“ On behalf of our organisation, we want to express our sincere thanks for the teambuilding programme that FOCUS Adventure team have conducted for us at Sentosa.

Not only the programme venue chosen was ideal for our teambonding session, the food catered as well with the activities planned for the whole day were perfect in creating the atmosphere for our employees to bond with each other. We certainly had a lot of fun and did get to know each other and ourselves better, especially when the team realized the power they had when they worked together towards a common goal.

Mostly importantly, the learning outcomes that were achieved after the day’s programmes, we are really pleased that the teams were able to learn from the many interesting activities that FOCUS has conducted for us. FOCUS Adventure has done an outstanding job and we have no hesitation in recommending your company to our business associates.

Our heartfelt thanks to the Project Manager and Facilitators for the wonderful and great teambuilding experience as well as the memorable photographs and video taken by them. ”
– Calvin Poon, General Manager, Unigold International

“I would like to compliment the Facilitator there by the name of Jeff and YJ for the outstanding help they have given to me. Not only that they have done a really great job in facilitating with the programme, they have also went through an extra mile to make my day! Thank you so much FOCUS Adventure for having such nice and helpful Facilitators. I felt really satisfied attending the Teambuilding programme. Keep on the great work!”
– Nafisah Saifudin, Service Associate, NUH

“Fun and interesting to build the bicycle.”
– Pearlyn So, Executive, Ministry of Manpower

“Activities were simple and easy to understand.”
– Yeong Hwee Toi, Draftmen, Azbil Singapore Pte Ltd

“A meaningful 2-in-1 programme with indoor teambuilding activities and a heart for the community.”
– Peggy Tan, Senior Executive, Ministry of Manpower

“Time for debriefing and sharing makes the programme more meaningful.”
– Scarlett Chen, Senior Executive, EUROIMMUN (South East Asia) Pte Ltd

“It was a great experience to work on the team activities.”
– Ravi Kumar, Director, Procter & Gamble

“Very engaging and funny Facilitator, many opportunities to talk and meet the colleagues (especially for such a large division), environment was good (cool clean enough) and allowed for a comfortable time.”
– Great Eastern Life

“Awesome place, awesome people. I loved it.”
– Sumit Srivastava, Procter & Gamble

“Very meaningful way to do charity at this Teambuilding programme.”
– Susie Ong, Ministry of Manpower

“I hope the video will capture everyone because it is good memories. Thanks.”
– Unigold International Pte Ltd

“Facilitators were able to bring up the learnings from activities effectively. Kudos!!!”
– Asni Sani, Training Manager, Sunglass Hut Southeast Asia Pte Ltd

“Great Facilitator! Kudos to Damien!”
– Lee Yeow Meng, Senior Officer, Bank of China

“Programme was fun! Good mix of High & Low Elements which made the programme engaging and provided a good change of environment from time to time. Prefer the Low Elements as it requires more teamwork, communication which result in greater learning and bonding after the activity.

Good use of music during energizer to hype up the atmosphere. After energizer was DISC which got a little too draggy and energy level of participants became lower. Felt that most people were aware of how DISC works so can shorten this theory part.

All in all, the objectives were achieved!”
– Winnie Tan, Recruit Express Pte Ltd

“The activities were very fun and I got to know more colleagues through the programme. Through the activities, we learnt the importance of teamwork and the strengths and weaknesses of different personality traits that we can tie back to work. I prefer the Low Element activities as they required more teamwork and interaction. I had fun brainstorming strategies and playing the activities with the team.”
– Joanna, Recruit Express Pte Ltd

“Good! I like the activities but it would have been better if there are more activities!”
– Chloe Mei, Recruit Express Pte Ltd

“Good in general. Time and schedule nicely done, just that the High Elements portion could be expanded. I prefer the High Elements but need to have more variety and opportunities to do more during the programme. The High Elements challenge more guts, which I prefer; while the Low Elements that challenges the wits.”
– Andrea Sze, Recruit Express Pte Ltd

“The programme was good, everything was going in a smooth flow. Can see that all the programmes are devised in an orderly manner. I would prefer High Elements. Reason being : It’s more fun and challenging. The feel of jumping from high ground to lower, is shiok”
– Mark Chua, Recruit Express Pte Ltd

“The programme was well-developed and had not only a theoretical aspect but also a practical one which tied up nicely. Learnt more about the DISC profiles which fits what is practiced at work. Both High & Low elements have its own great points. Low Elements taught us how to work as a team and strategize before starting the activities. High Elements taught us how to embrace our fears & comfort zone. Personally still enjoyed the High elements as it’s something I don’t do often.”
– Sarah Lim, Recruit Express Pte Ltd

“The programme was good! Surprisingly had a lot to take back. The activities were fun and I liked how there was always something we could learn in what I initially thought was pointless activities. Like the hula hoop activity, we all were thinking like this should be easy, bring up and down only. But when you actually did it, it was rather difficult. Prefer the High Element! Partly because I’m someone who is more adventurous and High Elements is what I like to do. ”
– Denyse Tan, Recruit Express Pte Ltd

“It was a good experience. No preference to High/Low Elements. Both are equally enriching and fun.”
– Emily, Recruit Express Pte Ltd

“The programme was very interactive and fresh, very different from what I’ve imagined. Enjoyed myself and learnt how to handle my colleagues better, being more tactful. It was a very well thought out programme, I will definitely participate if there are more of it.

