Embark on a thrilling ascent with the TEAM CHALLENGE PYRAMID, a towering 25-meter structure designed to foster unparalleled team cohesion and leadership skills. This unique challenge invites groups of five to navigate an upward spiral to the pyramid’s peak, encountering a series of engaging tasks that demand cooperation, strategic thinking, and mutual support.


At each level, participants must tackle challenges, that not only test their physical prowess but also enhance their communication and problem-solving skills. The culmination of this adventure is a spectacular descent via the Flying Fox, providing an exhilarating finish that cements the bonds formed during the climb.

Ideal for corporate teams, this experience underscores the importance of trust and unified effort in achieving common goals, making it a perfect metaphor for workplace dynamics. Enhance your team’s performance and spirit with this transformative team-building and leadership development journey.

For those seeking even more exhilarating team-building experiences, explore our TEAM CHALLENGE HOURGLASS. This 24-meter high hourglass-shaped tower presents its own set of unique challenges that further test teamwork and leadership under varying conditions.

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High Elements are about 10 metres high above the ground and provide participants with opportunities to confront fears & examine how people react when they face intimidating challenges

– Balancing Beam

– Parallel Walk

– Jacob’s Ladder

– Postman’s Walk

– Multi-Vine

– Dangle Duo

– Burma Bridge

– Pamper Pole

– Giant Swing

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Low Elements are designed to get the participants to work as a team and be responsible for the safety of others as well as for themselves. These are great interaction and communication tools.

– Low Wall

– Meuse

– Trust Fall

– TP Shuffle

– Over the Top

– Mohawk Walk

– Trolley

– Giant’s Finger

– Whale Watch

– Wild Woozey

– Nitro Crossing

– Spider’s Web

– Triangle Tension Traverse


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The Leadership Challenge!


FOCUS Adventure’s The Leadership Challenge! is a three-day developmental programme for leaders, managers and supervisors of all levels, as well as for employees that are preparing for leadership responsibilities. This programme engages participants in an intensive learning experience that is designed for adult learning styles, using a mix of these following apporaches:

360 feedback on leadership practices (pre-work)

Presentation on key leadership concepts

Sharing of best leadership practices from peers

Experiential activities

Self reflection and team discussion

Application FOCUS

FOCUS Adventure’s The Leadership Challenge! programme consists of two segments – a two-day programme, followed by a one-day follow up session three months later.

Option to customise the duration of this programme is also available.

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Design Considerations
In all our programmes, FOCUS Adventure uses Challenges effectively to unlock closed minds, stimulate fresh thinking and encourage meaningful dialogues that trigger learning transferable back to the workplace.

FOCUS Adventure utilizes an interdisciplinary approach that blends organization development practices, experiential learning techniques, intellectual and emotional challenges and proven models/concepts/frameworks to unlock the synergy in the team and achieve maximum impact.

Isomorphic framing focuses on matching a client’s needs, mind-set and objectives with an adventure experience. FOCUS Adventure adopts this powerful framework in all its programme in creating relevance and mirroring the experience to the client’s industry and work processes. This is done through proper structuring of programme and effective facilitation, which increase motivation and enhance transfer of learning back to the workplace.

The entire training programme is tailored to our client’s specific business objectives and operation needs.

Adults learn best when it is problem-centred and action-oriented. This is the foundation of Adventure-Based Experiential Learning. The design of the activities ensures full participation and lessons are drawn from the experience.

We aim to bring about radical changes and a shift in personal and organisational belief systems and culture through our programmes.

Learning is transferred by linking the experience to actual work practices.

Evaluation up to Level 3 based on Kirkpatrick’s Model can be performed to measure the effectiveness of the programme and how well the experience translates to the workplace.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities

Corporate CSR Logo

FOCUS Adventure firmly believes in making a difference in society through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Being an officially registered Social Enterprise under raiSE, we are committed to contributing positively to our community.

The CSR team in FOCUS Adventure not only brings an impact to the participants, but also to our beneficiaries as well. We strive to build the connection with underprivileged children and youths through our Adventure Learning methodology, creating more opportunities by equipping them with leadership skills and a positive attitude, thus allowing them to independently open more employment opportunities through our internship programmes.


Explore our range of CSR activities and discover how your company can contribute to a brighter future while building a stronger, more connected team.

1. The Build-A-Bike Challenge!

Best Corporate Social Responsibility Activity in Singapore

Discover the unique spirit of collaboration through FOCUS Adventure’s Build-A-Bike Challenge, an engaging CSR activity that combines team building with community service. 

In this activity, corporate teams come together to assemble bicycles, navigating through various challenge stations to earn the necessary parts. While it appears as a competition among teams, the true essence of the event is revealed at the end when all bicycles are donated to those in need, from construction workers to underprivileged children.

CSR Teambuilding Activity in Singapore

This activity not only fosters teamwork and problem-solving skills but also enhances your company’s CSR profile by directly contributing to the welfare of the community. Participants leave with a reinforced sense of purpose and teamwork, knowing their efforts have a lasting impact. Engage with us in this transformative CSR activity where team building meets social responsibility, and help create a brighter future for those in need.

