JUNE 2010

The FOCUS Facilitators were friendly and helpful which made my maiden trip to Bintan an enjoyable one.
-Ang Mo Kio Primary

The Facilitators made the activities fun and enjoyable. It definitely made us a better ARINC!
-Jonathan, ARINC

The activities were challenging as they all involved teamwork. I also enjoyed the singalong at the end.


The activities were fun and well organised on a whole.

FOCUS Team Building activities really increase our bonding.
-Liyana, Boon Lay Garden Primary School

There was no pressure in doing the activities.
-Boon Lay Garden Primary School

It was fun and the activities were all very safe.
-Fadylla, Boon Lay Garden Primary School

The objectives were delivered in a fun manner but nevertheless, meaningful and impactful.
-Boon Lay Garden Primary School

FOCUS should arrange more of such Team Building activities.

The Team Building activities allow us to know each other better.

This program helped us to understand the strengths of our team.

This program helped us to understand the strengths of our team.

The process was interesting and fun.

The activities create required awarness among candidates within the time frame which made it more exciting.
-Anjan Puttu Rao, CATERPILLAR

The Team Building games were interesting as I have never encountered them before.
-Cendra, Citibank

The course was carried out at a comfortable pace and the FOCUS Facilitators were effective in engaging our attention.

The Geocaching Challenge! was very fun and unique as it required a GPS to move around.

-Rasheed Ahmad, CommScope Solutions

It was fun going around Sentosa, enjoying the scenary while looking for clues all at the same time.
-CommScope Solutions

Having good Teamwork is what makes the Team successful!
-CommScope Solutions

It was an unique experience overall.

The Facilitators all had funny and interesting personalities which made the whole programme interesting.

Great rapport between Facilitator and participants. The Facilitator was able to get the mood up without trying too hard.

The Lead Facilitator did very well in bringing up the mood and spirit of the group.

It was fun and it allowed us to bond more with each other!

The duration was not too long and we did not have to travel round the island which would be too tiring.

I would like to thank the FOCUS Team for organizing the activities for us. Our participants definitely enjoyed themselves very much! Thanks very much for making the afternoon a very memorable one for all of us, and special thanks to the Facilitators and all involved that day for their hard work and dedication. I’ll have no hesitation to recommend your services to all I know.
-Patricia, International SOS

Teamwork was required when building up a model (ie in this case, from a smaller boat to a bigger boat)
-Anang Prayudi, International SOS

There was good organization and interesting activites that were being carried out.
-Fanie Jute, International SOS

The FOCUS Team were nice people.
-International SOS

There was a good mix of easy and tough activities. The FOCUS Facilitators were friendly, confident despite their youth and the mature crowd of mixed nationalities (mostly foreigners). Kudos to the Facilitators for doing a great job!
-George Khoo, International SOS

The mood was light and friendly. The personality profiling was of great interest to every individual.
-Keppel Land

Rafting was fun and challenging
-National University of Singapore

I really enjoyed and like the rafting experience.
-National University of Singapore

It was Fun!
-Lalitha, National University of Singapore

Heya FOCUS TEAM! NUS Department of Chemistry had recently held our Team Challenge on 27 May 2010. Through this occasion, we had built bonds with each other and of course, all the fun and laughter as well. We had learn the importance of effective communication and helping each other in order to achieve our objectives. The Lead Facilitator was very effective in engaging the group with his humourous jokes at the same time injecting the important parts of the whole challenge. Not to mention the rest of the Facilitators and of course the two important cameramen who did a splendid job! It is such a welcoming and entertaining experience for a new staff like myself!
On the behalf of friends from NUS Dept. of Chemistry, here’s a token of our appreciation and thank you to all you guys at FOCUS:
“three cheers and three cheers and three cheers to FOCUS! Hip! Hip! Hurray!
three cheers and three cheers and three cheers to FOCUS! Hip! Hip! Hurray!
three cheers and three cheers and three cheers to FOCUS! Hip! Hip! Hurray!”
-Soffiyan Hamzah, National University of Singapore

Teamwork and sharing of skills and knowledge with one another is very important in order to succeed.
-National University of Singapore

The use of tech gadgets made Geocaching more fun!
-Debojyoti, Procter and Gamble

The programme enabled us to enjoy it as well as learn. Kudos to the FOCUS Team.
-Himanshu, Procter and Gamble

The location was great and ideal for doing those activities 
-Procter and Gamble

I learnt that Teamwork is very important. Having good leadership in a team is also an essential factor in order to lead the team in acheiving their goals. Collaborating with each other also helps to increase efficiency and result!
-Kshitij, Procter and Gamble

We should spend more time on such Team Building excercises as it helps improve one’s relationship with each other!
-Surendran, Procter and Gamble

Everybody working together and having fun.
-Noor, PPIS

Tonnes of fun!

I could feel that everyone worked together as a Team.

I have learned some experience which can be use in my daily work.
-Rahmatunisa Binte Mohamed Shariff, PPIS

It was thrilling through out.
-Muhammd Nauman Khan, Sanofi Aventis

The FOCUS Team conducted the Team Building activites very professionally.
-Sanofi Aventis

We would like to thank the FOCUS Team for making the event happen. We would also like to thank the Lead Facilitator for his lead and expert guidance in making our team building a success and a very fun one, not forgetting the team in Bintan too. We all had great fun despite the rain and it has been one amazing experience for all of us and we take back with us very memorable memories.
-Anny, SAP

The sense of achievement that we derived at the end of it all was very satisfying. This also proved how Teamwork can take us to greater heights
-Shankar, SAP

The environment, the Facilitator who lead the Team Building activities and the bonding experience with other members during the few hours spent was truly eye-opening, exciting and fun. The encouragement, trust and patience from the team members and motivation from other teams shows how powerful teamwork can be, to be able to stay focus and reach for their goal. It was a truly an awesome experience.

The Facilitators are professional actors. I am sure they have gone through this many times and are bored to tears, but they acted like they were as excited as us first-timers. The props were simple but creatively used. The food is good and adequate.

The Facilitators were good.

On behalf of the Training team and the hotel, I would like to say a big thank you to the Focus Team for all your hard work towards each session’s preparation and execution. Our colleagues have greatly enjoyed themselves and have gained alot from it

I will be sure to contact you in the near future about continuing our partnership!
-Chloe Chan, Shangri-la

Everyone’s spirit were very high throughout the day.
-Eddie Phang, Tiong Seng Construction

The activties helps me to build up my self-confidence.
-Tiong Seng Construction

It was really an excellant experience!

The Lead Facilitator was able to excite the participants and bring fun to Team.
-United Overseas Bank

We have learnt about Team Development which are Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. We were enjoyed the activities.
-United Overseas Bank

One of the Facilitators was patient with us all the way!
– Workforce Development Agency

We were able to make friends with other divisions. Through the activities, we realised the importances of work life effectiveness, passion, care, teamwork, care and growth.
– Workforce Development Agency