June 2024

"It's fruitful afternoon, the activates were very tastefully designed and it was very helpful in facilitating the discussions. One of best boarding event I have attended so far."
Chiong Seng Yeng

May 2024

"All good and we had fun. The program met the objective to everyone together as One Team "
Ann Tab, Senior Director
"Fun and unique teambuilding without breaking a sweat and with a cause!"
Thessa Mia Rivera
Johnson and Johnson
"The video and mini challenge game is very great!"
"Good job!!"
Zulekha Zailabdin, APRMC Systems Specialist
"Great fun, facilitators were incredibly professional and made us feel safe."
Hoh Jian Yong, Deputy Chief Counsel
"Well organised, kudos to Desmond and Focus Adventure Team. Water activities was fun and the land activities was amazing and foster team bonding with diversed personalities and backgrounds. Thanks so much :)"
Gwendolyn Khor
Epson Singapore Pte Ltd
"Could have some learning objectives for the activities such as plan is mostly useless (circumstances change every time), but planning is still a must!"
Chua Hock Ann
"Thank you. I enjoyed the programme."
Lum Yuan Peng
"Aircon in the room could be stronger to facilitate the number of people in the room."
Evelyn Lee, Strategy and operations manager
"Good session, needs a way to emphasize or tie in more the core theme or objective."
Joshua, Program Manager
"Very engaging. Session seems to be too short."
Doreen Cheong
"Well organised team building session"
Bob Shaw, Director
VDL ETG Singapore
"The programme was effective in helping us meet the objectives of having fun, making new friends and drilling the organisational vision and mission into us newbies. Kudos to Bryan for being an engaging facilitator throughout!"
Shi Yun, Senior Manager
"Kudos to Bryan for facilitating such an enjoyable session! I had a great time and made many new friends!"
Caleb Chng, Senior Manager
Ministry of Culture Community and Youth
"Good time spent together. Awesome organisation."
Fabio, Executive Chef
St Regis Hotel
"We had a great day and learning / bonding experience"
Sushant Rege, Director of Food and Beverage
St Regis Singapore
"All good 👍"
Pey Seng Lam
"Really enjoyed the two days with Focus Adventures, especially with Sasi and Berwin. Learnt a lot of takeaways and especially enjoyed the blindfold activity and Monopoly."
"Very good experience. Thank you!"

April 2024

"Thank you to Berwin and team for organising the event well for us. Appreciate the great work! Keep it up!"
Carol Ong, AD
"Really enjoyed the rafting and high elements."
"Facilitators are very helpful and fast to respond"

March 2024

"Thank you for FAcilitating our 2 team building events and the links for the photos and videos.
Colleagues were really engaged during the activities and there was lots of laughter and team work.
Bryan was clear and managed to make it interesting when explaining the objectives for each of the activity.
He was also attentive to details and he would advise improvements for the second run, provide pencils for the event including stickers for participants to write their names for easy identification.
It was a great working with FOCUS Adventure again."
Christina Ong, Senior Manager, Customer Experience
Singapore Pools
"Fantastic programme. I enjoyed it even after participated 5 times already."
Lim Boon Leng , Programme Director
"The activities are well organised and fun with good team building. "
Abdul Alim, Senior Consultant
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
"Excellent and enjoyable "
Cynthia , AD
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
"FAcilitator is well prepared and engaged the ground well "
Lee Ang Noi, AD
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
"I definitely enjoyed myself with the activities today and getting to know my colleagues better. Thank you FOCUS Adventure ;)"
Simin Woo, Manager
"Awesome session.. Special thanks to all FAcilitators"
Maniam , Customer Care Executive
"Good and engaging enjoyed it"
Tan Geok Heok, Customer experience officer
Singapore pools
"A fun day off work! Keep it up!"
Eric, Senior Manager
"Awesome experience and fun activities. Great job team!"
Leu Huimin
"NUH is a big organisation, through this team building we are able to know different colleagues from different departments which possibly benefit us in future. "
Leanne Hwee
"Very engaging and fulfilling"
Sito Jowyn, Senior Executive
"Thank u for organising!"
"Had gained a number of valuable insights today, e.g. need to avoid falling into tunnel vision, importance of working for the collective goal instead of just assigned tasks (and realizing and rallying people towards the common goal), difficulties in communicating through the layers and the need to troubleshoot at different points in time to ensure that instructions are understood and executed correctly. It was also very fun and I'm happy that i made a few lunch kakis! "
Leanne Hwee
"Great way to keep the day lively and fun... Kudos to the FAcilitators."
M Ganesh, Operations Manager
"Berwin and team was extremely engaging, hilarious and passionate. Thank you for your exceptional hosting!"
Tan Xiao Min, Operations manager
Certis Group
"Fun and chill activities"
Tan Xiao Min, Head, Line HR and Admin
Certis CISCO Secure Logistics
"Well organised and good energy"
Lin Zhijie

