1. Why should I choose FOCUS Adventure?

Our learning methodology is highly effective. The use of experiential learning tools engages individuals and teams in challenges, simulating them to reflect upon these experiences critically, derive useful insight, and incorporate the results through a change in understanding and/or behavior to the workplace.

Our unique programmes offer adventure, suspense, innovation and fun through the employment of team challenges, mental problems and collaborative activities. By involving all members of the team, we help build relationships between members and foster team spirit. Our courses are also an ideal platform for organisations looking for fresh ways to motivate their employees or to address specific corporate goals.

Every business environment poses its own unique set of challenges. All our programmes present such scenarios that stimulate the thinking and action processes of each team, thereby challenging them to agree upon the ultimate solution. Our Facilitators are all prepared to change the activities of the programme if the participants are geared up for more. We customised each moment to the right challenge.

2. Can you tell me more about your programmes?

Our programmes center around 3 key building blocks of any organisational development effort – Leadership Development, Team Development and Change Management/Innovation. The competitive edge of our Adventure Learning programmes lies in our highly committed and energetic Facilitators. All our Facilitators are trained to deliver high impact programmes and professional debriefing sessions which leads to an internalization of learning points, that can be translated back to the workplace.

LEARNCENTIVES, our unique combination of a learning experience and an incentive trip, allows us to design, develop and deliver an intense, high impact programme that is guaranteed to create results. The overseas trip is no doubt already an incentive itself to the team who has put forth excellent performances in the organisation. We go the extra mile to transform this incentive trip into an impactful leadership/ teambuilding/ innovation programme by integrating the unique cultural experience of the chosen destination with extraordinarily fun and exciting challenges. Our well-structured programmes would bring new results to what we call LEARNCENTIVES. FOCUS Adventure would take care of all your lodging and travel plans


3. What makes FOCUS Adventure programmes unique? At FOCUS, we always seek ways to innovate, create and fine tune our programmes, firmly establishing ourselves as one of the most sought after adventure-based learning providers today. As our client, you will benefit from years of experience. You work with a proven partner who is accustomed to deliver turn-key solutions. And when it comes to customising something like a scavenger hunt or culinary competition, you won’t find a better-qualified resource. In short, we are uniquely successful because we help make teams like yours successful. Each programme is totally unique. All of our programmes and learning tools have the flexibility and versatility to integrate ‘customised’ design elements and serve as a powerful vehicle for exploring deeper concepts relevant to your group. Whether it is modifying the language to include buzzwords or themes meaningful to your group, refining the flow of an existing activity or designing a whole new programme, the final design will be tailored to achieve exactly the right results that you desire. And the result? Well, we can say this… Your team is guaranteed to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience as our programmes are a multi-sensory experience in itself.

4. What do you mean by a multi-sensory experience?

Our programmes are a multi-sensory experience in itself. All our activities are designed in such a way that participants have to highlight the use of one sense over another such as visual, audio, smell, tactile and intellect to achieve a solution. All senses are engaged throughout the day. On top of this multi-sensory experience, we also make use of the latest multimedia equipment to capture the teams in action.

Teams are able to see their behavior in the challenges and reflect upon them through a different perspective. When participants are fully engaged in the experience, their learning capabilities and capacities are fully stretched and maximized.

5. Tell me more about your Facilitators

The competitive edge of our experiential learning programmes lies in our highly committed and energetic Facilitators. Our Facilitators are business leaders themselves too. Their scope of work in business management allows them to integrate real-time experience and knowledge into professional debriefing sessions. As business leaders within FOCUS Adventure, they are all able to relate to a client’s business needs and facilitate a useful and meaningful programme. Our experienced Facilitators have run more programmes than others and have a good track record.

Spreading this much excitement day in and day out requires someone who is intelligent, articulate, contagiously energetic and personable. Each of our Facilitators has the experience and sensitivity to perfectly balance corporate realities with pure, unbridled fun. Each is equipped to keep your comfort level very high while achieving the desired results. This is all accomplished with a level of service and attention to detail which helps explain why so many of our clients return again and again

6. How would I know which programmes are right for my team? Many clients have come to us, unsure of which programmes / activities will best serve their needs. Don’t worry! We can help. We have a team of amicable Project Managers and Facilitators who will work closely with you to understand your objectives as well as the existing team dynamics. Based on the findings, we will then create customised recommendations for you to consider.

7. What is the duration of the programmes?

Our programmes range in length from 15-minute energizers to multi-day programmes (and everything in between!).

8. What sort of group sizes can you work with? We’ve delivered programmes for groups ranging in size from 5 – 700 participants, and we are able to customise according to your needs!
9. Can your teambuilding programmes be conducted indoors? Some of our programmes are designed specifically to be conducted indoors. Many others may be conducted either indoors or outdoors. If you have questions about programmes for a specific location, please contact us. We’ll be happy to talk with you about appropriate options.
10. Where can we hold the programmes? We’re based in Sentosa, but we are also located in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and we are continuing to cultivate a growing list of top-notched sites throughout Asia and beyond. Strategically located sites include:
  • – Sentosa Island, Singapore
  • – Sembawang, Singapore
  • – Nirwana Gardens, Bintan, Indonesia
  • – Bintan Lagoon Resort, Bintan, Indonesia
  • – Club Med, Bintan, Indonesia
  • – Holiday Inn, Batam, Indonesia
  • – Batam View, Batam, Indonesia
  • – Turi Beach, Batam, Indonesia
  • – Le Meridien She Shan, Shanghai, China
  • – Sheraton, Hainan, China
But if your location isn’t on this list, fear not! – We’ve conducted wildly successful events as far away as Australia and Japan. Travel is never an issue for us. Please don’t let it be one for you. On top of that, we host our own facilities so there is no need to fork out a bigger budget for expensive hotels.
11. How much lead time do you need for a programme? Ideally, we prefer at least a month of lead time to plan for a programme. Often, however, we have been contacted with a much shorter lead time. We have delivered programmes with as little as a 1-week advanced notice! Our ability to plan within a short time frame will depend on our existing schedule. Please contact us and let us know your timeline; we will let you know what we can do!
12. How much would a FOCUS Adventure programme cost me? Programmes typically range from $2,000 – $7,000 depending upon the objectives – this, however, is just an average. Each programme is completely customised to your specific needs and agenda. We’ll be happy to quote you a price once we understand your goals and objectives. Give us a call, or fill out our enquiry form for a more precise budget.
13. What makes FOCUS more cost effective? FOCUS Adventure is value for your money because our programmes are of world class quality with great facilitation by our own trained Facilitators. We believe that all impending investments should be relevant and useful to the staff members and organisation. We at FOCUS Adventure are poised to be your strategic learning partner and will help you in making your training investment worthwhile.