“ The fast, action packed activities were fabulously thrilling! The Facilitators were thorough with their subject and knew how to hold the attention of every participant! They were extremely sensitive to our safety which was very heartening! On the whole an extremely enjoyable experience that will be cherished for times to come! ”
– Priyadarshini Vig, Deputy General Manager, INSEAD

“The interaction within participants to work together including the sharing session. It acts as a refresher pertaining to the organisation’s Values.”
– Paramjeet Singh, Assistant Manager, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd

“Mugan and the team brought great energy! Keep up the good work!”
– Ayu Sastrotanoyo, Consultant, Korn Ferry Singapore

“The idea of having GPS devices leading the clue to treasure hunt was good. The combination of 3 challenges to the theme of this activity was good.”
– Sally, Senior Manager, Jabil Circuit (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“The sailing and kayaking, though physical demanding, was a very positive experience.”
– Desmond, Air Force Engineer, Ministry of Defence

“Overall the activities are relevant and fun too.”
– Roy Lim, 3M  

“Team spirit, experienced Facilitators, and the programme pace was just right.”
– Zhimei, Towers Watson Singapore

“Get to know each other. Really enjoyed and had fun!”
– Janet Teow, Assistance Sales Manager, Ecu-Line Singapore Pte Ltd

“The Lead Facilitator is good at his speech delivery and trying to get the mood going and adapt very quickly to sudden changes required.”
– SABIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd   

“Very fun and enjoyed! It is the most memorable programme.”
– SABIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“The adventure and thrill of competing was quite fulfilling.”
– Kaushal Shetty, Manager, Ecu-Line Singapore Pte Ltd   

“Continue to create more fun, exciting and useful teambuilding programme for your future clients  ”
– Jarrah Dima-ala, Business Development Executive, Ecu-Line Singapore Pte Ltd

“The co-operativeness among members between the teams from different departments and also the Can-Do Attitude that pushes everybody on.”
– Tan Boon Kwang, Manager, Satair Pte Ltd

“The Lead Facilitator made the whole programme comfortable, enjoyed the way he did his presentation.”
– Chlo, Technician, Satair Pte Ltd

“Facilitators showed good knowledge of their programme.”
– Satair Pte Ltd

“Doing The Laser Combat Challenge! activity in a field with trees and by the sea is good.”
– Mable Chan, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd

“High-Tech gadgets for the activities and experienced Facilitators. Good job and thumbs up for FOCUS team!!”
– Irzan, Programme Coordinator, Satair Pte Ltd

“Overall it was an enjoyable experience. FOCUS proved a high level of adventure than most other organisers and the Facilitators also have very good experience in their areas. We felt safe when we were participating in our activities.”
– Lee Siang Kwang, Principal Development Engineer, 3M

“The whole programme was well planned and organised.”
– Melvin, Product Manager, Satair Pte Ltd

“Good Facilitators who know how to bring up the atmosphere.”
– Joscelyn Chen, Supply Chain Analyst, Satair Pte Ltd

“A great venue, with great scenery. Overall a great experience with FOCUS Adventure.”
– Dave Nah, Payroll Accountant, Nike Global Trading Pte Ltd

“Due to the activities, I mingled and connected with a bunch of my mates for the first time at the trip.”
– Shanal Lahoti, Student, Singapore Management University

“The group that I was in made the experience more enjoyable. Especially, meeting new people.”
– Albert, Singapore Management University

“We have never done this kind of Teambuilding before and it is great.”
– Ray, Singapore Management University

“It was quite interactive and the activities are fun! Keep it up.”
– Philip Morris International

“It helped us to bond together, and understand how each other think and behave. And also to get everyone to think out of the box, and apply on work, whenever necessary.”
– Loo Yoke May, Habasit Far East Pte Ltd

“Majority of the activities are new and eye-opener to us. The activities enable us to display strong team spirit and resilience to complete each of them. Well done, FOCUS Adventure!”
– Yeow Yuin, Ministry of Defence

“Food cater is nice. Overall is fun and we get to know each other well from strangers.”
– Doris Lim, Senior Manager, Singapore Workforce Development Agency

“The activities that involve strong teamwork in order for us to overcome the challenges together as a team.”
– Suhailah, Executive, Singapore Workforce Development Agency

“Activities were simple enough for all ages to participate. The grouping method is good and the ending in passing the certificates to another staff is good as I get to know new colleague.”
– Singapore Polytechnic

“FOCUS Adventure team give out lively presentation and are able to lead the groups to fused in the activities and the place gives us a scene of greenery as well. Good jobs!”
– Francis, CapitaLand Limited

“It was really a wonderful programme in term of: Teamwork, Learn to Success, Unity, Responsibility, Hearing to instructions carefully etc. Thank you… FOCUS Adventure.”
– Ali Ambousaidi, Ong Teng Cheong Labour Leadership Institute

“I liked the High Elements and wish we could have done more of it. More activities on the first day would be good as well.”
– Kenneth Ho, GIC Pte Ltd

“Activities are well-arranged to space out the outdoor and indoor ones, while the Facilitator always made sure the key learning objectives are met.”
– Chen Liangzi, GIC Pte Ltd

“Teambonding and the company – Great Faciliator and organising team.”
– Sylvester Wee, Associate, GIC Pte Ltd

“Simple straight forward activities… Good facilitation. Allowed participants to enjoy and learn.”
– Jeji James, Manager, Nestle Singapore Pte Ltd

