Teamwork not only shown on the participant but also on the Facilitator. Facilitator was able to inject fun. He got us involved from the beginning. Good Job!
-Suhail, 3M

Getting to know newcomers better
-Albert Sim, Abbott

The activities were well-organised and tightly packed so there was no time gap inbetween that participants will feel bored.
-Lynn Chia, Abbott

The awesome people!
-Syazwana Aisyah Ridwan, Abbott

Overall, the Faclitator – Fabian and his buddy Roy had presented a fantastic detailed programes for our group. All of us were really impressed with the professionalisim and they have really done a good job. Well done guys, keep the spirit going. Cheers
-Jeffrey Wong Ching Hwee, AD Inc

I like the indoor group activities. It made us interact with each other even with the Directors in a fun way. I also like the singing part at the end of the program. It was very meaningful. The whole day activity was truly first class! Thank you.
-Joyette Marie Matugas, At Sun-rice

Great fun and good test of Teamwork.

The adventure aims to educate Teamwork and cooperation. It satisfies Teambonding and elevates the understanding of your team mates’ strengths weaknesses. It is s Great!
-Vincent Tan, Bausch & Lomb

Dean was a good Facilitator and he was able to energize the group to successfully complete the program with positive results. Overall it was a good experience for the Team and effective outcomes.
-Gan Yen Nee Annie, Bridge Mobile

Your Team is very enthusiatic throughout the activity. I am very pleased with the outcome. The additional touches of the photo with the frame is indeed a pleasant surprise for us! Thank you for the good work!
-June Ong, Bridge Mobile

The Facilitator was good and was able to keep the participants interested. The programme designed was very innovative as well.
-Kris Ong, Bridge Mobile

After completing The Rollercoaster Challenge!, my confidence level increased. What you understand, you do absolutely correct.
-Luckman S Davood, Bridge Mobile

The hand- on projects of building the rollercoaster in The Rollercoaster Challenge!
-Rick Ho, Bridge Mobile

The Facilitator was good and that made it a pleasant experience!!!!
-T. Mallika, Bridge Mobile

Being high in demand during “Loose Change”, the 5cents/10cents Energizer.

The Energizers!
-Rajinder Singh, CIMB

We had a memorable day for the Team Building! It was FUN and full of surprises!
-Cherry Y Ong, Citi Private Bank

The race and The Cooking Challenge! were fun.
-Eunice , Citi Private Bank

It was a very unique experience for a Team Building event. ‘Ive participated in a lot of Team Building programs before, but this is way different from all of them.
-GCA, Citi Private Bank

Cooking Challenge. Shopping for ingredients.
-Katherine Soh, Citi Private Bank

Facilitator is professional and the venue is very good.
-Bates, Clarins

The fun element and shared experiences.
-Lippi Lal, Clarins

The Teamwork and the cheerful attitude.
-Venugopal, Clarins

All can cook!
-Lee Lai Ping,CPF

Dean was interesting and engaging
-Jocelyn, Deutsche Bank

-Deutsche Bank

Teamwork and have fun
-Donson Wang, H.B. Fuller

Teamwork and understanding each other.
-Kanatcha, H.B Fuller

Got to know my colleagues better via The Roller Coaster Challenge!
-Cary Lat, HP

Team Interaction
-Felix, IHIS

Overall good…
-Alex Chong, Infineon

Experienced Facilitators!
-Chelsia Ng, Infineon

Fun and had a great time!
-Fanne Lum, Infineon

The company we went to contributes greatly to this pleasant experience FOCUS’ friendly Faciliators really make this whole experience even more fun and interesting.
-Goh Liang Chei, Infineon

Both mental and physical challenges tested to the limits.
-HT, Infineon

Yes, The Team Building Challenge! is good.
-Jeffrey Ho, Infineon

Green environment. Cheerful and courteous Facilitators and Instructors. Clear commitment to safety. Need to clean up the rest rooms though.
-Nelson Dharmaraj, Infineon

The Facilitator Shan was funny and was able to hype the whole team before the high elements.
-Simon Soh, Infineon

Your experienced staffs at every level to help us since some of us have fear of heights.