February 2024

"The FAcilitators were full of energy and passed on the positive vibes to the participants"
"Had a lot of fun! FAcilitators did a good job engaging us "
Cheryl Chan, Analyst
"Enjoyed it! Duration and the activities were good."
Surendhar Selvam, Data Scientist
Siemens Mobility
"Thank you for the fun programme!"
Neo wei xin
"Really enjoyed the 2-day course n leant to come out of comfort zone and learn team building skills!"
Selvin Tamillu
"Enjoyed these two days and learnt about teamwork theories which I will reflect upon."
Ambrose, IT Staff
"The programme have been fun and amazing. it really brought the course mates to work together to tackle challenges. definately will recommend everyone to experience this at least once!"
Tan Geraldine
"Good instill session to the core values "
Kelly Chua, IBA
"Excellent one, highly recommend "
SANTHANAM ANAND , Assistant Lead Engineer
"I’m very happy with the course, thank you for all your efforts! "
Yeo Xin Rui
"Excellent programme. Teams were really built through fun and meaningful activities. Highly recommended!"
Tan Ying Ru
"Very interesting activities to bring across learning points relevant to work in department level and organization level. Thank you!"
"Great FAcilitating with all objectives met safely."
Nicholas Eng, Staff Officer


"Hi Bryan, Yumi, & FOCUS Adventure team, On behalf of my management & colleagues, I just wanted to take a moment to express my profound gratitude to you & team in Focus in making our Teambuilding event such a dazzling success!
From the first brainstorming session (in CMA office premise) to the final curtain call, you had brought an unparalleled level of professionalism, creativity, passion and enthusiasm to the table.
Not forgetting, to accommodate & accede to our impromptu & last min requests; especially “rocket” high demands & comments from a PA like ME😊Thanks for going the extra mile to make sure the event was stellar, kudos to your tireless effort for the wonderful & amazing job in facilitating everything, deeply appreciate.
You are all true professionals, and it was a pleasure to work with each & every one of you😊
Look forward to more future collaboration. "
Jenny LEE, Executive Assistant
CMA CGM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
"It is a very engaging and meaningful onboarding experience. I also gained a better appreciation and understanding the company's values."
Lyon Loo
"I couldn't ask for better FAcilitators with such great energy, enthusiasm and passion in the work."
Moria Lee
"This was a very well prepared and organised experience! Thank you for a insightful time."
Hazel Angela Law
"Never knew the corporate inductions could be this fun! The activities and debrief were accessible, and I feel that it catered to all individuals in the room well."
En Qi
"A very fun filled with tonnes of laughter, sweat, camaraderie during Teambuilding. Highly recommended."
Ting Bing Hui
" Safety has been taken care by FAcilitators. They paid attention to everyone to ensure we were all well and enjoyed the event."
Ting Bing Hui
John Liew
"The FAcilitators are great! Thank you! "
Sng WeiXian Veronica
"Fantastic FAcilitators. Really enjoyed the day. Thank you! "
Doireann Mac Loughlin, Senior Podiatrist
"FAcilitators are damn awesome, they make it fun for us to interact and learn "
Daryl Yeo, Human Resources
"Enjoyable and meaningful. "
Shirlyn, Speech therapist
"Great time, best team building experience ever"
Chen Wei'an , Senior Manager
"Extremely enjoyable!"
"The FAcilitator did a amazing job with their energy and guidance"
Lee Guang Jie, Executive Manager
"Thanks for the excellent event"
Alakkadan Kottieth Harish
"A very fun filled event with tonnes of laughter, sweat, camaderie during the team building. Highly recommended"
Ting Bing Hui, Category Manager
"Fun way of learning about each other!"
Ruth Tan, Manager
"I love it that they prepared ponchos for us during the amazing race to keep us protected!"
Gregory Sin
"Useful and informative. The instructors are very engaging"
Wong Wan Chi
"I like how that FOCUS Adventure planned so well and being so thoughtful, all the way to the closing by singing a song in group and making the participants gave out certs to each other. Kudos for the effort! "
Connie Wong, senior mgr
"Very good facilitating, they were all very funny"
Abigail Poh Jia En, Physiotherapist
"Fun filled day with purposeful learnings to take home and back to the work place. "
REBECCA Tan, Senior Admin Officer
"Kyle and Bryan were great in session."
Mark Yen, Team Lead
"Programmes are good and enjoyable "
Linawaty Gosali, Sales support
Synectic systems (asia) pte ltd
"Fantastic event. The FAcilitators were excellent and the entire event was very well organised. Kudos to the team !!"
Asish, IT Business Analysis Expert
"Best corporate orientation programme so far!"
Kevin Ongko
"Had good team bonding "
Sirisha Uppalapathi, Senior Analysts
"I couldn’t ask for better FAcilitators with such great energy, enthusiasm and passion in the work"
"It was more fun than expected:)"
Tay Zhi Wen, AHD
"This was a very well prepared and organised experience! thank you for a insightful time "
Hazel Angela Law
"Never knew corporate inductions could be this fun! The activities and debriefs were accessible, and I feel that it catered to all individuals in the room well. "
En Qi
"It was fun and energising. I like how they brought it back to how we can implement what we learn back in the office."
Jasmine Lin
"I feel the monopoly game is least fruitful as we seem to be just running around, but understand that it can be a fruitful bonding tool. Thanks for a tightly controlled, well-facilitated session. I found the small touches (photos, videos, type of and variation in activities) thoughtful and reflects the organiser’s/FAcilitator’s experience. "
Ng Min
"Compliments to Sasi"
Willy, Marketing
"Thank you for the nice programs planned for us and fast processing of video, photos and certs for us."
Jessica , CS
"Bervin was great! "
Siang Chern

