“ Through this programme, I saw how our peers stepped out to overcome their fears and helped each other along the way. The overall experience was very good and met the objectives we had hoped to achieve. Not forgetting to mention our Lead Facilitator, Yongjun and his TEAM who were very engaging. They made the entire experience a much more fulfilling one for us! ”
– Lim Sze Ling, HR Manager, Dun & Bradstreet Singapore

“Has witness the teambonding, fun and get to know each other better.”
– Julie Lee, Senior Executive Assistant, SONY

“The Facilitators were clear in their instructions and was always able to relate activities back to workplace. Their attitude made it fun for us.”
– Samantha, SONY

“Excellent. Its a fruitful adventure and knowledgeable for us. We learned a lot about the marine life. Thank you very much!”
– Asma Binte Ali, Executive Assistant (Projects), People

“There is interaction between team members and personal involvement in setting organisational individual objectives.”
– Shini John, Market Development Manager, Heineken

“Had fun! Enjoyed! Get to know new collogues and had great time with them.”
– Murthy, Technician, SABIC Asia Pacific

“Thanks for facilitating our learning experience.”
– Ministry of Education Singapore

“Thank you for helping to co-ordinate our programme, most of our participants enjoyed themselves in The Cardboard Race Car Challenge! Judging from the laughter and smiles :) Help us convey our thanks to LOH Biao as well.”
– Charlene Tang, Manager, SPRING Singapore   

“FOCUS Adventure was really professional and all of us enjoyed the programme. I would like to comment that TzeHao and his TEAM did a great job facilitating for our group bringing us through the learning objectives while keeping it fun. Besides, on behalf of the group, Victor and myself would like to thank you for liaising and attending to our enquiries promptly.”
– Finian, SPRING Singapore  

“Not enough time, as I enjoyed myself there. Good job!”
– Vivian Teo, Collection Department, Dun & Bradstreet (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“I particularly enjoyed the Lego Serious Play activity, which encapsulated many key leadership learning points. Thank you!”
– Ministry of Education Singapore

“The Facilitators were encouraging and energetic. Their patience is remarkable despite the heat. They brought out many pointers that opened up many realizations to how we can bring our experience at FOCUS to the office. Thank you guys for the amazing work that you do!”
– Samantha, Collections Officer, Dun & Bradstreet (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“Serene environment. Seesaw was cool, along with Lego.”
– Darren, Ministry of Education Singapore

“The ice breaker activities were interesting and the challenges were innovative.”
– SABIC Asia Pacific

“Get to know team members from other business unit/function better.”
– Christine Yeh, Administrator, SABIC Asia Pacific

“Was a great experience with all my fellow colleagues.”
– Nurul Kamariah, Secretary, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd

“It was fun and able to bring back the key points back to work. Sasi is a wonderful Facilitator. Special thanks to Yumi for all the arrangements. Thank you guys!”
– The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking

“The planning process was great. Dianne was very accommodating, and she met many of my requests. The execution was great too. Mugan brought in a lot of energy. He also communicated and checked with us if we should stopped because of the rain and carried on the activities after confirming. Despite the shorter than usual time given to complete the Team Challenge Hourglass, the programme was tweaked so that every participant had a meaningful experience. I must say the final jump was a memorable one for many of us.”
– Joel Tan, Volunteer Manager, Trybe Ltd

“My TEAM and I would like to thank Jeff and the TEAM for the programme. He was able to lead his TEAM well and has put in effort to make everything possible for us. Kudos to him.”
– Wai Yee, Ministry of Education, Singapore

“Teambonding is important and we faced the challenges together as a TEAM in search of the pictures, solved the puzzle and also took pictures at the same time.”
– Julia Loh Lay Leng, Executive Assistant, People

“The Facilitators enthusiasm was very contagious, and they gave instructions for each activity very clearly.”
– Megan Koh May Jen, People

“Clear instructions. FOCUS Adventure has a great TEAM running this programme and I really enjoyed it.”
– Norita Abdul Wahab, Executive Assistant, People

“Learning was customised to our needs.”
– Wu Xiaoyuan, Ministry of Education, Singapore

“It was fun! this is a key element of the programme I was looking out for. Many participants have gone through your programmes multiple times and sometimes the narrative of the activities may get repetitive. However, it was great that my TEAM enjoyed ourselves tremendously this time.”
– Cassandra, Senior Officer, SPRING

“The making and combination of roller coaster in groups really created team spirit and bonding.”
– Brandon Lee, Teacher, Teck Ghee Primary School

“My colleagues and I able to build a bike from scratch with the help and guidance from the friendly Facilitators.”
– Humairah, Teacher, East View Secondary School

“The presentation done by each group to sell their product was fun and exciting.”
– Sivaranjini, Teacher, Teck Ghee Primary School

“Awesome facilitation with clear defined learning objectives that made all participants work towards a good cause!”
– Benson Teo, East View Secondary School

“Though the rain spoilt some of our fun and confided us indoor, it was an awesome day/activities we had! The activities provided an opportunity for us to see the fun side of each other and yet learnt and appreciate the teamwork we displayed in order to achieve the goals of the activities. ”
– Priscilla Phang, Assistant Director, NTU

“Knowing everyone and building a great working relationship.”
– Anup Dhingra, India Supply Chain Lead, GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)    

“Clear guidance from Facilitator and Collaboration with other TEAM members – use of Social media.”
– Tendaishe Masuka, Regional GPS Lead, GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)    

“Facilitators are energetic and able to get every participant involved, felt included.”
– Leung Wai Wang, East View Secondary School

“It was fun and interactive. Facilitators good with nice sense of humour.”
– Catherine Williams, GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)  

“The activities allowed the participants to know more about each other.”
– Nurul Nabilah, Teacher, East View Secondary School

