Excellent Event management
Annavajjala Vijaya
Pall Korea Ltd, Commercial Director FTAP KOSEA
Bryan, Kyle and Totok are great FAcilitators who ensured we all had a fun time learning and took care of our safety! Thanks FOCUS Adventure!
Glenn Sim Hoon Chang
NUH, Exercise Physiologist
Awesome team of trainers. Have lots of fun and learning along the way. Jave a good day ahead and thanks you very much. From the bottom of my heart..Love you guys..
PUB, Asst Engineer
Really enjoyed the event. Learned a lot about my colleagues. Facilitators were very good. Great pace. Showed good insight into group
Nicholas Cox
Amount of activites were just right. It was a short stint but definitely eventful and the FAci were amazing
Muhammad Azfar Bin Sukardi
Instructor is very enthusiastic. We enjoyed ourselves!
Singtel, Management associate
FAcilitators were professional and took care of everyone. Overall, the programme is fun and it is nice to get to know more people from the organization.
Shue Chin Liat
Thank you for watching over us for our safety and everything!
Arief Kresnadi Ignatius Kasim
Kudos to the FAcilitators -- appreciate their wit and light-hearted humour. These made a real difference for me, compared with other events in my previous companies.
Gary Goh
Objective of teambuilding met and had fun as well.
Leslie Lee Roberts
MPA, Manager
Learned a lot and had so much fun! Good for corporate events. Highly recommended.
Saiful Anwar Bin Hamzah
PUB, Senior Assistant Engineer