“The facilitators, Jeff and Peter, were on cue all the time, be it hyping up the lazy morning or the sleepy after(lunch)noon, injecting endless fun and laughter into the activities. They also took the effort to rationalize how each activity is a parallel to our work context and also how each of us manifested a different side when participating in the same activity. While most of us have been working as a team for more than a decade, we learnt something new and valuable about each other today. ”
– Dalvey Neo, HOD/Student Management, NAN CHIAU HIGH SCHOOL

“The trainers are excellent! Very focused, lively, and friendly. ”

“Ability and knowledge of trainer to link the objectives of each activity back to school context, instead of for just general team building ”
– Renuka Ramakrishnan, Assistant Year Head, NAN CHIAU HIGH SCHOOL

“Facilitator Timothy and Team were fantastic. Had a good time under their care. ”
– Wendy Lim, Business Support Executive, Teknor Apex Asia Pacific

“I think colleagues made a difference for sure, everyone were enthusiastic, supportive and it was good to have a change of environment. Facilitators were enthusiastic which kept our energy levels high as well. ”
– Deidre, Swarovski Singapore

“Deep was funny. Made it a lot more fun. Along with the photographer/videographer, Totok. ”
– Liana Noordin, Supervisor, Customer Relations and After Sales, Swarovski Singapore

“Good facilitators who made the team building activities enjoyable for us as a team. ”
– Veronica Quek, Executive, WIS Holdings