“ The new friends I’ve made really made this a pleasant experience. Coming back to FOCUS adventure after 10 years  was really memorable. Thanks to all the Facilitators which made this a wonderful part of my life. ”
– Michelle Kuah, Executive Life Planner, GE Healthcare

“The Facilitator Dean and his team made the programme a very easy going one with lots of humor injected. Participants were not made to feel bored during the course.”
– Ken Lin, Design Engineer, Jamco Aero Design & Engineering

“Discovering myself and our team. Learning how to listen, act and just try is critical to the individual and team. I know now how to build a raft and how to row in the right direction. We made it. The saying shared by the Facilitator Andre quoting Confucios – “What you hear, you will forget; what you see, you won’t remember, but what you do, you’ll understand.” Something like that sticks in my mind. Great!”
– Wenifredo Mabitad, Manager, SKF Asia Pacific

“The whole experience was good and the Facilitator was good and able to blend in with the group and not insisting on his style but adapting to the group and effectively deliver the program. Thumbs up!”
– Shirley, Vice President, CBRE Realty

“Both indoor and outdoor activities were interesting. The Facilitator was effective, he tied in the activities with the learning objectives nicely in each debrief session.”
– Alvin, GE Healthcare

“I enjoyed the debrief sessions from the Facilitators most of all. A simple activity can become so much more meaningful when explained clearly. It was an extremely enriching experience for me.”
– Zachary Young Dan Feng, Executive Financial Consultant, GE Healthcare

“The activities were very fun and the Facilitators were very friendly! Keep up the good FOCUS!!!”
– Izhar Wahid, Individual Insolvency Executive, Ministry of Law

“All Facilitators and GO are very friendly and helpful to us. A very pleasant experience in Bintan.”
– Lin Shi Ting (Stella), ITO Tender Administrator, GE Healthcare

“The activities were fun and the videography/photos were great!!!”
– Jason, Ministry of Trade & Industry

“The unity of every participant and that we put our profession aside to build a family called DDI.”
– Jerry M Lara, Senior Radiographer, National University Hospital

“An excellent way for us to bond. Thanks!”
– Mohamed Yusoff B Sharif Mohd, Public Information Officer, Land Transport Authority

“Thank you very much. It was a very well run event and would definitely consider your company for our future team building events.”
– Ken Lin, Design Engineer, Jamco Aero Design & Engineering