The Team Building Challenge! was a good time of fostering team dynamics and camaraderie. It also built trust amongst colleagues and had us working towards a common objective.
-Chua Kim Choo, A*Star

I learned that we need to work together in order to get things done regardless of the final result.
-Chua Shi Hui Cindy, A*Star

There was interaction in the practical lesson. It was a fun and enjoyable lesson to learn in this outdoor activity. It is simple but meaningful in thought to foster Team spirit!
-Dan Png, A*Star

I got to know some other colleagues that I seldom get the chance to interact with. Glad to have know them better.
-Jacklyn Kim, A*Star

Overall The Team Building Challenge! was a fun experience!
-Jasmine, A*Star

Basically all of the activities were excellent in building Team spirit and fun! I’m very glad to feel the difference amongst our colleagues’ relationships after the training exercise (we are closer now). Continue to bring a difference to people! Lastly, I want to thank Adam and James for their continuous efforts in getting all of us involved and maintaining calm, cool and cheerful attitude towards us. Without their enthusiasiam, all of us might not be able to enjoy ourselves that much.
-Katherine, A*Star

I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the mentality of particpants to have fun and relax for this event.
-Leong Ya Ping, A*Star

Thank you to the Facilitators, James, Adam and FOCUS Team with special thanks to Ketut who took great pictures for us all. Thank you so much! The venue is a bit worn off though, it can be better hopefully. Thank you all!!
-Li Wei Ni, A*Star

Everyone was sporty on that day and played along as requested by the Facilitator. This is what brought all of us together and we really had such great joy engaging in The Team Building Challenge!
-Lim Chee Keong, A*Star

The venue, the mix of people the activities. The slide show of pictures video clip at the end was an effective way of recalling the events’ significance, reinforcing the key take-aways and reminiscing about the fun bonds forged. Together, these have a positive spill-over effect at the workplace.
-Nair, A*Star

Good location, training materials and Facilitator!
-Ng Lena, A*Star

It’s away from my office!
-Ng Vincent, A*Star

The activity level was not too intense for desk bound staff.
-Nui Lea Ling, A*Star

All the activities planned for!
-Priscilla, A*Star

The review and discusssion that was highlighted to us during the debrief was good.
-Quah Beng Choo, A*Star

The Facilitator and FOCUS Team can comunicate well. They were really friendly and approached us even to help beyond their scope.
-Siti Zulaiha, A*Star

The outdoor activities were a good opportunity to exercise, breathe fresh air, have fun and interact with our colleagues.
-Seet Chay Huang, A*Star

The outdoor activities were interesting and fun.

Programme was light and fun. I was able to know my colleagues from another section better.

It was a good time to get to know our colleagues whom we usually don’t in our day to day work.

These were good – location: Sentosa, the on-site facilities, having fun as an objective and certainly the pictures and video. There were also precious insights gained from spending the day together.

Team-building activities were good!
-Vicky, BD (Engineering)

Generally The Team Building Challenge! was a nice experience; definitely very useful and successful especially for the Team Building goals. Thanks for everything.

The indoor activities for The Team Building Challenge! are interesting and members are able to enjoy and have fun.

We were challenged to view things differently.
-Jonathan Ooi, CapitaMall

The Lead Facilitator Joey set the right tone for The Team Building Challenge right from the start!

Practically everything was beyond expectations!
-Zuriana Bte Zainal, CapitaMall

Generally, all activities were are pleasant experiences. I enjoyed very much on that day.
-Shandy, DBS

The activities are interesting and the Facilitators are fun.

Enjoyable and relaxing. The Team Building Challenge! Is a good programme. Hope to have more fun in next Team Building!
-Weng Seng, Emerson

The Facilitator voiced out his opinion and gave advice on the course, which provided us insights from a different view.

