual escape room was fun. Impress by the end video that was put up end of the course, given such short notice. Enjoyed the program.”
-EBONY CHEN, Senior Manager, EMA

“Good job, it was fun. Thanks all, take care”
-Agnes, Mccy

“Very energetic and lively. Made the session very easygoing yet professional”
-Samuel Ng, Management Associate, Certis

“Had alot of fun and didnt know a Zoom orientation could be this fun! Kudos to the team for coming up with the video at the end too. Only gripe would be that it was too short ! Would have loved a chance to get to know/chat with everyone. ”
-Pamela, NCSS

“While many of us are still struggling with tech issues during webinars, it’s amazing that this event went on smoothly without any glitches. I can honestly say this was the most fun and engaging programme I’ve ever attended. The video design was brilliant, and FAcilitation by Bryan was A+. I’m interested to work on my amateur facilitation skills as well, if FA can advise me on courses to take etc., I would be most appreciative! Thank you for the fun programme!”
-Ng Hui Ling, Manager (SDT/OD), NCSS

Great session, enjoyed it thoroughly and programme is relevant. Special mention to the FAcilitator Bryan, you did a great job! The programme moved on very smoothly from breakout rooms to main room to the app for the activity. Thank you to the team!”
-Joyce Chng, Manager, NCSS

“Thank you for the engaging workshop! It is refreshing to have a virtual bonding session that provides insights on how we can better collaborate on work and beyond The facil is really friendly and natural in his lead so all is good from me!”
-Peh Jia Ying, Assistant Manager, Relations and Engagement 4, NCSS

“Enjoyable session. first time having a virtual teambuilding”
-Tan Li Min Krystle, Senior Engineer, LTA

“Keep up the good work. Very innovative activities”
-Veerandran, SPM, Fare System – LTA