“ Thanks to the FOCUS Adventure TEAM for making the programme a successful one. The Facilitators were professional, had really great energy and enthusiasm which made the atmosphere really enjoyable. Our staffs definitely had a great time, hope we’ll have an opportunity to work together again! ”
– Zhong Sheng, DBS Bank Ltd

“The past month has been rather eventful for us – with the FOCUS Adventure campsite that we booked facing issues. We thank God that we were able to eventually use the venue from 16-19 Dec 2017. During the period we were there, Peixi did her best to accommodate to our requests and was flexible in her dealings with us. We were even able to do a combined event with Pentecost Methodist Church’s Youth Ministry, who booked the other function halls during the same period.Thank you for honouring the booking, allowing us to continue our camp that we planned for our youths.”
– Joel Tan, Youthphoria Chairman , Youth Ministry of Aldersgate Methodist Church

“The activities including the mini-activities were perfectly suitable for the participants from different backgrounds and ages.”
– Amir Muhsin Abdul Jalil, Support Engineer, Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd

“Time-keeping is good and Facilitator has the flair in faciliating the programme.”
– Alice Thng, Manager, UOB

“Staff enjoyed the teambuilding programme, and more importantly it breaks the ice between the Leads and TEAM members, I see that it has helped to build better bonding between the TEAM as a result of the teambuilding activities.”

“It turns out to be more than perfect! Big thank you to you guys for accommodating to us.”
– Liew Mei Wa, Business Analyst, Commerical Aviation Solutions

“Very good and this is the most interesting and fun teambuilding programme that I had ever attended.”
– Hor Shu See, Lead Analyst Advanced Purchasing, YGP Pte Ltd

“Very good Facilitators, good energizers and activities (The Built-A-Bike Challenge! and The Incredible Race!)”
– Katherine Mendoza, Principal Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd

“The enthusiasm of the Facilitator made everyone filled with energy which made it enjoyable!”
– Benjamin Cheng, R&D, GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd

“Mixing different people from different departments/level helps promote the communication and better bonding.”
– Christine Loh, Senior Executive, Bromma

“Job well done. The participants enjoyed themselves truly and taken away important messages/values. Keep it up.”
– Chalvin Seah, Sales Director, Bromma

“The Lead Facilitator, Mugan was very good, instructions were very clear.”
– Yup Pui San, Engineer, Bromma

“The Facilitator – Mugan is good in delivering the purpose of the teambuilding and the pace is just right. Good Job!”
– Suzie Heng, Senior Executive Assistant, Bromma

“FOCUS Teambuilding, CARING, delivery what we are learning. Good and great experience.”
– Kim Lau, Customer Service, DyStar Singapore Pte Ltd

“The indoor activities are quite fun and creative.”
– Diana Chan, Team Lead, DyStar Singapore Pte Ltd

“Well done!! You guys are awesome and we have a great time. Thank you.”
– Kek Wee Kuan, R&D Quality, GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd

“Thank you for the wonderful support and service that FOCUS Adventure has done for us.We truly appreciate the time and effort that you and your TEAM has taken to provide us with an enjoyable time and smooth transaction over the teambuilding activities. We sure will recommend your great services to others and we look forward to  engaging with you again soon in future.”
– Nadiah Gani, Centre Principal , PAP Community Foundation

Thanks for the memorable teambuilding programme with FOCUS! My bosses love the TEAM CHALLENGE HOURGLASS and activities played in the afternoon, so did many of my staff. I wanted to drop you guys a thank you note to show my appreciation for helping to make put a smile on everyone’s faces.

I’m already planning to extend this to the rest of the teams, and myself. I’m still upset I had to sit out of the hourglass! Hope to be able to connect and see you in the sun soon!

Please help to send my appreciation to YJ and the rest of the Facilitators who helped tirelessly on the day! :)
– Janice Lim, HR Manager, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

“My TEAM really enjoyed themselves. The debriefings done after every station is meaningful as they often prompted the TEAM to think about how is it relevant or applicable to their fields. We also like Bryan’s energy level as the main Facilitator – Made a big difference!”
– Louis Vuitton

“The Facilitators are friendly, helpful and funny. The place is comfortable and food is great!”
– Ho Wai Tuck, Tionale Pte Ltd 

“We had a funfilled learning experience throughout the programme.”
– Gurumoorthy Subramanian, Manager, Tionale Pte Ltd 

“Well prepared programme booklet with clear instructions. Teamwork and synergy, plan before you proceed is crucial.”
– Jennie Sim, HR Manager, Givaudan Singapore Pte Ltd

“The Facilitators, especially Yongjun were very engaging, and made the programme very enjoyable.”
– Chantel, Edbi Pte Ltd       

“Excellent Programme + excellent FOCUS Staff = Excellent Teambuilding Day! Our colleagues learnt a lot about strategy, communication, teamwork, patience, and themselves, all while having a lot of fun! So much so that our CEO and Country Manager sang the FOCUS staff’s high praises at our company dinner that night which dovetailed nicely into Rouse’s own vision and collegial culture. We should have been more effusive in our praise to the FOCUS staff, but I think we were wrapped up by our own enthusiasm (and exhausted by the heat). One again, thank you! Best wishes!”
– Rachel Tan, Rouse & Co. International LLP, Rouse Consultancy (Shanghai) Ltd    

“Thanks to FOCUS, the Volunteer Appreciation Programme was a success in providing us with the venue which includes three halls combined. It was spacious and cosy for everyone to enjoy the food and activities within the hall. Once again, thank you for the partnership and we hope there are future collaborations.”
– Adrian Lam, Senior Programme Executive, Students Care Service