“ The Facilitators were able to encourage active participation from everyone in the Team which made the activities fun to carry out. On the whole, the programme was lively and engaging. ”
– Alicia Wong, WDA

“Aside from being an activity, it develops the Teamwork and trusts to each other.”
– Cely Sarmiento, Senior Systems Engineer, Activ Technology Pte Ltd

“The Facilitator was very accommodating and humorous making the activities a more jovial, fun-filled experiences.”
– Siti, Admin, Activ Technology Pte Ltd

“The Facilitator was fun and interesting and the message he tried to present was very clear”
– Alex Lim, Site Supervisor, Activ Technology Pte Ltd

“Result achieved for good bonding and new experience.”
– Ben Chew, Manager, OMS Holdings Pte Ltd

“The learning points behind most activities were applicable to my work.”
– Hui Qi, Senior Executive, Ministry of Law

“The whole programme was great fun, and paced well. Facilitators were funny and definitely captured the attention of the audience to spur participation. Overall, awesome programme ”
– Sheryl, Assistant Manager, Ministry of Manpower

“The energy level of the Facilitator helped keep the rowing of the boat. They are fully involved as a Team.”
– Meng Loong, Sales Engineer, Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte Ltd