December 2023

"Thanks so much for an amazing time – Bryan was absolutely amazing and the team had a blast."
Barclays Bank
"Fun activity with corporate learnings embedded behind!"
Ankit Singh, Managing Director
Msg Global Solutions
"Excellent work leading us in this teambonding activity!"
Theeba Rani
"Very well-planned, i thoroughly enjoyed myself."
Natalie Oh, Senior Executive
"Great time to know each other better."
Jodelle Tan, Assistant manager
"FAcilitators are engaging and they are able to convey their instructions clearly."
Kim Seng
"The activity was fruitful and met it’s objective. Thank you Berwin, Kyle, Roshan and PV"
"Great activities, well planned"
Brandon New, Intern
"The lego game was fun!"
Yew Shu Ning
"Berwin was humorous, which was good"
Tan Xuan Yuan, Manager, Digital Literacy and Wellness
"Appreciate the video playback - captured the memories of the session! Thank you!"
Wai Yin
"Thanks Sasi! It was fun and LSP is a great tool."
Jocelyn Lang
"Excellent delivery and activities"
Derrick Amoah
Wyeth Nutrition
"The programme is well programmed and organized, in a timely and effective manner! Really appreciate the clear explanations and examples and activities."
Zeng Lingping Pindar, Application Group Manager
Wyeth Nutrition
"Many thanks for personalising the training for us ! Great efforts!"
Jerlyn, HRM
Wyeth Nutrition
"Thank you for being considerate for each member’s wellbeing and expectation!"
Esther Tan, Senior Development Partner
Enterprise Singapore
"Though challenging, it’s a great activities to bring together the team and enhance teamwork and collaboration."
Suzanne Soh, Senior Development Partner
Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


