APRIL 2010

The FOCUS Facilitators and Team members made this pleasant. Any activity that we do, if accompanied by a group of very close people always makes it pleasant.
-Kintu Shah, Advanide

I got to know more and understand more of my colleagues at work thus building up a closer working relationship with them.
– Max, American Power Conversion

Through the Energisers, we got to know each other better in the hope of building long term relationship.
– Yeo, American Power Conversion

Great team at FOCUS Adventure. Keep up the good work. The whole objective of Teamwork was definitely met. We are a much closer team now. Thank you FOCUS Team.
– Nerissa de Rozario, American Power Conversion

The support and encouraging spirit from my Team mates in all the challenges that I went through made this trip a memorable one for me!! And the Facilitators from FOCUS were great too, be it on the ground or up there at the Team Challenge Pyramid!
– Soh Siew Lan, American Power Conversion

The Lead Facilitator managed to involve all the participants and liven up the mood with his humourous jokes. There were a lot of group participation so that everyone could get different opportunities to mingle around with other colleagues. I enjoyed the finale by ending it with the song and presenting the certificate to my colleague who spent the day with me.
– Sally, Changi General Hospital


The Geocaching Challenge! was really a good workout exercise for everyone of us as we had to run and climb stairs while most of the time, we stay indoors, facing the LCD screen. Overall I find the training enjoyable for us.
-Doreen Loh S Y, Central Provident Fund

Staff were relaxed and that made sharing easy.
– Ngiam Su Ying, Central Provident Fund

There was a good mixture of outdoor and indoor activities.
-Sharlene Lee, Central Provident Fund

We learnt that getting out of our comfort zone is difficult but there are always changes infront of us hence we should always do our best and prepare for the changes.
– Winniew chew, Central Provident Fund


The FOCUS Adventure learning site was great with a wide selection of activities with energetic Facilitators.
– Balakrishna, EAC (Regional Food and Beverage)

Bravo …!!
– Wong Tse Chen, Jurong Shipyard

The atmosphere created by your abled Facilitator was good and enabled us to effect a happy bond and cooperation amongst our staff, even though some of them hardly know each other. Through your well organized management of the activities and time control, we were so eager to work as a team to complete the assignment and acheive recognition. Many thanks to your efficient FOCUS team who made my day. I was like a child again! And I learnt some meaningful tips in working as a team.
-Vincent Tang, Knight Frank Estate Management

To see everyone putting their heads together to solve the building of their individual parts was encouraging. At least more heads were better than one head! I enjoyed the introductory part on setting our expectations right and that I agree that we all have different levels of expectations.
-Eileen Quek, Knight Frank Estate Management


Excellent programme, I enjoyed it immensely. Good job FOCUS Team!
– Stefan Goh, Ministry of Manpower

Very enriching!
– Vincent Lim, Ministry of Manpower

Good job! It’s fun and enjoyable!
-Spencer Lim, , Ministry of Manpower

Even though I was not too keen on The Cooking Challenge! to begin with, I went with an open mind just to have some good fun with my colleagues and at the end of it, I did – thanks for making it happen for us!
– Susan Chan, National University of Singapore

It was fun and challenging in the bidding round. We had to know what are the food needed, and how many ice-cream sticks we have, and do the bidding accordingly. For the Cooking Challenge!, we needed to plan of what to cook and how to cook. Overall, It was tiring but fun.
-Lim A, National University of Singapore

All of us had such a great time yesterday! Our heartfelt thanks to the FOCUS Team for giving us such a memorable Team Building experience! We look forward to organizing another event with FOCUS Adventure in the near future.
– Cheong Pey Ling, National University of Singapore


All the moments allowed us to get to know each other better.
– Singapore General Hospital

Thanks for letting us download the photos and giving us each a copy. Nice touch!
– Singapore General Hospital

Thanks! Had great fun and knew more people and what my Team mates are all capable of.
– Singapore General Hospital

Fantastic activities! I had so much fun with my colleagues! Thank you for the photos. Great use of audio visual with video.
– Singapore General Hospital

