Everyone is engaged and it’s teamwork to complete tasks assigned. The FAcilitator is able to conduct the programme very well and interesting.
Florence Seah
Asst Customer Service manager, Arkema Pte Ltd
Good job to berwin and his team portrays very Well trained trainers. Hope to come again with different programs
Genki DM
Fantastic FAcilitator. Good team building activities. Able to tie activities to corporate values.
Alex Ng
Executive, UOB
Thanks Zul, Mai & Anto for the fun activities. Really learnt alot which is relevant to my daily work.
Noormazreen Bin Maswan
Had a lot of fun! The level of complexity was just right - not too complex that it was hard to follow and understand, but not overly simple as well. Thank you for the fun day!
UX Strategist, MSD
FAcilitators communicated and teach very well
Head, MHA
Very impressed by how fast FOCUS Adventure was with coming up the video to show us at the end! was beautifully edited as well 🙂 good facilitation by Berwin as well!! Enjoyed myself 🙂
Genki DM