2. The Robotics Challenge!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Singapore

Step into the world of innovation with FOCUS Adventure’s Robotics Challenge, an activity with a unique blend of team building and CSR. Participants form teams to assemble robots and tracks in this engaging challenge, ending with an exciting robot race.

Along the way, teams face interactive challenges that not only enhance their robotics skills but also foster critical thinking and collaboration.

Corporate CSR Activities Singapore
CSR Activity Singapore

After the event, the robots are donated to underprivileged children, providing them with educational tools that inspire creativity and an interest in technology. Participate in the Robotics Challenge to build team spirit and contribute to a meaningful cause.

3. The Lego Challenge!

Explore the innovative Lego Challenge by FOCUS Adventure, a dynamic team building and CSR activity that enhances collaboration and supports a noble cause. 

Participants form teams to construct Lego structures according to specific objectives, with interludes of fun challenges to earn additional Lego pieces. Each team contributes to a grand masterpiece, demonstrating the power of teamwork and collective effort.

CSR Lego Donation

The grand finale not only showcases the combined creativity of all participants but also serves a greater purpose. The completed Lego structures are then donated to underprivileged children, enriching their lives with educational play materials. Engage your team in this meaningful exercise that marries team building with impactful CSR, fostering a sense of community and shared achievement. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities in Singapore

As you explore the variety of CSR activities we offer, remember that each initiative is designed not only to strengthen your team but also to make a meaningful difference in the community. Join FOCUS Adventure in our commitment to social responsibility and help us create a brighter future for underprivileged children and youths. Embrace the opportunity to transform lives through adventure learning and leadership development. Together, we can forge lasting impact and positive change. Contact us today to learn more about how your organization can participate and contribute.

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is one of FOCUS Adventure most significant innovation in our 20 years of history. It is a 24 meters high hourglass shape tower that comprises of a series of 20 different challenges at 4 different levels.

TCH is designed as a team based experience where groups of 5 to 6 participants are connected to each other to scale the tower, conquering challenges with the support of every team member.

The TCH experience is ideal for learning experiences that are centred on leadership, teamwork, change management and character development.

The unknown (and hence risk & fear factor) is synonymous with Change. In order to experience the “Possible”, one has to reach out to touch the “Impossible” and this will require stepping out of one’s own comfort zone to take risks, confronting FEAR and turning it into FAITH – in the system, in the team and in oneself. The climb is a metaphoric experience for the participants, as individuals and as a team, embarking on a journey of Discovery, Transformation and Achievement.

Mobile Adventure Programmes

Mobile Adventure Programmes

Mobile Adventure Programmes are so named because they can be conducted almost anywhere in the world! Using minimum props and setup, our experienced Facilitators can provide an experiential learning programme that delivers results. You can choose to hold these activities in a function room, a garden courtyard, at the beach. You name it and we will definitely be able to find suitable activities to attain your objectives.


Inter- Link

Using the ropes provided, teams is to form a web-like device to support a ball and transport it from Point A to Point B


Teams will have to replicate a masterpiece that will be shown to each team member at a time. The objective is for the team to ‘catch’ the ‘spy’ within their own team.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Challenge for teams to construct an exact replica of a LEGO Model ONLY by what is being described to them by their other team mates.

Alpha Link

The team’s task is to make one successful crossing from one end to another, whilst keeping physical contact with one another.

Mine Field

To retrieve a particular designed lego chip in a minefield whilst being blindfolded

Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi

Discs of different sizes are being placed onto the poles and participants are required to move these discs from 1 pole to another while adhering to strict parameters.

Mission Impossible

Participants must crack their brains to solve the scenario. They must extract a bottle from a “hot zone”, which they are not allowed to step into. Furthermore, the bottle contains a “bomb”, which must be removed before the bottle can be moved.

Helium Hula

Challenge to raise and lower a hula hoop as a team


Warp Speed

Challenge to pass the tennis ball within the fastest possible time! "Can you do better?!

Mousetrap Tower

Challenge to activate (set up) & deactivate mouse trap. Challenge to make a tower using activated mouse trap.

Construction Maze

Challenge for teams to construct a 3 dimensional structure consisting of two opposing stacked pyramids with limited or no knowledge of the building process.

Key Punch

Key Punch

Challenge to “key” in the numbers in correct order within the shortest time

Blindfold Shape

Challenge to form various shapes in own groups while being blindfolded.

Turning Point

Challenge to flip over a canvas while the team remains standing on it.


Challenge for every team member to run through a revolving rope without the rope stopping at all


Challenge for the teams to transfer a set of balls into the various buckets. Using only ropes given, the team is to balance the ball within strict parameters to support the ball.


The team is tasked to put together a story from a set of sequential images. Each participant is given an image but is not permitted to show it to anyone else. Together, the team has to figure out the correct sequence.

Group Juggling

Group Juggling

Challenge for teams to juggle a set of tennis balls as a team (tossing & catching)