"It was very enjoyable and memorable thank you for your hard work to organise this for us. "
Human Resource Department , National University Health System
"Interesting program. Allows for creativity in Lego Serious play. Combined with issues that Managers address, good team and all feedback."
Joseph TanOps
Manager, Applied Materials SEA Pte Ltd
"FAcilitators are clear with instructions, very engaging!"
Or Jun Li
Senior Executive Assistant, NUHS
"All FAcilitators were great! I love the energy they bring to us! Are you guys hiring? Please hit me up hahahah! Great team and had a super fun day!! ^^"
Executive Assistant, NUHS GSS
"Very excellent FAcilitators and emcees. Everything went so smoothly, the games are very fun, intuitive and build bonding among the colleagues. I really enjoyed myself alot. Thank you to all the organisers and FAcilitators for organising this. You guys are amazing!!"
Candyce Lim
Executive Assistant, NUHS"