“Mugan and the Team were engaging, they were clear with their explanations and made sure we all had fun! Great stuff! ”
– Victor Huang, Member Service Executive, Herbalife

“The activities were fun and kept everyone engaged! ”
– DFS Venture Singapore (Pte) Ltd (Finance

Facilitators are all FABULOUS. Especially Deep, who is super humourous. ”
– Lim QiJin, Executive, Ministry of Health

“Well done to all the facilitators and we appreciate your kind efforts. Look forward to engage and work with FOCUS Adventure in future. ”
– Nicholas Goh, Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd

The facilitators were able to relate the activities into team-building lessons which we could apply into our daily work. In addition, the videographer was also very efficient in that he was able to act within a very short turnaround time to record and edit a video of the activities and show it to us by the end of the programme. ”
– Wong Chong Hon, Manager, Ministry of Health

“Facilitators were great and activities were fun ”
– Vera, Engineer, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions

“The facilitators were very professional ”
– Liyun, Senior Training Specialist, PUB (Singapore Water Academy),

“Simple activities that were able to meet the overall objectives of the programme ”
– Kyra Peh, Asst Engineer, PUB (Singapore Water Academy),

“The debrief helped us relate the activities carried out to our work, which was very helpful and provided some insights to a different viewpoint. ”
– Vivian Lau, Accountant, DFS Venture Singapore (Pte) Ltd (Finance),

“The facilitators were as energetic and engaging as always. Bravo! ”
– Constance Leung, Director, Edmund Tie & Company (SEA) Pte Ltd

“Rafting was a really good experience, really impressed by the media efficiency, and trainers were enthusiastic. Keep up the good work! ”
– Joseph Chua Jun Jie, Systems Analyst, Integrated Health Information

“Being able to interact around with more colleagues, chance to see everyone unite and the facilitators were so friendly and entertaining. ”
– Kat, Finance Assistant, DFS Venture Singapore (Pte) Ltd (Finance),

“Every activity is able to relate to work and is relevant. ”
– Tan Chor Suan, Assistant Accountant, DFS Venture Singapore (Pte) Ltd (Finance),

“Teambuilding objectives were met. The facilitator always concluded the objective of each activity with his observations. Activities were paced well. Food was great. ”
– Tan Meihui, Senior Infocomm Specialist, IRAS

It was really fun, and was effective in teaching the intended points. ”
– Chee Yiliang, IT Systems Analyst, Ministry of Transport

“The facilitators were very humorous and friendly. ”
– Chloe, Caterpillar (Marketing Training),

“The team building activities, especially the outdoor ones were effectively delivered. I appreciate the spontaneous participation of all the teammates in the activities. ”
– Lee Chee Keong, , Ministry of Transport,

“Facilitators put across key messages clearly, with a sense of humour. ”
– Tan Choon Shian, Chief Executive, Workforce Singapore

“Mugan, the facilitator is very lively and energetic. Able to engage and attract the participants attention ”
– Sherry Tan, Cs, Teleflex Medical Asia Pte Ltd

“The enthusiasm of the facilitators kept us going really well. ”
– Rachel, , Integrated Health Information

“Duration was too short but overall experience and team bonding objective was met. ”
– Joey Tay, Head of Production, Nippon Paint Singapore

“Facilitator reinforced the key messages effectively, using humour, throughout the entire team building. Facilitators were perceptive to identify behaviour and used it to illustrate team dynamics. ”
– Tan Choon Shian, Chief Executive, Workforce Singapore

“Good bonding and teambuilding! ”
– Tan Kian Chong, Manager, Ministry of Transport

“We had fun, built trust and collaborated during the activities which I enjoyed a lot. Thank you FOCUS! ”
– Agnes Yew, Snr CS Exe, Teleflex Medical Asia Pte Ltd

“Kudos to our facilitator, Tze Hao. The ice breakers and warm up were very interesting and facilitator kept a really positive energy throughout the session. He was very encouraging to get participants to engage, yet not pushy. Really beyond what i expected! ”
– Jessica Tan, Secretary, PG International Operations SA SG

“FOCUS staff were great. Thank you for all the great effort. ”
– Doreen Tay, Front desk/Admin, Odfjell Singapore Pte Ltd

“The facilitator, Damien, is able to manage the audience and brought a lot of fun to the program. ”
– Karen, , Odfjell Singapore Pte Ltd

“Very impressed with the facilitator, he can lead the program well by engaging the team in a very tactical and humourous way. It was indeed an enjoyable and yet great teambuilding session. Thank you! ”
– Cindy Ong, Executive Assistant, Manulife (Finance),

“It has been some time since I have attended such a fun teambuilding programme. This is definitely refreshing! ”
– Nadiyah Yusof, Store Manager, Desigual

Fun and better understanding as a team ”
– Norhidayu, Corner Leader, Desigual

“The facilitator, Deep, managed to lead the group with confidence and humor during the session. Yanling, who was my point of contact, was very prompt in replies and was proactive in recommending solutions for us. It was a very good experience with all the staff we have crossed paths with. Event was well executed, and my participants were happy at the end of the day! ”
– Vanessa Yeo, Programme Executive, NUS Finance