“Well organized, FAcilitators were able to get participants to actively join in the programme. Overall it was a good experience for the participants, programme was well received.”
Stefanus Indradi
Area Business Manager, Sony Mobile International AB
“It was a race, the team were very exited to find the object.”
Nevi Aryani
Jakarta, World Bank Group  
“The energizers were great in bringing our energy levels up and breaking the ice.”
National University Health     
“The group of FAcilitators have done very well, our team enjoyed the programme tremendously.”
Catherine Ng
Ng, Senior Secretary, National University Health
“Our foreign colleagues had difficulties understanding the FAcilitator so the local colleagues at each activity table were able to help translate/guide them along which built a positive experience.”
Whye Chee Peng
District Manager, Caterpillar 
“All the activities were very engaging and we were able to relate it back to our company’s values.”
Wendy Wong
Operation Specialist, Procter & Gamble 
“Jeff was very enthusiastic and he really liven up atmosphere.”
Han Qi En
Executive, Singapore General Hospital
“The FAcilitators continuously maintained the teams energy level.”
Senior Assistant Manager, National University Health
“I love the Challenge Stations as the activities are very innovative and requires team work to complete the challenge. The other part of the programme which i like is the Team Wefies which are fun!”
Sales Coordinator, Wildlife Reserves Singapore Pte Ltd    
“The programme involved tourist attractions in it and is just excellent for those who have not enough time to go to these sites and good for first time visitors. The best part of the programme is the VDO showing participants acting while trying to complete the challenges.”
Thongkham Chanthavong
World Bank Lao Office, World Bank Group 
“Jeff was very enthusiastic and he livened up atmosphere.”
Han Qi En
Executive, Singapore General Hospital 
 “The FAcilitators are very well-trained and thoughtful. They are very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you FOCUS!”
HDB (Orientation FY 2017)