“I had an enjoyable time!”
-Cecilia Neo, EMA

“Well done to the FAcilitators! ”
-Jarius Tan, Analyst, Energy Market Authority

“Good job FOCUS team! I enjoyed it but I think it’ll be great if it is physical activity! Awesome”
-Junaina binte Mohamed Eusope, Executive, EMA

“An innovative approach to online teambuilding”
-chen Shu Kai, Dy Director, EMA

“Love this session!”
-Janice, Program Manager, AWS

“Awesome work by the team! had great fun with my team”
-Ashwin Singh, Business Analyst, AWS

“First time doing a virtual team bonding. it was great!”
-Jameson Soh, Country Ops ,AWS

“Love Gavin’s enthusiasm!”
-Samuel, Intern, AWS

“I felt that the programme was well executed. The FAcilitators from FOCUS Adventure were in high spirits which created an environment to be less tense too. More so, the starting activities were great – they broke us in into the programme. Very grateful!”
-Bobby,,Amazon Web Services

“Had fun with the virtual escape room and everyone was well engaged throughout the day. Not easy to organise team bonding under such circumstances, but well done on being able to still organise this and have everyone know each other better”
-Lydia Koh ,Manager, EMA

“Expectation met! Had a lot of fun.”
-Kelvin Teo, SM, NCSS

“The main FAcilitator for today was super enthusiastic and really carried the entire organization. Well done Gavin”
-Eldrich, NCSS

“Lightweight and good bonding with peers from different functions. I like the messing up of roles some get to be TM, MM and OM. ”
-Joey Chan, Senior Manager, NCSS

“Activity was refreshing, super fun, and very helpful in breaking the ice between colleagues new to the organization, Great FAcilitation too ”
-Jolene, Fundraising Intern, NCSS-FREG

“The virtual induction programme is something new and refreshing, overall a pleasant experience.”
-Jonathan Lee, Senior Engineer, Energy Market Authority