"Thank you for sending over the pictures and video.
We would like to thank you and Bryan; he did a great job in bringing us together. Everyone had a great time and we’ve learned a lot as well. I could only hear positive feedbacks from my colleagues.
It was a please working you and your team.
Thank you very much. "
Ma Cristina Castigo
"Thank you very much for your excellent service.
The event was successfully completed. All our people including the management enjoyed so much the programme and the FAcilitation."
Hazel Aung
Thank you Berwin, Totok and Ally.
You made the course a fun and memorable one. From the first step into FOCUS Adventure, it was welcoming and it sets a warmth feeling for interaction and friendship.
Thanks to the course we made new friends from other departments and learnt many things about each other.
Keep up the good work and all the best for FA's future endeavours!!
Muhammad Khairi Bin Buang
"Just a quick note to express our sincere thanks for the fantastic team building programme! Berwin was amazing and brought so much fun to the event. Kudos to his creativity!
We appreciate the great service and the memorable experience.
Best regards"
Wendy Chan
GuocoLand Organiser
"We wanted to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding FAcilitation during our CMOC End of Year Event. Your FAcilitators’ expertise and engaging presentation style truly made the event memorable. The positive atmosphere they created fostered a conducive learning environment and their dedication to ensuring participants’ understanding and involvement greatly contributed to the success of the event."
Woon Ling
"Thank you FOCUS Adventure Hweeli and team for this event with great customer service and planning!"
Jean, HR
Busy Bees International
"I would also take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional customer service you provided. Your team dedication and professionalism were truly outstanding. Your attention to detail and willingness to accommodate our needs made our event a resounding success. Your hard work and commitment did not go unnoticed and were instrumental in making our event a memorable one.
We look forward to the opportunity to work again in the future.
Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction.
Thanks and Best Regards "
Balabhaskar Ashok Kumar, ONE GUYANA FPSO Project Controls Engineer
ExxonMobil Global Projects Company
"The Lead FAcilitator, Sasi, displayed excellent communication skills. He was very professional in delivering the content for the workshop. He sighted and gave comical incidents that made the participants roar with laughter. All of us from bttsal enjoyed every minute of the teambuilding programme. Thank you to Sasi, Kyle and Totok for an enjoyable and fun filled session. Looking forward to more."
Ratnasingam Selvarani, Chief Executive
Board For The Teaching and Testing of South Asian Languages
"Dear Yumi,
Please help me convey my biggest thank you to Sasi and team for the wonderful facilitation yesterday. I would also like to thank you for your strong support and very quick response whenever I had any questions!
Looking forward to viewing the photos! Please send me the download link when available 😊 Thank you. ."
"Great fun Monopoly Adventure!"
"Well done! This was very creative and fun! With amazing key messages for org effectiveness."
Jacinta Williams
"Very interesting team bonding session & activities. ."
Chong Hui Xian, Executive
NTUC Fairprice Co Ltd
"Our team bonded well especially the last activity where everyone was blind folded and manage to group up. It shows that there are trust, self believe and team work among each other even though we were from the different business unit and work as one Keppel.Together we win!!Thank you FOCUS Adventure for the exciting games plan for us. Keep up the good work!"
Abdul Manap Bin Senin, Assistant Engineer, Maintenance
Keppel Infrastructure
"Not long enough haha But yes we had fun!"
Shirley Lim, CFO
Busy Bees
"It was so fun! FAcilitators are all so nice and friendly. Their energy was top tier!"
Risa, Custome Service Exec
Busy Bees
"Highly dynamic & helpful FAcilitators. Thoroughly enjoyed the activities"
Rabiatul Adawiah, CDO
Busy Bees
"Thank you for this fun and exciting team bonding event"
Lee Chin Yen, Senior Principal
Busy Bees
"5 stars for the event."
Diana Lee, Executive
Guocoland Singapore
"Excellent organisation of our retreat with very energetic FAcilitAtors"
Rodziah, HR
Busy Bees
"Engaging FAcilitators who knows their stuff! Well executed."
Terence Tan, Engineer
"Thank you we have so much fun throughout!"
Joana Chu, Sales Executive
Guocoland Singapore
"Great job to the organisers and FAcilitators! Thank you so much!"
Farah Liyana binti Muhammad Khair
"Well done and thank you for the fun filled event with many nuggets of knowledge on the effective’s of teamwork and for a wonderful relationship building activities!"
Christopher Tan
"Thank you for a wonderful Adventure!"
Irene Low, Dept Head
"It was a really fun team building!"
Teo Woon Ling
"Smooth and Organised"
Koh Gim Eng, Seno
Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School
"I enjoyed the bonding with my colleagues "
Brenda, LH Science
Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School
Fun fun will recommend y’all in future for programmes
Jordan Wang, Teacher
"Presenter was great! Very engaging and kept the pace of the programme moving."
Opera Estate Primary School
"Lead FAcilitator was great in leading us in the activities today! And very friendly and helpful co FAcilitators as well. "
Shaikha, LH Maths
Opera Estate Primary School
"Very engaging and interesting activity."
Hadi, Teacher
Board For The Teaching and Testing of South Asian Languages
"Good enjoyable programme"
Zailani Mohamed Idris, DDTW
"Despite the tedious transportation to the remote location, FOCUSAdventure has successfully delivered a great experience in enforcing teambuilding for LTA."
Peh Jin Sheng Jordan, Executive Project Engineer
Land Authority Transport
"Excellent. Fun. Interactive "
Andy Ang, Managing Director
Den Hartogh
"Thank you to all the FAcilitators! We had a great morning of fun and Berwin was very funny and was able to warm us up very quickly."
Li Win
Den Hartogh
"Really fun & relate with daily work"
"Super Fun! Thanks Berwin and Team.good job"
Razeena Begum , Customer Service
"Berwin is a great FAcilitator. Responsible, and pace is easy to grasp"
Janice Gan, Exec Admin Assy
"The instructors were awesome!"
Carl Zeiss
"Great programme! Thoroughly enjoyed myself with the team"
Marcus Tan Jun Yuan, Sales executive
"It was a fun way to learn "
Buddhika Haputhanthri, Executive Director
Mizuho Bank
"Good fun and great learning experience"
Ashish Adukia, Director
Mizuho Bank Ltd
"Sasi and team ran an excellent course."
Mizuho Bank
"Thoroughly Enjoyed the day"
Saugata BANERJEE, Head of Sustainable programming
"Great job! thank you!"
Pearla, Manager
"Sasi engages and involves with ease and finesse. He succinctly condenses learning points and presents them in an accessible manner, fostering a dynamic learning environment. His adept FAcilitation skills create an inclusive atmosphere that encourages participation. Sasi's ability to distill complex concepts into clear, understandable insights enhances the overall learning experience. I'm impressed with his effective communication and FAcilitation style, making the Design Thinking process both engaging and comprehensible."
Davin Wu, Solution Architect

