“The FAcilitator knows how to get the crowd going. very interactive”
– Masnizan Bin Mohamed Salleh, Logistics Executive, Zoll Medical

“The FAcilitator is able to link the activities back to our work.”
– Phyllis, SAD, MOE (Academy of Singapore Teachers)

“I really enjoyed spending time with my colleagues in a non-traditional setting.”
– Glenn Foster, Zoll Medical

“Activities are interesting and fun. Learnt more about thinking out of the box and to communicate better with colleagues. As I have not used the mousetrap before, it was quite an experience and overcame my fear and not being caught by the trap.”
– Joanne Tan, SMU

“Ability to get to know in person the different project team members for more effective teamwork”
– Fung Siong, COO MS, Dimension Data Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“FAcilitator Berwin Tan took care of me really well as I just returned to work from foot surgery. He assured me that it was safe for me to take part in the activities and guaranteed that no one would step on my bad foot even when blind-folded! With peace of mind , I really enjoyed the activities planned for the day! This is the first time we mingled so closely with our colleagues from AST after the centralization in Jan 2019. I attribute this to the games we played together.”
– Pauline Baeg, MOE (Academy of Singapore Teachers), Dimension Data Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Laser Tag was fun”
– Nadia, Executive, SMU

“It was challenging. You get to know more of yourself”
– Jonathan Teo, Country Manager, Zoll Medical

“The FAcilitators are experience, patient and quick-witted in handling situation. Great job!”
– Jerico Baliza, Executive, SONY

“The navigation part which tested my navigation skills”
– Cho Ling Tan, DM, LTA (Admin Services)

“Very interactive.”
– Agha Hasan Jan, Cloud Platform Sales Rep., Oracle

“As always FOCUS never fail to disappoint with their program. The experiential learning provide great learning and bonding opportunities out of office. Great job.”
– Shawn Chan, Marketing and operations manager, ROCKWOOL Building Materials (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“very good FAcilitators”
– Jeremiah Ocampo, lead consultant, Singtel (Shop Comcentre)

“This year team bonding was definitely a pleasant one. It definitely bond our colleagues.As some of us was not good at certain areas but we helped one another.”
– Angie toh an qi, Coordinator, Sumitomo Pte Ltd

“Overall enjoy, good training and make sense”
– Ramesh Rajah, Customer Service , ROCKWOOL Building Materials (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“The activities were fun and not hard for everyone to play. There are a lot of opportunities for the participants to interact with one another”
– Leon Tan, Procurement Executive , Pfizer Singapore

“The FAcilitators were giving off positive vibes and the interactions between us has been awesome. Keep it up for the next bacth!”
– Darwin, Logistics Specialist, Procter & Gamble

“Working together with colleagues from other departments to achieve the objective of the activities.”
– Naviin Suthevan, Production Specialist, Procter & Gamble

“Everything was well organized. From the morning tea break to the beach games to the indoor activities up till the BBQ Dinner. The facilitators ensured we were engaged all the time. There were no hiccups and everything went smoothly.”
– Brenda Leong, Admin/HR Manager, Mun Hean Singapore Pte Ltd

“The location and the connected activity was well planned!”
– krishnamurthy, Director – Tax, Volvo Group Singapore (Pte) Ltd

“Friendly and lively FAcilitator.”
– Belinda, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

“Interesting activities and good seaside view. Didnt get bored through the day.”
– Calvin Teo, Assistant Manager Bus Operations, LTA (Bus Licensing and Bus Operations)

“Well organised. All trainers are friendly and approachable.”
– RAHSIDA BTE MOHD RASIP, SAAO, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore