So exciting! I don’t know virtual gathering like this can be so much fun!”
-Gary Rustandi, SMU

“Was fun, really loved the video – hoping to see it soon!”
-Diyls Chua, SMU

“Well done! never thought online team building can be so interesting and engaging.”
-Luke Lim Candidate, MHCL, SMU

“It’s quite interesting to see how a virtual team-building program can be run. Lots of fun factors. Thanks.”
-Diana Goh Registered Nurse, SMU / SKH

“Fun and engaging. Thank you very much!”
-Dickson Kuak Fu Seng, SMU

“Very enjoyable time which allowed me to make new friends and do activities that made time pass by quickly! ”
-Lidia Maliki, Assistant Manager (Legal Operations & Policy), MCCY (SYC-ROMM)

“Great programme. Enjoyed my time with the virtual amazing race! Thanks to Gavin and team!”
-Shangkari Rasandran, Assistant Manager, CRED

“Thank you very much for organising a valuable program. It was quite effective to know new colleagues each other. ”
-Satoshi Nakata, Merck

“Didn’t know what to expect for a virtual teambuilding, but it was so well planned! Fun activities!”
-Camy, SingHealth

“It’s an enjoyable activity to participate with colleagues especially during this challenging period.
Thank you very much for facilitating the event! ”
-Serene Lok, Manager, SingHealth

“Pleasantly suprised by how fun and engaging a virtual teambuilding session can be. I guess its the technical problems that affect the quality/ enjoyment of the whole process, but overall still very fun”
-Isaac Chua, SingHealth