“Good and Interactive.”
-Raymond Lee, Senior Marine Surveyor, MPA

“Thank you for the fruitful session. Though the activity seems simple, we managed to have quite a few takeaways. Good job! ”
-Ho Sz Wha, MBS

“Thank you for a wonderful and enjoyble session”
-Lee Teck Lan, Assistant Year Head, Maha Bodhi School

“Love it!”
-Jasveena, SH EL, MBS

“An enjoyable, interestign and meaningful session. The time spent was worth it. ”
-Elaine, Principal, Maha Bodhi School

“Good job on the pre-workshop prep and the conduct of the workshop”
-Zulfadly, SH CCA, Maha Bodhi School

“Thanks Sasi and team for designing such an engaging learning retreat for us. The games and interactions evoke lots of self-reflection for me. Thanks! And take good care ”
-Wang Ming Hwee, VP, Maha Bodhi School

“Job Well done. I had a fun and interesting time”
-Ammar Zafran Bin Zulkifli, Engineer, PUB

“Shoutout to Berwin and Bryan for facilitating a smooth team bonding session”
-Phua Kian Ming, Engineer, PUB

“I really enjoyed the activities prepared by the FAcilitators. Thank you so much I hope to attend another similar programme like this again!”
-Jenny, FGIP, IHiS

“Good job! I think the materials are hard to prepare and despite it being virtual, I do feel like I know my members abit more!”
-Priya , Intern, IMDA

“Enjoyed myself very much. Thank you”
-Serene Er, Executive, IMDA

-Steve Lee, Director, IMDA AIPO-DSL

“Very engaging and fun. Time well spent in these COVID times. ”
-Arvind Verma, IMDA

-Jingchao Yang, Merck

“Great fun, thank you. All the FAcilitators were really good.”
-Laurie Mooney , Merck

“For Escape Room, time is always the short. It was fun, thanks !”
-Jisoo Kim, Merck

“Gavin is an excellent FAcilitator, he is doing an excellent job here! I was not expecting this fun today, thank you!”
-Brenda Chong, Manager -Operations, Merck

“The FAcilitators were helpful and engaging! ”
-Tan Limin, Manager, NCSS

“Kudos to FOCUS Adventure, it was a fun and meaningful event! ”
-Ng Herk Low, Director, Strategic Planning Office, NCSS

“Time flew by when everyone was having fun!~ We got to know each other better ”
-Joseph Lua Wei Hon, Senior Manager, NCSS

“Good and fun session. ”
-Linda Kwek, Senior Manager,NCSS

“Despite it being online, it was fruitful and enjoyable.”
-Janice Ee, NCSS

“Thank you for providing such an engaging session, thoroughly enjoyed myself during the virtual escape room session.”
-Wan Wai Theng, Trainee , NCSS

“Facilitators were very quick to respond to Team 2. Game was fun – liked the local and NCSS elements.
Would have appreciated a bit more time/activities to get to know people on a personal level, maybe if we had one more personal prompt other than the COVID one?
The game was fun!”
-Charmaine Chua, NCSS