“Had so much fun!”
-Siti Fatimah Sabri,Dyslexia Association Singapore,Accounts Assistant

“It was a fun morning with activities that were very relevant to our area of work. Thank you!”

“Enjoyed the programme. Tasks were just right, not too easy not too difficult. Keep up the good work guys!”
-Siti Nur Amirah Muhamad,DAS

“Love this and I had a great time! Good job guys!”
-Andrea Koh,DAS

“Thank you for making it fun!”
-Kalphna,Dyslexia Association of Singapore,Senior EDT

“It was always a blast working with the FOCUSAdventure team. Thank you very much”
-Mel ,Dyslexia Association of Singapore

“I had a lot of fun and before this, never thought that a virtual staff event would be quite as exciting and engaging. The Virtual Escape Room was fun and memorable. Kudos FOCUS Adventure team!”
-Nurul Junaidi,DAS,Academic Services Officer

“Had a fun time solving the clues which could be quite tricky and challenging. Thank you for the great time!”
-Zafirah,DAS,Educational Therapist

“It was fun, exciting and there was support throughout the activities.”
-kelly,DAS,Lead Educational Therapist

“Thank you for your hard work, Focus team! Well done!”
-Stephanie Ong,Dyslexia Association of Singapore,Senior Educational Therapist

“Everyone in the team had a great time even though some of the challenges were brain-wrecking but we did it! AWESOME!!!”
-Steven Sim,DAS,EdT

“Everything went smoothly. Ice breaker activities were effective!”

“Relax and enjoyable time!”
-Anthony Goh,Dyslexia Association of Singapore,Senior ICT Officer

“Thanks for organising this event! The activities were a little difficult at times but overall quite fun”
-Pei Yi,DAS

“I enjoyed myself today! It was really fun! The facilitators were also very engaging (especially Berwin).
Thank you! ”

-Durgeswari,DAS,Senior Educational Therapist”

None. everything went smoothly!
-Nick John Pajo,Dyslexia Association of Singapore,Centre Manager

“It was a great event and I had fun. The context of the game, local and customised to our organisation, made it feel more familiar and relatable.”
-Nurul Asyiqin,Dyslexia Association of Singapore,Senior HR Officer

“FOCUS builds in time for team members to share and get to know one another. Thank you!”
-Lydia Lum,Dyslexia Association of Singapore,Educational Therapist

“Berwin Tan was very engaging. I was in Team 10 with Shah as the facilitator. She also seemed very friendly and engaging too. Both were very quick to offer help when our team was stuck.”

“KUDOS to you guys. Delivery was excellent. Staff enjoyed themselves. We had your service in 2019 and you did not dissapoint us then and you did not dissapoint us now…”
-Yati Kamsani,Dyslexia Association of Singapore,

-Lini,DAS,Snr customer Service/ Facility Management assistant

“It was a great experience. THANK YOU, FOCUS!”
-Hani,Dyslexia Association of Singapore,Eventurers member

“Fantastic job by the Focus team. Special thanks to Yumi and Bryan for being so accommodating towards our requests. We enjoyed the activity very much and will definitely consider FOCUS again for future teambuilding events ”
-Regina Lim,Shell,Pension Fund Manager

“Activities were well managed by the FAcilitators.. well done!”

“Personally i had a good time. the programme content was great, entertaining and challenging enough. Bryan was very energetic and able to bring out the crowd. overall a great time.”

“It was Great FUN! Thanks!”
-Angeline ,L’OREAL Research and Innovation,Senior Research Scientist


“Thank you for the really enjoyable race!!”
-Cara Chew,Catholic Junior College

“Thanks for bring us around Singapore.”

“Thumbs up to FOCUS. You were great!”
-Philip Alvar,CJC,VP

“So Much FUN!”
-Huang Sijing,Linde Gas,Ms

“Really enjoyed the escape room”
-Tan Sheng Chong Darren,Linde Gas Singapore,Operations Trainee

“Great job Focus once again. Enjoyed the session. Thanks”
-Frankie Tan,Linde Gas,SHEQ Manager

“Good fun. brings people together. I love it!”
-Clarence,Linde ,Procurement Head

“Love the team building games/activities that is provided even though its virtual and through Zoom but still we had fun and bonded in solving the codes together! Hope to have these kind of activities again in future!”
-Luqman hakiim,Operation

“Like the activities a lot. Well done!”

“It was fun n engaging!!”

“Had a fruitful afternoon. Thank you.”
– Siti Fatimah,Yangzheng Primary School,Teacher

“Good mix of activities. Perhaps each group’s puzzle should be examined, followed by a discussion on where the group think it fits the bigger picture. There will be more time for every group to share rather than spending time trying to piece the big picture cluelessly.”
– Li Cong,Yangzheng Primary School,

“Great mix of activities and interactions. Time flew.”
– Julian Poh,NCSS,Manager

“Great activities for virtual team bonding!”
– Tan Pei Qi,NCSS,

“Lovely bonding and learning course. Bryan the facilitator was excellent.”
– Usha Subrahmanyam,NCSS,ACISO

“Lots of fun!”
– Will Zhang,SABIC,

– Anupam,SABIC,

“Very engaging and fun-filling activity organized by FOCUS group”
– Oscar Ho,Linde Gas Singapore Pte Ltd,IT Engineer

“Great Facilitation from Sasi and Team!”
– Gana,Linde,