The Lead Facilitator Shan did a great job to break the ice for the group. It was not the usual ice-breakers we all know. The rest of the Facilitators were very friendly and accommodating. The activitiywas catered to our request and tailormaded.
-Marisa Ng, Fairmont Raffles Hotel International

I loved the luge! It was great fun and I would like to do it again! Great way to see all the different areas of the hotel
-Sue Gaddes, Fairmont Raffles Hotel International

Tower of Hanoi – it was an acknowledgement of the importance of communication, consideration, coordination and consolidation to achieve the target.
-Twiggy Lai, Hoya

The Lead Facilitator Andrew Leong was able to engage the audience effectively.

The Team Building Challenge! activities were interesting, fun and engaging!

Good support from Yumi and we have good Facilitator – Joey and Instructor Roy. We enjoyed our offsite. Thank you.
-Lew Choon Fah, IDA

The activities were very team-oriented, and that allowed us to visualise how we could overcome the challenges as a team.
-Chen Junren, Kuehne+Nagel

I learned that we should not always take instruction blindly. We can analyse ourselves in attempts to figure out what we should do to make it better.
-Jeslyn, Kuehne+Nagel

Positivity. Action. Motivation. These are the three traits I learned through The Team Building Challenge!
– Kuehne+Nagel

I learned to respect others and Improve constantly
– Kuehne+Nagel

The place was great!
-Amul, LTA

The Facilitators were Interesting, the photographer excellent, and everyone exhibited great Teamwork.
-Han Jing, LTA

Two take-aways: Teamwork and Fun.
-Kang Hai Nguan, LTA

Activities were refreshing and fun! That’s what make this programme interesting.
-Karen Eio, LTA

Even though we arrived late, there was sufficient time to complete all the activities.
-Mohammad Fauzi, LTA

I gtt to know other colleagues from other branches, and saw how DTL2 work as a big team. Since i just joined DTL not long ago, I’m very satisfied 
-NurHidayah Halid, LTA

The Team Building Challenge! organised was dynamic and enriching. It was about having fun and laughter together as a Team.
-Ryan, LTA

We had fun in a relaxed environment, and there was team bonding among staff!
-Yeo Han Leng, LTA

It was pure enjoyment.

The rural setting of the premise was interesting. And a nice lady FOCUS staff called LJ proactively came to assist me with some minor first-aid when she saw me having blisters on my foot. Thank you to her!

The Team Building Challenge! was a fun and relaxed environment and the energy level was great!

I particualrly enjoyed the Energizers which helped to loosen everyone up!

Variety of ice breakers, different groupings for different activities to help us mingle with more people. A good combination of indoor and outdoor activities. The group photo given and video shown at the end of the program was a nice conclusion. Joey is a very confident facilitator and ran the program very well.
-Jennifer, Lundbeck

The Lead Facilitator Joey and the FOCUS Team made The Team Building Challenge! FUN. The Energizers we did prior to the exercise were a highlight.
-Peter, Monsanto

We encountered challenges during the activities, and it pushed us to be more of everything.

Most of us enjoyed the time spent in bonding and getting to know each other better.
-Deborah Chan, NCS

It was a good out of office experience in a relaxed environment getting to know your colleagues better.

It was good to complete all the challenges!

The Energizers were a great ice-breaking tool for all.

I learned more about teamwork during The Teambuiding Challenge!
-Lim Soh Keow, NUS

It was a great time of Teamwork and fun!
-Siti Azizah Sulaiman

The activities organised by FOCUS, especially the Giant Ropes, were really interesting.
-Tay Mei Siah, NUS

Activities engaged in suits young and old people.
-Wong Eng Nam, NUS

Fun filled activities done in The Team Building Challenge! We learned to look at things from different angles.

Please invite us to do it again!

Overall, The Team Building Challenge! was well done and am looking forward to the next retreat! In the future, FOCUS should include some other adventurous activities! A pity the retreat was a bit too short.

Great time during The Team Building Challenge! as it was fun and relaxing. Truly enjoyed the activities as they were meaningful.

