“ Priscilla!

We had a BLAST!

Thank you so much for organizing this, and do pass on my deep appreciation to Brian and the team who went all out on an adventure around the Marina Area to take Photos and look for interesting spots for the photo hunt. Great job to you all!

And I would LOVE to watch the video and see all the raw photos of that wonderful day! ?

It still puts a smile on our faces when we talk about it!

Thank you Priscilla, Brian and TEAM, for all the video, and photo taking efforts, taking on the rain and shine!! ”
-Kristine Kesavan, Financial Analyst, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

The fun activities.
-Eileen Yong, Senior Officer, MIZUHO

The Facilitators approach.

Good to meet colleagues from different departmetns outside our company premises. Facilitator managed to break the ice. We had a little bit bad luck with the weather, which hampered somewhat our hunt for answers.
-Johannes Huth, Dir Product Marketing, BOSCH

Overall programme was just right for the group which consist of quite a number of aged personnel; not too much of physically demanding activities. Everyone had fun throughout the day.
-Ang Wee Boon, Senior Production Supervisor, MSD

Really had a great day with Focus Adventure and thanks to the Facilitators for the fun (with Teamwork concepts) we had.
-Ramannan Ravindran, Senior Technician, MSD

Everybody had fun.
-Felix, RBU3, BOSCH

We played games together and sharing feelings,it makes us become more unity,and further understand each other,and at the same time, the relationship between us get more close.
-Helen, Promoter, Karcher

Hi Fabian & Tessa,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for being a key factor in making our retreat a success. We’d like to also thank you for all the minor details that we have on so many occasions addressed and needed your help to deal with. Thanks for the patience! With the detailed planning and conscious revisions, we received an overall positive sentiment. Everyone parted happy, with good reviews.

Fabian, you were a fantastic facilitator! Thank you for your time and dedication in helping us, despite the unique requirements and requests along the way.

Big thanks, again 
-Nurul Maideen, Senior Client Relations Executive, Brandtology

Fun and Fun:-)
-Max Tan, Sales Engineer, Karcher

Interactive and sharing of our experiences
-Stella Neo, General Manager, BOSCH

Really have a lot of fun here
-Kenny, Karcher

We liked that there were people to provide guidance and directions so as to ensure smooth facilitation from drop off point to the pick up point. Facilitators show initiatives and we were all given a welcome print-out of the group photos which made a nice touch.
-Jana Ang, Controller, BOSCH

Dynamics The place itself Entire day with workmates, with a different FOCUS.
-Luciano André, Production Manager, Lanxess

Friendly and supportive Facilitators, interactive activities
-Jesslynn Lim, Receptionist, SWAROVSKI

Getting everybody and split them into smaller groups then get the groups to compete in the rafting only to learn that it takes the entire group to successfully open the treasure chest. Nobody gets left behind stuffs, I say its really cool. Cheers guys!!!
-Mohamed Salleh Bin Abdul Aziz, Technician, CAPITAMALLS

Encouragements from Facilitators! 
-Au Mei Xian, SO (IMR), HTA

The enviroment is great.
-Michael Tham, Admin. Asst, SWAROVSKI

Great coordination and friendly Facilitators made the whole course very enjoyable albeit we all wished that the accomodation would have been the resort throughout the period. :)
-Dinesh Kumar Rai, ASP, HTA

very enriching Team building session

Overall the program was designed very well. The High Element in particular was very adventurous and showing video at end of the day on activities and fun moments during the day was very humorous.
-Rajesh, Finance Director, JOHNSON

I learn a new meaning to TEAM Thankful Empower Align goals – individual, department company Motivate
-Irene Ong, Finance & Operations Manager, hansgrohe

So Gooooooood ^^
-Erick, Market Developer, hansgrohe

Takeaways were corealted with work , which was nice and useful, May be as action point and noted and sent to all participants for memories

l like the programme and we all enjoy it and having fun !!!
-Cheryl Lee, BPA, NOVARTIS

