“The Team Building activity was great. It also incorporated our company’s new product into the activities. Weather was hot and some of us felt exhausted. Great experience overall though.”
– Willy Tan, Manager, Mobotix AG

“It was a great experience at the Universal Studios. I never thought I would go for such rides, as I have always thought that the rides would be scary. It was surprising to me that Universal Studios had vegetarian food. I enjoyed having vegetarian burger. The rides made me realize that I was much more tougher than I thought I was. Thank you so much.”
– Gunam, Operations Support Officers, Methodist Girls School

“Enjoyable journey that allows team bonding and interaction. Fun and interesting activities that kept us going.”
– Ling Beng Huat, MGS

“Alil was an excellent Facilitator! He was very professional, matured and experienced in handling objections during the activities, high but not overwhelmingly high-energy. It is a very hard balance to strike but he struck it well and all of us were very impressed by his facilitation, professionalism and poise.”
– Vicky Chai, HR Manager, AMEC Global Resources Pte Ltd

“The different challenges at various points were fun and varied.”
– Catherine Choo, Education Officer, Methodist Girls’ School

“I was amazed by the willingness of team members and their 100% participation in the activities although some of the activities were new to us. Overall , we learned to overcome our own fear and trust other team members especially the mouse trap activity. At the end of the activity, we felt good in accomplishing the task and not to be trapped in our own fear. This could be applied to our daily works whereby we learn to trust our counterparts when implementing new initiatives facing new challenges together.”
– Wong Lee Yin, Head, Revenue Tenders, Singapore Land Authority

“Opportunities to bond with my colleagues. On hindsight, more time should have been given for this without being caught up with rushing through the activity requirements.”
– Vincent Ong, Vice President, Methodist Girls’ School

“The environment was fun! Programme was new and innovative. It helped in Team Bonding!”
– Meeta Kalra, Head of Quality, Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“The activity has made me and my colleague to understand each other well… We enjoyed it!”
– Thangam, Methodist Girls’ School

“Nice experience except the duration was too short and rush.”
– Francis Aw Lai Hee, Executive-Customer Service, Cycle & Carriage Industries Pte Ltd

“Thank you… been a pleasure having FOCUS in our team building… You made our company day memorable!”
– Michael Biglaen, Methodist Welfare Services

“Outdoor, nice frame (beach), fun and well organized.”
– Francesca Blasco, Novartis Singapore Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd

“Sure! It was well done and as usual, FOCUS Adventure has a bunch of highly professional Facilitators. Guess our participants have a very good work out too.”
– Carina Chin, Cycle & Carriage Industries Pte Ltd

“The session broke the ice for some team members who have never met each other. People were able to bond and grasp better the character of their fellow team members. They are no longer just a voice on the phone. Overall a tiring but exciting and fun-filled activity! Well Done!”
– Jean Chong, Regional Finance Manager, Leitz Tooling Asia Pte Ltd

“Though The GeoCaching Challenge! was tough and on foreign grounds, we glued together through thick and thin just to get the 20 questions answered. A Challenge that saw the teams working co-operatively and tolerating each other’s different opinion and attitude. A pleasant price to pay to find each other’s real personality. Fun all the way ………… Well Done FOCUS! Without them we would not have enjoyed that much.”
– Sally Yin, Personal Assistant, Leitz Tooling Asia Pte Ltd

“The main objective is to have fun and relax environment and this activity has met the criteria.”
– Lina Hj Kasbae, Transport & Customs, Manager, Volvo East Asia Pte Ltd

“The Facilitators were very engaging and injected a lot of fun into the activities, which were just right for our group. Overall it was a very enjoyable day, thanks FOCUS!”
– Alyn Ho, HR Manager, Emerson Network Power (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“I enjoyed The Incredible Race activity the most! Although the mouse trap activity is not the most pleasant experience, it is a high impact activity which encouraged me to face the challenges and uncertainties in work.”
– Valerie, Singapore Tourism Board

“Activities organised were good as we had not experienced in the past.”
– Suresh Daga, Senior Sales Manager, Borouge Pte Ltd

“The interaction between us as a team and the Facilitator was awesome!”
– Makerita Nafoi, Borouge Pte Ltd

“I enjoyed the activities very much this year compared to last year which was too strenuous rushing all over in the hot sun.”
– Karen Tan, Senior customer Service Officer, Borouge Pte Ltd

“Teamwork and good co-operation within colleagues makes this team building an enjoyable memorable one for most of us..”
– Alice Gui, Senior Executive, SONY

“Element of Surprise. Strive for Self Motivation to aid integrity in a diverse environment.”
– Allen Nandan, Gemalto

“We would like thank the FOCUS Team who has facilitated our programme and also a big “Thank You” for all the support to make our programme a success.”
– Jasmine Koh, Senior Office Administrator, Borouge Pte Ltd

“The Facilitator prepared enough so that he mentioned about our corporate core values, which was very good.”
– Hiroki Kasumi, Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific Limited

“To expect the unexpected situation and adapt to the changes that follow.”
– Francis Chang See Tong, Principal Technical Officer, SP PowerGrid Limited

“The positiveness of the Facilitators and Instructors made a difference to the participants experience.”
– Wong Shu Fen Susan, Executive, Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd

“Thanks for the swiftly action!  I have gone around flaunting the big photo to my colleagues and it has brought so much pleasant surprises, laughter and good memories of team building that day. Some of them even can’t wait to watch the video clip to reminisce the fun moments at play.

On behalf of our team, we would like to say a “Big Thank You” for making this activity a fun-filled one for all of us.”
– Diana Tan, SONY

“Ideal venue; team-spirit; despite a mix of young older folks in our group, synergy was good; ample water to keep us hydrated; good food; no pressure to perform. Thanks!”
– Eunice Ong, Research Officer, MINDEF

“The Facilitators were clear in their presentation and instructions. They have also made the whole team building more interesting by making us take part in some activities to chase our sleepiness away.”
– Tan Jing Yi, Assistant Executive, SONY

“It was a pleasant and memorable ones. Despite the place is isolated at least I knew that it has such place for us to enjoy and have fun with the activities provided like the laser light and archery.”
– Zauyah, Senior Executive, SONY

“Facilitator is able to use fun ways to energize the participants to put in their passion and fun for the programme.”
– Edwin Leong, Staff Officer, MINDEF