“Love the Fun! Thanks “
-Agnes, Product Manager, Ez-link

“Enjoyable Session”
-Jasdeep, Ezlink

“Great time, achieved goals set together as a team.”
-Vaynii, MINDEF

“Program was awesome and helpful for bonding amongst the team.”
-Viknesuvaran, MINDEF

“FAcilitators were very efficient in conveying the objectives of the course”

“Thank you very much for the experience! :)”
-Chiew Kai Yin Iris, MINDEF

“Very good programme!!”
-Kenneth Lim, Executive, NUH

“It was Great Fun!”
-Felix Tan Chin Kuang, Medical Technologist, NUH

“FAcilitators were very engagin :)”

“Thank you Sasi , Bryan and Heng zhi, it has been a great session and everything was great”
-Angie Oi Poh Kim , Senior Manager , NUHS

“Thank you for the effort put into this! I have learnt useful applications that I can apply to even outside of work(: appreciate it really!”
-Sarah Foo, Medical Technologist, NUH

“The activities were fun and inspiration! The FAcilitators are professional and deserve 6 stars!”
-Su jie, Case Management Officer, NUH

“Awesome FAcilitator!! Never bored. Good session, maybe discussions can be shorter. Other than that, all amazing! “
-Nurul Shazirah, Medical Social Worker, NUH

“Overall fun, objective clearly met and message well instilled through each activity.”
-Ng Shi Han, Senior Assistant Manager, ERM & Internal Control, NUH

“Overall Excellent!”
-Michael Gow, Country Manager – Malaysia, Habasit Far East

“Great just nice where am session was intensive, walking and sweating. Then afternoon indoor session.”
-Victor, Regional Sales Manager, Habasit Far East Pte Ltd

“Bryan is a superb facilitator. He was able to build on our points and add on his insights.”
-Amanda Moey, MCCY

“Sasi, Yumi and team contributed greatly towards the success of our teambuilding programme. Thank you for all your support from start to end. We had a lot of fun and have also taken back some learnings that we can all apply back in the workplace. “
-Sauyan, Trustana

“Very Enjoyable Time”
-Han Kei Teng, Chemist, LINDE GAS SINGAPORE

“Great Job to FOCUS and Team! Thanks”
-Frankie Tan, SHEQ Manager, Linde Gas Singapore Pte Ltd

“I enjoyed the team building activities.
Comment is make the outdoor activities in the morning, very hot in the afternoon.”
-Judith Danlog, Product Manager, Linde Gas Singapore

“Enjoy the outdoor activities. Good selection of activities. Will be good to have more time ( additional 1 hour) for the outdoor activities “
-Chow Kok Ming, Deputy Managing Director , Linde Gas Singapore Pte Ltd

“It was a wonderful session! It pushed us to bond better and go beyond our boundaries!”
-Vignesh Ayyappan , MBA student, NTU

“It was too hot but the tower activity was amazing! Now I think that the level of the scariness and the difficulty was perfect in order to strengthen bond.”
-Yoshiko, NBS

“Long Tiring Day but Fun”
-Amos Toh, VP, City Energy

“Activity was fun and very inclusive.”
-Nabeela Ibrahim, Sales Development Rep – Humio, CrowdStrike

“Enjoyed the day and the activities were fun and interactive”
-Mark, SCB

“Berwin was down to earth, personable and able to lead effectively”
-Miriam Gondowidjojo, Business Planning Manager, Standard Chartered

“Excellent presentation and enjoyed a lot. Thanks to FOCUS team”
-Solaiappan, Sr. Rotating Engineer, Linde Gas

“Programmes are carefully planned, nicely executed. All participants were having fun, enjoyed the process and learn something from the activities.”
-Jason Lim, Branch Manager, Gebruder Weiss Pte. Ltd

“One of the more creative team buildings I’ve experienced.”
-Zhilei, Senior Strategic Manager, NLB

“Easy going trainers & we all had fun. Thank You :)”
-Yasmin, Executive , National Library Board

“High engagement. Well done!”
-Felicia, Career Coach , Ingeus

“Very energising session and very impressive video turnaround. “

-Sharon Ang, Coaching & Development Specialist, Ingeus

“Was a great afternoon ! very fun and effective…”
-Jan Cheang, Career Coach, Ingeus

“Thank you for the great work! The Facilitation is really excellent and FAcilitators are all very warm and friendly. I am very impressed that there is video at the end and certificate and photo are printed and given. Keep up the good work :)”
-Felicia Gwee, Team Manager, Ingeus

“It was fun and not too stressful!”
-Karen Ng, MBA Student, SMU

“Would definitely recommend. FAcilitators were excellent.”
-Amrit Raj Singh, Student , SMU MBA

“For a short programme, objectives were met in an enjoyable manner. It’s not easy to warm up a big crowd in a short time. Enjoyable surely!”
-Sufyan, Student, SMU