Scholarship Programmes – The Alpha Challenge!

The Alpha Challenge

The term Alpha describes Leadership.

In the animal kingdom, the Alpha, who is an excellent and well respected leader, is the dominant leader of the pack. An Alpha is confident and capable of protecting those around him. An Alpha rises to the top by proving himself in various occasions and earns the respect of his/her pack through hard work and determination. However, an Alpha also knows when it is time to step down and to let someone else who can do a better job take over.

This concept of Alpha applies to human as well. At FOCUS Adventure,  The Alpha Challenge is our unique way of identifying and grooming potential leaders to take on Leadership roles in the organisation.

The Alpha Challenge Scholarship – FOCUS Adventure

Part of this Leadership grooming process is the Alpha Challenge Scholarship. This scholarship is offered to partners who live by the FOCUS Adventure’s core values, are committed to the organisation and display a willingness to take on Leadership responsibilities.

In this Scholarship, partners can opt to pursue high education such as Degree or Master’s Degree programme that is relevant to their area of work.

The Alpha Challenge Scholarship – CAMP CHALLENGE

In fact, this Leadership grooming process begins with youth at the age of 15 with our sister company CAMP CHALLENGE. Youths as young as 15 who are passionate in Outdoor and Adventure Learning are identified and awarded scholarship to pursue a Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning with Republic Polytechnic. Upon graduation, they will begin their career with any of the three companies within our organisation – CAMP CHALLENGE, FOCUS Adventure or Outdoors Adventure. As they progress within the organisation, they can continue to tap on the Alpha Challenge Scholarship to further their studies.

Diploma to Master’s Degree Process Overview

This is how the process looks for a youth who taps on the Scholarship programme to fund his Diploma, Degree and Master’s Degree programme: