“ Facilitators listened to the objectives that the department wished to achieve and worked around and towards it by weaving it well into the programme. Facilitators took efforts to know participants. Wonderful pleasant suprise gifts for EVERYONE! Thank you. ”
– Jesslyn, Customer Relations Manager, Singapore Polytechnic

“I would like to say thank you for a fun, moving, meaningful and most importantly awaken our rapport … You guys are great!”
– Joseph, Sony

“Team Building with members. A great experience.”
– Jerry, Manufacturing Engineer, Becton Dickinson

“Organiser, facilities, programmes, meal, shutter bus service – good but only limited parking lots for some.”
– Lawrence, IT Consultant, Sony

“My utmost appreciation to John for being such a great facilitator who knew how to get the crowd energized and rolling with the flow despite having adjustments to schedule etc. Overall, I am definitely impressed and will certainly consider engaging FOCUS Adventure for future team building activities.”
– Shariffah Shahirah Alqadri, Admin Assistant, Microsoft

“Joey is an excellent facilitator, high energy level and great ability to extract energy from the participants.”
– Jeffrey Lee, Head of Compliance, AIA Singapore

“Hi, I did not attend the adventure as I have prior engagement. I am sure it must have been an enjoyable day for those participated in the activity.”
– Eve Ngu, Warehouse Supervisor, Shell

“As usual, FOCUS Adventure never fails to deliver. Good job.”
– Ahmad Jeffri Saat, Organisation Committee Chairman, Becton Dickinson

“Ability of the facilitators to keep the crowd going and ambience of the location which transports us to a kampung feel especially with the impromtu ball and soccer breaks.”
– Wati, Country Logistics Manager, Shell

“All the facilitators are very experienced in conducting the activity and one plus point about this activity is giving out of the complimentary group photo (and a complimentary photo of our choice)!”
– Zoe Tan, Senior Land Checkpoints Officer, Singapore Customs

“Get to know each other among the section. Had fun and felt stress free.”
– Jennifer Teo, Accounts Assistants, Becton Dickinson

“Engaging and fun.”
– Zaki, Higher Customs Officer, Singapore Customs

“Experiencing teamwork through the activities and challenges.”
– Howard Tan, Becton Dickinson

“Good food provided, group photos provided.”
– James Teo, Senior Buyer, Becton Dickinson

“Facilitators were fun.”
– Fel, Customs Officer, Singapore Customs

– Phyllis, Admin Assistant, Novartis Singapore

“The facilitators are all very professional, they bring up the high energy of everyone and make it a very fun activity.”
– Huang Wencai, Officer Commanding, Singapore Customs

“Pros: Air condition, friendly staff, sufficient water/rest breaks
Cons: Could crank up intensity level to maintain the excitement
Suggestion: To have a nice and cool place for all participants to lie down/nap/chat, post lunch.”
– Tom Cheah, Senior Engineer, Global Foundries Singapore

“Keep it up!”
– Mun Tat, Engineer, Global Foundries Singapore

“Team building.”
– Vikas Rathi, Regional Head, Novartis Singapore

“All the other facilitators on site were very experienced and were always available to assist when required.”
– Marietta, Marketing Analyst, Novartis Singapore

– Masayuki Takeuchi, The Nielsen Company

“Technology (laser guns) and the activity itself was really engaging and fun.”
– Jacqueline, Director, The Nielsen Company

“Enviroment and facilltator performance.”
– Rajes, Customer Service Executive, Becton Dickinson

“The facilitators were very motivated and succeeded in making the team participate. Tasks were explained clearly.”
– Jens Pientak, Event Planner, Bayer CropScience

“Thank you for the effort to make our Team Building so enjoyable. The facilitators may have intentionally not to express in details to see whether the team able to think out of the box or not and work together.”
– Cynthia Ngow, HR Officer, Becton Dickinson

“Good interaction between the facilitators the participants.”
– Patrick Ong, Regional HR Manager, Holcim Services Asia Ltd

“Yumi, Joey and Sasi, please allow me to thank you for a WONDERFUL session of the programme! GOOD JOB Joey and Sasi together with the other 2 colleagues who were busy taking pictures and videos and putting them together for viewing in a short span of time. We really appreciate the pleasant surprise of mugs for everyone. KUDOS to your team!”
– Jesslyn Tan, Customer Relations Manager, Singapore Polytechnic

“Excellent experience!”
– Marcelo Maia, Seaco Asia Pte Ltd

“It was fun and really enjoyed the afternoon!”
– Levis Strauss & Co.

“Sun visor with the FOCUS logo should be nice for memory.”
– Nicholes Loh, Cubic Defence NZ Ltd

“The 10 cents 5 cents activity was amazing and never seen before.”
– Bayer CropScience

“Facilitators listened to the objectives that the department wished to achieve and worked around and towards it by weaving it well into the programme. Facilitators took efforts to know participants. Wonderful pleasant suprise gifts for EVERYONE! Thank you.”
– Jesslyn, Customer Relations Manager, Singapore Polytechnic

“Hi Priscilla, I would like to say a big thank you to your team for making that day a memorable one for all of us, we had lots of fun!”
– SionMay, Seaco Asia Pte Ltd

“A good bonding in the team.”
– Christopher Lee, Technical Director, Seaco Asia Pte Ltd

“The activities were very enjoyable. I wish it could have last the whole day!”
– Precilia, Marketing Officer, IE Singapore

“I really enjoy every activity, congratulations!”
– Gabriela Mata, Market Officer, IE Singapore

“Great fun!”
– Zhang Na, Senior Market Officer, IE Singapore

“Ability of Facilitator to relate what was learned to the workplace. Takeways from the programme is relevant to our work and make us realize what more can be done to ensure our downstream staff is taken care.”
– Teo Kock Leong, Associate Director, NCS Pte Ltd

“The latest part where we had a chance to talk and discuss about some company issues and planned solutions.”
– Raquel Malonzo, Accounts cum HR Administrator, Aesthetics Marketing Asia

“I like most of the activities. Especially GeoCaching is very challenging!”
– Jani Liu, Senior Trainer, Aesthetics Marketing Asia

“Overall a great experience… Video taping the activities was a great way to recap (and laugh it off!!)”
– Chatur Grandhi, Marketing Manager, INSEAD

“The opportunity to network and mingle with other participants.”
– Neon, Program Manager, INSEAD

– Ritesh Bhatnagar, General Manager, INSEAD

“More interaction to get to know other team members.”
– LR, Unilever International

“it was a great ice breaker as we were gelling as a team.”
– Ashish Gupta, Assistant General Manager, INSEAD

“The Team Building activity was not only fun, it also gave me a lot of discoveries and realizations with myself and with my teammates.”
– Anna Valerio, Business Partner, Becton Dickinson Holdings Pte Ltd

“Very well faciliated.”
– Radhika, Manager, INSEAD

– Nalin Grover, INSEAD

“Good energy being displayed by the facilitators – overall good but maybe, the group size was BIG, anyway that was not decided by FOCUS, hence you guys did very good in the given circumstances.”
– Nalin Grover, INSEAD

“Overcoming the challenges and taking the team together for a success.”
– Gurinder, Chief Engineer, INSEAD

“To achieve more, depend more on teamwork!”
– Vipul Gupta, General Manager, INSEAD

“Acted as a great ICE BREAKER.”
– Aman Gautam, Marketing Manager, Shell Lubricants, INSEAD

“Have never done rafting before.”
– Raj Bhalla, Manager, INSEAD

“The Mexican Wave, Chor Police, Rafting, The Daft Introductions etc. ALL GOOD!!!”
– Rajiv Pillai, INSEAD

“As this is my first time to visit Universal Studio, the program enable me appreciate the venue with the whole team. Indeed it was a great pleasurable experience.”
– Edilyn Castro, Senior Supply Chain Manager, Estee Lauder

“Good facilities, meals and transport”
– Lu Junhong, Management Associate, Singapore Tourism Board

– Vivek Singh, INSEAD

“Overall, the programme was fun. It would have been better if we can have indoor laser quest (possible?). Thanks!”
– Serene Chua, Senior Executive, SPRING Singapore

“The activities provided a lot of fun enables interaction between the young and old. The older guys provided the experience while the younger ones provided the strength energy. What a combination of Teamwork.”
– Matthew Goh, Director, Cubic Defence NZ Ltd

“Leon was effective and dynamic. Kudos!”
– Adrienne, Ministry of Defence

“Able to interact with other members of the team. The race required a combination of physical activity, planning, strategizing teamwork, making it both interesting fun.”
– Leow Yung Siew Simone, Vice President, DBS Bank Ltd

“The whole programme was carried out in a light-hearted fun manner. No pressure in learning. Awesome:)”
– Julie Tay, Ministry of Defence

“Facilitator was good and activities tied back to MTIs corporate values.”
– Joan, Assistant Director, Ministry of Trade and Industry

“Team collaboration, have fun together!”
– Lisa Lee, Estee Lauder