I learned that Teamwork was crucial for success!
-EK Ong, APC

Key safety areas were addressed through-out and welfare was well-thought of (eg. water shower facilities).

The Facilitator was able to inject the right amount of energy to the group.

The environment (Bintan) was good, and we learned how to use a GPS.
-Lisa Seow, Diageo

The activities were really fun.

It was a great time meeting and talking with colleagues whom I don’t usually interact with in the work setting.
-Merrill Lynch

I got to know more colleagues in an informal setting. This helped to get us a bit closer.
-Merrill Lynch

The ambience made for a very conducive environment for our Team Building session.
-Archie Santos-Tankia Jr, Monsanto

I found it a wonderful experience for the morning session (Was out for a meeting later in the day). It was really interesting to note the use of concepts from the field of psychology being employed within the program!
-Timothy Liew, MPA

The Facilitators were friendly and warm.

The location was very nice, and the training is new. Everything was good.
-Angela Wong, NUS

The venue was great! The room was spacious and there were lots of greenery.

The obstacle challenges made everyone forgo their individual mindset and allowed us to discuss, listen and follow a common direction to achieve the goals. Most of the times everyone has their individualistic mindset but FOCUS activities changed our perspective: to work in a team by putting our individual achievements aside. From my viewpoint, The Team Building Challenge! has certainly enabled the team to bond!
-Ab Latiff Sahat, Puteri Pacific

I learned about self motivation through The Team Building Challenge!
-Kathy Norshalina Husrin, Puteri Pacific

The outdoor activities were enjoyable and a good learning experience.
-Mohamed Yazid Abdullah, Puteri Pacific

The Facilitator was professional and lead the whole program, which was fun and useful. He was able to provide clear instructions and the objectives highlighted. I enjoyed the program very much!!!!
-Owen Tan Kia Hwee, Puteri Pacific

Learned about teamwork, cooperation, communication and trust.
-Sarah, Puteri Pacific

The Team Building Challenge! was an educational and enriching journey for all of us as to what a team really is and how team dynamics moves from forming to a performing team.
-Germaine Lee, SCE

The session was filled with fun and joy.
-Ang Soo Lee, South East CDC

The Team Building Challenge! was an eye-opener. It introduced alot of fun, joy, knowledge, experience to the team. We learned new things.
-Eileen Ling Siew Hua, South East CDC

The program was fun and an eye-opener. We had new ideas in which we had to think of the box. The Energizers were effective. The outdoor activities good. The joyful Facilitators and Instructors made for a happy environment of participants.
-Margaret Yeo, South East CDC

The Team Building Challenge was very fun! Thank you so much!
-Patricia Yeo, South East CDC

The session was wonderful, enjoyable, fun and fulfilling! It sure was a memorable experience for us, be it young or old ladies playing same games together to achieve and complete one goal with a good time. I can see that some are meant to be leaders and some are followers to ensure that we hit the target with the best time. You all have also helped to better our lives and to age gracefully. Keep up with the good work and would like to come back again in the near future. Thanks for the lovely slides which was very well taken by Ketut and also thanks to Facilitators James and Fabian for being so patient and helpful to us. We shall meet again.
-Priscilla Low Kwee Eng, South East CDC

I enjoyed the activities. Also, I learned to pay more attention to the subtle cues and the unsaid instead of only what was said.
-South East CDC

A good learning experience.
-South East CDC

I particularly enjoyed the Energizers, especially 3 types of handshakes, balancing, earthquake game. The certificate presentation was well done as well.
-South East CDC

We were happy people engaging in The Team Building Challenge!
-South East CDC

There was good interaction amongst everyone. The Lead Facillitator, Andrew Leong was supportive and friendly.
-Karishma, Standard Chartered

The activities were thought-provoking and practical.
-Standard Chartered

The Team Building Challenge! helped us to make friends amongst ourselves.
-Standard Chartered

The Energizers were a blast. I did not feel as corny or silly as I normally do with such games. Well done!

Activities were well organized.

The message that everyone in the organisation has equal value came across very strongly and we need to cast down the way we attached a perceived value to people in our team. It stuck in me real deep and has to a certain extent been life-transforming. I am referring to Loose Change – an Energizer in which the ladies and guys were given a dollar and cent value.

The Facilitators were effective and humorous!

The Facilitators were friendly and chirpy and this really made the whole session more lively. Keep it up!!!

Through The Team Building Challenge! I understood that fun and excitement is a crucial element and the most important is teamwork.
-Sulzer Chemtech

Our Facilitators were humourous and fun.
-Sulzer Chemtech

The Team Building Challenge was all fun and excitement. The most important aspect we learned was teamwork.
-Sulzer Chemtech

The Team Building Challenge was good!
-Jimmy Yong Khong Haw, Teckwah

Everyone was helping and caring!
-Lim Keck Loo, Teckwah

I really learned about communication in a team. We must try to understand each and everyone’s view. Teamwork and setting goals are the way to go!
-Veronica Chow, Teckwah

We enjoy the times spend together to complete all the tasks with fun and lots of laughter!! Well done, thanks a lot : )

The FOCUS Team is very friendly, helpful and pleasant!

We are able to gel as a team even though we just knew each other.
– Jonas, UOB

It was a great experience to work hand in hand with unfamiliar people. Some of the games were really funny and I am sure many participants enjoyed it.

The activities were entertaining and taught us how to work better in team.
-BNP Paribas

Everything was fabulous – scenery, companions and tons of fun!
-Chubb Singapore

The Team Building Challenge! was fun and team oriented.

The Team Building Challenge! was really cool!
-Gabriel, Hanita

Prior to coming to FOCUS Adventure, I had never attended a Team Building session before. This was my first experience, and I can’t wait for another challenge like this!
-Then Eka Lianawati, Hanita

The great Facilitators made The Team Building Challenge! fun right from the beginning.
– J Walter Thompson

It has been great working with the FOCUS Team. Thanks Emeris from Projects for taking in all our suggestions which we know can be quite hard to achieve. I am glad all ended well and fun and my colleagues love The Team Building Challenge! Thanks again!
-Shirley, NOL

Universal Studios Singapore was an awesome add-on to The Team Building Challenge!

We had some free times at Universal Studio, which was appreciated.

All activities were great!

Fun learning during The Team Building Challenge!

The Lead Facilitator Andrew and the FOCUS Team were absolutely wonderful. The overall experience and day went far better than I could have expected. Geocaching at 2pm in the afternoon got a bit hot, but it was fun and plenty of water was always available for the team. Breaks were well placed in the curriculum. All expectations were met.
-Allen Napetian, Roche

The analysis and explanation of the meaning behind each Team Building activity was good as it made everyone realise the importance of working together and having fun at the same time.
-Delphine, Roche

The activities organised successfully engaged everyones participation.
-Po Kai Yin, Roche

Everyone was very spontaneous!

The food was good and the facilitators were professional and experienced.
-Singapore Prisions Service

What made me happy was to see my team being able to apply the concept of teamwork learnt from last year’s experience in this year’s activity. We performed better this year and I am sure this will extend to the work in office. Thank you for the excellent experience!
-Tan Ai Ling, Sony

I really enjoyed The Team Building Challenge! in which we all got together and share the joys of accomplishments.
-Junichi Yoshikawa, Sony

Team spirit!