“It was a nice experience in a totally new place. ”
– Pushparaj Hegde, Manager – Commercial Service, Merck Pte Ltd

“Jeff was able to capture the audience’s attention and facilitated the session well. Activities and challenges were fun. ”
– Dawn, Specialist, Rio Tinto Marketing Pte Ltd

“The facilitator did a good job in presenting the topics that were addressed. I was able to take away a couple of pointers and apply it to my workplace. ”
– Nur Ermayushida, Assistant Manager, Sunglass Hut Southeast Asia Pte Ltd

“The facilitators were really professional and always kept the trainees energy level to the max. Every activity was challenging, especially the 24 meter TEAM CHALLENGE HOURGLASS which was really an unforgettable experience to me. The programme was not only relevant to work, it was also a challenge to me. The overall course is consider the most fun and enjoyable one as compare to the other courses that I have ever attended. ”
– Teo Jia Qi, Manager, Bank of China Ltd

“The facilitators were extremely professional; insightful debriefs were provided and energy levels were maintained high. ”
– Brenda, Student, Ministry of Transport

“The facilitators were very funny and very confident and experienced! ”
– Shawn, ARC, Aviva Asia Pte Ltd

“The facilitator Deep was extremely good. He was fun, engaging and there were no awkward silences during the training. It was an enjoyable time and I wished the time was longer so that we can have more activities. ”
– Joaquim Lin, Customer Service, Swarovski Singapore

“The facilitators were professionals in team building and made sure that we are all safe in all the activities. ”
– Melanie Fadrilan, Quality Lab, Evonik Oil Additives Asia Pacific

“Very thankful for being thoughtful to a pregnant lady and team member who were hurt. ”
– Vinny, , Rio Tinto Marketing Pte Ltd

“Venue was comfortable and the facilitator was entertaining and bilingual during the entire session. This helped to ensure all participants understood the objective of each challenge. ”
– Tan Chen Hong, Engineering Manager, Amphenol FCI

“Fun activities and teammates, with a great facilitator made this an awesome experience! ”
– Christina, Senior Manager, Workforce Singapore

“Effective way to get to know each other within our group ”
– Pranav V Nair, Engineer, Singapore Management University (MBA Programme)

“My team members worked well together irrespective of their roles as HQ/Influencers as each member chipped in their efforts to make it a great exercise. ”
– Derrick, Lecturer, Singapore Institute