The Teamwork that we dont really see during office hour is being experienced here!
-Lester Lim, Analog

Very fun and outgoing Facilitators.
-Ashlyn Phang, APB

Get to know the teammates much better
-Steve Ng, Asia Capital Reinsurance

It managed to help me to overcome the fear of heights and has given me the ability to go all out.
-Na dira, Chanel

Keep on more of the surprises!!
-Rahiman Kassim, Chanel

Challenge myself to Heights…overcoming that fear!
-Rita Heng, Chanel

Its fun and really presented clearly that we should do as a Team.
-Mak Mun Yee, CITI

Everyone participated.
-Haley, CITI

Working as a Team and relying on each members expertise.
-Vimi Modeshia, FCM

Identifying the importance of interpersonal relationships relating the message being conveyed through activities with real life situations.
-Bobby Agrawal, Insead

It helped to know each other in the class, which is essential to work together
-Devesh, Insead

Served the purpose to get everyone to collaborate and work together than work as great individuals
-Ganesh, Insead

All FOCUS folks were very hospitable and friendly. Kudos!
-Kiran KN, Insead

1. Friendly 2. Well organized 3. Fun factor
-Ram, Insead

The Team Building Challenge! turned out be a good ice-breaker amongst participants coming from varied companies
-Sandeep Kalsi, Insead

Facilitator was able to engage the participants of various management levels and who came from more than 2 business units at different locations.
-Kerk We Lin, KEPPEL

Smiles on every face of the participants be it overseas or locals on every turn of the events. A good bonding among all.
-Sally Chua, Leitz

A good Facilitator. A good environment

Relating each activity back to daily work. Few but clear messages. Making us feel comfortable to share and have fun. Video of activities at the end.
-Valerie Breal, Loreal

Kept it Fun, made it relevant at the end
-Bob Blumenthal, Lonza

There were many activities for the officers to work as a Team. The Debriefing after each activity was also useful in that it allows our officers to Reflect what they had learnt from the activity and think of what can be brought back to their work context. Our officers had an extremely enjoyable time at Sentosa. Thank you.
-Jean Wong, MTI

The activities were fun and challenged us to think out of the box.
-Hendrik Juwono, NETS

Friendly Facilitators.
-June Chan, NTU

I thought the day was a lot of fun and the way the groups were split up for each activity was very good. This meant that you worked with different people all the time. The Facilitators were also very good.
-Sarah Bailey, NUS

The Facilitator and the Instructors!!!
-Vanessa Garcia, NUS

Enhancing of Social Skills, Capacity Building, Teamwork and Cooperation
-Vasantha Udaya Perera, NUS

The group activities were fun and communicated some useful insights and messages.

Fun interactive activities.
-Tan Ee Ping, OCBC

That was really fun and stress releaving.
-Jayakumar Thottapillil, Panasonic

It is an absolutely fun way of learning, Team Building and Bonding among the employees. This is our 1st experience to learn through play and it has opened up opportunities for more exciting learning journeys.

Free exploring!

Fun and Team-coordination learning experience that made this programme a success.
-Sam Tan, Philips

Team Synergy. The activities. The Facilitators were all prepared and dedicated.
-Jeremy Lim, Richemont

Great capturing of moments. 
-Ben Bey, RSAF

The qualities and competence of the Facilitators, coupled with a positive attitude made this whole event a very pleasant one.
-Choo Kin Yeow, RSAF

I personally like Keypunch very much. I think this activity really promoted Teamwork – from setting strategy, combining forces, working together to having fun.
-Vicki, Samsung

Fun and Educational

I did enjoy some of the indoor games like Captain on Board as shown on my photo. I like the group photo on the mug too and I showed it to my friends to encourage them to come to FOCUS Adventure for Fun and Excitement.
-Chan Yoke Lin, SECDC

Fun, Enjoyment, Laughter, Communication, Teamwork, New Experience, Fulfilment and lots more. Keep it up the good work because without all of you, this would not be possible! A big thank you again!
-Low Kwee Eng Priscilla, SECDC

Having fun with most of the participants. Able to join in all the activities even though I have a sprain hip. Makes many friends for Networking.
-Margaret Yeo, SECDC

Having FUN with the games and making more friends.
-Maureen Tan Chiew Kee, SECDC

Getting to know yourself and orthers in a fun way. Andy is a super Facilitator!!!
-Koert Breebaart, Singtel

From start to finish! Well done guys! 
-Arvin Bonifacio, Singtel

The experience FOCUS Adventure delivers is truly end to end along with surprises. It’s a pleasure to experience as an organiser and a participant. The Facilitating team lead by Andy gathered much commendations from the participants and the management. Wonderful job!
-Sheila Chua, Singtel

The way the Facilitator spoke and carry himself was so much fun. I enjoyed myself during the mouse trap activity.
-Tan Woei Chao, Singtel

“The enthusiasm and the ever-present smile of the Facilitators made it a memorable experience for me”