The Lead Facilitator was able to continue engaging the audience and deal with spontaneous comments. It was an informal and fun way to get to know more of my colleagues with the objective of improving our Teamwork. It was wonderful to witness the camaraderie among our large department even though some of us are doing something together for the first time.
-Singapore General Hospital

It was a good opportunity for Team Building outside of hospital setting.
-Singapore General Hospital


I enjoyed our get together and the experience at FOCUS Adventure!
– Ronny Wang, Singapore Prison Services

THE INCREDIBLE RACE is a refreshing concept.
– Singapore Prison Services


Thanks! Our people really enjoyed the activities that the FOCUS Team has prepared that day. I heard good things about FOCUS from my colleagues previously but after working with all of you for this event, I am convinced that FOCUS is really good! I will definitely remember FOCUS when there are any Team Building events to organize in the future!
-Boon Keng, Singtel

It has been a wonderful new Financial Year kickoff event for the GA team on 30 Apr (Fri). The whole day session has brought plenty of enjoyment, good memory along the message of “Making A Difference” to everyone of us. We are very appreciative of FOCUS commitment to have all items in place given the extremely tight timeline to work on. It is evident that great effort has been made to have our company logo with the event theme indicated on the “Finger Blaster”. Once again, we would like to express sincere thanks to the FOCUS Team for your hard work. Thanks!
-Sean Wong, Singtel

The program was light hearted and fun-filled which catered to the different age group and gender.
– Singtel


The activities were very appropriate for the team as they improved our concept about Teambulding.
-Emerito Canaya, SKF Logistics Services Asia

It was a wonderful experience in building a team with SKF family and being led by the FOCUS Team. Good job and keep up the good work.
-Husein, SKF Logistics Services Asia

The Facilitators were passionate in making the people involved fully in the Team Building activities. There was also co-relation of objectives of the activities/games with working environment in office. Overall it was excellent.
– S Mani, SKF Logistics Services Asia


On behalf of all of us in Societe Generale who attended the Offsite at Sentosa, I would like to thank the FOCUS Team for the excellent organisation and fun outdoor activities. Feedback from the participants were great. We all had a good time and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.Thank you for the nicely framed up photo. We will certainly consider FOCUS again for our next offsite.
– Mabel Sim, Societe Generale, Singapore


Had great fun. Keep up the good work FOCUS Adventure!


The Geocaching Challenge! was great as it taught everyone teamwork, communication, leadership and most importantly, trust. I wish to thank all FOCUS Facilitators. We all enjoyed ourselves and indeed we had a lot of fun. Thank you Sysmex and FOCUS Adventure.
-Vishinuvartan, Sysmex (Malaysia)


Nice accommodation – we rested well at the end of the day. Activities were spread out at a reasonable pace. Good planning, especially when wet weather spoilt the outdoor activites on Day 2, there was no hiccups in the transition from outdoor to indoor. And of course, the overall participation and energy level of the Teckwah Team. Very spontaneous, high level of commitment and team spirit.
– Jane Tang, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

Really enjoyed the relaxing pace and mood throughout the whole Team Building Exersise. It placed everyone at ease and was enjoyable while understanding the importance of Teamwork.
– Tan Peck Hoon, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

It was a challenge to all when everyone needed to link individual roller coasters together during The Roller Coaster Challenge! Our FOCUS Facilitator was friendly and cheerful.
-Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

On behalf of the Organising Committee, I would like to thank FOCUS Adventure for the fun-filled Team Building learning programme that all of you brought to us. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and were energised by the activities. We can feel the joy and energy in everyone and at the workplace now. One of the participants told me that he couldn’t have known so many colleagues if he didn’t attend the experiential learning. Great Job, FOCUS Team!
– Angela, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd


The group certainly enjoyed themselves during the Team Building segment. It had helped us to come closer and we also achieved our objectives of wanting them to be aware of those areas of improvement in terms of Teamwork. I had another day of workshop with them yesterday on their goals, etc and they are still talking about the High Elements as well as the areas of improvements in the team learnt from the Team Building Exersise. It was indeed worth while! We were also impressed with the way the FOCUS Facilitator conducted the programme. Well done!
– Patalina Tan, Volvo East Asia Pte Ltd