I actually don’t have any preference for High/Low Element activities, I have a phobia for heights but on that day, I knew I would be in safe hands so I actually volunteered to go first. It was a day I actually face my own fear and move on from it. So I don’t mind doing more High Element activities again.”
– Adam Tan, Recruit Express Pte Ltd

“It was tiring but fun and enjoyable. I prefer the Low Elements as I am afraid of heights.”
– David Tan, Recruit Express Pte Ltd  

“It was quite fun and engaging, get to know more colleagues. Prefer the Low Element as I’m afraid of heights.”
– Claire Ong, Recruit Express Pte Ltd

“The way the whole programme was orientated. A fun way of learning about good strategies and teamwork.”
– Nurul Syazwani, Medical Technician, National Healthcare Group

“Able to engage a very large group and keep their interests up. Good work.”
– Tyrone Goh, Executive Director, National Healthcare Group

“Friendly, efficient and helpful Facilitators together with the great activities :) ”
– Maradiya Nasir, Radiographer, National Healthcare Group

“It was a pleasure experience… I have fun! The food was nice. Thank you FOCUS Adventure!!!!”
– Jhudelin Ramos Regala, National Healthcare Group

“All the Facilitators showed great energy throughout the activities making it more exciting (: ”
– Nurul Fatin Omar, Medical Technician, National Healthcare Group

“Able to communicate clearer and better understanding with colleagues from different department.”
– Norizam Bin Hashim, IFM Electronic Asia Pte Ltd

“Great platform to gather all into a team role play.”
– Robin Chong, Project Manager, FCm Travel Solutions Singapore

“It was a great teambuilding activity and very fun.”
– Ana Marques, Moleac Pte Ltd

“Sasi is an excellent Facilitator. Each and everyone of us enjoyed the bonding session as well as some management thoughts he shared with us e.g. the 4 Ms – Mission, Manpower, etc… We have been engaging you guys in the past 4 years and apparently each time was better than the other. Therefore this year is the best by far. Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing Sasi and FOCUS team next year …. Cheers!”
– Vila, Corporate & HR Manager, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy Pte Ltd

“As one of the internal organisers, we had a lot of good feedback especially the last part where we gave the certificates randomly. I liked this myself as it allowed everyone to mingle and know more people from other departments.”
– Mark Eric Ibasco, Autodesk Asia Pte Ltd

“Teamwork is the key. I was afraid and scared while doing such a tightrope walking. I thought to give up and stopped, but my team mates gave me spirit and encouraged me to continue until I finished all steps. Support and guidance from Facilitators also strengthened my self-confidence to conquer my fear. I wish I will have this sort of teambuilding again in near future. Thank you very much.”
– Anton Surya Senjaya, System Analyst, FCm Travel Solutions Singapore

“The Facilitators were friendly and helped make everyone feel at ease right from the start. Pace was good and everything went smoothly. Thanks to their excellent facilitation.”
– Jacqueline Choong, Autodesk Asia Pte Ltd

“This is the only time that I felt I was really on the different environment away from office. I felt relax and happy during the activities. Thanks for helping us to make our programme successful.”
– Reden L. Ca-adan, Ericsson Telecommunication Pte Ltd

“Thank you so much for the coordination and hardwork and for taking the random queries and changes. Yongjun and the team did a fantastic job as well. Feedback from everyone was that it was really fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.”
– Angela Wu. Head of Sales Support, DHL Global Forwarding (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“We are happy with the FOCUS function room set up for closing/debrief, and the outdoor beach view is nice while people having their dinner. All Facilitators are friendly and helpful. Thank you.”
– Cecilia Lee, Partner Services Specialist, Autodesk Asia Pte Ltd

“Although it was a very fun activity, we had little time to enjoy the Aquarium as we were busy looking for answers to the puzzle. ”
– Inchul Lee, Autodesk Asia Pte Ltd

“Getting to know other colleagues from different business units who I don’t normally work with directly.”
– Joanne Setias, Recruitment Consultant, Korn Ferry Singapore