Fun and learning.
-Arbind, LTA

Stress free!
-Bock Yin Har, LTA

The key areas were locations and fresh feel to the activities.
-Ng Liam Teck, LTA

The outdoor activity was an experience in the sense that it brought us together to achieve a common goal that was to find the riddles to The Geocaching Challenge! Our objectives are met.
-Ravee, LTA

I had lots of fun participating in this programme, especially the part we had to look for answers based on the clues given in the GPS challenge. At first, I felt lost as it was my first time using a gps equipment. But thanks to the encouraging words from my Team-members, I managed to get the hang of using it, and managed to reach almost all the destinations.
-Sean, LTA

Teams’ ability to co-operate and in unity even though we known each other on that day, its fun and exciting.
-Tan Ah Muay, LTA

Fun and group activities!
-Tan Suan Wee, LTA

The construction of the rollercoaster in The Rollercoaster Challenge was fun.

Relaxing time to have some fun.

The Energizer session was really fun. And the Facilitator was a funny guy. Would recommended this to others!
-Jimme Woudstra, Lyon & Dianzi

The Team Challenge Pyramid is a very good experience for us as it really shows Teamwork among colleagues. We also got to know each other better.
-Rosemary Yap, Lyon & Dianzi

Personality profiling is very useful to me knowing how to handle certain people with different, unique personalities.
-James Sin, MAS

The Facilitators are so friendly..
-Hafidz, Mindef

The guys with me have agreed together and positive feedbacks were given although there was setbacks in the noon when the rain came and part of the Team could not enjoy the High Elements. Overall, the guys wouldn’t hesitate to come again if a chance was given. Thank you so much, FOCUS Adventure!
-Lee Tuck Wai, Mindef

Involvement from each and everyone of us.
-Ryan Goh, Mindef

Learned somthing for Teamwork, proper communications, improved in knowledge. Thanks!
-Somaskandan Muthukumaran, Mitsu

Got to know my colleagues better
-Jackson Woo, Mizuho

Met the objective of Team Building and bonding through the various games
-Lee Siew Kit, NIIT

The programme was very effective and our objectives of Team Building and bonding were met.
-Sunil Aman, NIIT

Activities planned for us is suitable and help to create bonding among each others. Thank you.
-Eve Yong, Novartis

It was relaxing and fun.
-Leong, Novartis

I think it was very well organized and we had a lot of fun going through the various tasks and places. Thank you!
-Sharon Khaw, Novartis

Fun + Effectiveness = Awesome
-Andrea Tan Zuyi, NUHS

To stay positive all the time. Thinking out of the box. Learn to work smart though not compromising to wrong principle. Adapt to changes all the time thus moving forward.
-Chong Chay Mei, NUHS

I got to know my seniors’ quirky behaviours.. 
-Fatima, NUHS

Outdoor games
-Grace Koh, NUHS

Enjoyable and a lot of fun and happy experience for the day.
-Jorah Binte Abdullah, NUHS

Bonding between colleagues and management.
-Md Yatim bin Zakaria, NUHS

Think out of box of finding solution. There are many ways that can solve 1 problem.
-Siti Raha, NUHS

The experiential activities that makes learning fun and exciting!
-Tan Boon Hwee Bernard, NUHS

I really enjoyed myself and had a good laugh after watching the video on the activities we participate. It was a fun day with fond memories..and good Teamwork. Facilitator Fabian is very focused and you have a good photographer(forgot his name). Hope to come again for the next TEAM BUILDING. CHEERS to FOCUS!
-Theresa Lean, NUHS

Thank you.
-Zulkifli A Ghazali, NUHS

A change of environment and working out at a relax pace. Friendly Facilitators.

The whole programme was a fun and learning experience.

The activities planned were able to facilitate teamwork and teambonding. They were also fun, except for the long waiting time in queues at the Universal Studio.
-Verene Ng, NUS

I’m very happy with the activities provided
-Jasni, Pacific Refreshments

Over comin the fear of heights and having great fun…
-Aaron Choo Ihong, Police Coast Guard

The training method was good. The ideas were also very good. The place also good, as it is away from town area. Nice place. The way the Faciliator conduct the training was professional.
-Abdul Latif, Police Coast Guard

The Facilitaors are really friendly and approachable. I have lots of fun for the two days’ course. I get to learn more leadership skills and it will benefit me in becoming a better leader.
-Chew Choon Sin Ben, Police Coast Guard

The Facilitators who are friendly, easy going and approachable. And of course they do it with a smile.
-Hairunizat, Police Coast Guard

Excellent Hospitality, experienced Facilitators made the camp a happening and adrenaline pumping experience for all of us. Ill definitely recommend FOCUS again for my next internal Team Building courses.
-Mafiz Mohd, Police Coast Guard