The active participation of all Team-members was good!
-Gladys Lau, OCBC

The Challenge all activities was very effective, achieved the target: Team Building and more important till we know each other The Facilitator, Mr Shan, was very very good, able to present clearly with full of energy and was able to make all of us very active.
-Sarah Bt Abd Razak, OCBC

The activity is good in bringing all participants to work towards achieving goals. Examples include the Energizer in which we engaged in “Loose Change”. We all had to group according to the value specified. Also like the bidding for ingredients time, its fun. Overall, the event was excellen andt fun. Thank you and well done, FOCUS Team!
-Thung Choy Ling, OCBC

The bidding for the material/food is new to me as I thought the food will given to every group. In this way, every team must discuss what they want to do and they will bid for their item carefully.

Interesting and fun.
-Tan Siew Eng, OCBC

Keep up the good job!!!
-Shinjini, Quintiles

There was a mix of participants from all positions. Peers’ cooperation and support were demanded to go through The Team Building Challenge!
-Cesar, Remy

Great activities!

The Team Building Challenge! was great!

The Facilitator was engaging and spoke clearly. He made the learning process interesting and fun. I had a great time bonding with my team!

The weather – it was so hot! Nonetheless it was a very fun different experience.. enjoyed myself thoroughly!
-Lilian Kong, Standard Chartered

We would like to compliment the FOCUS Team, namely Shan, Joesph and Dian for making the event a great successful one. All enjoyed the programme and even the GM loved it so much that he sent a email to compliment the committee for the good job. I would like to especially thank Dian for going the extra miles during the night while my staff really enjoyed the music and danced! A big thanks to all of you!
-Kelly Woon, Sud-Chemie

Overall we had good fun. Everyone had a great time, include all the ground level staffs. We would hope to try something new the next time. Looking forward to the next Team Building Challenge!
-Kalvin Tan, Teckwah

The Team Building Challenge! was so nice ,but hope can try again..
-Wong Hoi Loon, Teckwah

The Team Building Challenge! was very good.

Activities were not difficult so everyone could participate and have fun learning.
-Fong Whye Choo, UOB

Warm, friendly Facilitators who are looked out for us – those who got abit lost at times. Surroundings were laid back and relaxed. Big cool, aircon room. Photos, videos to capture the experience.
-Yvonne, UOB

I had a fun time at The Team Building Challenge!

It was a good session to get to know other staff other than my Team-mates. Also, I enjoyed the the morale and debriefing after each activity. A good break from work.

Activities were fun and interesting.

I liked The Team Building Challenge, thanks!
-Bertrand, Johnson

The Team Building Challenge! was well conducted and brought our Team together. When we finished the day we felt more connected. Having seen real examples of how together we can achieve more, I hope it will have good impact in the future. It also brought people together with some great shared memories.
-Fredrik Johansson, Johnson

The Lead Facilitator Andrew was able to relate the experiences in the activities to be applicable back in the corporate world.

The Facilitators did a really good job!

The videographic playback of the day’s were memorable and fun-filled!

The Team Building Challenge! was fun!
-NTUC Club

The games played were fun and participant safety was never compromised at any time.
-Vincent Fong, NTUC Club

All the activities were fun and also required lots of effort and energy.
-Rachel, NTUC Club

Our participants were open- minded and geared up for challenges and activities!

I had a very fun and memorable day.
-Azimah, SK ll

It was a pleasant experience as the level of excitement that was shown yesterday was very high, where everyone was higly involved and motivated to participate. The synergy that was felt yesterday was great! And evryone enjoyed themselves, including my boss, so thank you to the FOCUS Team who gave us a wonderful and memorable event yesterday 
-Maria, SK ll

Interesting. Fun. Full of laughter. Committed.
-Nita Yuza, SK ll

I really appreciate the activities.Specially thank you for all the Focus adventure staff.
-Stephie, SK ll

Highly engaging and energizing.
-Calvin, Sony

Ice was broken amongst Team-members as the Facilitators engaged us in Energizers!
-Jasmine Chan, Sony

Excellent Facilitators and intructors and interesting / work-relevant missions
-Mani, Sony

The outdoor activities each taught teamwork!
-Satawari, Sony

I particularly enjoyed the extraction of values brought out and connected by each activity.
-Xan, Sony

The activities were enriching.

The Teamwork collaboration was fantastic!

The Facilitators are able to make each of us fully participate in the activities with enthusiasm.