“ Those colleagues who are usually very quiet at work, were opened up during the Teambuilding activity. This shows the other side of their personality which we are happy to discover while at work they are serious but at play they are fun! Keep up the good work! Well done! Thank you for making this programme an enjoyable and successful one. Thumbs up! ”
– Jenn Ong, Personal Assistant, Pacific Radiance Ltd

“Having fun and eating together with Team members.”
– Pearlyn So, Executive, Ministry of Manpower Singapore

“The fun and excitement from the participants made this very rewarding for me.”
– Reuben Raj, HR Director, Schlumberger Oilfield (S) Pte Ltd

“We worked closely and as a Team with other colleagues from different sections to achieve the challenges. Co-operation and cheerful Team players made this a pleasant experience.”
– Ministry of Manpower Singapore

“Excellent location and pleasant Facilitator crew.”
– Victor, AGCS Singapore

“We had a great time  It was very Fun ”
– Wahedah Rahim, Ministry of Manpower Singapore

“The comments and summaries for Facilitators are great and passion.”
– Renee Ren, Solvay Specialty Chemicals Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“We have experienced Teamwork, cohesiveness and bonding relationship. Not only that, the whole idea of the Teambuilding is to make us aware that all different individual covers strength and weakness but we can overcome all obstacles as long as we are united as one.”
– Angelia Tan, Senior Executive, Pacific Radiance Ltd

“Good job done, guys!! I enjoyed the programme!!”
– Eric Ngiam, Head of Strategy Planning & Change Management, PT Bank Mandiri (PERSERO) TBK

“Great and helpful Facilitators. Great content and activities.”
– Cheryl Teo, Project Coordinator, Tetra Pak Sea Pte Ltd

“To learn and understand effectiveness of Team and essential to work together as a Team with top, middle and front management, I am happy to be part of this Teambuilding activity. Thank You.”
– Kairav Shah, Solvay Specialty Chemicals Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“I am more impressed with the energy level, pro-activeness and humorous nature of the programme Facilitator. I believe because of these qualities he could strike a chord with participants so fast and easily. Besides the programme was the most effective way of communicating key message to participants from any part of the world.”
– Biren Veshvikar, Controller, Solvay Specialty Chemicals Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“My first and memorable experience to have Teambuilding in the busy roads of Orchard Road! It was indeed a great experience, running with colleagues and knowing more people. However, it would be better to have a full day activity such we are able to complete all the task that was given.”
– Ministry of Manpower Singapore

“The engaging Facilitator and the outdoor environment is great. The content of the programme is really nice!”
– Shu Kuan, Counselor, Hougang Sheng Hong Family Service Centre

“The outdoor activity is really fun and require lots of Teamwork.”
– Chen Chau Jye, Solvay Specialty Chemicals Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Keep up the good work in motivating members participation.”
– Lim Kian Peng, Principal Project Manager, Korn Ferry Asia

“Had lots of fun. Challenging but could participate at our own place.”
– Ray, Independent Purchasing Company Asia Pte Ltd

“Overall a pleasant experience. Facilitators are effective in capturing my attention most of the time.”
– Yap Sook Chin, Vice President, United Overseas Bank

“Could meet and build personal relationship with Team which I have been working for long time.”
– Sushant Condil, Associate Manager, Procter & Gamble

“Dean is an excellent Facilitator and possesses a great sense of humour appropriate to the activities and audience. He has made the entire experience a beautiful and memorable one.”
– Tan Bi Wen, Senior Executive, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd

“Basically I was satisfied with Ms Christine Boo. She was very fast and efficient with the proposals and quotation. Very pleasant personality and I am willing to work with her in near future.”
– Melissa Zal, Educa Pte Ltd

“The flow and arrangement of the programme was great. Scott has been a great Facilitator and enhanced our learning experience.”
– Janet, Sales Executive, ACA Pacific Technology

“Fun makes memorable impressions.”
– Leong Poh Kim, QHSSE Officer, Pacific Radiance Ltd

“Getting to know each other and the activities were quite interesting.”
– Joanna, Accounts Executive, Pacific Radiance Ltd

“USS is fun. Knowing each Team member better with the activities.”
– Lin Hong, Harley-Davidson Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“The opportunity to come together with some of the colleagues which we rarely deal with is priceless!!!”
– Bernard Tan, Fleet Manager, Pacific Radiance Ltd

“Bonding and working out with one another with the same objective. Learning to serve and appreciate each other. Hope to bring back this pleasant experience and create a more cohesive friendlier office environment.”
– Jennifer Chan, Finance & HR Manager, Danfoss Power Solutions Pte Ltd

“Got to be with all FOCUS staff but yet to find out who is who by name. Need more ways of interaction with one other.”
– Pacific Radiance Ltd

“The atmosphere was good, plus the Facilitator was able to make everybody to participate in the activities.”
– Eunice Ser, HR Executive, Pacific Radiance Ltd

“How the programme came together was well placed and planned.”
– Jolyn, HR Manager, Procter & Gamble

“1) Able to interact with colleagues from other department. 2) A chance to take a break from the routine work. 3) Enjoy ourself on a weekend.”
– Vincent Chin, Administrative Officer, Pacific Radiance Ltd

“Facilitators were friendly and humorous. Activities well organised and coordinated. Photos were well taken. Overall a good job done.”
– Regine Tan, Marketing Coordinator, Pacific Radiance Ltd

“It is my first time experience an outdoor activities like this city race. It is fun, enjoyable and interaction among the group throughout the race. Get to learn of some new places which I have never been before in Orchard area!”
– ExxonMobil

“Able to know my colleagues more and know more of their strength. Sometime things might not seemed to work but I learn to encourage more. It makes all things possible.”
– Janessa Poh Li Ni, Temp staff, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

“Very happy and enjoyable day I had, thanks!”
– Cheryl Jiang, Singapore Management University

“The Facilitators are friendly and funny. They are very experienced. We had fun and excitement.”
– Rita Szahrina Osri, Staff Assistant, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Understand our collogues better, learn to listen carefully what other persons trying to tell you.”
– Phyllis Ng, Staff Assistant, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Good Place and not taxing for more matured workers.”
– Melvin Wong, Pacific Radiance Ltd

“Pleasant ambience, very helpful and warm Facilitators.”
– Saumitra Chakraborty, Chief Manager, INSEAD

“Good mix of questions, photo takings and site searching. Smart use of our smart phone for this programme.”
– Lim Cheng Huang, Finance Director, Harley-Davidson Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Thank you so much organising a great programme for our participants over the weekend! Based on overall feedback, they all enjoyed the activities despite our last-minute worries and changes. I’m glad everything went smoothly and no one got any major injuries.”
– Samuel Kang, Motorsports Specialist, Motul Asia Pacific

“I would like to write a short note to thank John, our energetic and maverick Facilitator who made the SMU – MAF Teambuilding on 15 August such a success. Despite the rain, we had lots of fun during the activities, and know more of our classmates in the process. We certainly had great fun in all the activities, my favourite was the blind-fold and make a 5 squares.

I will certainly recommend this Teambuilding to the company I work in. Many thanks to John and his Team (Loon, Alil and many others) for making 15 August such a great day for us!”
– Kok Wai, Singapore Management University

“The Facilitators are all very friendly and helpful.”
– Andrew Lim, Technical Support Officer, Serangoon Junior College

“The Facilitators were really helpful(especially in helping to request for extra shoes) when my shoes broke apart. The overall programme was relatable to work.”
– Jolie, Graduate Trainee, Oracle Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“Excellent experience, keep up the good work!”
– Nilesh Jani, INSEAD

“The Facilitators were enthusiastic and helpful.”
– Peter Wee, Director, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