Self reflection is one of the good examples as sometimes we had neglected where we stand or are too used to the status. Using Teamwork and communication to emphasize leadership had made us understand the importance of every little thing around us. Overall experience is very good. Once again thanks every staffs in FOCUS Advanture for making this event a sucess.
-Mike Tan, Police Coast Guard

The element of surprise in each of the programmes is great. I was kept anticipating on what to comes next. The programmes also caters to our training needs and in line with our objectives.
-Mohamad Hafiz Fazakir, Police Coast Guard

The food was good. The timing and duration for individual games was just nice.
-MOHD FADLY, Police Coast Guard

Always on hand with warm and friendly smile.
-NARVINDER SINGH, Police Coast Guard

Very Good technique and people engaging skills!
-RAYZAN B MOHD SALIM, Police Coast Guard

Bonding and interacting with each other. Fun-fun-fun, no stress at all, unlike other typical courses that I’ve had attended. And the food!!! Yummy!!!!
-Safura Suyatti, Police Coast Guard

Making friends and learning how to work as a Team
-Sim Chia Way Telly, Police Coast Guard

Insightful and well organised 2 days and 1 night programme.
-Tan Wei Liang, Police Guard Guard

The Obstacle that we had to go through. The Energy game were great, got everybody together much quickly. We were able to move on from there. The Facilitator were fantastic.
-Terence Premasiri, Police Coast Guard

Thanks to the Facilitator… very nice
-Amit Choudhary, Quintiles

The Team Building Challenge! was simply fun and full of lessons learned.
-Lizbeth Lu, Quintiles

The challenages stations at the Beach in Bintan were very good. The Facilitator was good in explaining the details of the challenges to us. – Joey was really good in presenting the Team Building activity to us.

1) Facilitator was very engaging throughout the session. 2) Activities were fun. 3) Participants came with an open mind thus making the event a lot more fun and engaging for everyone. 4) Administrative and logistical support have been great.
-Jessica, Singapore Coast Guards

-ANG LEE GEK, Singapore Customs

Proactive and helpful Facilitators who ensured the success of this Team Building session.
-Chua Yunjia, Singapore Customs

The Energizer “Loose Change” made us understand that everyone play an important role through work. We need Team spirit and Teamwork to make things a success.
-David Yuen, Singapore Customs

Participation from all colleagues makes the experience a very memorable one. I learn that we may not have everything but it does not mean that we cannot achieve our goals. Working together is the way to go!
-Emilia Amir, Singapore Customs

Activities cater for both older and younger participants. Every participant is able to get themselves involved with all the activites. Is enjoyable and fun!
-Fun Lai Ming, Singapore Customs

Having outdoor activities makes it much more fun to interact with other participants rather than having indoor activities most of the time.
-Hasanah, Singapore Customs

Fun games, good food, nice people around.
-Joesph, Singapore Customs

-Lim Wee Chin, Singapore Customs

Able to cook and enjoy the meal together!!
-Lum Foong Sim, Singapore Customs

Giving us a photo to bring back home.
-Nazirah, Singapore Customs

Participation level and interaction between Facilitator and participants!
-Nicholas, Singapore Customs

Having Fun!
-Nuratika Bte Aziz, Singapore Customs

The Cooking Challenge! was unexpected. However,it was made possible with fun, creative minds and great Team Building members to produce great results. Afternoon tea-breaks should have provided hot beverages instead of the 2 different cold drinks. Instructors were fun too, which made the entire session realistic and easily absorbed.
-Sithra, Singapore Customs

The activities are enjoyable and helps to built a rapport among the Teammates who had never work together before.
-Roslina Binte Idris, Singapore Customs

Cooking time.
-Rusmawati, Singapore Customs

The Incredible Race and The Cooking Challenge!
-Zamira, Singapore Customs

All of the activities
-Singapore Customs

The power of mindset aligned and FOCUS.
-Edmund, STELOP

Everyone is participative; building a Team requires a strong effort. Once we have the determination, no matter how tough the challenges, we are able to overcome it.
-Jackson Sin, STELOP

The planning of the programmes were smooth.

Thank You… Cannot comment except that the photos are good.
-Sharyl Lee, STELOP

1. The venues are right places and nice! 2. The weather is good! 3. The Lead Facilitator is well communicated, providing fun activities’ comments. 4. The group members keep the spirit high amongst each other.
-Asmara Edy Darwanto, Vaisala