“ Thank you for organising such a wonderful “The Teambuilding Challenge!” for IFM. The whole programme and activities were objective-focused and well organised. We had an enjoyable time and a great Teambonding with colleagues across departments. IFM Team members were engaged to work together throughout the programme.

We took the opportunity to feedback how we felt after each activity, shared our different experiences, and thought of how to transfer the experience to the actual work practices. I believe this would enhance our effective communication and cooperation in IFM. Once again thank you. ”
– Bai Meiyu, Ifm Electronic Asia Pte Ltd

“It was a fun Teambuilding programme. The guys, Joey, Rul, Mugan and the photographer with a japanese name… lols they were helpful and easy going. Great job.”
– Zubaidah, Personal Assistant, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy Pte Ltd

“Thank you once again for the great Teambuilding programme that you have brought to our participants. They are impressed by the excellent facilitation and have truly enjoyed themselves during the activities.”
– Joanne Tan, Senior Executive, Watsons Personal Care Store Pte Ltd

“Just saw the photos and they were excellent! Thanks to Totok’s great photography skills.”
– Amy, Orchid Country Club

“The activities helped to improve my self esteem.”
– Mani Lah, Sales Merchandiser, Pigeon Singapore Pte Ltd

“The Team had a great time during the Teambonding/engagement session. Thank you for the assistance in coordinating the programme. Please send regards to Scott and other Facilitators who did a great job.”
– Wee Lin, The Little Skool-House International Pte Ltd

“Our Team enjoyed the programme. Scott and the Team are very good and really effective. We had much fun!  The food and venue are great too. Thanks to the whole group It was a wonderful learning adventure!”
– Glen, EON Reality Pte Ltd

“Programme designed for participating in it is fun especially the water activity.”
– Ivy Kan, Senior Executive, Orchid Country Club

“The activities were well-executed, filled with lots of laughter and enjoyment – thanks to John and his Team! I have received a number of compliments for John. He brought The Teambuilding Challenge! to life when everyone was groggy in the morning and after lunch. His voice was still loud and clear even at the end of the day – great energy level. And let’s not forget what an eye-candy he is, to the ladies. Anyway, we had truckloads of fun and many are still reminiscing about it! Looking forward to having another session soon! Will definitely recommend this to others.”
– Amy, Orchid Country Club

“The Team enjoyed The Teambuilding Challenge! A big thank you to you and your Team of Facilitators for making it successful.”
– Andrea Chew, Sales Analyst, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Thanks Hweeli. FOCUS definitely has my 2 thumbs up every time you conduct programmes for us so for sure, if I know of any other departments looking for Teambuilding progammes, I will certainly recommend you guys to them.”
– Aniza Abdul Wahid, Senior Manager, National University of Singapore

“Outdoor activities is fun and challenging!”
– Christina Lim, Purchasing Manager, Orchid Country Club

“The fun-loving characters of the Facilitators created a pleasant experience for all.”
– Caroline Lee, Vice Principal, The Little Skool-House International Pte Ltd

“Memorable experience, Teambuilding and fun activities.”
– Safia, Management Assistant Officer, National University of Singapore

“Motivational aspect of the Teambuilding was great. ”
– Eva, QHSE Officer, Sodexo Singapore Pte Ltd

“1) Food for the programme was good. 2) Facilitation was engaging, crisp and clear. 3) FOCUS Adventure was very accommodating to the needs of our department.”
– Benjamin Moey, Corporate Communications Officer, Singapore Polytechnic

“Rafting was the best Teambuilding challenge I ever took part. The experience was awesome. Kudos to FOCUS for a job well done.”
– Osman, Senior Security Executive, Orchid Country Club

“Facilitator is energetic and engaging. Very good and clear presentations with the ability to draw references back to workplace relations which is important. Well done!”
– Eric Heng, Orchid Country Club

“The task in the activities were simple but yet challenging enough to make the Team work together to complete it.”
– Grace Low, Head of IT, Orchid Country Club

“The participants are very interactive with the Facilitators. Staff from FOCUS are well trained, understand the need and humour too!”
– Joey Tay, Assistant Membership Manager, Orchid Country Club

“The participation of the Team members and the Facilitator patience guidance towards our program. ”
– Augurs Separtiah, Secretary, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“It was fun, interactive and involving the whole Team. The Teambuilding programme exceeded my expectations.”
– Wayne Jennings, Senior Operations Manager, Sodexo Singapore Pte Ltd

“Teambuilding programme was good and the number activity was extremely good.”
– Ritesh Hanuant Joshi, Associate, BNP Paribus

“The activities are really useful and met the goals.”
– Haslina Hamid, Leasing Executive, Ministry of Law

“I loved the activities when we had the small leadership Team. The Facilitators were great. For the bigger extended Team, it was a larger group and not as fun or impactful to me.”
– Lisa, Procter & Gamble

“Variety of the activities, relax atmosphere. Activities corresponding to Teambuilding spirit.”
– Rousseau, Managing Director, Sodexo Singapore Pte Ltd

“I love the dragon activities and the challenge.”
– Nasaruddin Bin A Ramin, Deputy Operations Director, Sodexo Singapore Pte Ltd

“The place is good, convenient to do indoor activity and outdoor as well. Facilitators are very good!”
– Rolando Lijauco, Marketing Executive, Sodexo Singapore Pte Ltd