“It was great to have this in a public place(Orchard Road) that was busy.”
– RGBalagot, Procter and Gamble

“Mix of participants gave the learning experience from fellow participants point of view.”
– Sendhil Murugan M, INSEAD

“Wonderful work by John and his Team. The programme was perfectly executed!”
– Mayur Khambete, Senior Manager, INSEAD

“The Facilitators were incredibly energetic and very clear in initiating each of the activities. The activities themselves were highly effective in facilitating bonding between the students. Overall, the experience was fun and ultimately achieved its purpose.”
– Salman, Singapore Management University

“The bonding we have for each other. All of us are not out to win the activities but rather to enjoy the process of working as a Team. Facilitators have also made this Teambuilding programme fun and for us to bring back the sweet moment back to office.”
– Angeline, Senior Executive Assistant, National University Hospital

“Enable good bonding get to know each other forte.”
– Kim Yeo, Executive Secretary, National University Hospital

“1. Conducted outside Singapore 2. Chance to meet and talk to colleagues whom you hardly see; some of who only talk on the phone but have not seen each other; 3. Opportunity to work in Teams 4. Just to enjoy and catch a glimpse of the beautiful beach (if only this is longer……..) ”
– Tan Sau Kuen, Executive Secretary, National University Hospital

“The whole programme was very fun, entertaining and joyous to build the Team spirit. It is a very good opportunity to be away from work and have some fun for a day. ”
– Lee Yoke Yeng, Senior Executive Assistant, National University Hospital

“Very Nice Experience… Keep up the good work..”
– Sumit Sharma, Senior Manager, INSEAD

“Getting to know my colleagues from work better.”
– Gregory Chew, Associate, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“Well organised, structured and professional.”
– Gilbert, Sales, MCC Transport Singapore Pte Ltd

“The idea of running around with a GPS solving puzzles interest me the most.”
– Bryan Teo Gim Guan, Citibank Singapore

“Have received great feedback and everyone enjoyed the session that morning. Thank you for the great work.”
– Peck See, Odfjell Singapore Pte Ltd

“The kind of activities which initially I thought I could not have done but did it in the end with the co-operation of my Team mates.”
– Wong Shung Boon, Senior Assistant Executive, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB)

“The Facilitator was funny which made us attentive.”
– Kasey Tan, Customer Service Officer, Citibank Singapore

“Letting us take notice of places or details in Sentosa that we usually miss out.”
– Derek, Customer Relations Officer, Citibank Singapore

“The whole run around the island! Tiring but very fun!”
– Citibank Singapore

“The outdoor activities are quite good, especially the balancing walk and low wall activities, to promote how we can work together and give one another support.”
– Karen Kwok, Manager, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB)

“The Incredible USS Race was great though it’s really tiring. There were a lot of collaboration, Team work and bonding through this activity.”
– Xenia Gualberto, Human Resource, Cavium Networks Singapore Pte Ltd

“Highly motivated Facilitators who were able to enthuse the participants in the various Teambuilding activities.”
– Loh Yoon Min, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB)

“Most of the activities held on that day was fun and enjoyable. Most of them were related to what our most of the organisation would need like Teamwork, communication and coordination. It was really a great interaction for the Team especially when we have to go around passing the certificate at the end of the activities. This is something that was different in presenting of their certificate. Normally its a very formal way of presenting but you guys did it in a very fun and interactive method.”
– Lim Ann Nee, Area Manager, Watsons Personal Care Store Pte Ltd

“Kudos to FOCUS’s colleagues, Sasi and Team. They deserve credit! So much of energy and everyone bonded well. We are very happy and thank you for making the class closer with the activities arranged. Appreciate it!”
– Farah, Singapore Management University

“The Facilitator was very interesting in presenting all the activities.”
– Amado Rivera Jr, Assistant Manager, Watsons Personal Care Store Pte Ltd