“Hi Yumi
Received the photos and videos!
Thank you for the invoice – I have submitted it for our finance team to process.
Thank you very much, Yumi, for coordinating the entire virtual programme in such a short notice!
We are really grateful that the FOCUS team was able to accommodate all our requests and customisations for the programme.
FAcilitator Berwin, Bryan, Totok and PV Toro were such a great team with high energy to engage everyone.
Our team has enjoyed it very much and we look forward to our next opportunity to work together again!
Have a great week ahead!
Best regards”
-Sauyan Kwang, Admin Specialist

“Awesome Event”
-Praveen Poojari, Site Lead, GSK India Global Services Private Limited

“Beautifully done, lot of learnings…”
-Ramesh Shivaram, Manager, Soft Services, GSK

“Thanks to the FAcilitators for organising and running the session.”
-Kenneth, SE, MCCY

“Love some challenge ie. kahoot.”

“Enjoy the Programme. Thank you”
-Abdul Rahman, Assistant Engineer, PUB

“Highly engaging course. Filled with lots of fun team building activities.”
-Muhammad Haziq, AE, PUB

“Thank you FOCUS Adventure and Bryan our facilitator for being so pleasant, helpful, fun and wacky. Love your unique dance at the beginning, certainly broke the ice ”
-Cathy Cummins, Admin, Privasec

“It was so much fun!”
-Frida Tan, Manila, Philippines, Privasec

“It was fun and we really enjoy the Virtual Escape Room Game”
-Karris Cortaga, Senior Accountant, Privasec Pty

“Thanks for the fun activities that brought the team closer and they also allowed them to show their creativities.”
-Steven Ng,Senior Manager, Exam Admin, SUSS

“Had such an enjoyable time thank you!”
-Koh Hui Ying, AIC

“Fun!! Interesting to include the Reality element of rapping & dancing.”
-Rethi, AIC

“I enjoyed the challenges…gave me an opportunity to know my team mates better. Good job FOCUS!! Pls continue to create more creative & interesting virtual team bonding activities.”
-Suzana Binte Mohd Saad, Division Lead, MYT-SGO

“Thoroughly enjoyed the session!”
-Jean Eng, Division Lead, SGD