“It really gives us fun and enjoyment. I have learned a lot from the activities and challenges.”
– Maria Reyna Elena Espinosa, Assistant Unit Manager, Sodexo Singapore Pte Ltd

“The GeoCaching Challenge! and the Team catapult/tower building activities. Good way to make us all work together. I also think that during this activity, most of us just met and therefore have no misconceptions or presumptions about the other person. This allows us to be more open and correctly designate people based on their capabilities for the challenge.”
– Yu Ling, Ministry of Law

“Facilitators were very good! Location and all the activities are great!”
– Isle Magsino, Assistant Contract Manager, Sodexo Singapore Pte Ltd

“Fun activities that involves the whole Team. Being outdoors and moving around breaks the usual routine of sitting at the desk for hours. Sentosa was a good choice of venue too, it is not a huge place but enough to give variety and different feel to the people. In terms of feedback, I think the Facilitators to participants ratio could be improved, it feels like only John was leading us most of the time.”
– Kim Soon, Engineer, MediaTek Singapore Pte Ltd

“The experience gave us the chance to bond with each other and practice Teamwork and Team spirit.”
– Joana Sinel, Senior SEO Executive, Yahoo!

“The environment was good, the Facilitator was funny and friendly but it felt like the programme ended too quickly.”
– Danial Zhang, Customer Service, Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd

“Trying things that we never dare to do before.”
– Stacey Tan, Domain Manager, Mozaic Hotels & Resorts

“Learning through action and activity in a casual setting. LOTS of fun. Awesome Facilitators. Sun, Sand and the Sea. Overall a great experience! Only feedback is that the programme could stretch out longer and not enough iced water from the caterer.  ”
– Wesley Tan, Fleet Safety Officer, Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd

“It was the 1st time participants to meet our oversea colleagues and to have a Teambuilding activity with them. We had fun but we did not have the opportunity to go around to reflect/takeaway after this programme, I guess it could probably due to the tight time frame.”
– Susanne Tan, Customer Service, Perstorp Chemicals Asia

“Involvement by all the participants will make the programme even enjoyable throughout the day.”
– G.Subramanian, Warehouse Manager, Tionale Pte Ltd

“Get to know more people in the process of Teambuilding.”
– Daniel Tan, Business Analyst, Mozaic Hotels & Resorts

“The room is good for our company’s size to have the activities there and we feel comfortable with the air-con. The Facilitators are very friendly and funny. The best of all are the food… we really enjoy our lunch.”
– Jason Ho Wai Tuck, Tionale Pte Ltd

“The interactive activities before the actual programme is interesting.”
– Pauline Tan, Manager, National University of Singapore

“The impact of the activity and the duration was just right. The Facilitators were professional and cared for the safety of the participants. Well done FOCUS Adventure.”
– Royal Bank of Canada

“It was short and straight to the point.”
– Kayode, Associate, Standard Chartered Bank

“The bonding time and sharing personal ideas which you know more of the people around you.”
– Patrick John Balmeo, System Executive, Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd

“Having to move around over a substantial area with a GPS is a good experience.”
– Low Wee Liat, IT Consultant, Sony Electronics (S) Pte Ltd

“It was an excellent programme. Good to catchup with other colleagues in the activities.”
– Suresh Vayira, Specialist Supply, BHP Billiton Marketing Asia Pte Ltd

“The Teambuilding lead by John was good, he is experienced, cheerful, making us laugh during entire programme and we found him very affable and a friendly person. I believed he did worked very hard for his mandarin speaking in order to conduct our programme. Big thanks to him!

Well, overall we enjoyed the trip so much and the bonding was excellent. We will be planning our next year trip soon and if you have any good ideas, please feel free to share with us.”
– Stanic Chiang, Administrative Manager, C K Department Store

“Even we are not familiar with each other, and no barrier of seniority (position), we had fun and I am sure everyone enjoy themselves. I did!”
– Wenny Yeo, Account Assistant, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE Singapore Branch

“Interesting approach and the participation rate was very high.”
– BHP Billiton Marketing Asia Pte Ltd

“Know each other better especially new colleague.”
– Shirley, Accountant, ifm electronic Asia Pte Ltd

“Fun activities that made some really key points about leadership and Teamwork!”
– Chip Alford, Employee Communications Manager, Caterpillar Financial Services Asia Pte Ltd

“It was participative hence enjoyed all the activities.”
– Bishwajeet, Senior Vice President, Mizuho Bank Limited

“The Facilitators were very engaging and adapted to the need of the Team – This made the experience more special.”
– Vishnu Varathan, Senior Economist, Mizuho Bank Limited

“The enthusiasm of the Facilitator and all the participants.”
– Sara Tan, Executive Director, Hougang Sheng Hong Family Service Centre

“Great and wonderful experience!!!”
– Joselito Bunyi, Vice President, Mizuho Bank Limited

“Overall the experience is fun!”
– Katherine Tan, Assistant Technical Library Executive, Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia Pte Ltd

“The activity for Team to count the number is interesting.”
– Dong Jia, Mizuho Bank Limited

“Relaxing time mingling while having fun in the activities.”
– Grace Lim, Sales Manager, Caterpillar Financial Services Asia Pte Ltd