OCTOBER 2023 (29)

"We would like to Thank everyone at FOCUS Adventure for making our Teambuilding a great success!My CEO, Michael Chick is very impressed with FOCUS Adventure, and we are happy that our managers are very engaged and participated whole heartedly.Once again, thank you and have a great week ahead! "
Joanne, General Manager, Human Capital Management HCM
Domino's Pizza Singapore
"Just wanted to say, a huge thank you to you, Bryan, Kyle and team! It was a good experience and many of them shared that they had many learning takeaways, from the context setting, dragonboat activity to debrief. Everything was really well done. 😊"Thank you!
Li Hui
MOH Holdings Pte Ltd
"Fun and great coordination"
Emily Tan, Institution Lead
"I really had fun with new learnings too, that i can share with my other managers & team members."
Kristhel, Cluster Manager
Domino's Pizza Singapore
"We had a fulfilling day, very energised session."
Joanne, Cluster Manager
Domino's Pizza Singapore
"These activities created by the team has help myself to understand my fears and concerns. With the help of my teammates, it has helped me with overcoming these fears to a certain extent."
Ahmad Syazwan Bin Makhali, Police Officer
FAcilitators has the knowledge and skills to make us have fun and enjoy the activities.
Doing a very good job. Especially the video montage at the end of the day. That’s a very good way to end the session with the participants.
Cheu Jia Jun
This course is definitely a MUST for those who work in a Team Environment
Ajit Kumar
The programme is very well organised and FAcilitators are very engaging
Jonathan Soh
Fun and engaging session
Jocelin Tay, Assistant Director
Thanks for all your efforts and FAcilitation! V helpful!
Very well planned and executed. The best programme so far I've attended. Thank You Sasi Kumar and team
Md Roslan Bin Hashim
Really impressed by the whole FAcilitation process includes flow of activities, pace, delivery.
Khai, Senior Executive
Domino's Pizza Singapore
Great session to meet everyone and build better teaming, communication and other skills. Thanks Berwin and team for FAcilitating!
Good. The team building event can be host to walk around sentosa will be better.
Was fun and bonded, too much business lessons
Ernest Ng
Great energy by the trainer
Ian Ho, Senior Manager (Maritime Innovation Ecosystem)
Fun and engaging programme.
Mohamad Lutfi Aman, Senior Port Inspector
FAcilitators were rly fun and engaging!!!! thank you so much i enjoyed myself (:
The FAcilitator is very engaging. Food is nice too
Well done, great job keeping energy levels up.
I had fun in overall, thanks a lot to the FAcilitators 🙂
Anna Tan, Senior Marketing Executive
Good for team building events
Mohamad Aliff Rafiuddin bin Razak, Manager in Training
Domino's Pizza Singapore
FAcilitator was engaging and made the activities very interesting. Enjoyed myself, well done and thank you.
Very professional and fun at the same time. Thanks you Sasi, Kyle and Took.
Vikneswari Virayah , Admin Executive
Board for the Teaching and Testing of South Asian Languages
The programmme was Very relevant and Effective.
Tanuja Kapoor, Mother Tongue Specialist Officer
Overall, the program was very helpful.
Ila W/o Mahendra, Mother Tongue Specialist Officer
All the staff was very helpful ,cooperative ,and supportive Keep up the good work guys 👍🏻
Saadia Irfan, Mother Tongue Specialist Officer

