Activities gave ample opportunities for Team Bonding. We all had just met and The Team Building Challenge! turned out to be an excellent ice breaker. – The activities were challenging, yet everyone had the ability to participate in them. It was not like you should have done something similar before in your life to get the hang of it. Activities were simple to understand and execute.
-Muhammad Safwan Naqi, Accenture

Bonding + Having fun together with colleagues outside work environment 

Enthusiastic Facilitators and participants and interesting activities.
-Admirah, CHI

Able to communicate and work well with my collegue
-Edlyn Aw, CHI

The Rafting Challenge! taught us to make the best out of the situation and have fun!
-Nur Filzah Binte Mohamed Fazli, CHI

The Facilitator is able to bring up the spirit of the team and set the mood of participation in the activities. I had good fun!
-Patricia Yeo, CHI

By using the theme Team Building, I get to know all my colleagues on that day. Its really important as I am a newbie to the board. Thanks!
-Jenny Liaw, CPF

Alot of activities for one another to know each other better, besides those in our assigned TSeams.
-Ng Bee Leng, CPF

Video after the event was hilarious, and very timely and nice touch to the end of the programme. Facilitators, plus personalized Instructor, were great! Facilities (e.g. restrooms) could use a little upgrading, but otherwise a great venue. Could pay a little more attention to hygiene for personalized items such as googles and eye-masks…
-Cheong Lai Fern, DBS

The Facilitators were effective and efficient. Good job! =)
-Macon Caballero, DBS

I enjoy all the group activities. And it really shows that we can work together as a Team.
-Kathleen, DMPL

The video recording playback. Sometimes we are so engrossed in the activity, we do not pay notice to what others are doing. Its nice to watch the video and see what we did not notice.
-Janet, Embraer

Well run, great briefing and debriefing. My team really enjoyed it. Many thanks to Andre, John and Ketut. The video was hilarious
-Suyin Lee, FCM

Indoor activity is fun enjoyable. Team Building activities are fantastic and serve the objectives of Teambonding. The Lead Facilitator, Andrew, is humourous, enthusiastic and full of zest. Co-Facilitator Leon, is fun-loving and energetic too. Roy is too a very good photographer.
-Curlynn Neo, GS

The outdoor and indoor activities were awesome! They gave us some kinda brainstorming, which rarely will be used while at work…
-Norlina, HSA

Relaxed and fun.

Thank you for the exciting and well coordinated program. 1) There were sufficient Facilitators for our program throughout. 2) The Facilitators were clear on giving instructions and were able to explain the lesson learned after each program segment. 3) We were well taken care of during the program (especially with an official life guard for rafting activity) 4) We were amazed at the speediness and the quality of the activity reports ready and given back to us in such a short time! Great job! Thanks!
-Le Ang, Lonza

Friendly Facilitors, fun activities
-Jingjing, MAS

Choice of music was suitable for the planned activities. Quality of food is suitable for such active events.
-Gary Ng, MOM

Encourage, Cooperation, Communication and Trust need in every organizations. Hope we bring back all this things to real world. We had a lof of Fun today and we knew that how is important Team Building and Trust each other.
-Khing Zin Oo, NUS

It was a fun and memorable experience for the Team and a discovery of our limitless potential. Thank you to Andrew and Dean for facilitating the programme and Totok for capturing the beautiful moments in each activity.
-Cheryl Chua, NU SKIN

Good Facilitator, fun activities and met objectives.
-Stelly Aw, NU SKIN

Bonding between the new group.
-Samir Kumar, OLAM

To emphasize on Development and to bring about confidence building skills.
-Parul Mathur, OTCi

Well Done FOCUS Adventure…..keep it up!
-Sohaimi Wari, Raffles City

Was ble to interract with colleagues whom I seldom met and it was an enjoyable experience working together during the course.
-Zulkifli, Raffles City

Well delivered, enjoyable programme, all had fun! To take a Group picture prior to start of activities.
-Sylvia Lai, Richemont

Offsite away from mainland city, good sea view, friendly and humorous Facilitator.
-Pauline lim, Director, SC

The passion of the Team.
-Noleen Singh, Schneider

Fun and Laughter sets the right mood for learning.

The Team Building activities were fun.
-Eve Yang, SIS

Good Teambonding and cooperation.
-Francis Liew, SIS

The activities are very engaging
-Rachel Lee, SIS

Able to interact with everyone in the Team in the activity which is the key for the program
-Jacqueline Neo, ST

Great bonding and interaction, well brainstormed and prepared activities with key lessons
-Bui Thu Thuy, Standard Chartered Bank

Learning corporate skills through wonderfully designed challenges.
-David, Standard Chartered Bank

The FOCUS on teaching important values.
-Garima Duggal, Standard Chartered Bank

Well-designed activities and excellent Facilitators.
-Truong Trong Vu, Standard Chartered Bank

The activities had brought everyone united and co-operative as one. This is not easy to see at the work field.
-Chu Tian Hui Stephen , UOB

All the Facilitators are fun and patient! I had great time!
-Daniel Cheong, UOB

This is an opportunity to learn and at the same time, we had fun!
-Leng Sou Mei, UOB

Getting to know colleagues from other Divisions.
-Ooi Soo Kar, UOB