“Thank you! My team and I enjoyed and learnt a lot thru the programme.”
– Kimi Oh, Group Director, Prudential

“We had a lot of fun! thanks so much Tze Hao, Berwin, Bryan Mae!”
– Kristyn Teo, International SOS

“Interesting and funny facilitator Jeff made the course right. thank you”
– Lim Zhi Yuan, ASSISTANT MANAGER, MERCU Learning Point

“It was a nice long duration experience with great time spent together bonding with the team members and good competition”
– Aditya Dang, Senior Manager, Verint Systems, Singapore

“This is the first time i worked with Legos so it was really a challenging experience for me which at the end gave me such satisfaction when i fulffilled my designated role in The Lego Robotic Challenge!”
– Vaness Dela Cruz, HR Head, MUFG Bank

“The level of interaction makes it a very engaging experience for everyone!”
– Shirin Ibrahim, SMW Event Executive, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

“Team work is always good. Helping each other in tough situation brings you closer to your colleague, know them better and we dont meet or see every colleague everyday as people represent different countries/regions”
– Sameer Bhatia, Director : Inddia & SAARC, Seagate Singapore International Headquarters

“The design of the challenge stations and facilitation of the whole team building session.”
– How Pui Seng, Vice Principal, Spectra Secondary School

“All the facilitators are very helpful and always ready to assist when need required.”
– Jocleyn Wong, Asst. Tech Supt., Maersk Tankers Singapore Pte Ltd

“Great team bonding activity , enjoyed both the food and team activities”
Audrey Ong, Senior Manager, Seagate Singapore International Headquarters

“Physical challenge, good weather, food and beverage provided.”
– Chiam Kin Honn, SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Dyson Operations Pte Ltd

“Energizer games are good to bring up the energy level of the group.”
– Kaibin, Manager, UOB (Credit Management)

“well organized, and able to try out different roles eg steering, putting up/dowm the sails”
– Shao Wei, Risk Manager, Oversea-Chinese Banking

“Varied activities, energetic facilitator with combination of indoor and outdoor activities”
– Teo Siew Kim, Head of Finance Singapore, Maersk Tankers Singapore Pte Ltd

“The random selection of groupings allowed interaction with colleagues from other divisions and this helps to build up a better understanding about their personality outside of work.”
– Ken Ong, Engineer, LTA (Rail Assrt Operation and Maintenance Group)

“Get to know my colleagues on a different level It was fun!”
– Irma Wilden, Senior Finance Manager, Sivantos Pte Ltd

“Flexibility to earn points from a variety of activities and options to choose how we are to earn the points and to set the pace for our own team.”
– Lian Bee Cheng , Assistant Manager, AIA (Risk & Compliance)

“The facilitator ability to capture his audience with his sense of humor and rappo skills.”
– Tan Kak Meng, Senior Electronics Engineer, Dyson Operations Pte Ltd

“Such nice training special to better develop our teamwork/leadership. Its also nice make in a different environment because you have completely immersion; from Mind and also body”
– Elysio neto, Carl Zeiss Pte Ltd

“The mixing of staff from different division to work together.”
– Ken, SE, LTA (Rail Assistant Operation and Maintenance Group)

“Tim did such a fantastic job in both facilitating and entertaining us. It certainly was an enjoyable experience that allowed for stress-free learning.”
– Genevieve, Intern, SembCorp Industries Ltd

“It was an amazing opportunity for me to get to know my new teammates. Thank you!”
– Neil Morrison, , Carl Zeiss Pte Ltd

“Thank you for the amazing experience. Having a team that’s passionate about what they do is important. Good job and keep it up!”
– Maslynah, Area Business Manager, Fitness First Ltd

“Discovered a totally different side of my colleagues during the challenges. They showed goos sportsmanship, they encouraged and supported me during my weakest moment. Teamwork and trust doesnt suffice. Its beyond that. And a big thanks to Hani for encouraging me during my high elements breakdown. You guys are awesome!”
– Hidayah Salim, Grhic Designer & Marketing Assistant , Fitness First Ltd

“The professionalism and passion demonstrated by the facilitators were 100%! Special mention to Sasi, the lead facilitator, Fendhy and Tzi Hao our Other facilitators. It was a great experience altogether. Thank you!”
– Elizabeth Chen, Corporate Account Manager , Fitness First Ltd

“It was a scary yet fun experience. I strongly recommend people to try it for a thrilling and effective teambuilding activity”
– Angela Phua, Senior Executive, SIM (Organisation Development)

“Overall, the activities were enjoyable and a unique experience for me. I think the race as well as high elements were instrumental. We may have missed some instructions so having some trial runs for the games would help. For example the game which involved touching/picking up numbers.”
– Alyssa Tan, Manager, Singapore Tourism Board (HR)

“All challenges are fun. I just wish we have are given more time to complete them. Perhaps 2 additional hours will be great.”
– Siti Zulaiha, Exec Officer, SingTel (Billing)

I like that you guys link back to our work environment after we have played the activity.”
– Cheryl Lim, Training Executive, Fitness First Ltd

“Awesome Facilitators! Detailed and helpful cheerful and lovely Keep it up! most importantly – Break the Fear for mist of us while doing the high elements”
– Juliana, Personal Assistant to Country Manager, Fitness First Ltd

“The whole experience was challenging but really good fun.”
– Jurong Primary School

“Overcoming the challenges collectively, as a team!”
– Angeline, Research Scientist

“The assurance given by the facilitators helped us get through our obstacles. Being only one of the only three who completed the entire course, I feel that the challenges and course have boosted my confidence and self-esteem. Thank you very much to the team for facilitating! It is definitely an experience that will remain etched in my mind for a very very long time.”
– Killa, Teacher, Jurong Primary School