“ FOCUS listens to Brenntag’s objectives and expectations and willing to adapt and run the extra miles has contributed to the overall positive experience that all participants have provided the feedback. Thanks for a good job done by the FOCUS TEAM in Taiwan with high professionalism. Brenntag works with FOCUS for five years! ”
– Margaret Chua, Regional Industry Manager, Brenntag Pte Ltd

“It was the best teambuilding programme I have attended. Thanks to the quirky activities and enthusiastic Facilitators. Will definitely recommend if I have the opportunity. Double thumbs up!”
– Teo Siyang, Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore

“Activities were really fun. I got to know some of my colleagues better.”
– David, Executive, Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore

“Keep the TEAM spirit bond for the Whole day.”
– Diana Lim, Assistant Deputy Chief Leader, PA Balloon Sculpting Interest Group

“A different side of the co-workers are shown during the programme.”
– Kelvin Tay, Account Manager, PPG Aerospace Application Support Center

“We are all motivated by the Facilitator to complete the tasks assigned.”
– Ann Sng, Accountant, Barco Singapore Pte Ltd

“To be able to come together as a TEAM and have some fun while learning.”
– Sarmira Filzah, Customer Service Executive, PPG Aerospace Application Support Center

“The overall vibes of the programme was well managed. Facilitators were attentive enough to know how to pace the programmes and manage the requests of the attendees. Job very well done!”
– Ian Chua, Account Manager, PPG Aerospace Application Support Center

“Fun to have a teambuilding experience outside of a bar! I do not work regularly with my TEAM members, yet the challenge of having a common goal led immediately to camaraderie. The role assignment seemed irrelevant in the end. But, maybe that is one of the lessons: titles do not really matter in the end.”
– Greg Spak, White & Case Pte. Ltd

“The assistance we received from the time we RFQs to the completion of the programme was excellent.”
– Cheok Kai Weei, Director, DPF Pte Ltd

“Enthusiastic Facilitators and fun overall atmosphere. All very positive.”
– Dirk Pluijmers, Gardner Denver Nash Singapore Pte Ltd

“It was first such an experience for me which will prove helpful in future work experience as it is all about teamwork in an organisation.”
– Jaffar, Operation Manager, Sea Consortium Pte Ltd

“The sense of competition and the physical activity was exiting.”
– Muhammad Atiq Siddiqui, General Manager, Sea Consortium Pte Ltd

“More challenge, love the water sport activities as mentioned by many.”
– Bob Toh, Technician, Rolls-Royce Singapore Pte Ltd

“I was not feeling well during the programme and I am appreciative of the care and concern from the Facilitator and also words of encouragement from him towards our TEAM. Well done!”
– Norazimah, Credit Control Executive, Sea Consortium Pte Ltd

“The programme was well planned and got every participant into an energetic mode. Despite the heat, each one participated and excelled at own best level. Very good to be together in a TEAM from different departments and understand each other.”
– CAPT J S Gill, Managing Director, Sea Consortium Pte Ltd

“We wish to say that It was such a successful programme… Kudos!! A special Thank You goes out to FOCUS’s fabulous TEAM who kept everything running smoothly. Everyone enjoyed the fun activities and the entire evening. Once again, it was a great pleasure to have FOCUS Adventure as part of Ce La Vi Staff Retreat 2017. Hope we will have the opportunity again to work closely in the near future.”
– Sharleen de Souza, Operations Executive, CÉ LA VI SINGAPORE

“I think the facilitators can make or break a programme. In this case, we had excellent facilitators who were encouraging, humorous and effective. They made the experience fun but yet challenging. I also enjoyed the reflections and their tips on how we can bring what we learned back to the workplace. ”
– Joyee, Singapore Management University

“the laser tag was a refreshing, tiring but good way to provide opportunity to bond. however, the facilitator may wish to sound up participants to change if needed, as some were in dressed in long pants during the room activities. Overall, great job!!!”
– Sng Chye Beng, Sr Mgr, Skills Future Singapore

“Good teambuilding and got to know new people from other sections.”
– Samuel Tan, Procurement Engineer, Hewlett-Packard Singapore Pte Ltd