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Through many explorations, there is much to be discovered. Everything has a system even the environment. When you go close to a tree and you would see that there are many different life forms all coexisting together as a system! This is something we link towards theories where everyone is of equal value. Today, our most valuable highlight is saving a family of horseshoe crabs! At a glance there seem to be only two horseshoe crabs stuck in a stray fishing net. It was only when we lifted the net to our disarray that we discover so many of them stuck underneath. Horseshoe crabs are considered living fossils as they have been around for over 244 million years! These poor arthropods are normally sort for their blood for medical purposes and hunted in Asian countries to be eaten especially their eggs. It was heart -warming for us as we were able to set them free!


As mentioned, everything is part of the system. Hence in order to maintain the system we need to protect and preserve life and it is a pity seeing inconsiderate people who would cast their net irresponsibly. The mission is not over yet. There is still a lot that needs to be done. Let us all work together on this! Join us soon for our next adventure! See you soon!

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Each team will be tasked to build a robot together. After which they will be going through the learning session on manual controls and how to control them. This will allow their robots to be unique as compared to the rest. Their final objective will be to pit the robot that they built against man-made obstacles such as to carry items and moving from point A to point B or to going through a maze or to dance! The possibilities is endless! They will then customise a message for the children using the robots built and have it delivered to the beneficiaries.


Learning Objectives


  • To understand that it is not always the results that matter but also the process
  • Engage participant’s imagination and problem solving skills
  • Increase confidence and commitment levels
    Allows greater meaning to giving and helping those in need
  • To tap on each other’s strengths and weaknesses

If you are looking for an exciting challenge with a meaningful element, The Supermarket Race Challenge! will be the program for you! Teams will get to earn cash by attempting a series of challenges along the race, in a bid to earn enough money to purchase essential items for the selected beneficiary. Given a limited time and facing multiple challenges, teams will have to plan carefully and make strategic decisions to optimize their resources, and purchase as many items as possible for a good cause.