“I like the idea initiative that Focus Adventure recorded the highlights and funny moments during the Group activities and played it back during the end of the session. This to me was really the best way to end the programme.”
Nurhanis Hassan
HR Executive, Perdaus
“Creative games that allow staff to bond and communicate towards a common goal.”
Tricia Lai
Sales admin, Disco Hi-Tec (Singapore) Pte Ltd
“I love the cooking session and tasting session.”
“Good mix of outdoor and indoor activities. Teams were mixed for different activities was very helpful as well.”
System Analyst, Phillip Securities Pte Ltd
“New skill of working and understanding team strength and weakness and tolerance”
Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
“Teamwork spirit – due to different job scope and we hardly chance to work together. Additionally, this shopping event is fun for us and at the same time we are able to contribute to the society. Thank you for introducing and organizing the event.”
Sub Leader, Disco Hi-Tec (Singapore) Pte Ltd
“The activities are fun and interesting especially the morning activities. Thank you very much FOCUS team. Keep up the great work”
Nur Shahida Aishah Supian
Educator, Perdaus
“- A wonderful welcome to a nice breakfast! - Its a great idea to have the groupings (mixture of different centres and departments) and having the coloured bandana as a group identity for us to wear. - There is a balance of physical (The Incredible Race) and not-so physical activities (Activity Stations and Cook Off) to accommodate to different needs of employees, such as the young, not-so-young and pregnant ladies. Thank you Team FOCUS!”
Nurhayati Binte Sudi
Learning Support Educator, Perdaus
“Get to know my colleagues better which will allow us to work together as a team more efficient.”
Krystal Heng
Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Dentsply Sirona Singapore
“The enthusiasm of participants and the retreat activities were engaging and delivered efficiently.”
Vivian Tan
Management Assistant Officer, NUS (School of Computing Non Acad)
“Games are interesting and we all have a good time to bond together especially the games play indoor.”
Cynthia Chai
Operations Manager,Gold Lite Pte Ltd
“Team Bonding with staff from all departments. The care and concern showed to the senior staff in the group. Had fun cooking together. The best part; at the end of the day, we get to see the photos and videos.:)Kudos to Ernest and Team for the Superb Program.”
Masturah Khatoon
Senior Executive HR, Perdaus
“Working together with my colleagues and apprecitating each other strength and weakness.”
Educarer, Perdaus
“Balance of both world – for both the active youths and ageing elders.”
Centre Principal, Perdaus
“Activities are well prepared and exciting.”
Genivieve Bendijo
Preschool Teacher, Perdaus
“Cooking Challenge, it was a wonderful experienced because it could make you feel motivated to finish until the end .Not for youself alone but for the whole group.”
Lestly Mae Castillo
Teacher , Perdaus
“Instead of having an indoor engagement session, this is something new and interesting. At the same time, we can keep ourselves healthy.”
Yusrawati Mohamad
Admin Executive, Perdaus
“Effective time management and good wet-weather plan.”
SPF (Police Security Command)
“The activities provided opportunities for all my team members, regardless of their age, to put their strengths to good use. The ice-breaker kallang wave activity was an effective opening to the team building programme and the video was a great closure to it. The facilitators were great motivators throughout the entire programme.”
“FAcilitator has good understanding of behavioral phsych. and was able to advice us well on the personality traits and working with one another.”
Mohamed Kader
Accountant, Evonik (SEA) Pte Ltd
“FAcilitator were engaging and humorous. Safety briefings were conducted before each outdoor/physical activity. They were also cautious when it comes to activities that carry potential injury-risk.”
Kenny Toh
Phillip Securities Pte Ltd
“The FAcilitator is very fun and motivating, the programme planned was awesome!”
Jasmine Zeng
PSO, SPF (Police Security Command)
“Something different from others that we have attended, especially the outdoor segment”
Admin Officer, Perdaus