The Geocaching Challenge is both enjoyable and one learning experience for all of us
-Analyn Leyva, Business Planning Analyst, NOVARTIS

Integration, new experiences.
-Jose Chytry, Lanxess

The location and enthusistic Facilitor (Fabian) made the day 
-Elsie Wong, Management Assistant, hansgrohe

The Teamwork and bonding with the colleagues.
-Wendy Tey, Senior Channel Enablement Manager, SAP

I shall remember to apply the new meaning of Thanks Empower Align Motivate for managing staff and bringing team cohesiveness to achieve oneness
-Irene Ong, Finance & Ops Manager, INDIAN RAILWAYS, hansgrohe

The Teamwork and bonding with the colleagues.
-Selamat Dorkijo, Snr Admin Asst, INDIAN RAILWAYS, ExxonMobil

Ability of the FOCUS Team to create the right environment for Team building and carry out activities in a very organized manner. Dean has a great sense of humor.

Very friendly and humourous Facilitators.
-Caroline Low, Associate, Ernst n Young

In every single challenges, groups worked together, encouraged each other, supported each other, tried to find the solution in many different ways, listened each others, etc.. I became to understand more of collective action. Exactly, Ive already known about that. However this time I felt real.
-Khaing Zar Aung, Member, ITUC

Great Facilitators who have great personality and skill set to energize and break the ice with ease and able to create a very warm and conducive environment to bond with colleagues and Team build !
-Lee Poh Kwang, Manager, Ernst n Young

-tan siew kian, pharmacy assistant, NUH

-Apparao, Developer, DHL

The whole workshop was really enjoyable and relax. During the process, I got to refresh reflect my objectives; learnt the importance of Teamwork and each member in my Team has their own strength / weakness; each can make valuable contributions to the Team regardless of their position
-Beh Siam Choo, Manager, SPH

fun and exciting and at the same time builds up Teamwork within our group.
-iver rosado, affiliate, ITUC

I love it to go there. a lot fo fun and we can gather at the same time with our colleages.. loving day.
-Maung myo, Process technician, Novartis

While enjoying the fun in the games and exercises, bonding is enhanced. Even though it is all play, planning on how to go about completing each game or exercise resonates throughout. Sharing resources and ideas with other Teams also reinforces Teamwork.
-Chow Fong Leng, AVP, SPH

The small games which was conducted and the Teams formed for cooking.
-Aloysius fabian Selvarajah, Consultant, DHL

Experience and good coordination to Facilitate the whole event make this very successful
-Hendro, Senior System Analyst, DHL

-Tavenisa Tuiloruma, ITUC

4 Different workable Roller coaster made and combined together also make it workable. It is really a Teamwork and also I understand that everybody have their own potential and if we use it in right direction we can make achievement in our life!
-Xavier Andrews, Shift Specialist, SHELL

Good Food, Facilitators were brilliant as they kept the group moving.
-Alvin Soh, Admin Assistant, SPH

Thank you very much for the wonderful Team building event at Sentosa over the weekend ! All my colleagues had a great time.

Special thanks to James, Dean and Fajri (I hope I got his name correct), who have amazing skills and talents to break the ice with ease, bring the whole Team together as one and make us feel so much at “home” with great laughter !

All in all, it was a fantastic !

Thanks again !
-Lee Poh Kwang, Manager, Ernst & Young Solutions LLP

Good Food, Facilitators were brilliant as they kept the group moving.
-Alvin Soh, Admin Assistant, SPH

Good Food, Facilitators were brilliant as they kept the group moving.
-Alvin Soh, Admin Assistant, SPH

The Facilitators managed to engage the participants very well.
-Louis Lim, Pharmacist, NUH

The Facilitator were all very friendly and able to present clearly.

Half day program was excellent. The Facilitators were superb. Well done and thank you.
-Kevin Dunleavy, HR Director, COCA COLA