“The balancing activity was really fun, and the Facilitators were enthusiastic and encouraging!”
– Cassandra Teo, Teacher, The Learning Lab

“Fun simple activities and sharp simple reflection after.”
– Daelus Lu, Singapore Economic Development Board

“A lot of personal interaction with my colleagues. Facilitators were approachable and humorous. Wish it was longer. THANK YOU SO MUCH!  ”
– Edna Lee, Specialist Teaching Associate, The Learning Lab

“The activities are simple but effective for group cooperation and coordination. Pradeep is a good Facilitator. He is very lively and knowledgeable with what he is doing.”
– Janice, Senior Finance Manager, Mentor Graphics Asia Pte Ltd

“Special mention to YJ who had been very lively during our programme, and LOH Biao who was a good Facilitator in managing the teams conflicts and time constraint during some of the activities. Well done and thanks for the hard work.”
– Edward Chung, R&D Asia Asst Controller, Gemalto Pte Ltd

“Thanks for arranging a successful teambuilding programme for Gemalto. I have been hearing good feedbacks from my colleagues! I am really appreciative to YJ and LB for their energy and effort.”
– Edward, Gemalto Pte Ltd

“Safety is always being highlighted throughout the programme. The Facilitators are very friendly.”
– Tan Kok Chee, Accountant, Subsea 7 Crewing Services Pte Ltd

“The Facilitator spoke in good English and the programme was very relative to our work.”
– Nathan Chettiar, Senior Administrator, Subsea 7 Crewing Services Pte Ltd

“The teamBuilding programme is so great… No complaints from me.”
– Bui Quang Nghi, Carl Zeiss Pte Ltd

“It has been an engaging session with interesting and challenging activities for interaction and bonding among participants. Good job!”
– Lydia Lye, Teck Ghee Primary School

“Overall it was an afternoon of fun and a good break from the office.”
– Susan Chan, Head, NUS  

“Each activity has its own learning point which can be taken back to apply in workplace :) I would say the Facilitators were good and were effective to help the TEAM to think through the learning points and how to bring them back to work settings. Good job!”
– Merlynn, Assistant Director, NTU  

“Despite of the rainy weather, the indoor activities are interactive for the objective of the teambuilding day.”
– Tan Yiwen Yvonne, HSBC Bank (Singapore) Ltd

“Being in uniform groups, sports societies, church youth camps and other banks, I go to teambonding programme and camps every year since young. Expected it to be the same old activities but pleasantly surprised that half of the activities were new to me.”
– Kim, Prm, HSBC Bank (Singapore) Ltd

“Facilitators are sensitive to the feeling of the participants and we felt at ease participating the activities.”
– Cheong Lai Kuen, Manager, NTU

“Special commendation to Sasi, Jeremy, Iman and the Team Challenge Hourglass TEAM during the programme. They were all professional and excellent Facilitators!”
– Vijay Krishnan Chandran, Senior Assistant Manager, NTU

“This is the third time that we have engaged FOCUS Adventure for our annual Management Staff Retreat. Lead Facilitator – Sasi and his TEAM were awesome and they are able to relate the programme learnt from the activities to our workplace. We had so much fun and laughter throughout the 2 days programme. A big thank you to Sasi and his TEAM, not forgetting Tessa and Yue Ting who helped to coordinate this programme.”
– Wee Bee Lian, Assistant Manager, NTU

“The activities planned in a good manner and the clear instructions given has made this retreat a meaningful and fun.”
– Clarence Chen, Senior Assistant Manager, NTU

“Facilitators were very engaging and humorous throughout the two-day programme. Good move to probe further with participants on how they would apply the takeaway from each activity into their work place.”
– Sim Siew Noi, Assistant Manager, NTU  

“Toughest retreat ever!  However, I’m glad that through those tough challenges, I learnt more about myself. Things that I thought I was simple was more difficult to achieve and things that I thought was difficult, could actually be carried out easily with thorough planning and support from fellow TEAM members.”
– Moernie, Assistant Manager, NTU 

“I am very grateful to Yumi and her TEAM (YJ, Pradeep, LOH Biao, Toro and Anto). I was taken aback by how smooth this whole programme went. From the planning to executing, facilitation, activities, food and closing. Everything was done as planned and was very professional. I am thankful for Yumi and her TEAM for giving us such a wonderful fun filled Saturday! Thank you so much all!”
– Pam Cheah, AVP, Customer service, HSBC Bank (Singapore) Ltd

“Doing thing together outside work and Bonding. A good break from work.”
– Neo Sian Hu, Principal Systems Analyst, NUS  

“Know more each other – Build strong relationship – Explore the culture in Singapore, especially Little India.”
– Atithiya Dumrongraksakul, The Solvay group

“Awesome Facilitators – helpful, humorous and knowledgeable.”
– Jenelle, Business Development Manager, Dun & Bradstreet Singapore

“Overall, the Facilitators did a wonderful job in getting everyone to participate.”
– Junyong, Marketing Executive, Dun & Bradstreet Singapore

“We are certainly pleased with the services from FOCUS Adventure and we will definitely look forward to working with you if we have the chance. Please help me to convey my message to the TEAM who has worked together to make our teambuilding a success. Really appreciated their effort for making it a memorable programme for us.”
– Alan, Executive, SIM University

“We would like to extend our thanks to Yongjun and his TEAM. They were very professional and the programme was executed smoothly. The only thing we wished was that there was more time for us. Nonetheless, it was a very enjoyable day for our staff!”
– Sze Ling, Dun & Bradstreet Singapore

“Good day and many thanks to FOCUS TEAM for the great support in making our teambuilding day a very successful programme.”
– Andrea, The ABB Group