“ There was strong teambuilding and the activities created challenges that motivated active participation from everyone which further enhances bonding and trust in the teams. ”
– Seh Wing Meng, Printing Manager, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

“I especially like the fact that the programme aligned closely to our values as an organisation and complemented how we wanted our staff to develop.”
– Rohainizah Adnan, Manager, Masjid Mujahidin

“We had a good time. No regrets in choosing FOCUS Adventure. Fantastic job! Mugan and the Team.”
– S.A. Sujatah, HR Executive, Aardwolf Pestkare (S) Pte Ltd

“A very BIG THANK YOU ESPECIALLY to Sasi and Natalie for making sure that I am all right after hurting my waist while participating in the activity. They took the trouble to heat up the heat pad, finding the cool oil treatment to make sure that the pain was relief. Not forgetting Deep and Loh Biao whom also made the experience worth memorable.”
– Corrine Seah, Operations/Franchisee Manager, SingTel

“The Facilitators delivered the debrief clearly and I can relate it with my working situation.”
– siti aminah, Teacher, Masjid Mujahidin

“Everyone was friendly and easy to approach.”
– Samiha Farveen, Permits Compliance Officer, Singapore Customs

“I had lots of fun bonding with some of the people I did not know and first time meeting”
– Nurul Yaqin, Singapore Customs

“Every single activities were so much fun! As simple as the hype up Kallang Wave and the distribution of group by getting a pair and compare nose. Those little things made the Teambuilding more enjoyable! FOCUS and the Facilitators did an AWESOME job! Well Done!”
– Nurul Nafiah Binte Suwanda, Social Development Executive, Masjid Mujahidin

“The camaraderie was good, and I got to know more people! ”
– Chloe Yeo, Employment Standards Investigation Officer, Ministry of Manpower

“High Element is a very good learning, it teaches us to overcome our own weakness and challenging.”
– Lubis Ho, Business Development, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

“We were able to have fun and bond during the programme.”
– Fiona Tan, Research Associate, Charterhouse Partnership

“Promote team participation. Interesting activities in different ways to present them compare to other teambuilding programme.”
– Francis Ong, Senior Procurement Executive, AET Tankers Pte Ltd

“Simple activities which are yet meaningful for teambuilding.”
– Yoong Lee Ping, Senior Accountant, AET Tankers Pte Ltd

“There was time to rest but no time to feel bored.”
– May Tan, Project Manager, HP PPS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“I listen I forget (When Facilitator, Wahid presented his slides) I see I remember (When he turned those slides into action ie making everyone participate in the activities) A quote from Confucius that I will apply in my every day life now.”
– Zurainah Tahir, Team Administrator, AET Tankers Pte Ltd

“Everyone had a good time except for the weather! Keep up the good work and I look forward to working with your TEAM in the near future.”
– Bee, Executive Assistant, GlaxoSmithKline

“Lots of fun physical activities; less boring class room stuffs.”
– Lee Chee Wei, Senior Solution Architect, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

“They responded to my queries and needs promptly.”
– Denise Boon, Business Executive, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

“The activities that involved the teamwork was the best part I liked in the whole session.”
– Neha Pandey, Business Development Consultant, Oracle

“The Incredible Race!, The Cooking Challenge!, High Elements, Archery and The Laser Combat are all very exciting and interesting activities. They promote team bonding and strategic planning which are useful for work.”
– Goh Khoon Hiang, Senior Developer, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

“Clear and precise instructions by the Facilitators. As the Brands DNA was about the sea and diving, the general knowledge about sailing is indeed useful. Most importantly, we were blessed with a great weather. Cheers to the FOCUS Team!”
– Hani Mahat, Richemont Luxury Singapore Pte Ltd

“Great team which translated to great energy during the programme!”
– Eileen, PR and Communications Manager, Richemont Luxury Singapore Pte Ltd

“My experience in participating The Laser Combat Challenge! which was fun and interesting.”
– Betty Wong, Executive Secretary, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

“The different activities which involved working in team was the best part of the programme.”
– Neha Pandey, Business Development Consultant, Oracle

“I have learned the importance of teamwork through the activities such as the rope walk.”
– Li Kit Nam, Manager, Health Sciences Authority

“Professional Facilitators, fluent. Indoor activities resemble school camps types though.. would be better if its more sophisticated..”
– Health Sciences Authority

“The strong bonding that we get to know our people much better. It also shows how active our people. The fun that we could share during lunch time.”
– Nancy Lim, Financial Controller, Barco Singapore

“Teamwork and interaction with cross department.”
– Norasiah Kassim, Admin Assistant, National Neuroscience Institute

“There is good co-ordination of the activities which reduced wait time in between.”
– Donald Khoo, Manager, National Neuroscience Institute

“Thank you very much for this memorable day!”
– Sandra Tan, Senior Assistant, MasterCard International

“It was a great experience for the Oracle participants. Thanks very much for your support again especially the flawless logistics.”
– Vanessa Xu, Senior Manager, Oracle

“Very well planned. And overall, the activities really helped in our company’s bonding as it was our first teambuilding programme.”
– Gabriel Toh, Accountant, National Neuroscience Institute

“Facilitator readily shares beyond what is required.”
– Joisse Ong, Vice President, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation

“We would like to express our gratitude to FOCUS and the TEAM for your hospitality and accommodating to our teambuilding needs. We have enjoyed the programme and hope there will be future opportunity to work together again.”
– Nurajibah Mohamad Ali, Singapore Workforce Development Agency

“Thanks a lot for great time. Totally loved it.”
– Liliia, Project Manager, MasterCard International

“We will definitely consider FOCUS Adventure for our next teambuilding activities, you guys did a great job! We all have FUN. Do send my regards to YJ, LB & FE … photographer. We would like to say a big thank you to all your Facilitators for making this day a wonderful one for all despite the hot sun and heat.”
– Sandra Tan, Senior Business Assistant, MasterCard International

“The whole trip and planning are pleasant experience. Especially the photo taking!”
– Joann Teo, Executive Assistant, National University Hospital

“The debrief for each session by Facilitator, Joachim making the learning relevant back at work.”
– Sodexo Singapore Pte Ltd

“Keep up the Great work! More power.”
– Donna, Accountant, Sodexo Singapore Pte Ltd