“The programme has provided a social interaction opportunity for us with our colleagues who you would hardly see them due to different work schedule.”
– Koh Siok Im, Senior Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic

“Facilitator was able to energise the crowd, no similar energisers used from previous teambuilding programme. Ties back to office related activities so that participants can have key takeaways.”
– Sharon Neo, Executive Assistant, Philip Morris International

“Love the oversea venue that allows us to break away from the network and participants are fully focus on the activities.”
– Sharon Quek, Specialist, Philip Morris International

“Overall objectives met. It was a GREAT, FUN and ENTERTAINING programme for the team. Great work FOCUS!!”
– Theresa Lee, MICE, Head, FCm Travel Solutions Singapore

“The activities were very effective in allowing us to pick up salient points which we can use for our work.”
– Sheryl, Management Associate, United Overseas Bank

“Being given the opportunity to mix around and interact with the regional Management Associates.”
– Elizabeth, Management Associate, United Overseas Bank

“All the engaging activities are so much fun especially the rafting activity.”
– Vicky Fernando Taslim, United Overseas Bank

“Thank you once again for the job well done with us. The team enjoyed themselves and learnt greatly too. They are looking forward to see the video & photographs Thank you!”
– Kelly Chong, Manager, Habasit Far East Pte Ltd

“Opportunity to develop teambonding and everyone was having fun.”
– Quah Boon Aik, Director, Jabil Circuit (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“Interaction with the team helped to break the barriers and improve relationship and the fun afternoon a little bit too hot for me.”
– Ralph Mende, Jabil Circuit (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“It was a great teambonding which building relationship.”
– Karen Lee, Manager, CapitaLand Singapore Limited

“Facilitators are flexible to tune to situation and are customer-centric.”
– Lee Kim Siah, Costing Manager, Jabil Circuit (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“Thank you for an incredible teambuilding activities full of fun, bonding, mini challenges – a programme that will be of benefit to us forward moving. Although we were initially disappointed that we had to move the programme indoor due to pouring rain, but was thankful the rain cleared as soon as we were about to start!

Fidelis and Damien were wonderful guys to work with. The entire crew had so much energy in them which in turn lifted our spirits high after a long day of conference session and led us to a fun filled programme!

The programme was delivered with absolute precision and ended off in time for refresh before dinner! I would have no hesitation in doing another programme with your FOCUS again, certainly our number 1 choice! Thank you!”
– Theresa Lee, Head of MICE. FCm Travel Solutions Singapore

“Thanks for the great job from the great team. We enjoyed ourselves a lot.”
– Lee Shu Yen, Senior Executive, CapitaLand Singapore Limited

“Good Facilitators. They are nice and patient, inspiring and passionate. I enjoyed myself and also made friends with my new colleagues. Thanks very much!”
– Maggie Yi Xin Zhou, Management Associate, DBS Bank Ltd

“Fun Facilitator – Variety of Activities – Clean Facilities”
– Bryan, DBS Bank Ltd

“Facilitators were involved, funny and owned the activities. It can be difficult to keep a whole new bunch of crowd motivated.”
– Deepak Pandey, Vice President, INSEAD

“Thoroughly enjoyed the activities. Mugan is a very accomplished and professional Facilitator. Keep up the good work. Cheers!”
– Surendra Soni, Sales Director, INSEAD

“Sasi was very good. It was very fun in learning… Really appreciate your team effort…”
– Stalin, Senior Executive, Prudential Singapore

“Teamwork, understanding each other and keep me motivated.”
– Ivan, Sales Associate, Bottega Veneta

“It keeps me the drive and motivated. I learn about compassion understanding acceptance and trust are some of the key factors in order to work better as a team!!!”
– Dian, Sales Associate, Bottega Veneta

“It was fun working together with people from other departments.”
– Lee Kong Heng, Manufacturing Biotechnologist, Roche Singapore Technical Operations Pte Ltd

“The balance between fun, leisure and adventure was really good! Thoroughly enjoyed being part of the programme through the indoors, outdoors and even on-boat experience.”
– Basil, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“The activities were all very unique and helped to make a very refreshing and exciting programme.”
– Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“A lot of opportunities to interact with colleagues from other teams. Great location. Very impressed with Lead Facilitator, Sasi. Had a great time.”
– Daniel Panek, Prudential Singapore

“Getting rid of my fear in water and heights.”
– Umar Devi, Ministry of Defence

“Sharing the complete activity at the end of the programme made difference. Truly enjoyed.”
– Mahesh KP, Monitoring & Operations Analyst, Prudential Singapore

“Overall, we had a very memorable experience with FOCUS Adventure. I will like to thank Joey(Lead Facilitator) and his team for the hard work and commitment. We are not expecting the programme that were planned and they never failed to surprise us. Once again, I am looking forward to next possible engagement with FOCUS Adventure in the future.”
– Lim Chee Wee, Engineer, Ministry of Defence

“Everything was done so well that I’m sure we will engage FOCUS again in the future :) ”
– Tiurma, Officer, Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd

“The Project Manager, Sabrina and her team were accommodating, helpful and easy to work with. This made our planning for our programme smoother and more fun. They even went the extra mile to video our visit and interview with the beneficiary, Viriya who we are working with. The Facilitators were competent and had high energy to create the fun atmosphere. Most importantly, they were able to engage our staff professionally. Thank you for helping us to make the programme successful!”
– Angela Phua, Executive, Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd

“Venue was excellent, the overall team spirit was very good.”
– Jose Palacios, Leader, Procter & Gamble