New Ideas



Success is what every enterprise sets out to achieve.

There are but a few key elements in every organisation that provide the leverage to which success are built on. These elements set the foundation and performances in these areas define the future of the Brand. These key areas are better known as the ‘Critical Success Factors’ (CSF) that anchor the organisation. CSF is one of the components that makes up our executive strategy. In FOCUS Adventure, ‘People’ is the most important CSF because success in other factors is dependent on how well we carry them out.

The achievement of FOCUS Adventure till date is in no small part credited to our CSF. It sets the direction to where resources are invested, providing us the right thrust forward. Fittingly, our CSF acronym the word ‘PUNCH’ when put together. Here’s our PUNCH!


The right people. What makes someone ‘right’? There is no one quality that characterizes a ‘right’ FOCUS Adventure partner. Some can be easily explained, others cannot be put into words. A common set of denominators all partners embody is our core values. That aside, other describable centers around the different set of skills and knowledge each separate function requires.

But, however different the competencies requirements are, all FOCUS Adventure partners are expected to positively demonstrate these qualities when making decisions and carrying out tasks – Helicopter View of interlocking relationships and patterns, constructive Attitude towards situations and Initiative in getting things done. The right effort here will produce the right Results to move both people and company forward.

Mostly, the non-quantifiable factors that cannot be easily described are also the same ones that provide the differentiating edge, setting one apart from another. As these qualities can only be felt and experienced, it is imperative in FOCUS Adventure that partners consistently exemplify the ‘right’ mental models and behaviors because it is through these actions that we speak what makes someone ‘right’.

As FOCUS Adventure grows, the number of partners will inevitably increase. Overseas expansion and hiring based on meritocracy bring people from diverse background and culture together to flag our flag. This diversity allows for constructive debates and generation of new ideas. As the number of different minds increased, so do the need to ensure the standards and quality of our experience does not deviate from the philosophies that made us who we are. This is where the next Factor comes in…


Uniformity allows us to be consistent. Consistency lays the foundation for efficiency. Because we are consistent in delivering the FOCUS experience, clients will see our brand as reliable, trustworthy and credible. No matter who facilitates the experience, where in the region it is held or what tools (activities) are used, we can always be entrusted in delivering a quality programme. This is possible because every FOCUS experience is designed after a proven methodology.

Internally, uniformity in our strategic systems and operational process provides the platform for efficiency and effectiveness. Success can be repeated. Over and over again. Once it is achieved, we move on to new areas and look for success. As we continue to grow, repeating success is no longer enough, our new benchmark is to duplicate success in other regions through our winning formula. The winning formula is not all about uniformity; amongst other CSF listed here and other less noticeable elements, it needs creativity for balance.

Uniformity should not be mistaken as a confining box that stifles freedom and imagination. Just as how we can be flexible and remain focused at the same time, we too can promote the spirit of creativity and innovation while working within established systems and processes. Uniformity provides the alignment for new ideas to grow, growth towards FOCUS Adventure’s direction.

New Ideas

All enterprises that seek growth need new ideas. New ideas open up new opportunities for us to value add to our clients’ experience and new direction to further develop our brand. New ideas allow us to evolve, revolve and keep FOCUS Adventure ahead of time. The challenge with ideas is how easy they can be adopted and adapted by others. Thus, generation of authenticity in FOCUS must be, and is, a continuous process.

Enterprises that will survive in the long haul are those who have learn how to innovate. Innovation and creativity are rooted in principle, not one-off event that occurs at the snap of a finger. The everyday behavior of FOCUS Adventure embodies the spirit of being unique and not accepting the status quo, this culture is the quintessential to generating new ideas. However, our culture is more than just about creative.


Our culture defines who we are. What is our culture? In its simplest form, it is the synergy of our core values. From a more complex angle, it is the composition of all the elements and sub-elements that guide our decision making process and everyday behavior. It consists of, and in no way limited to, our Vision and Mission, policies and standards, shared norms and beliefs and other forces that operate at and under our consciousness.

The FOCUS Adventure culture is a complex organism to describe; to fully understand it, one needs to be a full fledge citizen. Our culture is a living organism that lives through our partners. We are the culture. We breathe life into it and shape its future and destiny. In FOCUS Adventure, our culture influences our performance standard. Thus, as we develop across the region, it is imperative that same culture is established alongside our expansion plans. Culture building is more than a CSF; it is also a crucial founding block in our growth strategy and in this strategy, a key stakeholder is the hotel we partner.


The growing MICE industry channels companies (mainly MNCs, which make up our core cliental list) from different sectors to a few key areas. These areas comprises of locations that are up-and-coming and/or well developed and reputable group of hotels in MICE tourism. By making our presences felt and positioning ourselves as the ‘service provider of choice’, our partners become the platform for us to spread our brand experience. Once the participating company experiences our programme, it opens up opportunity for more direct collaboration in the future.

Partnering hotels provides the leverage in our growth strategy because they serve as the focal point for us to gain direct access to potential clients, other companies. This strategy serve us well because it allows us to be more efficient and effective, giving focus to how we invest precious resources like time, energy and effort. Our partners will benefit as we are able to value add to their customers’ experience in their hotel stay.