SEPTEMBER 2023 (28)

“Hi Tessa, It was a fantastic team event experience, maybe even the best I have ever attended so far. Your team members are quite capable, they managed the sessions very well. Have a good week! “
Nihan Belik
Category Senior Director, Asia Strategy & Innovation & Ecommerce
Love the energy of the FAcilitators and the entire team at FOCUS Adventure
Director Learning & Organization Development , Emerson
Just dropping a word here, to let you know we had a great Teambuilding event yesterday. I would say the whole thing is close to perfect. We learned, we got active and we had fun.Bryan and his team was wonderful. Couldn't have asked for better group of FAcilitators.Thank You
Multi-Wing group
Indeed, the DMO team have enjoyed the session tremendously. In addition, here is a big THANK YOU to your wonderful team, Bryan and team for making the experience memorable and fruitful.Have a great weekend ahead! 😊Thank you.
Jolie Wong
Manager, Distribution Middle Office Income
FAcilitator are engaging throughout the programme.
Alysha Gwee Sok Ling
Senior Staff Nurse, Singhealth Polyclinic
Excellent job done by the FAcilitation team
Dev Anand
Naval Sales Manager , Anschutz SG
Everyone enjoy the event very much
Jacqueline Tay
HOD LAD, Singapura Finance Ltd
Thank you for making our event fun and worthwhile. Kudos to the entire team
Asst Manager, L&OD, Emerson
Thank you for hosting the event!
Chen Yu-Huei
Physiotherapist , NUH
Very fun and enjoyable! Good job to the team!
Hazlina Binte Hussien
Staff Nurse, Singhealth Polyclinics
The FAcilitators are full of energy and positive vibes!
Nur Harizah Binte Jamil
Enrolled Nurse 1, Singhealth polyclinic
Its awesome and a good team building.
Norhayattun Nuffus Norsidek
SPSA, Singhealth
I enjoyed the programme thoroughly
Melody See
Logistics Analyst, Livent
Bryan is humorous and able to get the crowd attention
Yong Quan
Business analyst , Income
“Dear FOCUS Team,On behalf of the Orientation for New Employees Singapore (ONES) Committee, we would like to thank the team once again for helping us facilitate the Grand Opening 2023 on the 16th of September!The team’s professionalism and enthusiasm has contributed greatly to the success of this event. We are particularly grateful to the team for the flawless execution of games, quick coordination and for keeping the event safe and enjoyable for our participants.We look forward to working with you again in future.Thank you! “
Suan Hwee
Singapore Liquids Logistics Advisor ExxonMobil
Thank you FOCUS for planning and organising such an amazing Team Building event for my employees! They had tons of fun and everyone really enjoyed themselves! Thank you for making this event possible! 🙂
Desiree Tan
Commercial Manager, Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore
Looking forward to more fun adventures with you!!
IFX Procurement
Thank you for making it such a fun and enjoyable bonding session 🙂
Ow Poh Poh
Social work assistant, Singhealth Polyclinic
Great Job by Sasi and his team. It’s been a great experience attending the sessions
Yew Von Lim
Research Lead, Livent
Have done a few programs with FOCUS group but each time the games are different !
HR, Emerson
Activities is so fun and love all the FAcilitators working hard to meet all the participants expectations
Nurul Jannah Binte Mohamed Akbar
Senior staff Nurse,Singhealth Nursing Tampines North
Very enjoyable & fruitful experience with the right learning
HR, Emerson
Keep up the good work. It was fund and enjoyable.
Senior staff nurse, Singhealth polyclinic
I had a FUN TIME !!
Irmawati Bte Ardzi
Nurse, Singhealth Polyclinic - Tampines North
Activities were all very exciting and FAcilitators were all engaging
Amira syuhada
Patient Service Associate Executive ,SingHealth Polyclinic - Tampines north polyclinic
Good experience. Fun & enjoy 😊
Winnie Tan
Snr officer, Singapura finance ltd
Great event. Productive and relevant.
Walter Czarnecki